In this two-hour workshop, you will completely unclog and balance your chakras and achieve immediate, life-altering results! Once your chakras are breathing normally, startling changes will occur in your emotional, etheric and physical body. This workshop uses the same protocol as Peter’s personal Chaka Clearing one-on-one session (valued at over $1000).

Having harmonically-tuned chakras allows you to feel more grounded, while enhancing your abilities to communicate with higher realms. It can give you more confidence, open your heart and help shield you from unwanted negative energy from unhealthy people and situations. Clearing and tuning your chakras is something that should be done periodically in order to stay balanced. If you’ve never had a chakra tune-up, or if you’ve recently been exposed to a lot of stress, unhealthy relationships or negative energy, the time is NOW for you to take this workshop. You will thank yourself!

Completion of Chakra Clearing I is not required in order to sign up for this workshop, but those who have previously completed Chakra Clearing I will find that this deepens their understanding of their own body’s energy centers, as well as provides a more dramatic opening of their higher, psychic chakras.

Workshop Includes

  • 2-hour workshop hosted by Peter Schenk


  • How to repair physical imbalances such as: lack of circulation, low sex drive, breathing issues, headaches, lack of circulation
  • How to heal emotional imbalances such as: low self esteem, anger, close-heartedness, moodiness, depression
  • How to correct mental imbalances that can lead to: jealousy, judgment, ego-centered behaviors, insecurity, fear of “not having enough”
  • Awareness of your chakras and how to balance the energy running through them

About the Chakra Clearing Workshop

Peter Schenk describes the philosophy and energetic protocol behind the workshop in this interview with Unbounded Potential hosts Karen King and Selma Fomradas.


I Loved it!! My daughter kept asking me if I’d had a drink because I was acting really happy. I slept for about four to five hours and woke up wanting to go on a walk. This is not normal for me or at least hasn’t been for a while. The second day after workshop, I even went on a short jog. I have a shunt in my head due to Hydrocephalus and any activity that raises my heart rate hurts. The pain was minor after this workshop or maybe it was because I was on such a high. Who knows… all I care about is that I felt amazing and it has been since 2010 that I felt like a normal person. Thank you Peter.


Immediate Download

After purchasing, you will receive a download link for the workshop in your invoice.

Less than 24 hours after playing the attraction workshop, a replay… I woke up went to the gym & I heard my guides tell me ask a girl, from my gym, if she is looking for a roommate, by the time I made it home, it was a yes & its an actual house & they love cats, which was one of the things I wrote on my manifesting list, a place that would Pancho, the cat would love and be happy, amongst so many other things!
Sidenote guys were flying around me more than normal & I feel positive in a bigger way…
I also took note and considerd my mom, in a way I wasn’t able to before, there was still so much unforgiven & more money has come in!
Keep it coming universe, in my highest and best!!

Jennifer Funt Psychic medium/ healer & business owner, I also am an office manager. office FL March 11, 2021

Eye was introduced to the website and the MDM minute thru a close spiritual soul mate. Upon recent we have reconnected. Furthermore I repeated several of the Violet Flame matras being totally open to the experience it needed to experience and express thru me. Seconds after repeating the mantra a current would litterly flow thru my being almost debilitating me but in a good way .its hard to explain. So I played around with it thinking this cannot be know how many mantras I have said over the years and absolutely nothing happens. Lol but with stating and since saying the Violet Flame mantras and as I put my hand over the water jug I had near by it litterly paralyzed me again not in a fearful way. Its just that the frequency is so strong Its almost like eye can’t control it. Lol. I recently came across a picture my now ex husband took of me while living in Colorado at the time , and many years ago. It happened to be in my Facebook collection of pictures. Well it’s a picture of me sitting in the shadows on the rocks while streams of water are flowing. Now picture this .there is a Violet Light Ray’s shining upon me or directly on me …its purple 💜 hues of light are spectacular. I can’t make this up .I hope to share the picture with MDM to see for yourself. I love this and will continue to say the mantras to create the manifestation I so desire. Thanks a bunch.

Sincerely Agape Love in my heart for all of humanity and this entire planet.


