Myrrh Compass Rose by Peter Schenk

The Myrrh Compass Rose

The Myrrh Compass Rose vibrates with an intensely high energy that is signature of all Modern Day Mystic products. Exquisitely composed of precious copper and bronze metals, the 6.5” by 6.5” Myrrh Compass Rose makes a gorgeous addition to your Modern Day Mystic collection.

In ancient times, Myrrh was used in medicine as an antiseptic, to sterilize wounds so they could heal, and so the individuals who’d incurred those wounds could be renewed. Like the ancient myrrh cleansed festering wounds, the Myrrh Compass Rose parallels these properties when applied to your land—clearing your space of the infectious negativity that hinders your restoration and fruitfulness.

It’s where you raise your children. It’s where you build your home, your family, and potentially, where you make your living. Your life. Your memories.

What is it? Easy. It’s your land.

Whether you have a yard, a garden, a small space, or a large space, your land is your little corner of the world. That’s why you should take care of the energy surrounding that land. Clearing your land of the toxic energy that clouds your universe is a critical step toward thriving as the best version of yourself—the version that you, your family, and ultimately the entire world will need.

It’s a delicate, transcendental balancing act. And the Myrrh Compass Rose is the guide that will help you find that balance once again.

Myrrh Compass Rose by Peter Schenk

Why the Myrrh Compass Rose?

Ever find yourself feeling anxious without knowing why?

Ever toss and turn some nights, unable to find rest in your own home?

Headaches, fear, anxiety—all of these can be signs of negativity coming from your surroundings. Your home, after all, is where you spend most of your unconscious and conscious life. You need a guide back to positivity and harmony.

While some negative energy is more obvious—like the news media becoming more influential and present in the technological symbiosis that seems to dominate our daily lives—some is harder to identify.

It’s time to take control of that energy. And it starts at home.

After all, this is your land. You own it. Own the energy that exists within it, and transform it into something that will allow you, your family, and anyone who sets foot on your property, to flourish. Energy is a powerful thing, and it cannot be destroyed. But it can be transformed. The Myrrh Compass Rose gives you the confidence to transform your universe into something so magnificent, you can feel it.

How the Myrrh Compass Rose Works

Call it “peace” by piece. The Myrrh Compass Rose consists of six parts:

  • A rotating ring
  • Centerpiece
  • Four directional pieces pointing north, south, east, and west

Each piece has its own, intricate details. The directional pieces not only contain letters—N indicating north, S indicating south, and so on—but each directional piece is engraved with a symbol that harmonizes with an identical symbol on the rotating ring. The rotating ring and centerpiece are engraved with corresponding details that align to create a powerful force when the Myrrh Compass Rose is in position: Love, presence, sourxe, and energy. Each of the six elements is aged with a stunning patina, rendering a weathered, timeless appearance.

Placement is key. Think of the Egyptian Pyramids — aligned almost perfectly to true north, south, east, and west.

This is not an accident. Even the ancients knew that placement was key to harmony.

Like all Modern Day Mystic products, the Myrrh Compass Rose radiates with a supremely high frequency, eliminating any existing, lower vibrations in its wake.

Begin by positioning yourself within the space you wish to clear, with the northern piece of the Myrrh Compass Rose pointing north on your land. Unsure which way is north? If you’re an iPhone user, you have access to a compass right at your fingertips. For Android users, a free Compass is available in your App Store as well.

The selection process is important. Once you’ve linked the Myrrh Compass Rose with your land, its energy will continue to clear your land of negative energy until you remove it. The energy will not dilute or expire over time, so long as the Myrrh Compass Rose remains present in its initial position. While the Myrrh Compass Rose can be used to clear multiple pieces of land, its energy is most concentrated and most effective when positioned on the land you’re targeting.

Choose where the piece will live thoughtfully prior to completing the rest of the following linking process.

