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    Your needs and desires can be brought to fruition through the energy and universal strength of the I AM Pyramid, created by Modern Day Mystic. At first glance, this device may appear to be a simple, though stunning, copper and bronze pyramid, but on an energetic plane it’s a powerful tool that can be drawn upon to aide us on our journey through this plane of existence. This amazing item has been proven to increase your positivity, and help you achieve your goals. For millennia, pyramids have been recognized and worshipped for their powerful ability to generate spiritual energy, and have been used to represent greatness and powerful figures since nearly the dawn of civilization. This shape, combined with the incredibly conductive materials of copper, bronze, and your own spiritual energies, forms the I AM Pyramid!

    Power of Pyramids

    Even in ancient times the power of pyramids was known. This shape was used by the Egyptians, the Aztecs, the Mayans, and many other civilizations throughout history on enormous scales for rituals and burials. Pyramids radiate power from the Earth, emitting negative ions with incredible results, and are capable of generally balancing negative effects on the body’s electromagnetic field, and have also been proven to prolong the lives of those in close proximity, including slowing decay.  The I AM Pyramid, because of its unique design, even acts as an energy generator, allowing the user to better channel their energy in synchrony with the Earth’s.

    That isn’t even the full extent of the power of the pyramid! Pyramids also have a profound effect on the conscious mind and physical form. They’re able to perform such feats as helping to cure illness, assisting in the recollection of lost memories, increase drive in the bedroom, and have even been known to calm anxiety and depression. In fact, Kirlian photographs have shown that your aura can become significantly brighter after only fifteen minutes of exposure, and people have reported feeling negative energy leave their bodies in a similar amount of time! This is all thanks to how its shape has been perfected over millennia by nearly every culture on Earth since almost the beginning of civilization.

    I AM

    You are powerful! Within you is energy capable of being merged with the universe and channeled to help you do whatever you need. Simply saying or thinking the words “I AM” puts your attention and energy towards the task at hand. “I AM” indicates that you are focusing your mind and body. YOU are bringing forth the power of creation. YOU are helping yourself. YOU and ONLY YOU can draw upon your own energy and power for growth. This is the truth of your existence, and you can realize and live this truth at a moment’s notice.

    There are key phrases designed to help you learn to better use your I AM power; these are detailed in the “I AM Definitions” section! These phrases are specially written to center your mind and power on a certain mindset. However, any use of “I AM” you create may work for you: the power comes from you, after all. All you need to do is say I AM ______. If you focus, your energy and power will culminate and make what you say true, or at least aid you in achieving the goal you set with your “I AM” phrase.

    Combined Forces

    The “I AM” presence and the power of pyramids have never been combined…

    UNTIL NOW! The stunning I AM Pyramids work directly with the “I AM” presence! When you link your pyramid, there are geometrically perfect lines in a cone underneath that pulls energy in. This energy is then funneled through a specifically crafted cylinder that draws energy up to the pinnacle where it then runs in perfect harmony down the sides of the pyramid. This energy cycle continues indefinitely! All of this is enhanced further by the materials it’s made of: copper and bronze.  There are no moving parts, no electricity, only a pure and organic connection between you and your pyramid. Awesome! This process invokes the “I AM” presence, and allows you to bring together two of the most powerful forces in creation and wield them at will! The signature I AM Pyramid is symbolic of a larger consciousness of strength and energy developed based on the same revolutionary quantum-harmonic principles as all Modern Day Mystic products. Take full control of your power and realize your true potential with the “I AM Pyramid”!

    I AM Mantras

    I AM Presence

    I AM Presence, the conscious director of my own future. I choose from my own free will to become an intensified individual with a clear focus of self. I have the innate ability to project poise and self-assurance. I am beyond merely existing, but am master of this moment and all future moments. I AM Presence.

    I AM Presence — Bronze: $197

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    I AM Presence — Copper: $197

    Availability: In stock

    I AM Purpose

    I AM Purpose, with reason and value within the universe. My function in the universe is mine alone. The answers within me are ready to guide me on the amazing journey that I am on. My passion is not to pursue my purpose, but to live my purpose in every moment. I am not chasing the big things, but instead feel the joy in every moment. I embrace my solid identity right here and now. I am in a state of peacefulness. I AM Purpose.