BolaniLe Indigo Starseed EYE AM Greatnesz and Grateful! March 11, 2021

HOLY COW! ha ha ha!

I just did the fear and abundance workshop and that was insane!

It hasn’t even been an hour and my energy is completely shifted. I feel free, playful, joyful! It started before the call even ended! And trust me, that was not where I started. My energy is just going up, up, up.

For the first time, in a long time, I have vitality and energy!

I can’t wait to see what happens!

You are the real deal. I find a lot of energy workers just don’t resonate with me but you my friend are not fooling around! Ha ha! I feel like you took a jack-hammer to stuck energy and released it.

Thank-you so much! Huge hugs and blessings!

Joanna Fear and Abundance Workshop June 26, 2020

STOP ! NO ! DON’T DO THAT ! DO IT MY WAY! YOU SHOULD NOT DO IT! ALL of that mind chatter, clutter, internal dialogue would show up right at the point of action on my part. I have been tracking the NAY SAYERS, CENSURESHIP, GARBAGE for about 3 months. Okay, but now what?????? Along came Peter Schenk’s AVIDDHA Manifestation Workshop.
As I performed the 1st technique that you can learn in Part 1, internal dialogue was on speed dial , Your not blah blah blah, STOP, NO, etc. It was like driving 100 miles an hour with rules of the road laid out in my path, driving on egg shells. LOOK OUT FOR THE ……………… So this morning I went through a stop sign ( this is for entertainment purposes only and NOT to be taken literally * sign disclaimer , A whole bunch of negativity just isn’t there. I can breathe. Thank you Peter and the MDM TEAM, for your love.

K.Taylor March 12, 2020

Like receiving a one on one session with Peter and Christy using the power of the GROUP to get to the core resolution

T November 21, 2019

Dismantles archetypal patterns. YAHOO

More Driven in the Moment November 13, 2019

I experience part two of the 3 part series Divine Masculine Workshop. During the Sacred Geometry portion we were instructed to focus on the right lower half of our geometry and the co-creators of the workshop, Christy Warnick and Peter Schenk would focus on that area along with us. Maybe 1/3 into this process, this nasty black fog showed up . I kept breathing and focusing and following instructions

Beyond Powerful Beyond Mighty Experiencial Workshop November 7, 2019


getting my house in order October 27, 2019

All I can say is WOW…before we started my body started with this low buzz of all my cells… anticipation of what was to come. I know Peter’s powerhouse energy and upon stumbling onto Christy a couple years ago I sensed she had some intense energy as well. I knew the 2 of them together would be nothing less than AWESOME 🎇 this is the start of the trilogy with finding divine balance within self….there isn’t a lot of words…highly recommend you try it for yourself….it’s an experience!!!
Peter and Christy bring it home…my cells were vibin bigtime at the end of the call! Thank you…many blessings and lotsaluv, you two,
Georgia Arizona

Georgia Divine Feminie workshop October 27, 2019

My blood pressure reading used to be 140-130/109 but after practicing the “Body Geometry Cleaning your Blood” for less than a week, my blood pressure went down. It is now 120/70. Considering I have not been taking my prescribed medication for the last three weeks because of the bad side effects. I am ecstatic. Thank you very much Peter.

Winnie Fajardo July 31, 2019

After having completed all 3 Receiving workshops in which I concentrated on with the intention of work, money and career. I received 3 job interviews the next day!! Then another offer for temporary work starting 1st July.
Very happy to say the least as I haven’t worked for sometime now.

Peter Schenk I simply love your products and services because they simply work!! Results are evident every time.

Thank you!! Much love,
Tarin Kaur. 💕

Tarinder Kaur June 21, 2019

default gravatar

Had a stubborn, painful shortening of the tendon of one thumb, often causing burning, leaving it in a bent position and “triggering” when bent or tried to use it normally. Repeated treatments with healing equipment, combined with the Body Geometry for abnormal anatomical tissue positions and sessions on any underlying emotions brought improvement, but far from “healed”.
Was “inspired” today to do 3 Body Geometry’s, one after the other (original one plus Cartilage & Joint Repair & Say no more to Joint Pain.) The result? My hand feels almost completely NORMAL!
Thanks, Peter, for being such a clear, giving channel.

