Harmonic Field Amplifier Orion Receive
    Manifestations at the Speed of Thought

    Live your best life right now.

    The Harmonic Field Amplifier Orion represents the latest in Quantum Spirit Technology, beautifully perfected and designed to be your go-to manifestation tool.

    Made from the purest commercially available copper and silver, two powerful metals of antiquity, the HFA Orion uses a ground-breaking, zero-point energy multiversal thought vortex to effortlessly and automatically transmute all of your desires into real-life manifestations that emerge from non-physical and become part of your experience.

    All Matter Is Comprised of Energy

    The Nobel Prize-winning father of nuclear physics, Ernest Rutherford, discovered that matter is comprised more of energy than it is of actual matter. And in recent experiments, quantum physicists have shown that the way that energy behaves is fully dependent upon the presence of an observer. These surprising discoveries are the impetus behind the idea of deliberate creation. If all matter is comprised of energy, and thoughts are energy in its purest form, then it follows that thoughts can be used to create or manifest matter and events (matter in motion), when given the right tools. The HFA Orion is the first such tool of its kind.

    Law of Attraction works by a type of thought-osmosis, attracting like-to-like, giving you a perfect match to what you are focusing on, whether it’s the thing that you want, or more of the thing that you don’t want.

    People are often disappointed to discover that shifting focus away from negativity, while critical to the process, can be difficult, especially when they’ve formed patterns of thought around the negative aspect of their desires for a long time. This is where the HFA Orion becomes an indispensable manifestation tool. Essentially, it does the “thought filtering” for you, so you can release all worries or fears about how to manifest your desires — you simply allow the HFA Orion to manifest them for you.

    The Power of Orion

    Of significance for many ages, the constellation Orion is purported to have influenced the ancient Egyptians’ building and placement of the Great Pyramids of Giza (they align with the stars that make up Orion’s belt), as well as the ancient Teotihuacan’s Pyramid of the Sun.

    Although the puzzle of ancient archaeology is still being explored, we do have some clues as to why Orion is such a powerful constellation. Seen by many ancient cultures as a “hunter,” Orion correlates to the Egyptian God Osiris, who along with Isis (represented by Sirius), were responsible for the birth of human civilization.

    While this is all accepted as myth, there is a striking scientific correlation. In 2006, the Hubble Space Telescope captured images of the Orion Nebula, revealing more than 3,000 stars in various stages of creation. In fact, scientists have discovered that Orion has formed countless sub-stellar objects, like brown dwarfs and even planets!

    Orion is both a hunter and a creator, capable of taking the vast energy of space and literally forming it into matter. A symbolic representation of Orion is etched onto every HFA Orion as a powerful talisman to help facilitate the catching and rebirthing of the things and events that you desire.

    How It Works

    In a perfect trigonometrical ratio of 33mm × 33mm × 33mm, the HFA Orion uses a pyramid shape and 99.0% pure copper to draw energy and thoughts from your auric field into its clockwise spiral, leading it through a mini vortex into other dimensions where all possible realities exist. Because of copper’s excellent ability to absorb negativity, it is pulled in through zero-point energy, away from you.

    However, according to the Law of Conservation of Mass-Energy (it is never created nor destroyed), an equal amount of energy must return back from the unit. This is where the magic happens. The 99.9% pure silver channels surrounding the vortex attract the best version of your possible reality from zero-point (silver has the highest electrical conductivity of any metal) and then reflect it back to you in the form of actual manifestations.

    Because it works in a quantum mechanical way, there is little to no effort required on your part, as having your own unique preferences in life is a natural and instinctive process.

    Simply activate your HFA Orion, keep it by your side as much as possible, and watch for amazing synchronicities to begin lining up for you. Because thought moves at the speed of light, you may begin to notice effects immediately!

    Activation Instructions

    To activate your HFA Orion, place her in your left hand then focus your attention on her. Speak out loud, and say, “I HONOR THE SPACE IN WHICH YOU EXIST.” That’s it, your HFA Orion is activated and ready to begin manifesting for you!