    I AM Purpose — Bronze: $197

    Availability: In stock

    I AM Purpose — Copper: $197

    Availability: In stock

    I AM Energy

    I AM Energy, my own unit of power: dynamic, driven, and passionate. I have the strength and vitality for sustained physical and mental activity. I accept universal energy, as it runs freely through me. To the universe I give back energy, unifying me with divinity. I am aware of my energy flow, and the flow of energy I put forth into the universe. I AM Energy.

    I AM Energy — Bronze: $197

    Availability: In stock

    I AM Energy — Copper: $197

    Availability: In stock

    I AM Love

    I AM Love, deserving and completely present when loving or being loved. I love myself and those around me unconditionally without judgement, but with complete devotion to myself and others. I do not judge myself or others, but embrace our intimacy and devotion. I fall into love, I seek love, and I cherish love. I AM Love.

    I AM Love — Bronze: $197

    Availability: In stock

    I AM Love — Copper: $197

    Availability: In stock

    I AM Fertility

    I AM Fertility, with natural capability to produce offspring. I trust the cycles of my body. I honor my body and the sacred path it leads me on, enabling me to have children. I follow my body’s natural rhythms, and reward it as it as it carries out its cycles in this divine process. I AM Fertility.

    I AM Fertility — Bronze: $197

    Availability: In stock

    I AM Fertility — Copper: $197

    Availability: In stock

    I AM Healthy

    I AM Healthy: balanced in mind, body, and soul. I refuse to be feeble or weak. Physically, mentally, and emotionally, I foster an existence of well-being and good health. I respect my authority of my inner psyche and soul. My mind holds the power over my health and healing and I will approach every situation with a positive attitude and a balanced mind. I AM Healthy.

    I AM Healthy — Bronze: $197

    Availability: In stock

    I AM Healthy — Copper: $197

    Availability: In stock

    I AM Sourxe

    I AM Sourxe, the origin of which all intentions stem from. I originate peace, love, balance, strength, purpose, inner beauty, and anything/everything meant to inspire and perfectly nurture. Arising in me the balance to coexist with the universe and spark the perfect combination to inspire and grow. I AM Sourxe.

    I AM Sourxe — Bronze: $197

    Availability: In stock

    I AM Sourxe — Copper: $197

    Availability: In stock

    I AM Unconditional Love of Self

    I AM Unconditional Love of Self, accepting of all that I have become and am becoming. I accept my inner realm of thoughts, feelings, notions, and ideas of love. I forgive myself and others for past mistakes and accept myself without criticism. I will always be patient, gentle, and kind with myself. I AM Unconditional Love of Self.

    I AM Unconditional Love of Self — Bronze: $197

    Availability: In stock

    I AM Unconditional Love of Self — Copper: $197

    Availability: In stock

    I AM Fearless

    I AM Fearless, succeeding where my logic has given me reasons to not even try. I do not entertain fear, but am bold, daring, and unafraid. I have full self-confidence in my love. I face all the universe has to offer me, unafraid and successful. I AM Fearless.

    I AM Fearless — Bronze: $197

    Availability: In stock

    I AM Fearless — Copper: $197

    Availability: In stock

    I AM Capable

    I AM Capable, possessing the qualities necessary to achieve what I set my minds to. Being able and competent, I have what it takes to accomplish astonishing things. I can handle any obstacle I am presented with peacefully and fluently. The universe has provided me with the talents, skills, and tools necessary to succeed. I AM Capable.

    I AM Capable — Bronze: $197

    Availability: In stock

    I AM Capable — Copper: $197

    Availability: In stock

    I AM Peaceful

    I AM Peaceful, calm and quiet in body, mind, and spirit. I navigate life’s challenges serenely, living my life tranquilly. My mind is untroubled and allows me to exist in perfect harmony with the universe. I coexist with ease and am content with my surroundings. I AM Peaceful.

    I AM Peaceful — Bronze: $197

    Availability: In stock

    I AM Peaceful — Copper: $197

    Availability: In stock

    I AM Safe

    I AM Safe, impervious to harm and turmoil. I hold a secure place within the universe and am protected by powers beyond imagination. My Journey is being lived every day and I remain safe and sound in my experiences. I take risks knowing that the universe will protect me and provide exactly what I need. I embrace and cherish where I am, secure in my environment. I AM Safe.

    I AM Safe — Bronze: $197

    Availability: In stock

    I AM Safe — Copper: $197

    Availability: In stock

    I AM Balanced

    I AM Balanced, moving together in perfect harmony with the universe. My thoughts and actions are in absolute proportion. I know when to hold on and when to let go. I am well-adjusted and make peace with that which is beyond my control. I am steady and will never fall. I AM Balanced.