Sara Levine Transformational Healing: Starting from the Soul Body Geometry June 14, 2019

default gravatar

I attended all three workshops and I hesitated submitting a testimonial only because I don’t know if words can do justice to the transformation that occurred within me and to the world around me. All three workshops were very powerful, building on the prior one. Being new to energy work all I can say is WOW! I felt something change/shift within me, things that used to bother me (like being ultra sensitive) suddenly didn’t. I have always felt very alone in the world, like I didn’t belong and suddenly I felt a connection to everyone and everything. I don’t think I have ever been truly at peace in my life, but now there’s a calmness about me that is almost surreal. Receiving from the universe and from people has enabled me to give back tenfold. Everything in my life has changed, my corporate job was eliminated (a good thing). I had been involved in a very unhealthy relationship for three years to someone that was toxic and I never seemed to be able to break free, but now I am happy to report he is a thing of the past. I have been stuck in Texas for 12 years and finally the tides are changing and I will be moving within the next 3 months. Financially things had been a struggle, but now there always seems to be more than enough money to pay the bills and do the things I want to do in life and this is without my corporate job. Recently, I discovered what my purpose is in this life and all of the sudden, all of the trials and tribulations I have been through made sense. For so long, I felt confused, unfocussed, not sure where to go or what to do, now I have more clarity than I ever have had in my life. I can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings, because so far in just a few short months the transformation both on the inside and out is miraculous. Thank you Peter for what you do! I know it was no accident I stumbled across your work. -Jill

Jill Button Entreprenuer Receiving Workshops I, II, III April 25, 2019

In the second RECEIVING WORKSHOP, at the moment of visualizing the infinite possibilities I had a vision of the universe that has stayed with me. I now can relax and connect with that experience whenever I want to feel it again.

Maria mom Spain April 17, 2019

In the first RECEIVING WORKSHOP, at the time of flushing out the junk my arms were moving in circles and I could see in my minds eye how something like dirty muddy water was washing my energy and flushing away. It was super powerful.

Maria Mom Spain April 17, 2019

The Receiving workshops have increased my business income and clients dramatically. Immediately after Version 3 workshop I had 3 clients contact me in the same day, and now I can truly say I have no problem receiving or accepting gifts from anyone with any guilt, thank you Peter for creating these wonderful workshops.

David Lopez January 30, 2019

When I listened to the First Receiving workshop, The 3 snakelike entities wrapped around my throat screeched and slipped off of me dead. I stopped having agoraphobia after this happened.

January 30, 2019

You are such an amazing living example for human potential – on top compassionate, generous, wicked smart (referring to one of the Body Geometry Videos), empowering, encouraging……………

January 30, 2019

I knew that I was in a role reversal as a kid. I mothered my mother. Tough childhood. This pattern really inter feared with my experience to receive just for me. During the holidays my %$#&! was in my face, big time. Thank God, Peter ‘s sincerity to help us came in the form of Receiving Workshops. I did each one , three times to get to the core imprint.
With respect and honor, the wound was exposed. I said to my mother, in the moment : ” I AM not your mother”
It was the courage to expose a lineage of a child parenting a parent STOPPED . There is no way this moment could have showed up without Peter’s decision to create this safe experience and my decision to show up , purchase the service, and persevere until I ” got it”. I only have love and gratitude for my ancestors and love and respect for the next generation. Thank you so very much Peter

Grateful Customer January 8, 2019

The Receiving workshop 3 was as profound as the first two!! The energy shifted things within my body, breathing became so much easier, I saw beautiful colors, the Violet was the most profound and also healing of all! I recommend all three of these Receiving workshops, the energy was unbelievably strong, and so many shifts happened that I cannot even put them into words! Thank you, Peter for your profound energetic work!

