Master Your I AM Energy

Look, the bottom line is that You are powerful beyond belief!

Within you is energy capable of being merged with the universe and channeled to help you do whatever you need. Simply saying or thinking the words “I AM” puts your attention and energy towards the task at hand.

In this completely free spiritual workshop we will explain the power behind the “I AM” mantras and how you can use to manifest greatness into your life.

There are key phrases designed to help you learn to better use your I AM power which we will cover in the workshop.

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Below are just a few of the “I AM” power mantras we will be covering in the workshops:

I AM Presence

Presence is the conscious director of my own future. I choose from my own free will to become an intensified individual with a clear focus of self. I have the innate ability to project poise and self-assurance. I am beyond merely existing, but am master of this moment and all future moments.

I AM Purpose

Purpose with reason and value within the universe. My function in the universe is mine alone. The answers within me are ready to guide me on the amazing journey that I am on. My passion is not to pursue my purpose, but to live my purpose in every moment. I am not chasing the big things, but instead feel the joy in every moment. I embrace my solid identity right here and now. I am in a state of peacefulness.

I AM Energy

Energy my own unit of power: dynamic, driven, and passionate. I have the strength and vitality for sustained physical and mental activity. I accept universal energy, as it runs freely through me. To the universe I give back energy, unifying me with divinity. I am aware of my energy flow, and the flow of energy I put forth into the universe.

I AM Love

Love deserving and completely present when loving or being loved. I love myself and those around me unconditionally without judgement, but with complete devotion to myself and others. I do not judge myself or others, but embrace our intimacy and devotion. I fall into love, I seek love, and I cherish love.

I AM Fertility

Fertility with natural capability to produce offspring. I trust the cycles of my body. I honor my body and the sacred path it leads me on, enabling me to have children. I follow my body’s natural rhythms, and reward it as it as it carries out its cycles in this divine process. I AM Fertility.

I AM Healthy

Healthy balanced in mind, body, and soul. I refuse to be feeble or weak. Physically, mentally, and emotionally, I foster an existence of well-being and good health. I respect my authority of my inner psyche and soul. My mind holds the power over my health and healing and I will approach every situation with a positive attitude and a balanced mind. I AM Healthy.

I AM Sourxe

Sourxe the origin of which all intentions stem from. I originate peace, love, balance, strength, purpose, inner beauty, and anything/everything meant to inspire and perfectly nurture. Arising in me the balance to coexist with the universe and spark the perfect combination to inspire and grow. I AM Sourxe.

I AM Unconditional Love of Self

Unconditional Love of Self accepting of all that I have become and am becoming. I accept my inner realm of thoughts, feelings, notions, and ideas of love. I forgive myself and others for past mistakes and accept myself without criticism. I will always be patient, gentle, and kind with myself. I AM Unconditional Love of Self.

I AM Fearless

Fearless succeeding where my logic has given me reasons to not even try. I do not entertain fear, but am bold, daring, and unafraid. I have full self-confidence in my love. I face all the universe has to offer me, unafraid and successful. I AM Fearless.

I AM Capable

Capable possessing the qualities necessary to achieve what I set my minds to. Being able and competent, I have what it takes to accomplish astonishing things. I can handle any obstacle I am presented with peacefully and fluently. The universe has provided me with the talents, skills, and tools necessary to succeed. I AM Capable.

I AM Peaceful

Peaceful calm and quiet in body, mind, and spirit. I navigate life’s challenges serenely, living my life tranquilly. My mind is untroubled and allows me to exist in perfect harmony with the universe. I coexist with ease and am content with my surroundings. I AM Peaceful.

I AM Safe

Safe impervious to harm and turmoil. I hold a secure place within the universe and am protected by powers beyond imagination. My Journey is being lived every day and I remain safe and sound in my experiences. I take risks knowing that the universe will protect me and provide exactly what I need. I embrace and cherish where I am, secure in my environment. I AM Safe.

I AM Balanced

Balanced moving together in perfect harmony with the universe.

My thoughts and actions are in absolute proportion. I know when to hold on and when to let go. I am well-adjusted and make peace with that which is beyond my control. I am steady and will never fall. I AM Balanced.

We will cover a total of 13 I AM mantras when you come to the completely free workshop.If you are looking to harness the power of the divine into ways that you determine then you DO NOT want to miss this workshop.

I took the I AM Workshop free introductory offer because I was curious, how much deeper can I go . The answer was pretty clear ( pun intended). I then purchased the I AM Master Workshop 2. Peter sends out a link to the replay, so I can take it over as many times as I want. Today was my 5th repeat. When I looked outside, and saw the flat tire on my car, I was calm. I pulled into a gas station, asked, where is the ‘AIR”? The guy said, ” No air!” We have no air. I remained calm.
( Normally, I would go into worry and annoyed), I drove to another gas station. I asked a guy to help me, he came over, but the air did not work. Now I am in a sequence of events……. I asked the cashier to turn on the air. The guy filled up the tire, told me to get ” Flat Fix ” at an auto store. I asked this cashier if he had any, he had 1 left. I asked if he knew how to use it. He said: “No” In walks Kevin, a mechanic , who was there to put air in his tires.. He instilled the product and taught me what to do next, as well as keeping the 40 lbs of pressure. Since my HFA a new way to travel was inside my car , and my HFA mini, was around my neck, the 3 Wise men were clear to show up. I also cleared my barriers by drinking the water programmed during the I AM Master Class earlier in the morning. Did I mention that my I AM SAFE Pyramid allowed me to stay SAFE? May everyone’s life just fall into place by the hands of Grace.

A very grateful customer February 18, 2018

hi Peter,
I’ve been using the body geometry techniques for the last few days with great success.

Tuesday of this week my daughter was going through a miscarriage. She had intense pain and nausea. After 5 hours of sheer misery, I sat next to her and did the body geometry for removing pain, giving all my attention to honoring her and her lower abdomen. 20 minutes later she released the fetal tissue and was free of pain.

A bonus to this was that I was also benefited. The pain in my neck and shoulders went away!!

It’s no easy task to watch your child go through such pain. Thank you for providing a way of relief for both of us … AND … giving us a powerful way to express the creativity of Love !

with heart-felt appreciation and love,

georgette cressend November 9, 2017

I was leaving work to attend the above workshop when I began to have flu like symptoms. I thought to myself, “Oh, I will not attend the workshop as I didn’t feel too well.”
I struggled to participate and I heard Peter say that we might feel flu like symptoms. I thought, how interesting. After drinking a full glass of water used at the blessing and 13 mantras, my flu like symptoms disappeared! Thanks Peter!

Elizabeth Avery November 5, 2017


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