    You can keep it in a prominent place in your environment (like a nightstand or display case), but for best results, it is recommended that you keep it by your side at all times (in a purse or pocket). This way, the HFA Orion will continue working for you, even when you are no longer focusing directly upon it.

    If you wish to share your HFA Orion, you can simply de-link by repeating the instructions above but in your right hand and then relink it by repeating those steps above.


    • 99.9% Pure copper, coated to prevent tarnish
    • 99.9% Pure silver, coated to prevent tarnish
    • Sacred symbology and Geometry
    • Velvet-lined wood storage box and holder

    *PLEASE NOTE: There are no refunds on HFA products

    I have 2 instances to report. I have both Orion and Sirius and I call them my team or more often “guys”.
    I take a handful of supplements and vitamins twice a day. For some reason the evening set doesn’t go down so easily even though I take 2 pills at a time with a sip of water from a 12 oz. glass. After I have to eat a piece of fresh or dried fruit to push the pills through. On one particular evening, after taking all the pills with water as always I felt that everything got stock in the throat area and was not going down. I tried eating fruit but it made everything worse as it got stock too. I began to choke as I could barely breathe. I drank some water but it pored out of my mouth as water had nowhere to go. The choking got more severe. I tried to swallow but ended up with no air. Thoughts started flashing that this is the end and what a silly one it is. I live by myself so I thought no one will start looking for me for a few days and my poor animals will starve (or eat me..). Something told me (a voice in my head) to grab Orion and Sirius. They were in my pocket as usual so I did take them out. All I could think was “help guys!” I became calm instantly, could think straight and was able to take 1 slow breath. Right away, within few seconds the pills that were stock literally disappeared from my throat – they didn’t come up and they definitely didn’t go down as I didn’t swallow. They were there few seconds prior and then they were gone. The overall feeling I felt after was like nothing happened, so calm and soothing.
    Few days ago I was weeding in the frown yard and had my cat with me outside. I was going to take him for a walk later and had him on his retractable leash. I placed the leash handle under a leg of a chair on the front porch. He really wanted to go then and started to pull hard and dragged the chair down releasing the leash handle. The plastic leash handle was hitting the pavement behind him when he started to trot, making loud sounds.. So he took off like crazy as if something was chasing him. I yelled his name to no avail and he kept running away around the corner to another street. I run after him till I heard something hitting the pavement. I stopped and felt around in my pockets. I pulled out Orion and 2 crystals but Sirius was missing. I started looking around my feet for it but didn’t see it. I begun panicking because since I couldn’t find it and was afraid it jumped off from the pavement to the lawn and I wouldn’t be able to find it in the grass. I kept looking around and then I asked Orion to help me find Sirius. Right after I said it, I looked down again and there it was right in front of me by my feet on the sidewalk where it was not before. I was so happy to see it! I grabbed it and walked around the 2nd corner looking for my cat. I was calling his name but he was clearly stressed and scared that he was not answering like he usually does when I call him. I didn’t know what to do and in what direction start looking for him. I asked the “guys” again for help in finding the cat. When I turned around on my hills I saw him sitting under the tree few feet away from me, just looking at me. The same tree that I walked by just a minute ago.
    It’s hard to pinpoint in each instance what spiritual tool helped me – since I had both in my hand (except for when Sirius fell out of my pocket) – I see them as a team rather than 2 separate items. So to me they work in tandem, 2 parts of one. Grateful to Peter for giving us such incredible tools to play with!!!!

    Oksana Becker HFA SIRIUS April 4, 2020

    Dear Peter

    words cannot describe the incredible beauty of Orion both physically and energetically.
    Everything harmonises even in the difficult places. I hesitate to put actual descriptions on this for it would be so very different for everyone but really it is the lights are switched on and the path becomes clear..such a wonderful gift. Thank you so much.
    And on top of that with the purchase through the You Wealth Revolution Package you so generously added in the Receiving workshops.( still available folks)
    Everyone needs these!!
    They are so incredibly beautiful and the energy is wonderful and clear and bright and you feel amazing beauty all around you. Do I sound high? Yep its the energy of beauty and high frequency. The infinite possibilities of existence are opened up to us all through this,
    Such generosity in these wonderful gifts from you Peter!
    May you continue to create wonderful worlds of energy for us all. I love Orion and thank you from the bottom of my heart.
    Love and many best wishes