Karen Clothier Animal Communicator/Healer January 7, 2019

My experience of the Receiving Workshop 1 , 2, and now 3 was to offer an opportunity to explore LIFE in a safe, loving, evolved environment. Very deep Very profound Very important

Thank you Peter

Another Grateful Customer January 2, 2019

Thank you very much Peter for this powerful Receiving Workshop V3. I felt a lot of energy flowing through my body. I can see already some changes related to money and I am open to receive more amazing things.
Thank you again!

Marta M Beautician London January 2, 2019

default gravatar

I am not a “quiet” meditator – I have a physically demanding life and usually double task – so I felt kinda guilty when I was looking for pictures as Peter was talking – however the pictures were my “active visuals” – the synchronicities of the pics I was searching for and then a post that kept coming up were so cool! The universe helped me make my own personal specific visuals during the workshop plus…. Peter had been here at the resort to confirm my lake vortex and the “St Germain” light portal on the mountain here – so its significance was magnified as well. It will remain a powerful “manifestation” visual for me now – thanks Peter!

Cathy Hohmeyer Energist/Nutritionist/Chef/Wellness Resort Owner Receiving 3 December 28, 2018

Of course Peter went above and beyond with his delivery of Receiving V3!!! I have no idea where I went down that rabbit hole but it was way better than anything I ever saw on Alice In Wonderland….but yet just as far out there as could be! Some call it WOO WOO…I call it beyond AWESOME! Once I signed up for V3 one day later an unexpected gift of $100.00 showed up in my paypal acct…that was nice:-)! Then two or three days after the workshop another friend sent me a Merry Christmas PayPal of $200.00. Totally blew my socks off! Received a card with another $25.00, and $50.
The guys at the shop didn’t kill me on labor with my car! I also received several unexpected Christmas presents! Beyond that 3 huge group dinners, more food than anyone needs….yummy….good food, good friends and a wonderful Christmas! Things are still coming too!
To be honest I thought with my dad gone now too, this year was not going to be at all festive or celebratory in anyway! I AM OPEN to RECEIVE! Thank you Thank you Thank you Peter! Love you infinite blessings my friend and brother💜

Georgia Siegner Receiving V3 December 27, 2018

Add on to my V3 review…all the receiving that took place allowed me to be able to give as well. I was able to give gifts for Christmas, participate in a gift exchange party and bring beautiful side dishes to the dinners, plus pay for the repairs on my car! I continue to affirm that I AM open to receive so that I can give with ease, grace and joy. I highly recommend these Receiving workshops…very powerful and life changing, as everything Peter brings forth does! Happy 2019 May we all be blessed with divine miracles and infinite blessings! ❤️🏜💖

Georgia Siegner Receiving Workshop V3 December 27, 2018

I was not able to listen to the live workshop this Tuesday, but was able to listen to the replay this past Thursday night. I had taken the first two Receiving Workshops, and thought the third one was very powerful. Yesterday, Friday, was blown away to receive an amazing gift of $50,000! I was one of those who wrote to Peter hoping to be selected for his abundance pilot program, as I needed help with my finances and life in general. This is the breakthrough I’ve hoped for and am so grateful to Peter and his wonderful services/products. Words cannot describe what this means to me – thank you, thank you, thank you!

Very Grateful Customer Receiving Workshop V3 December 27, 2018

default gravatar

Thank you Peter for delivering me to a new reality of myself. From the very beginning of the hour, I quickly experienced a deep opening within. As I sat in this expansiveness, my breaths lengthened–10 seconds in, 10 seconds out. This continued for a long time as I watched mental solids (stuck feelings & negative self beliefs) come up and evaporate. The feeling of the violet flame was freeing. I recall a sense of rejoicing as things continued to open up. When you facilitated the elevation of the entire group I was surprised how tangible it felt. A new sense of receiving from the universe is dawning upon me. I am still integrating the experience, and yes it does feel like a healing as well. What marvelous stuff!!!