    I AM Balanced — Bronze: $197

    Availability: In stock

    I AM Balanced — Copper: $197

    Availability: In stock

    I AM Pyramid Instructions

    Linking Your Pyramid

    Good things come to those who wait! Your I AM Pyramid will need 24 hours to adjust to your home, and to you. Simply unwrap it and place it somewhere easily visible with any one of its four corners facing a wall; preferably somewhere that you walk past or admire regularly. After the 24 hours have passed, you will be able to link your I AM Pyramid to you. Focus your attention on the symbol on the side of the pyramid and close your eyes. Place the symbol into your mind’s eye and utter the words “I honor the space in which you exist” aloud. Congratulations! Your I AM Pyramid is now active!

    Unlinking Your Pyramid

    Unlinking your pyramid is as simple as linking it. Focus your attention on your I AM Pyramid and place the symbol in your mind’s eye. Repeat the words “I honor the space in which you exist” out loud. Your I AM Pyramid is now unlinked.


    Height 2 1/4″
    Width 2″

    I LOVE my 6 I AM pyramids. I have I AM Love, Safe, Sourxe, Fearless, Capable and Purpose. I keep them arranged in a star on my dresser next to my bed. I have some difficult neighbors, and I used to have to regularly clean the energetic space of my property. Since activating the pyramids, I no longer have to clear the space. I also use the pyramids to charge my crystal collection, and I no longer have to do any other form of clearing my crystals and jewelry after wearing them.

    I also take the individual pyramids with me in my pocket when I anticipate a challenging day, or particularly Sourxe, Capable or Purpose when I need to complete a project. They help me to align internally with the energy to manifest. I look forward to adding more to my home.

    Kelli Carlson Boulder City, NV I AM Pyramids March 29, 2018

    I shoveled my car out of a snowbank and the next day I could not walk due to a pulled hamstring. Pain level High 10-1 LOW was a 20. Unreal. First I took a bath in Aquaware water programmed with TRAUMA at 100%. Pain down to a 15, but I could not walk . I asked my HFA MINI, what to do? Answer: Use the IAM SAFE PYRAMID. Sooooooooo, I put the Pyramid on my butt and just let it stay. After an hour, I moved the PYRAMID over the hamstring up and down my leg. Thirty minutes later, THE PAIN WAS GONE. TOTALLY GONE. I could walk, bend, and lift my knee. Thank you Peter for your amazing products.


    * During the first few days I noticed that TINY HOLES IN MY AURA were being PATCHED-UP.
    * Really deep, smooth and BALANCED SLEEP since I received the pyramid 5 weeks ago. I had not experienced this kind of sleep before. The initial vivid dreams were toned down after I asked for more harmonious and calmer ones.
    * ONGOING DETOX of my energy fields. The muddy colour I saw with my minds eye all over me at the beginning, is gradually becoming lighter. I experienced the detox initially as very strong, therefore asked the pyramid to slow it down. So it did. There was a buffer in place from the start. If I had not asked for a slower detox, the buffer would have made it bearable anyway. You can always ask for a course correction, though!
    * Very uncomfortable, even energetically PAINFUL FEELING in my SOLAR PLEXUS on the 2nd or 3rd day, DISAPPEARED.
    I have noticed this pain on several occasions before and used to ignore it. With the pyramid at hand, I decided to do something about it and placed it on this area for about 30 seconds while breathing deeply. Guess what, the solar plexus started to pump like a heart and breath more freely. The pressure has not returned.
    * TENSION HEADACHES, which recently happened in the evenings, RELEASED. I placed the bottom side of the pyramid on various places on my head and body for approximately 30 seconds on each location. The pain quickly lessened or disappeared and I woke-up refreshed the next morning.
    * Can´t focus? Pacing in a room with the pyramid in my hands, sometimes with my eyes closed, helps me to CENTRE AND CALM DOWN.
    * I particularly like holding the pyramid bottom to my ears, top of the head, kidneys and on my adrenal glands – this is DEEPLY RELAXING for me.
    * My mind is usually too active to sit in MEDITATION. With the pyramid in my hands I can do this for some time. Focusing on optimal weather conditions all over the world, governments working optimally FOR the people and family members in need of energetic assistance, are things I will focus on next. I have already put it on my purse occasionally, when I felt that my purse wanted to be out of the bag I usually store it in.