    Rahima Orion and Receiving workshops August 23, 2019

    Love my Orion. Again, I enjoy sharing my testimonials as I use them further along. Our friend was in desperate need of finding a good renter asap and selling his other property and a good house cleaner. 1st, I had him hold my Orion and speak his intentions for s good renter fast, 2nd, his other property sells at the price he wants or better. Well, the good renters showed up in a week, his other property has a good realtor listed it higher than he thought. As for house cleaning, i used (TR mini)my good friend has her cleaning business and had just lost a valuable client. Intention was “she now has a great job” . Well, our friend hired her, and she has had other clients use her services. So happy to have this extension to help others. Plus my husband need a good 2nd car, I put that down “he now has a wonder working car”, plus intended things would work out $ towards it. Turns out his friend that went with him to car dealer, bought his old car and we were able to put that towards loan. It’s a win win.

    Prem Kaur Light Feather Tx June 24, 2019

    Loving Orion so far– here is what happened ever since I got him. (I wear him in my pocket or in my bra)

    *Got a raise–and it was for more than I thought it would be!
    * I got extra busy and hoped this friend would show up at 3:30 instead of at 2:00 and then this friend showed up at 3:45! (Whew)
    * I needed a certain person to respond to my text in a timely manner–and she did! (Usually she does not) (I also used the Sourxe trial for a week so for this one, it was a combination of Orion and Sourxe)
    * I had issues downloading the (trial) Sourxe and Orion helped me figure it out! (I am SO not a tech savvy person)
    *I had a bit of a delay in my schedule and hoped I would not miss my client and sure enough I arrived 10 minutes before she did!
    *There seems be a positive energy all around.
    *I have a closer bond with my children.

    I truly am enjoying this and my personal relationship with Orion. (There was this one time when I thought I lost him–well, actually, twice, and I got upset and worried–it’s like a feeling of losing a cat or something! Yup– a real relationship, indeed)

    Thank you Peter, for all that you do. I look forward to getting all of your products.

    Jolene Mahoney Mental Health Therapist Fremont, California May 2, 2019

    Orion is beyond amazing! Yes, you do feel energy coming from it – all Peter’s products have that so it’s a given. I’m not surprised by any reviews that rave about that. Side note – I was playing with my pendulum above a pyramid and then had it over Orion and boy did it start moving in a vortex motion right above Orion. You move pendulum away from it and it stops. Put back and it starts vortexing again (is it a word?). Back to the review now. A little while after I received Orion there were talks about promotion for me after the position was removed 3 months ago. All of a sudden we were told by the client that position is back on. I asked Orion for a significant salary increase. I wanted 15K. Didn’t work out for me – but I did get 10K increase.. That part when Peter says be careful what you wish for: I got the promotion but with that came work hours change – I used to work from home in the morning and then going to the office for 4-5 hours in the afternoon/evening. Well that ended with 8:00 – 4:30 requirement. I was not happy with that and still not but was told to work the hours or pretty much look elsewhere..
    It’s really bad traffic in DC area coming to work but I do connect Orion with my HFA travel asking for safe, smooth and quick commute. Most of the days I’m able to maneuver and find alternative routes.
    There also other money that start coming in unexpectedly which always helps. I started paying off my debts quicker.
    My intuition has improved – one day I got a feeling about a cat. I already have 3 cats so was not considering getting another. A week later I get another message/thought about a “Bengal cat”. I started searching and found Bengal on Craigslist 1 hour away from me. I didn’t act on it and waited till next day. I called the owner to speak with her and she said – out of all areas you are the 3rd person to contact me from Alexandria and she had someone already committed coming over in few hours. She called me back and said the guy backed out so if I’m interested I can come. I came back from her house with 2 cats that are brothers because I had instant connection. They turned out to be my soul family members from another lifetime – my children and I do feel that deep sense of love.
    These two little 1 year old boys decided to escape by sliding window screen one day and jumping off it. I instantly asked Orion for help finding them and guiding them home. They were gone few hours and I was making flyers and posting lost ad on nextdoor after walking around the yard and neighbors to the left and right and calling them to no avail. So as I finished posting ad online I was guided to go back yard and call them again – all of a sudden I heard their myauing back. I was guided by their voices to the neighbors way down and had to find way to get into their yards at 12am but found each on separated but got them safely home.
    Something else occurred that had deep impact on me: I’ve had issues with my partner of 10 years. We were supposed to get married for a while but something was not feeling right for me even though we have been trying to conceive for the last 2 years. I’ve been holding Orion or on me while doing morning activations. One of them to have a best loving relationship of all my lifetimes where I and my partner are loving, caring and respectful to each other. On March 2nd I found out by divine guidance that my fiancé had a short affair 8 months ago and was still communicating with the person from overseas in the last few months ( I overheard the phone conversation by coming home too early). I guess again – be careful what you wish for.. I wanted a pure loving relationship but instead I got an eye opener that the one I’m in is not it..
    I also play around with having Orion in different positions when I’m sleeping – on the night stand, under the pillow, or in a pouch by my heart.
    During the day it’s in my braw – but I did notice that it is getting darker or getting those green oxidation lines like you get with HFA mini when it is next to my skin in the braw.
    I’m now asking Orion for clarity, ability to move forward, finding forgiveness (I was pretty angry for few weeks), loving myself deeply, happiness and a great amazing relationship that is nothing short of my best desires for myself. I needed time off and away so my boss offered to pay for my vacation!!! At first she was not but after I talked with Orion and said she will offer to pay she just told me that she added extra money to my paycheck! It is amazing how everything is working out very quickly. I’m still playing and learning as I go. Some things worked out beautifully. The others not so much as I hoped but in a way everything is in my best interest I’m sure. As I’m opened to new possibilities I’m pretty sure more things and changes are coming my way. Stay tuned.
    P.S. Thank you Peter!!!! <3