Harlan Mittag Receiving Workshop 3 December 27, 2018

I took the receiving Workshop number 2 with Peter. Whenever I do meditations I hold my five children in my heart that whatever is done for me is done for them. The workshop was awesome. My daughter went on a job interview 3 days later. She was offered the job. Currently she makes 1850 an hour very underpaid for the diligent hard-working person that she is. The job offer she received offered her $50 an hour. Wow what an amazing blessing to my family through Peter’s channeling of divine energy 2 be able to receive. I will definitely be taking the receiving Workshop number three. Thank you thank you thank you Peter what a blessing you are to all of us!

Patricia Gilhooley Mental health Tech November 26, 2018

I could immediately feel the energy moving effecting my third eye and my crown chakra. I could feel it building and grow in intensity. Crimson purple and violet purple then gradually grew into darker shades. I felt the split separating the light from the physical noticing a faint white cross of infinite potential appearing between the two. A small fine line of muted colors appeared faintly.
When winding down I sensed my pancreas surrounded with golden, white, platinum light engulfing my tingling pancreas. I applied a loving rub of gratitude. Taking it all in, that transpired me. I went to sit down. Within several minutes my heart was flowing with white light. I felt so loved, peaceful and grateful. What a joyous experience! Namaste , Peter.

Betty Byrnes Receiving Work shop 2 " Evolution" November 20, 2018

Receiving workshop 2 is definitely “off the charts” beautiful energy filled hour of just indescribable uplifting energy beyond words. It’s truly difficult to describe in words the beauty of the colors that our eyes cannot see, I can’t even say I “saw” them at all, yet I know I did. This is still settling for me within me yet I know my ability to receive, has shifted. I am finding myself able to ask for help when needed without feeling guilty and receiving that help with a thank you without feeling like I owe the world in return. I can know that I can “give” or “pay it forward” in many ways that comes from my heart. As Peter says one has to be able to receive so one can give. This needs to be done with fluidity, transparency, love, not with unspoken or unrealistic expectations another knows nothing about.
I truly am grateful to be shedding all the junk surrounded with receiving being a mortal sin and when I was given things all the unspoken BS that went with it.
I am sure there will be updates as my receiving expands. Thank you Peter for another beyond incredible workshop.
Just a sidebar…had $1500.00 in car bills, got reduced to $500.00 and running…temporary fix but it is up and running! WHOO HOO! Hfa V1, (can only imagine V2), receiving workshop, culmination of both, or all my products of Peter’s? I do stack his products for different energy alchemy! I love you Peter and all your products…..and the rabbit hole you shared with us! Thank you!
I thought the car issues were going to prevent me from being able to take Receiving V2, I still made it, very grateful!

Georgia Siegner Arizona November 19, 2018

Yesterday I brought a book with me and that’s rare. James Hillman’s “The thought of the heart” translated: “El pensamiento del corazón”. Even if I am not fan of quotes and quoters -and who cares- this one came as if it were naming the experience. I haven’t found the original quoted by Hillman, so, here. I bet there is someone at or in the MDM team who speaks or reads Spanish:

“El lenguaje no pertenece a la lengua, sino al corazón. La lengua es sólo el instrumento con el que se habla. Quien es mudo es mudo en el corazón, no en la lengua. (…) Déjame oírte hablar y te diré cómo es tu corazón”. Paracelso.

Thank you so much for carrying that much. Still haven’t gone through the actual mp3, but and profoundly-magically everything is here unfolding since the 13th that I finally dared to participate. Embodied. This has been one of those few times in my life when I am able to discern and witness my higher self’s or soul’s (or who knows her name) touch and even command. I am not able to name the experience. I just want to honor it as I honor your soul and mine. Something like that.

A deep bow to you Peter Schenk. What you are bringing to the planet has no name.