    The pyramid and its box with the various symbols make for great ornaments in any room.
    I like the the bronze colour and the fine horizontal lines on the surface. It is a great companion for me. Considering that I did not know what to do with it at the beginning, we have grown quite accustomed to each other.
    With 13 I AM Pyramids and 2 colours to choose from, there is at least one for everyone. I AM TOTALLY HAPPY WITH MY CHOICE. Thank you, Peter.

    Heidi Hofinger Austria - Review - I AM SOURXE Pyramid - Bronze February 25, 2018

    I was so pleased and excited about the offers that Peter had going in the last quarter of 2017. He offered them at a buy 2 get 1 free PLUS put down a deposit and pay the balance later deal. That was confirmation that I had to place my order. I have a fearless one, unconditional self love one and a balance pyramid. The fearless one has aided me in manifesting a fear-free zone and the feeling of being able to kick ass and not care about names. Prior to having these pyramids, I had a mean sweet tooth but I’ve noticed that most of the time; I can and do go without that token ‘high’ and the unconditional self love one is definitely helping me to peel back the layers and heal my heart as well as learning to care for me over what others need/want from me. All in All, in less than 4 months, these amazing treasures have and are continuing to play a pivotal role in my evolution. Thank u Pete! U rock! 💖💕😀😀🌠⭐

    Rena' M. Cain Starting a thriving healing and wellness business!! Vicksburg, Mississippi February 19, 2018

    The sensation that comes from I Am Safe in my left hand seems to be very profound and powerful.

    It was an activator of my deep core energy.

    I felt like a strong tree, grounding and connected with Earth.

    My Heart centered,

    I felt alive and I am SAFE !

    Peter, I am very thankful that you spread love in all your MDM products.

    Rossana AS Brazil February 18, 2018

    I’ve purchased many of Peter’s energy products over the past several years and I can say that Peter has lived up to his sterling reputation with all of them, and now again with the I AM Healthy pyramid. I was initially having problems activating it, but Peter walked me through the process and I really do feel a new flow of energy from it now. I am still learning how to use all of Peter’s products. Sometimes they work instantly, other times after a while, and with some operations I attempt, not at all. Peter says that everything works for my highest good, so probably the things that didn’t work for me were not for my highest good…DARN IT…I’ll have to take up that issue with my “Higher Self” at another time though! Anyway, I can definitely say that all of Peter’s products have delivered energy at a whole new higher level for me than anything I’ve tried in the past; I find that if I think outside the box (as Peter frequently suggests), then the magic happens.

    Mark Weaver February 18, 2018

    Ok so its 11:11am an I received my “I am pyramids ” Presence & Purpose a few weeks ago ! I wanted to wait a bit before giving my review but when I looked up and saw 11:11 figure it was my sign )) So when I opened mine I have to be honest I felt nothing they were cold (live in NJ) but I put them in my hand & welcomed them into my home & life )) sat them in time out & they faced the wall for 24hrs ….but no “woo woo” feelings but I don’t get that & is why I wanted them because I feel blocked & have been looking for answers when I stumbled upon Peter Schenk MDM on Youtube & like I been told there are no accidents things come into your path for a reason soooooo….being financially challenged as part of my path I was hesitant upon buying but that what charge cards are for so this is what I have experienced so far.. a lot of synchronies like 11:11,2:22, 3:33,4:44,5:55 constantly no joke.. I”l go to use my phone & show my co worker Omg look ..then I’l wake up and look at clock 5:55 crazy …so I made a list of importance of things I want to attract into my life I put my pyramids on top of it and I “honor their space in which they exist ” and go about my day ..I have notice more things lining up for me out of the blu & people doing things for me really nice things that I wanted but didn’t ask for ! I am very grateful I must say ! And I have been feeling this past week like I’m in a cloud not a head ache but a weird feeling can’t explain.I feel happy with this feeling like something amazing is going to happen & it hasn’t gone away like you no its coming ??? So stay tune but I am enjoying these little guys there kinda like pet rocks to me ..lol

    Sandy Pertuit February 18, 2018


    I feel safe, well nourished, & balanced with my I AM Pyramids!

    Thanks for these fantastic products!

    Elizabeth A.

    Elizabeth Avery February 18, 2018

    Hi Peter, this is for the ‘I AM’ Pyramids.