Using Your Myrrh Compass Rose

Linking Your Myrrh Compass Rose

The setup process is simple:

  • Position your Myrrh Compass Rose as close to the center of your home as you can.
  • Align the corresponding symbols on the rotating ring and centerpiece accordingly.
  • Gather your attention and channel it toward the land you wish to clear.
  • Begin rotating the ring clockwise for one complete circle, until the northern symbol returns to initial alignment.
  • Use your left hand to rotate the ring and your right hand to hold the center piece.
  • For more graceful rotation, place the index finger of your free hand firmly on the centerpiece to hold steady.
  • As you rotate the ring, repeat the words, “I Honor The Space In Which You Exist,” with confidence and honesty.

Once the Myrrh Compass Rose is linked, its energy will saturate your land immediately. Any preexisting adverse energy will diminish, clearing the space for endless beauty and positivity to manifest.

Unlinking Your Myrrh Compass Rose

This process is the exact reverse of the linking procedure:

  • Use your right hand to rotate the ring counter clockwise, while holding the center piece with your left hand.
  • As you rotate the ring, repeat the words, “I honor the space in which you exist,” with the same confidence and honesty.
  • The Myrrh Compass Rose can be linked and unlinked as many times as you choose in any space you own.

Like all the products on the Modern Day Mystic website, we implore you to think outside the box when utilizing this kind of technology. When using your Myrrh Compass Rose, think in ways that are outside of your comfort zone, with the open mind of a child filled with wonder. This will optimize the performance of your Myrrh Compass Rose, benefiting your land and you greatly.

Enjoy your Myrrh Compass Rose, and know that you are about to embark on a truly amazing journey full of harmony, fulfillment, and joy.

I bought the Myrrh Compass Rose about 8 or so months ago, and set it up in my home. We have just had the hottest summer here in Australia up to 48 deg C. I have never seen leaves starting to fall from my Lyme bush and fruit trees before, hedges wilting, all of which have been here for over 50 years as it’s an old established garden used, supposedly, to Australian conditions. I thought I was going to lose the garden, even though I was watering when my rain tank had some water in it. But things have eased up now as we have had pretty good rains in the last couple of months (a Compass Rose effect?), but it has been a struggle for the garden to get its strength back, but it’s good now. But last week I went out into my back yard where the fruit trees are and I could really see a difference – they are truly powering with more fruit than ever before. I had to prop up a lemon bush’s branches as they are so heavy with fruit, and new fruit coming on behind them on other branches. Then I looked next door – OH what a sad sight! Their lemon bush is flat out producing half a dozen lemons and not many leaves at all, and the land looks exhausted. Not mine! I know it’s down to the Compass Rose. That’s why I bought it, as I saw another testimonial about how brilliant an effect it had on gardens. Thanks so much Peter – you’ve really made a difference here with this fantastic product. I think you have saved my garden! May YOUR garden always be blooming. X.

A gardener Myrrh Compass Rose June 21, 2019

I managed to get my Sister to purchase the Mryhh Compass Rose, though she was not on board with what it could possibly do. Well, I am here to share that the changes in her Home have been Great. From low vibration, house falling apart, land with no life……changed almost immediately. When you walk in the house, it now feels serene, enfolded in protective shield and calmness. The complete opposite from before. She went through a change in workplace, was let go, but with a nice compensation. It was a workplace of a energetic drainhole that she refused to leave, so Universe stepped in I guess 😉 and now she sees the difference. Thanks.

Prem Kaur Dallas,TX April 21, 2019

I bought two MCR to clear my land and my house.
Last November, I activated my MCR in my back yard where I stored building products on pallets; underneath houses many stray cats from my neighborhood. Days after, when I getting home, all the cats were in my front lawn. They all turned around to look at me. I said hello to all of them. Since then, some have been adopted.
Another day, one or two cats crying in my backyard for days. When I saw them, I communicated with them and it has been quiet since. They have adjusted to MCR energy.
Its energy is calm and protective.
I am buying more MCR.
Good work Peter!