Much love and gratitude,


Iratxe Mendizabal Bilbao, Basque Country (Spain) November 19, 2018

Peter Schenk, you are a genius.
Felt the energy build-up at least 48hrs prior to event. Large quartz crystals in water, white, pink, blue – sooo beautiful!
With gathering of fibres, dolphins became part, gliding into rope, at the same moment, my gut emitted a dolphin sound…..
Later in recording with exquisite soft, calming energies; strings of primitive looking line sketches flowed towards me, beginning with oddly shaped drawings and other unidentified drawings, followed by masses of people all holding hands. All moving rapidly but this felt perfect.
The main energy was so powerful and I LOVED EVERY MOMENT, know now, been awaiting this for long time.
Thank you, loving gratitude, changes afoot – yummy! YES,YES,YES.

norma adam receiving 15. 11.2018 November 16, 2018

Peter’s receiving workshop this week was extraordinary. A palpable shift in my body with a presence of calm and stillness when I went to bed. Always delighted to work with the Master. Peter is an incredible human being and I am delighted to have several of his products and his magic working with me daily. Thank you, Peter, for this beautiful offering and your beyond mastery with all you make and how you Be. Deep Gratitude!

Agnes Lenzen November 16, 2018

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I was extremely excited to do this second Receiving Workshop, the first was amazing, but this one topped that being even more profound! I was completely open to what Peter was going to do, I have worked with Peter in sessions for a few years now, and LOVE his energy work and the many products I own of his!! It was very unique, I cannot explain what he did, but I actually felt my body split in half, so to speak, it was wildly different, yet I trust Peter 100%, so I Gratefully allowed it. Then I actually felt like a spinning vortex of massive energy starting at my crown and running down the center of my body, where it is was split in half! At one point, I went to sleep, not sure how long, but I woke up right at the end, feeling the vortex still going thru my body, then it was over and he said to open your eyes. It was a crazy wonderful 55 minutes, weird words to describe such a profound shifting of energy, but these are the words that come to me! I went to bed shortly after that, and slept like I have never slept before, and woke up this morning feeling full of energy and vitality ready to move forward in my life!! My mind is clear, my thoughts are light, and my body feels NEW!!!!! Thank you Peter, YOU ROCK!!!!

Karen Clothier Receiving workshop 2 November 15, 2018

default gravatar

I participated in the Receiving workshop about one week ago (Oct 2018). During the process in the workshop I experienced tremendous energy movement — sort of like being washed clean but more than that. At one point I knew (intuited) that my financial situation was going to improve. An expanding awareness is now showing me how I was stuck, how I had not been willing to give to myself. Driving to work today I could feel a new openness. I am willing to let myself receive and to give to myself now.

Harlan Mittag Receiving Workshop V1 October 10, 2018

WHOA! The energy and clearing from the receiving workshop is beyond magical. The thing I’ve noticed the most is my ability to catch myself in mindless chatter loops! Prior it was a constant job to monitor what was going on between my ears so much is on automatic overdrive.
It’s been so nice to all of a sudden realize it’s happening, stop make a Course correction and release what needs to be released and send myself love.
That’s been the seriously magical part is actually feeling myself receive the unconditional love of self way deeper than ever before. I was always taught love of self, desiring anything was selfish and forbidden, it’s been nice to see these old ways being obliterated! This is many generations of belief in giving is better than receiving…well if one doesn’t receive what does one have to give….really? I’ve always been generous with kindness and helpful as I can be, this takes things to a whole new level, as I open to receive these things plus much more w/o feeling guilty or non-deserving!
It’s been about a week since the workshop and just sharing the fantastic things I have been noticing! It’s subtle most of the time but I am noticing the true love going into anything I am giving and allowing myself to receive whatever returns with deep gratitude, on such a deeper level.
I highly recommend this receiving workshop it is a true gift to yourself. It was a stretch for me to pay for it but worth its weight in gold. Looking forward to the next round. As always Peter delivers as only Peter does! Fantastic beautiful and extremely powerful!

Georgia Siegner Receiving workshop October 10, 2018

I was unable to locate your replay link using the chrome browser, so I was guided to switch to the Brave browser, and that’s when the replay link appeared (There was a Lot of interferance).
S0 just before your ‘Core Activation’, I began hearing a high pitched screeching (I’m sensitive to ultrasound), and afterwards, when you said to open our eyes, I saw these long, limp whitish tentacles sliding off of my energy, like being pulled down towards the center of Earth’s core(!?).
I feel so much better!
No activation until I received yours in “The Receiving Workshop”, had been able to remove this…parasite, that who knows How long I’d been carrying around!
I’ll keep you posted on further improvements.
Thank You S0 Much!
ManyManyMany Blessings!