    Oksana B. Orion April 10, 2019

    I have purchased a variety of Peter’s products (HFA products, Q Shield, I AM bracelets, Myrrh Compass Rose, Terra Resonator products, software) over the years, and they continue to exceed my expectations. I received my most recent delivery, and the quality, beauty, integrity and energy of Peter’s products is still beyond wonderful; a true fount of both practical use and inspiration.

    Thank you Peter for all you do for us. You never cease to amaze me.

    In Sincere Gratitude,

    Cassandra Herrera n/a Texas April 2, 2019

    It’s been a month, amazing month .my core strength
    In mental , physical, emotional,spiritual have flown to new heights. My telepathic abilities have been sharpened.
    The other healing tools I use have also increased in power. People are kinder and calmer.
    Working and living conditions have improved.
    A aura of love seems to be radiating out of Orion!
    People feel it!
    Working with difficult clients have vanished!
    My own personal knowledge is unwavering, peace fills my every move!
    I will purchase another on to do remote healing with!
    With my Heartfelt Love and Gratitude
    I say thank you Peter for staying the course!
    Thank you Again
    Janette Nadh

    Janette L.Nash Personal Assistant/ BioGenesis Healer Janette HFA ORION February 22, 2019

    Peter has hit the jackpot this time, HFA Orion is off the scale. The energy is strong clean, I feel like I have been wearing dirty glasses and now they are clean, for some reason my vision is much sharper. Thank You

    Stuart Razey


    Stuart Razey Therapist, Inventor England UK February 11, 2019

    I received the HFA Orion on Jan 16, within 2hrs. I received $172.00 of free merchandise. Also received a free meal from my client. My customers are more calmer and work is flowing alot more smoother.