Rotimi Lawani 1277 W. Wabash St MCR April 21, 2018

I purchased the Myrrh Compass Rose about 3 months ago. I am renting a house that is over100 years old. I knew I had to have this product, as Ithere have been so may renters here and who knows what else has happened here in that length of time. Within a day the energy of the house has changed. Everything just felt safe and happier. I do have a roommate. He also noticed a significant difference. As time goes on. we have both noticed changes in other ways. We have also began to change personally. My roommate is retired also, but has begun to work more with ex clients. This product has really saved me. It was a stretch for me to buy this, and it is worth everything. When I move, I do not have to worry about the energy of where that is. It seems to work on the house and the people living there. thanks, Joyce

joyce wilson retired yreka,ca. February 20, 2018

The Myrrh Compass Rose holds a special place in my heart. A friend mentioned Peter to me 3 months ago, and when I looked him up, the myrrh compass rose came up. I procured this product within 48 hours, even though I originally intended to wait. The day before the product’s arrival, one of my ears was buzzing exceptionally loud, and my equilibrium was off. The day after its arrival, the one ear stopped buzzing and my balance returned. We were also in the middle of a wind storm during its arrival, however the sense of safety and calm prevailed throughout the house. I leave my house every morning knowing that the Myrrh Compass Rose is taking care of the place.

Jenny L California February 19, 2018

Thank you Peter for this amazing product, I am speechless at its strength and power in healing negativity. I purchased the Myrrh Compass Rose for myself, but used it for a friend’s home, as every single person in her home was in distress. (They were all suffering from anxiety and depression and began fighting with each other) The negativity seemed to be engulfing them for years. Within 5 days, they all settled down and the anxiety has eased and their relationships with each other began to heal. A few weeks later, they are all different in terms of how things effected them in the past. It is absolutely mind blowing. I am still in shock at how quickly this worked. I highly recommend this product, to me it is a life changer and a life saver. Thank you Peter for everything you do.

AR Canada Myrrh Compass Rose February 18, 2018

I’ve not been able to afford any products of as yet, but plan on buying most, if not all in near future.

Whenever you send out an email with your products, I can feel/sense the integrity and power of the product from its picture.

The one that was the most powerful for me was the Myrrh Compass Rose. I’m extremely sensitive, and I could feel energy through my body when seeing the picture of the Myrrh Compass Rose, unlike anything I’ve felt before by just looking at a picture of a product in an email.

I know how blessed I’ll be along with my home and property, to have your products physically in my home.

Thank you Peter for always giving us the best!

Blessings always,

Bonnie Marceau N/A Products sent out in email February 18, 2018

Hi again Peter Schenk, this is for the Myrrh Compass Rose

Since having this wonderful and beautiful Myrrh Compass Rose, it has told me it’s name (I will keep that private), and I say good morning and good night to it…I have been talking with it more like requests BUT also thanking it for all it’s help. Several things I have noticed, since I ask for it to clear and protect my land, my home, myself, my yard and trees and plants and even my car, since it is on my driveway or in my garage. Well, have noticed less smelly situations from creatures out there ( a good thing for sure); less and less moths in the house (got an infestation from some infested wheat kitty litter of all things) and I have just noticed that this week…like wow…they are almost gone…wow…I so appreciate that for sure; happier animals all around…yes, that is a good thing; also, my Myrrh Compass Rose works with one of my ‘I AM’ Pyramids and there is an energy change in the house that you would have to feel….and one of my friends, took notice and said…you know you home feels wonderful, and I have noticed that energy and it is wonderful! I was so happy to have someone else tell me they can feel it too. Wow…love that.

I look forward to more and more wonderful things with interacting with them.

Thanks Peter, have a great day.

Sherry 🙂

Sherry Wasala 151 Shale Drive Myrrh Compass Rose February 17, 2018

Dear Peter,
Thank you, for this product.
I had a little trouble setting it up but managed despite my vision issues.

I wanted to tell you, how I immediately could see an energy vortex of the land and home negativity being spiraled away. That was absolutely amazing. I can feel it working.

The land had experienced much abuse and neglect before me. It was adored by local Indians hundreds of years ago and trashed with washing machines and tires and buried trash before me.

I turned the land into an organic orchard with bees and chickens in the last 7 years. But the negativity of the former owner and my past abusive relationship was still clouding the place.
It took 3 delivery attempts to finally arrive, because of all the resistance.