Renee Soulsong Ruiz Teacher Receiving Workshop October 10, 2018

I recently completed the Receiving Workshop. It has been life changing. I no longer feel weighed down and I am able to think with much more clarity and optimism.

RICHARD WRIGHT October 10, 2018

Hi Peter,
Brilliant workshop!
I am almost 69 years of age and was feeling totally over burdened with all the changes in my life over recent years.
The energy received during the workshop was AWESOME and I felt extremely happy knowing that I would be able to receive.
So much has changed, I feel much lighter, alive, with zero turmoil inside my body. Intake of breath has increased, creativity, focus and remembering dreams has arrived back in full force.
Feel like a new person and it is the beginning of the rest of my life.
Feeling grateful and thankful.
Thanks very much and I am looking forward to the next receiving workshop.

Celeste Anne Strickland Retired Receiving Workshop Session 1 October 10, 2018

I can feel a difference. My positivity has increased, seemingly “out of nowhere”.
Also, I can still feel my core spinning when I visualize the things I want. Before
the Workshop, I did not feel anything like this.
It has improved my outlook and my ability to visualize. I feel I will be able to receive
what I visualize now.
Thank you, Peter.

Bryan Nelson Receiving Workshop October 7, 2018

The purest frequency & subtle, powerful & refined energy is what I received whilst listening to the replay of the Receiving Workshop. I had chills going up & down my spine throughout the recording. I feel so blessed & very grateful for being included in this workshop – even though I was unable to pay by donation due to issues with PayPal & even failed to connect by phone. Thank you for your extreme kindness & great generosity Peter – your kindness has helped restore my faith in humanity! I look forward to participating in the next stage of this profound training. Thank you for all the awesome, tremendous work you do so selflessly for everyone.

Lea Gardiner Sydney, Australia October 5, 2018

default gravatar

The evening of the first Receiving workshop class I was feeling as low as I have been in a long time. I remained open that a profound experience during this workshop was impending, and that it was! During the energy that Peter was sending, I felt a HUGE shift in MY own energy field, and I experienced a certainty that my life was going to change with incredible speed after feeling this shift in energy vibration! I came away from this first class feeling more certain that life was going to BE good, and I am excited to do the next class! Thank you, Peter, for offering such a profound class!!

Karen C. Healer Receiving workshop October 5, 2018

When I signed up for the Receiving Workshop my gut got scared. I mean internal change takes guts. Peter uses the HIGHEST energy of uncontaminated waves to penetrate the accumulated garbage, within my core , to unearth the levels of “blocks” that kept me ” trapped” in lack of abundance and prosperity. Many tissues later, I realized what was happening.
PURE LOVE IN ancient history out. As an ambassador of the GREAT WORK ( my words not his) Peter Schenk heard the needs of the MDM customer, and co created this VERY POWERFUL workshop to free the slaves within

I AM FEARLESS October 4, 2018

The energy was truly of the Higher Realms. I Am blessed to have been born channeling the Divine Creator and this was definitely among the Highest energies. I noticed the difference in my feelings, emotions and physical body right away. I’m grateful that Mr. Shenk provided this at a lower cost than he normally would charge.

Crystal M Huggins October 4, 2018

The Receiving workshop was a powerful shared experience and I am grateful to have participated. The high frequency of the work waas palpable and even after it was done there was a lot of integration. I would definitely recommend it and I will absolutely do more workshops! Much apreciated. -Cat

Cat Lubin October 4, 2018

Just after the workshop started I was so moved by the compassionate words of Peter about being blocked for receiving. It resonated with me and I cried a lot. After the workshop my body was totally relaxed and I felt very light. Today I unexpectedly received flowers and I am looking forward to receiving more!

Mijke Receiving workshop October 3, 2018

I took the receiving workshop yesterday and definitely felt energy in my hands when my hands were cupped around the water glass. I do feel different today but it’s very subtle. I am excited to see what the next days and weeks bring

Mardi Werner Realtor Maui Hawaii October 3, 2018

Just after the workshop started I was so moved by the compassionate words of Peter about being blocked for receiving. It resonated with me and I cried a lot. After the workshop my body was totally relaxed and I felt very light. Today I unexpectedly received flowers and I am looking forward to receiving more!

