Create a sacred space with this life-enhancement tool that not only removes old, stuck negative energy in a room… it also transmutes it into balanced, positive vibrations you can feel. The Harmonic Field Amplifier Plus (HFA+) builds upon the revolutionary principles behind the HFA device for automobile use, but it is infused with even more powerful zero point technology to cleanse the energy in larger physical spaces.

    The HFA+ cleanses and charges the atmosphere around it; and it is strong enough to cover your entire home or office! Think of it as “spring cleaning” on an energetic level. Imagine a more peaceful office space where colleagues are happier and more productive. Or a home that feels more comfortable and supportive, allowing you to truly reset and refresh each day. Now make those visions a reality – it’s easy with the HFA+. Place it wherever you want to cleanse and invigorate unhealthy, negative or stuck energy. If you’d like to give it an extra boost, place both hands on it and focus your intentions for 10 seconds. Then, go about your day and watch how things just seem to fall into place more easily.

    It’s all about harmony. Have you ever noticed how, when you start your day in a positive mood, more good things seem to happen? Or when one thing goes wrong, bad news just seems to stack up throughout the day? That’s because feelings are energy. And every type of feeling vibrates at a different energetic wavelength. Once we are vibrating with a certain frequency of energy, it can be difficult to change that frequency.

    Now consider the matter that surrounds you – things like your furniture, walls, even your clothes. All of those things absorb the energy that you generate. We all have bad days, but allowing that energy to attach itself to your physical space can set up a recurring loop of negativity that can come back like a boomerang.

    Even when we work hard to remain consciously positive, our own frequencies and those in the space around us can be affected by the energy of others. You might not notice it consciously, but friends, family members, even your letter carrier or passersby can impart an unwanted negative energetic signature on your space. Imagine how those negative energies might affect your outlook… quietly sabotaging your ability to manifest good things in your life. That’s why it’s so important to regularly “clean” and recalibrate our own energy and that of our physical space.

    Think of it like an air purifier or a water filter… but for your entire home or office’s energy field. Unlike other household cleaners, the HFA+ can be used over and over again – imagine what you can achieve over years of consistent use!

    How It Works

    The HFA+ uses copper and silver, two metals popular in ancient Egyptian times for their energetic and spiritual effects. When used in a specific configuration, have been shown to induce properties of zero point energy. This energy can be considered to have infinite potential. Once activated by your intentions or wishes, it charges everything in the space around it and clears the atmosphere of all unwanted frequencies.

    But it’s not just theory. Users have reported feelings of more easily “going with the flow” and enhanced relaxation. They’ve noticed a reduction in feeling bothered or upset, and some have even reported that children who used to fight are more calm and harmonious in its presence!

    Using the HFA+ is a non-intrusive way to reset your environment to its naturally positive state – so that all who enter its field will synchronize to a more peaceful frequency. And when everyone is vibrating in the same frequency, imagine how much more loving and understanding relationships can be. Say goodbye to household squabbles, hurt feelings and misunderstandings at work.

    This beautifully-crafted spiritual tool provides an aura adjustment for any building where it is placed. Try it in your home, business, yoga studio, or give one to friends or family members who need a more peaceful personal sanctuary in order to heal.

    Eliminate the “negativity boomerang” in any environment and watch your dreams unfold more effortlessly than ever before. Now you can create an effortlessly sacred space in your entire home or office with the HFA+.

    *PLEASE NOTE: There are no refunds on HFA products


    Hi Peter ! ..

    Firstly I Would Like To Take This Opportunity To Honor Your Presence And Existence In My Life.
    You And Your Products Have Had A Great Impact In My Life Right From Aquaware / Sourxe V /
    12th Project To The HFA Bundle.

    I Love Them All. Specially My Physical Products.
    HFA Mini – HFA v2 And HFA Plus

    Below Listed Are Just Few Of My Experiences
    Which I am Able to Put Down In Words of my HFA Bundle

    1. HFA MINI

    Ever Since iHave Worn Mini iHave Noticed That Negative Energies And Negative Emotions
    Of Other People Are Now Not Affecting Me At All. Earlier Emotions From My Family Specially
    My Mother And My Brothers Use To Bring Me Quickly Down The Vibrational Scale From
    Peace To Anxiety & Fear. Now After Wearing Mini It’s Not Affecting Me At All. Most Of The
    Times I Feel Like I Am In The Zero Point Where I Feel Thoughtless And Calm And Serene. Thats
    What I have Noticed About The Affect Of Mini On Me.

    Its Getting Tarnised In 3-4 Days & To Clear The Tarnish I Use A Local
    Pitambari Powder ( Used to Cleanse Silver & Copper ). This Helps My MINI Shines As if It’s New 🙂

    2. HFA

    Well I Just Love MY HFA. I Have My HFA Inside My Sling Bag – Keep It Inside The HFA BOX & Have
    Activated And Linked With MY BIKE & When I Drive Than With My Car. It’s Always Inside The
    BOX in my SLING BAG with Me Always.