I was living in a fog of fear and grief -until I set up and activated the myrrh compass rose.

I feel already more energetic and confident, I am feeling my energy and vibration rising. I am confident I will heal my emotions and reclaim perfect vision.

Thank you, again

Eva Martin July 6, 2017

A client had lots of chaos and upsetment in her home, so I recommended the Myrrh Rose Compass. She has had lots of improvements with the Mini, so she was very open to getting the Compass.
In the time she has had it, things in the home have gotten much calmer. She is a believer (me too–got mine yesterday!)

Sara Levine July 2, 2017

For about 2 years now I have worked with several modalities to clear my property of any unwanted energies, and even for the better part of last year calling upon Archangel Michael and his electric blue light to create a bubble around my property to shield it from unwanted energies. Yet challenges with my mortgage bank kept continued, people continued to illegally block my driveway daily, etc.
A few months ago I saw Peter Schenk showing a draft and then a prototype of the Myrrh Compass Rose online. This caught my attention because about 20 years ago I found myself drawn to an image of a compass rose and that I wanted to get one for inside my home. No idea why. Since then the compass rose has come up occasionally but I didn’t take action until I saw Peter’s Myrrh Compass Rose. I somehow felt I had dreamed this into being and immediately knew I was saying a Big Yes to this one. My Compass Rose arrived about 8 days ago and I installed it in my dining room as close to the center of my property as possible. My home is a 1906 foursquare built of locally fired brick finished with chestnut oak woodwork inside that is absolute perfection and which I never stop admiring. I feel as if Peter has handcrafted the Myrrh Compass Rose to match this level of perfection.
Four days ago I was speaking with Karen LaGrange, whom I first heard interview by Peter online. I was explaining to her that challenges regarding my home had been dragging on. I didn’t mention to her that in the last few months I was experiencing episodes of depression to add to it. Karen quickly asked me whom I was allowing to take away my power. I had no idea. She then told me someone is jealous of me and placed a curse to take my property away. Karen added that “Peter Schenk sells that thing [the Myrrh Compass Rose] that you put in the ground and nobody is going to take it if you do that.” I told Karen I already received mine and it’s linked. I haven’t had any bouts of depression since the day I installed it. A third party has given me important legal information regarding my mortgage, so that part remains ‘fluid” and I am confident this will be resolved in my favor. Finally. Now I can get on with my life.
So thank you, Peter, for such a beautiful, powerful, and magical gift. I handcraft also so I appreciate the quality of your work. For anyone not familiar to the compass rose, it’s said the points on the original compass rose refer to petals of that flower. The rose is spiritually the Western equivalent of the Eastern lotus flower, both of perfect sacred geometry. To Christians, myrrh is one of the 3 sacred gifts (gold, frankincense, and the healing oil myrrh) brought by the Magi (3 Wise Men or Kings) to honor the birth of Jesus on the Twelfth Night of Christmas, aka The Epiphany. Quite beautiful and special.
Perhaps the most important thing I personally have learned regarding the intention of the Myrrh Compass Rose is that rather than as with other modalities to shield/block out energy, this is about elevating the vibration in a bubble of Light above, below, to the North, South, East and West and all points in between. The Myrrh Compass Rose invites everyone and everything coming in contact with its vibration to rise up in unconditional, uncorrupted love. And so we become better human beings in the process.

Diana Krewinkel July 2, 2017

IMG_0564 IMG_0566

My Coffee farm continues to be doing exceptionally well while using the Myrrh Compass Rose on my land. The coffee plants are thriving and have unusually huge amount of cherries this year. The cbb infection of cherries is also super low producing bigger and healthier fruits. This season will yield an amazing crop!
None of the surrounding farms have as many cherries as I have, plus their trees are not looking nearly as healthy as mine are.
I will not know until November if there is any enhancement in the coffee taste.
For now I am very excited to see my coffee and fruit trees truly flourish and produce an abundant amount of fruits.
Another unexpected benefit of having MCR on my land is that my dog stopped killing my wild chickens and pheasants. Every morning I love to feed and watch my birds, but my dog was insisting on hunting them and taking away all the joy from my morning routine. Now everybody seems to cohabit in peace. YAY!
Thank you Peter 🙂