    I have three, and the “I AM Presence’, has been the one that I have worked with the most. It has given me it’s name and now also the other two have. I purchase ‘Evian Bottled Water’ for I like it better than others. Well, the other day, when I was drinking it…something didn’t seem right…and I thought that I might have to take the water back and then I thought of another product that I have that also uses ‘plant essences’ and well, I put them together with the “I AM” Pyramid on top and I could feel the energy change! It was suttle (sp?) and the taste was awesome! I had earlier charged the water with a specific intention, but, it needed more for whatever reason. My ‘I AM’ Pyramid worked with the other items (coasters) and it was amazing.
    I have asked for help with many things, like ‘pain’…even clearing my own energies and it has worked for me. I realized I sometimes need to be very specific…for the clearer the help needed and asked. the ability for the clearer the help comes. Just a ‘FYI’ for others.
    Just last night the third pyramid, finally gave me it’s name, probably because I had not really interacted with it much at all…and now when I put all three of them together in my bedroom…the energy was strong and I had to remove two of them into the hallway for the night…it was keeping me up and I am learning to work with them better. I do feel that so much more is possible with them and their help. Thanks Peter…keep up the great work. You are awesome as well as your products. Maybe someday I will be able to secure the ‘Terra Resonators’, I feel I will probably want all three…can you tell I want them all…LOL…thanks for everything Peter, you are Blessed and so Am I!

    Sherry Wasala 151 Shale Drive Sherry Wasala, "I AM" Pyramids February 17, 2018

    This my review of the ‘I AM Presence” pyramid.
    My initial goal with this product was to experience the I AM-ness without interjecting anything related to my own personal agendas in order to review it objectively.
    When I first opened package containing the I AM Presence pyramid, I don’t recall feeling much of anything coming from it. I placed it on my desk that evening pointing the direction stated in the instructions and went on with life as it oriented to my home. By the next day I noticed a great deal of energy emiating from the pyramid which I found to be somewhat dizzying.
    I sensed very subtle, yet distinctive energetic movement both within my body and my auric field. I sensed energetic restructuring taking place–more or less a sense of chaos turning into order. It brought to mind a pile of tangled strings being pulled out one by one and laid in straight and orderly rows.
    Since that time I have noticed subtle changes occuring in my thoughts and behavior. I have noticed I am responding differently to people and situations. I have an expanded concept of the “big picture” if you will. I am more patient and more conscious of interpersonal dynamics and therefore I find myself taking that little bit extra time and focus on others and it’s making a difference in the lives of myself and others.

    Now I’m looking forward to experiencing what more I can do and accomplish with this remarkable tool.

    Nyla Snyder August 18, 2017

    I have the I AM Presence pyramid and from the moment I opened the package, I could feel the energy. Once I allowed it time to adjust to my home, I placed it on an I AM list that I have. My I AM list is three full pages of all the things that I choose to be and all the things that I believe I already am and what I am meant to be. Obviously, there is more to me than just three pages of things because we are all so much more! I feel that this pyramid helps me to be more aware and conscious of those things. I sense that it will brings clarity to anyone’s existence who owns it. I look forward to all the many things that this pyramid will bring to my awareness.

    Thank you!

    Christy Warnick

    Christy Warnick August 7, 2017

    This is the first time I’ve ever worked with one of Peters products and I was intrigued to try out the I AM Pyramid. When it first arrived I was struck by its interesting features. I went on my intuition and opted for I Am unconditional love. I have to say the first few days I found incredibly challenging, I started to struggle and argue in all my close relationships. And what I thought was challenging was actually showing me all the spaces and places within me that I still didn’t love and accept myself fully. This set me on a week long journey of self discovery and healing and I ended up discovering a pivotal piece inside me that explained years of struggle and fear and abandonment. It was quite profound. It’s still all a work in progress and I’m navigating through this all as the days go on but it’s been powerful so far.

    N kaur August 2, 2017

    I have been through a very tough 2 months with both of my parents in the hospital and then rehab with one still remaining in rehab with a contagious infection, a stent in his right kidney, and an eye that needs an operation to this day to stop the bleeding behind his eye ball, plus he is not able to undergo chemo at present due to all of these complications. I feel that the I Am Purpose kept me focused and responsible, while inhibiting me from constantly picturing the worst, and kept me on task. Meanwhile, the I Am Safe kept me relaxed and calm, I did not worry about them, I knew they were in the right places recieving the right care or get emotional, a first for me!

    Rosie August 2, 2017

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