    What I Have Noticed Is A Smooth & Peaceful Drive / Ride. Even In This Bad Mumbai Traffic
    Everyone Inside The Car Is Always In A Good And Peaceful Mood.
    I Have Noticed There are Less People Honking & I Some How Manage To Find Little Place
    To Move Ahead In The Worst Bottle Neck Mumbai Traffic.

    May Be The Effects Are Even More Powerful For Me In Combination With HFA MINI ..

    These Days Peter, I Have Been Experimenting With Intend Linked With My HFA That It Always
    And I Am Just So Amazed To See Similar And Wonderful Results.

    What Amazes Me is Even Though It’s Inside The HFA BOX and In My SLING BAG …
    But It’s Still Creating It’s Energy Field And Giving Me Similar Results …

    ( Must Admit HFA is So Beautiful That I Just Don’t Feel Like Removing It Out Of The BOX ..
    Just Want It 2 be Kept SAFE INSIDE THE BOX in the Best Condition..
    That’s Why Have It In The Box and In My Sling Bag Always With Me )

    Another Thing What I Have Noticed Is And Have Been Complimented By Friends & Relatives
    is That Whenever I Am With Them – They Feel Peaceful And Happy With Me Around.
    PEACE BEGINS WITH ME I GUESS 😛 and It’s All Thanks To Combination Of HFA and HFA MINI … he he he

    3. HFA PLUS v2

    In Regards To My HFA Plus V2 I have Kept It Besides My Temple In The Center Of My House.
    I Have Kept It In The Box With Its Cover Opened And Linked To My House…

    Well Thus Far What I Have Noticed Is There Used To Be A Lot Of Conflict Within My Family.
    Specially Among My Brother His Wife And My Mother. This Conflict Has Reduced So Much At
    There’s Peaceful Ambience In My House.

    All Guest and Relatives Who Visit My House Always Compliment And Mention About How
    Peaceful Happy And Relaxed They Feel Being Here.

    It’s All Thanks To HFA+v2.
    There Might Be A Lot Other Things and ENERGIES MY HFA+ Must Be Protecting My House
    From Which I AM just Not Aware.


    I Want To Thank You Peter, You’ve Made Such A Positive Difference In My Life
    And You Continue To Do So With Everything That You Are Doing To Help Improve
    And Upgrade Humanity Through Your Wonderful Wisdom Knowledge Products & Services.

    Request You To PLEASE NEVER STOP And Continue To Do As You Don’t Know The Effects It’s Having
    For All Those Souls Who Searching For Answers To Their Problems.

    Your An Angel Peter – I LOVE YOU
    Thank You For Your Presence In My Life

    Love & Light Blessings Your Way….

    Sureender Singh
    Mumbai – India

    Sureender Singh Self Employed HFA / HFA MINI & HFA PLUS V2 December 27, 2018

    It’s been a little over a year since I received my Harmonic Field Activator and it’s been a year of incredible changes. It has helped me release so many deeply rooted issues that have had negative impacts on me throughout my entire life.
    Granted not every release or change has been easy but there isn’t one of these that I would give up.
    One of my first lessons with it came when I had a painful and severe event surface the first night I set it up. In the morning I called Peter not sure if I could handle the severity of what was surfacing. His solution was so simple, but something I had never considered. Talk to it he said… ask it to be more gentle as it does it’s job. Talk to it??? I had no idea I could talk to it. Establish a rapport. Since then I talk to it often and it has become more than an energetic device to me… it has become my friend.
    Iam thankful everyday for the growth and insight it has given me.
    Thank you David for Blessing us with your wonderful energy and energetic devices!

    Jo'eni Jones Intuitive Consultant Harmonic Field Activator February 18, 2018

    I first received my HFA  a few months ago and activated and placed this in my car. The next morning I accidentally slammed my forefinger in the car door which resulted in broken skin and lots of blood. I had to go to an appointment so after bandaging the throbbing and painful finger, I went back into the car to drive to the appointment. Within 30 seconds, this massive sense of calm came over me, my finger stopped bleeding and the throbbing ceased. Wow! I knew this to be emanating from the HFA. I kept the HFA plate near me and within 24hrs my finger had healed, broken skin as well. That was one heck of an introduction to the HFA plate.

    Recently, I also received the HFA ++ down here in Australia, one for my Clinic and one for my daughter\’s home where there is quite a mixture of energies trying to gain access to the family including two little ones aged 6 months and 3yrs. I have been used to constantly clearing their fields as we move through significant energetic restructuring on a grander scale and the two little ones are subject to feeling all these changes and entities. It is one of the primary reasons I bought the HFA++ plate for them. It could often take me a long time to clear energies that arrived in their house through friends or unconscious/asleep family and visitors. These little ones are like radars and do not have the strength yet to protect themselves. I can truthfully say the difference, once they had adjusted to the zero point energies of the HFA +, has made a huge difference in their ability to stay centred and not wearing other people\’s lower energies.
    I am grateful to have many wonderful tools in the toolkit in these highly energetic times.