Ania June 27, 2017

We moved into our home 8 years ago, the energy was wonderful when we first moved in. As time went by I noticed that both my elderly mom and I were changing and not for the better. We were actually mimicking depressed people and my mother was turning into someone possed. She became very nasty and oppositional with an almost evil air. I also noticed that different entities would possess her and argue with my dad and I as if looking for blood shed to happen. She even asked me to kill her at one point. I had people come and bless the land and work on my mother, we even gridded the land and yet those entities were becoming more vile and stronger.
I began researching this land and found out that when the Europeans first came the infested the Natives with a deadly desease. Too many were dying at a rapid rate so they made mounds of corspes and had watches to protect the bodies
This also was a place where there was a lot of blood shed during the Civil war.
Realizing I needed help I began seeking anyone could could help make our lives better . I once took a pcture of our place including the land for a lady that was going to energetically grid the place. What we saw in that picture was frightening, were many smokey circles some with faces on one of the bushes behind the house about 5 feet away from mom’s window, and I realized that these evil entities were ppossessing mom. Even my dad would call her a demon, she would tell lies on us and speak in disdain, she would come out of her room looking for arguments. Looking back she looked like she was looking to pick a fight and did not care who would be her next victim. I found myself constantly fending off entities. It was like she was a portal. Everything we did would help a little but nothing would completely stop those spirits from possessing my mom. One girl did emotion codes on her and it helped somewhat but when I activated the Myrrh Compass Rose everything stopped. Although the min helped me sleep better, I was able to sleep a whole lot more since I activated the compass. Mom is so much happier and the nasties have gone away. Now when the dementia bothers her she whines and cries like a child with no malice what so ever. and I am grateful for it. These things exist folks and I am here to testify! I am so grateful for Peter and his creative genius ….. They have most certainly made my family’s life more wholesome! I highy recommend the Myrrh Compass Rose

Roz Tomblin June 26, 2017

I have had all 3 HFAs for the last several months and I can\’t imagine my life without them. It is like having three best friends that always have your back.

When I wear my Mini HFA I feel great inner peace, balance, gratitude and joy. It also positively affects everyone around me, so my interactions with people are easy and fruitful. My sleep at night is very restful and most of the time my days just flow effortlessly.

With my Travel HFA I am always on time for all my appointments no matter what time I leave home (time seems to stretch when I leave late). I consistently experience an easy flowing traffic and I often get perfect parking spots. Most importantly I feel safe, calm and protected while driving my car. I also noticed that my breaks don\’t wear out as fast as before on the downhills and a very annoying problem with tire pressure is finally gone.

In my home HFA Plus does an amazing job in keeping my whole space clear, decluttered, balanced, joyful and filled with healing and deeply restorative energy. This energy positively influence everybody living in the house ( including my pets ) and people visiting me. Yoga and meditation practice is greatly enhanced producing often fun and unexpected results. The whole house seems to be radiating a very loving and high vibration.
I am very grateful to my three little friends for working tirelessly 24/7 to make sure all is great in my world.

A week ago I got Myrrh Compass Rose in order to clear my coffee farm that surrounds my house.
Energy that came through my MCR surprised me with its amazing power, beauty and very supportive and nurturing qualities. It literally took my breath away!
Very swiftly it cleared my land and restored its deep connection to the Source, enhanced the life force of my coffee and fruit trees, herbs and flowers. It also linked itself to my 3 HFAs in order to coordinate an opening of a much deeper space in which insights, visions, love and abundance flow even more effortlessly then before.
Life was already sweet before MCR, but now my world is definitely bigger and way more exciting!

Like all HFAs, Myrrh Compass Rose is interactive and it gives me an immanence joy to play with it, talk to it, learn from it and explore many different possibilities.

Thank you Peter for yet another amazing product! My life is vastly improved and forever changed because of you. For that I am truly grateful.

Ania May 25, 2017

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