Harmonic Field Amplifier Sirius
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Free Yourself from All Limitations and Create the Life You Want Every Single Day

The Harmonic Field Amplifier Sirius Is Quantum Spirit Technology That Reaches Beyond Anything That Has Come Before

The HFA Sirius is a zero-point energy, celestial vortex machine that uses the symbolic and geometric power of the Constellation Canis Major, synergized through natural copper, silver and energetically-pure, lab-created semi-precious stones and other gems to activate and energize your highest desires.

The Power of Human Intention

During the famous Double Slit experiment, Quantum physicists have demonstrated repeatedly that light can function as either a particle or a wave, depending on the observer who views the experiment.

This mind-blowing new revelation shows the power of human intention on the outcome of any event. The real challenge, for those of us who want to live intentionally, is to gain control over our thoughts and make sure that we’re not negatively influencing the reality around us.

That is easier said than done, since choosing not to be negative necessitates focusing on negativity (the very thing you do not want!). How do we get around this?

The HFA Sirius removes negativity and acts as a positive creation machine to improve 8 different key aspects of your life. Channeling the energy of the star system Sirius, it frees you from deep-seated bonds of negativity and pushes forth a brand-new consciousness that will launch you into an improved reality.

The Power of Sirius

The brightest star in the night sky, Sirius is just 8.6 light years from Earth. But it’s not just a bright, pretty star, it’s a powerful star system that has intrigued and inspired humans since the beginning of civilization.

The immense influence of Sirius on our planet is evidenced by the fact that numerous ancient civilizations, throughout time, considered it to be one of the most important, if not THE most important star system in our solar system. In fact, the ancient Egyptian calendar marked its new year beginning with the moment when Sirius was once again visible in Earth’s sky.

Sirius is a binary star, made up of two stars that orbit each other, Sirius A and Sirius B. They come closest to each other every 49.9 years and generate immense energy by way of magnetic storms. The energy is eventually released toward the sun, which then “broadcasts” it out to all of the other planets in our solar system. Perhaps this is one of the reasons some cultures considered it to be the “sun behind the sun,” containing the origins of consciousness.

Sirius A and Sirius B represent Yin and Yang, the forces that maintain the continual balance and movement of our existence. But even more than that, they represent the very origins of manifestation—the dual identity of light as a particle AND as a wave. This power of Sirius cannot be understated. And it’s what makes the HFA Sirius so effective.

See the HFA Sirius in Action

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The HFA Sirius — How It Works

In a perfect octagon shape, measuring 33.333mm across, the Harmonic Field Amplifier Sirius draws energy and thoughts from your auric field into its clockwise spiral, leading it through a mini vortex into other dimensions where light behaves as both a particle and a wave.

Now, in this process, you are the observer. The pure copper construction of the HFA Sirius naturally absorbs all of your negativity—both conscious and subconscious—pulling it safely away from your vortex of creation. As the energy goes through the vortex, it is pulled through the other side, past a representation of the Constellation Canis Major, activating the magic of the Sirius star system.

When the energy is returned to you, it is pulled back by the 99.9% pure silver channels (silver has the highest electrical conductivity of any metal) circulating throughout the octagonal plane where it is activated by the energetically-pure, lab-created semi-precious stones and other gems that heighten the effects and synergize your Sirius-generated manifestations! Each one serves a very special purpose and makes this spiritual machine unlike any you’ve ever seen before.

Embedded Within the HFA Sirius Are 8 Key Crystals, Each One with Its Own Mantra and Beneficial Effect

The Crystals & Their Mantras

Rose Quartz – Love

Emitting a calming, loving energy, Rose Quartz is one of the most gentle, emotionally-healing stones there is. It ensures that all of your HFA Sirius manifestations will work for your highest good, and that they will enter your field in a beneficial, peaceful way.


I align with my highest vibration and allow myself to feel unconditional love at every level of my being. I love. I am love. I am loved.

Carnelian – Creativity

A bold, reassuring, optimistic stone, Carnelian helps to stimulate creativity, giving courage and energy to all who seek it. It is an excellent stone for promoting new business ventures, achieving fitness goals and boosting fertility.


I am open to new ideas and new realities, and I can create anything. The Universe is my canvas. I am creative.

Smoky Quartz – Grounding

Smoky Quartz is an anchoring stone that can help ground you when you feel like things are out of your control. It can relieve stress, eliminate worry, bring strength and stability, and even support those looking to heal from addictions.


Rooted in the Earth, I connect to my source of stability and protection. I am safe. I am strong. I am grounded.

Lapis Lazuli – Believe

Valued throughout antiquity, Lapis Lazuli is a star reminiscent of the Heavens, with the power to enhance intellect, sharpen memory and provide clarity. It is thought to bring good luck, and it can also bring answers through dreams. In essence, it is the “When you wish upon a star…” stone.


I am open to receiving that which I seek. I know that all things are possible, and I allow them to be. I believe.

Indigo Crystals – Humility

This is a stone for looking inside, contemplating, being honest with yourself and uncovering deep knowledge. It is a humble stone that can aid in having good judgement, avoiding conflict and achieving enlightenment.


I accept the wisdom that I seek, and I am open to receiving the lessons I have yet to learn. I approach all things with humility.

Angelite – Gratitude

Speak with divine beings, access otherworldly knowledge and gain a different perspective. Angelite is a protective and encouraging stone that shows us how much we have to be thankful for.


I am able to see my life from a higher perspective, with all of my blessings in view. My gratitude is overflowing.

Green Jasper – Forgiveness

This is a stone for starting over, beginning new adventures, growth and healing. Green Jasper was used by Ancient people to bring rain, promote healthy pregnancy and soothe inflammation. It is a positive, optimistic stone that helps you let go of old obsessions and move on to healthier pursuits.