    Libby Gordon March 22, 2017

    I received my HFA Plus last week and am still learning about it. The biggest surprise has been my eyesight. I do have an HFA in the car, but it was 2 days after setting up the HFA Plus in the house and driving in the dark that my eyesight went back to what it was when I first had lenses implanted in my eyes because of cataracts. Fours years ago, just after the surgery, my vision was sharper and I could see rays of light like never before. For the first time in my life, I found out that street lights had little bulbs of light in them. My eyesight has been getting worse lately so these rays of light were no longer beaming at me. But now after experiencing the HFA Plus, I’m back to seeing rays from street lights and headlights projecting out a block or more, tail lights projecting into my car and little bulbs everywhere. The first two evenings I was almost blinded by all the light. This dramatically let me know that my body responds to the HFA Plus. My memory has been getting fuzzier with age and too much stress. Today I walked out of the doctor’s office thinking of my mother who passed away over 30 years ago and accurately remembered the name of her cardiologist including and especially his middle initial—looked it up on the Internet to verify. I saw a statement on Facebook this past weekend asking if I could remember my first phone number and sure enough that old number of the 1950s easily came to me. My HFA Plus also seems to want me to get balanced by eating with better timing. My usual habit is to eat breakfast at 6 a.m. and lunch at work around 1:30 or 2 p.m. or sometimes even later because I lose track of time. I’m now so unusually hungry before noon. I also know I’m feeling energy stronger than previously. This has been so exciting, and it’s probably just the start. Curiously some of these things are happening when I’m not even in the house with the HFA Plus. Peter, thank you for bringing to the world your wonderful products. Naomi

    Naomi December 7, 2016

    Ju Ju, our cat, came into our family back in 2005. Our son’s girlfriend at the time gave us the cat to take care of, since she could not. We have given her lots of love but she could have been neglected prior to us. She would hiss and growl at me when I would try to pick her up to hold her. Our son and his girlfriend broke up and we kept Ju Ju. In 2011, we adopted two sister cats (Buttons & Muffin) from my husband’s sister-in-law, to have playmates for Ju Ju. That did not work out very well. Ju Ju did not take to them very well. Then we adopted Mickey (Buttons & Muffin’s brother). The three cats played well together, but Ju Ju still did not respond very well. On November 26, 2016 we received the HFA Plus. Since then Ju Ju has become warmer to all of us. She comes on our lap and sleeps when we are watching tv. She does not run away when someone enters our home. She has been curled up on our couch during the day instead of hiding in the closet. When our son came over yesterday, Ju Ju did not run away from him, which she usually does. Even a friend staying with us has noticed a difference in Ju Ju.
    In the past Ju Ju would make a mess right next to her cat box for no apparent reason. This would happen once or twice every few days. This has completely stopped. Our cat seems to be more relaxed, loving and co-operative since the HFA Plus is in our home.
    To see and experience Ju Ju in a more loving way is truly a miracle. I have tried many other things to help her over the years and nothing has worked this well. The HFA Plus works in so many different ways and levels all the time. Each day brings more good into the lives of my entire family.
    Carol Benko-Bertelsen

    Carol Benko December 7, 2016

    Hi Peter,
    When I first saw the box I felt the energy and beauty that was being transmitted into my home. After opening the box and holding the HFA Plus, I realized the cosmic energy field that would forever change my home, animals and anyone who entered this field of unconditional love. My husband and I programmed the HFA Plus on Novemeber 26, 2016. Our lives will forever be cleansed from all past, present and future stuff that no longer serves a purpose in our lives. The gentle but consistant clearing of unwanted energies from our home, bodies, animals continue daily. I woke up “Happy” this morning and a friend staying with us said that she woke up “Happy” also. Even though some days are more challenging than others, I feel the HFA Plus is removing all stuck or blocked energies and I have a sigh of relief. This is a “Real Way” of clearing, cleaning and moving forward in your life. I have moved the HFA Plus around my home to feel its presence in each room. Although it is not necessary to move it around, I feel different energies around me in each room. The lightness and playfullness of these energies is very soothing, comforting and ever soooo loving. The more I become open with the HFA Plus the more it becomes open with me. Holding it, talking to it, programming it, meditating with it and watching the changes take place is amazing. I have goose bumps just writng this and tryring to even explain the unexplainable. The experiences and feelings are extremely unique. A healing or pealing back old layers of stuff is well beyond what I could ever imagine. I feel so blessed to be apart of HFA Plus and for the HFA Plus to be apart of me. This has been the easiest way for me to make changes not only my life but others. And the changes in me ripple out to others in the world. What a wonderful way to live, knowing all the good coming from the HFA Plus comes into me and then goes into the rest of the world.
    Thank you Peter for all that you do to improve our lives. Blessings to you and your staff.
    Love & Blessings,
    Carol Benko-Bertelsen

    December 5, 2016

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