    Dean HFA Orion January 25, 2019

    Dear Peter,
    You not only hit the ball out of the park you broke the barrier and hit it into the next universe.
    What a amazing tool.
    First time I saw it it was in the middle of the night. The next day I couldn’t find it! I believe I saw it before you posted it.
    My third eye began to spin and I fainted.
    A few days later I saw your post.
    I immediately had to have it! I received it on a Saturday and pinned it to the inside of my shirt.
    On Monday I resumed my duties now the fun began first thing that happened was a person who I was working for came to me and ask about the changes that were being made we had a beautiful exchange of thoughts and ideas. What you have to understand is that when I started I was met with don’t tell me what to do! And !everything that goes with that statement Anger slamming things around generally scary behavior. After the HFA Orion arrived .
    What a complete shift peace comradity kindness compassion replaced all negative behavior.
    He also disclosed to his daughters I was spot on at everything I do and a wonderful problem solver!
    Victory of the Light HFA Orion has freed me to expand my service with this person.
    Now the other thing I noticed it has calmed the neighborhood . The street where I live is 1/2 block to the beach and seemed to be the freeway to the beach since the HFA ORION arrived it has calmed down! Complete quiet. Yes! Thank you!
    I send you my Heartfelt Love and Gratitude for this amazing tool!!!!
    Love, Janette Nash

    Janette Nash Personal Assitant Hermosa Beach, California January 22, 2019

    P. S.
    HFA Orion has activated and bumped up the power source of the other tools!

    Janette Nash Personal Assistant Hermosa Beach, California January 22, 2019

    I love my sweet Orion very much ! She is so powerful and surrounding me with her pure energy. Since I activated her, I feel joy and happiness all the time, even in very stressful moments I keep smiling. She is working for me while I am sleeping – we literally communicate each other in my dream and find solution what ever I asked for! This is so fantastic, so magical! With Orion, sky is the limit! I have Peter`s Sourxe 5, Aquaware 5, HFA Mini, Terra Resonator regular size and Terra Resonator XL. I love them all and each one of them brought tremendous benefits into my life and are helping me every day. But HFA Orion is different – it is my very own magician! Orion is helping me to bring my dreams into life! It has been only one week since I got Orion and she already made me speechless! Thank you Peter for creating Orion.

    Clara Y. Lawyer HFA Orion January 22, 2019

    Received my Orion on Jan. 16 . Within 48 hours of receiving my Orion my body was mostly pain free, I’d been having neck pain for over a month ( I kept putting off making an appointment with the chiropractor) . On Jan. 11, the Midwest got hit with a winter storm, we ended up with 17 in. Of snow along with some ice. I had been shoveling snow and chipping ice off my driveway for days, my whole body was sore. On Jan 16, I picked up my Orion from the post office I opened it as soon as I was home and connected with it. I could feel the energy right away my hands felt like they were buzzing and that feeling went up my arms. I actually got a little dizzy. I kept the Orion with me all day, at night I put it on my night stand next to the bed. Jan 17, I woke up and noticed I wasn’t as sore . Jan 18, when I woke up I was hardly sore at all and the neck pain was gone ! I also have more energy ! Amazing, I can’t wait to find out what else the Orion does for me .

    Donna Eibel Retired but work part time Orion January 21, 2019

    I received the HFA Orion on 1/10/19 (in the evening) and the day of my testimonial is 1/20/19. I love this energy tool! Within a few minutes of holding it and saying the magical words, “I honor the space in which you exist,” I felt a veil of calm energy wash over my body. I did not necessarily have any particular intention with Orion except for “what needed the most healing in my life.” (Yes, that was very broad and vague!)
    I put Orion in a cloth pouch and hung it around my neck so it is always with me – as Peter said, that is how it works. This way it could continue to work with me while I slept. (When I am at work, it is on my pocket.)
    When I woke up for work the next morning, I felt less irritated about going to a j.o.b. that I do not want to do – one that is sooooo not me. Throughout the day(s), I noticed I was not getting mad/angry at the variety of things that I would allow to anger me previously.