I am able let go of old hurts and allow my wounds to heal. I release all negativity and embrace forgiveness.

Petalite – Knowingness

Expand cosmic consciousness and boost psychic abilities. Petalite is a rare stone that clears your auric field while providing massive healing and inner strength. It guides you through difficult experiences with ease and can help you stay calm in the midst of any storm.


I connect with my source of wisdom that is unwavering. I am aware of all things and I trust my knowingness.


I connect with my source of wisdom that is unwavering. I am confident in my ability to know all things.


  • 99.9% Pure copper, coated to prevent tarnish
  • 99.9% Pure silver, coated to prevent tarnish
  • Sacred symbology and Geometry
  • Velvet-lined wood storage box and holder
  • Energetically pure, lab-created semi-precious stones and other gems including Rose Quartz, Carnelian, Smokey Quartz, Lapis Lazuli, Indigo Crystals, Angelite, Green Jasper, Petalite

Activation Instructions

To activate your HFA Sirius, hold her is your left hand, with the inscription HFS Sirius pointing towards your chest. Place one finger on either side of the center of the device and focus your attention on your HFA Sirius. Speak out loud, and say, “I HONOR THE SPACE IN WHICH YOU EXIST.” Now, your HFA Sirius is activated and ready to use! For best results, it is recommended that you use it once per day.

Embedded within the HFA Sirius are 8 key crystals, each one with its own mantra and beneficial effect. To start using your HFA Sirius, hold her in your right hand so that the Rose Quartz is facing up in the 11 o’clock position and the Petalite is in the 1 o’clock position. (Note: HFA Sirius inscription should be facing your chest.) Beginning with the Rose Quartz, take a deep breath and hold your thumb over it as you say its mantra out loud. Then, working your way around the device in a counterclockwise circle, place your thumb over the next stone and say its mantra…all the way around the octagon until you’ve said the mantra for each stone.

I have 2 instances to report. I have both Orion and Sirius and I call them my team or more often “guys”.
I take a handful of supplements and vitamins twice a day. For some reason the evening set doesn’t go down so easily even though I take 2 pills at a time with a sip of water from a 12 oz. glass. After I have to eat a piece of fresh or dried fruit to push the pills through. On one particular evening, after taking all the pills with water as always I felt that everything got stock in the throat area and was not going down. I tried eating fruit but it made everything worse as it got stock too. I began to choke as I could barely breathe. I drank some water but it pored out of my mouth as water had nowhere to go. The choking got more severe. I tried to swallow but ended up with no air. Thoughts started flashing that this is the end and what a silly one it is. I live by myself so I thought no one will start looking for me for a few days and my poor animals will starve (or eat me..). Something told me (a voice in my head) to grab Orion and Sirius. They were in my pocket as usual so I did take them out. All I could think was “help guys!” I became calm instantly, could think straight and was able to take 1 slow breath. Right away, within few seconds the pills that were stock literally disappeared from my throat – they didn’t come up and they definitely didn’t go down as I didn’t swallow. They were there few seconds prior and then they were gone. The overall feeling I felt after was like nothing happened, so calm and soothing.
Few days ago I was weeding in the frown yard and had my cat with me outside. I was going to take him for a walk later and had him on his retractable leash. I placed the leash handle under a leg of a chair on the front porch. He really wanted to go then and started to pull hard and dragged the chair down releasing the leash handle. The plastic leash handle was hitting the pavement behind him when he started to trot, making loud sounds.. So he took off like crazy as if something was chasing him. I yelled his name to no avail and he kept running away around the corner to another street. I run after him till I heard something hitting the pavement. I stopped and felt around in my pockets. I pulled out Orion and 2 crystals but Sirius was missing. I started looking around my feet for it but didn’t see it. I begun panicking because since I couldn’t find it and was afraid it jumped off from the pavement to the lawn and I wouldn’t be able to find it in the grass. I kept looking around and then I asked Orion to help me find Sirius. Right after I said it, I looked down again and there it was right in front of me by my feet on the sidewalk where it was not before. I was so happy to see it! I grabbed it and walked around the 2nd corner looking for my cat. I was calling his name but he was clearly stressed and scared that he was not answering like he usually does when I call him. I didn’t know what to do and in what direction start looking for him. I asked the “guys” again for help in finding the cat. When I turned around on my hills I saw him sitting under the tree few feet away from me, just looking at me. The same tree that I walked by just a minute ago.
It’s hard to pinpoint in each instance what spiritual tool helped me – since I had both in my hand (except for when Sirius fell out of my pocket) – I see them as a team rather than 2 separate items. So to me they work in tandem, 2 parts of one. Grateful to Peter for giving us such incredible tools to play with!!!!

Oksana Becker HFA SIRIUS April 4, 2020

I would say that this is the ultimate creation by Peter, no doubt! I have a vast majority of Peter’s amazing creations. Each one has, shall we say a different “flavor” & function, at least for me. I received the Sirius over 1 week ago. First of all she is so beautiful and so very well crafted. Once I activated her, I could tell this was going to be my new favorite go to manifestation device. I also possess the HFA Orion, so I don’t wish to make her jealous!
The HFA Sirius ramps up quickly and she is quite intuitive. We are getting to know each other-this may take a bit of time-the Sirius is a bit complex. In addition, she will do things for me that I never asked for-all good stuff of course/right now she is instilling peace/calm in my hectic environment. I am learning also how to “fly” again-have a big project I a working on to help me quickly leave medical practice-and she is up to the task! So, thank you again Peter.
Everyone, please get one while they last-you will be most pleased!
Dr. James Jackson

James Jackson Physician HFA Sirius December 28, 2019

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