    Let me back up and explain, please and thank you! From 2003 – 2010 in a job where I worked, I had the nickname, Miss Positive Energy. I was a motivator and I inspired other people to think and feel differently/more positively to manifest better in their lives. (I am a nurse and I “coached” my patients and coworkers with Law of Attraction principles.) I went on to become a certified life coach, a speaker and presenter, and a three-time published author. I thought I had arrived; I left nursing to pursue my dream of being an entrepreneur. In 2014 I found out a big (Understatement) mistake was made in my 2011 and 2012 taxes, and I proceeded to experience a financial fiasco over the next several years. I went back to nursing and put my business on hold – for the most part, it was/is okay. I knew/know I can go back to being an entrepreneur. When you do it once, you can do it again.
    After working a few jobs, I started a new job (in the corporate world) in July of 2016 and in November of 2018, I was asked to take another position in the company, and little did I know that it was going to cause me to become one of the most negative, complaining people that I knew. It was like I forgot all of the LOA information I knew; I forgot all about the coaching, speaking/presenting and writing I had previously done.
    I allowed this God-awful job to suck the life out of me and I became someone who I could not even tolerate, and I felt like I could not stop it…..I became an f-bomb dropper and I said the word, “hate” constantly! (I had removed that word from my vocabulary back in 2003 because I did not want that negative energy flowing through my body.)
    I would scream at the top of my lungs while I was driving away from my work site. I would cry at work; I could not stand it and I felt so totally stuck.

    Besides all of the yucky job reasons for why I was so miserable, I was also so angry because I had not (yet) gotten a business up and running like I wanted to do. That was just adding so much more misery to my life (because I had been allowing it to be that way and because I got caught up in the stinky stuff), I felt so stuck in the muck…. UGH!

    Okay….!!!! While I could write more, enough already! Thanks for reading all of that because it is important to my experience with Orion.

    I mentioned in the beginning of this testimonial, upon holding Orion and saying, “I honor the space in which you exist,” I felt a light veil of calm wash over my body – I could even say, the veil of calm flowed through my body. Over the next several days, I stopped being a negative, complaining machine. I stopped the broken record of negative, angry comments. I stopped the arguments in my mind, and even out loud – in my kitchen/bathroom/while I was driving. (Have you ever had arguments with people who aren’t even there? I did, and they were way too frequent – daily/hourly.)

    Everything that has been irritating me beyond sanity is not bothering me today. While I do not care for my job (at all), I can go into work and do my job. I can be okay with it, and know/FEEL this is a temporary situation.
    I recently started an eCommerce store that is still in the beginning stages, but I can now focus on it being wildly successful instead of focusing on something about the j.o.b. for which I do not care. I can focus on having the time I need to work on the business instead of being totally and completely exhausted when I come home from work.

    I overall feel calmer; I feel more optimistic; I feel more peaceful; I feel more energized about my future and getting my business up and running, consistently and successfully. I am back to doing yoga on a regular basis – I had gotten out of that routine for over a year. Now I am mindful about having a yoga practice on a regular basis and I am excited about being back in that daily routine.

    Orion is small – but OH so mighty, in such a subtle way!!!! The only time it is not on my body is when I am in the shower. For me, Orion is part of my daily life. Like brushing my teeth, washing my face, and putting on makeup, Orion is in my pocket or around my neck enhancing my life with it’s powerful, subtle energy. In the fall/winter, Orion, the constellation, is outside my front door. I see him in the evening and in the morning; now he is with me all the time; Yay me! It has only been 10 days since I have received and started working with Orion. I love the effects/changes on/within me. I look forward to it’s continual positive energy in my life.

    Thank you Peter for this amazing product!

    Colleen Humphries www.GotAnimalPrint.com HFA Orion January 20, 2019

    All I can say is WOW! I had been feeling a little bit stuck. Several things were in the works that had just seemed to stall and I couldn’t figure out how to get them moving again. Although I hadn’t removed it from the package yet and I wasn’t expecting anything from it, the moment I received my HFA Orion in the mail, energy started to shift. I immediately received a message about a long-unresolved computer issue — the technician had finally found a solution on how to fix it and wanted me to bring it in! Later, I was in a shop and fell in love with a beautiful crystal that “wasn’t for sale,” but the lady behind the counter agreed to sell it to me for an unreasonably low price! And then, to top it all off, I received a call (completely out of the blue) from a relative who offered to help (with skilled labor and several Home Depot gift cards) with a house remodel my husband and I had been struggling with! All of that happened ON THE VERY FIRST DAY of having the HFA Orion, BEFORE I EVEN OPENED THE PACKAGE. This is the most powerful Modern Day Mystic product I have experienced yet, and it just keeps getting better!

    Maria U. Consultant HFA Orion January 17, 2019

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