Mijke Receiving workshop October 3, 2018

Thank you, Peter, for the receiving workshop last night. I have been very depressed, sad, worried about money, health, etc. I got a good night sleep last night- waking up feeling great- can’t remember when that last happened. Today I have energy and motivation to do things around the house with feelings like hope and anticipation. Magic definitely happened during your workshop.

Karen Internal Controls Consultant Receiving workshop October 3, 2018

The Receiving Workshop was transforming in just one hour. I felt ready to receive the changes in my life before I started the workshop. During the workshop I felt shifts happening in my body. I felt lighter in general, more aware of my power in the world and ready to conquer my life to the highest potential. I let go during the workshop and let the energy do all the work including receiving the white light in my left wrist and letting the negative and blockages to receiving leave my right wrist. I actually felt the potency of the energy in my being. I shed a few tears during the process and I finally felt joy and acceptance of myself in a real core sense. I felt the power within my core change from weakness and apprehension to power and strength of self. I woke up the next day and felt like something profound had shifted. My vibration is higher than it was yesterday. I feel it!! Thank you Peter for sharing your work with the world and your generosity. Forever Grateful!! Lots of Love, Amy S.

Amy Internet Marketer Receiving Workshop October 3, 2018

Just the next day I feel like something good is going on with my chakras, especially my sacral and crown chakras. Looking forward to experience what else will show up.

john mason jr Receiving Workshop October 3, 2018

The energy from the masterclasses is still going strong and is a very tangible part of my life!! woo hoo!! I did the 2nd gen masterclass series in 2016 and now in 2018, the energy has not disappeared – in fact it has become integrated into my life and my being. And that is more than amazing! Love it!!

The energy that Peter brings forth is a very intuitive and intelligent energy that adapts and it has become part of me! It’s a knowing and a feeling and a distinct vibe of energy – which is amazing because before the masterclass I was not confident in my ability to feel energy and now I can!

Also being part of the masterclass has enabled me to become stronger and more confident in my personality. I can feel that my vibration has increased and I am a lot more aware of other people’s vibrations and intentions. A lot of the changes have been subtle (yet still noticeable) and it feels like an upleveling and lots of growth and shedding old belief systems – in a light and easy way! I am very glad and grateful to have been part of it and it’s something that I appreciate a lot!

M W 2nd gen masterclass from 2016 September 17, 2018

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Today I did the Abuse Energy focusing on every hurtful memory until it went away, one at a time, until nothing else came up. It was so cleansing! Try it!

Sare Levine Body Geometry Abuse Energy May 30, 2018


All of the Body Geometry is great, but I just tried the latest posted on Abuse energy, and it’s amazing. I could almost feel the incident “leaving”
Thanks so much, Peter, for your amazing work!

Sara Levine Body Geometry May 30, 2018

I use MDM Software on a daily basis, therefore my laptop is usually available.
However, things happen like pain, stuck patterns of emotion like depression, trauma, you name it. Peter has actually uploaded videos that address these issues on utube, and his website. They can be accessed on the go, using and iPhone etc,. they work to dissolve the mind/ body issue and once you learn the hand movements, you just do it in the moment. Thank you for your generous
solutions for my body mind and spirit.

Grateful Customer March 29, 2018

I have submitted several requests to Peter for body geometries over the past months and I must say that Peter has delivered on every one in a timely and accurate manner. These sessions have proven to be of great benefit to me in many ways; do give them a try, they might surprise you!

Mark Weaver body geometry February 25, 2018

The higher octaves master classes were amazing. The course of understanding energy mechanic and uses really taught me the concept of energy usages and how to shift my vibration. The course of a unlearning everything for the real learning to begin, for me that was life-changing. I was able to let go of old believes that was holding me back and keeping me in the negative pattern. I have noticed a huge improvement in my life and for this I am thankful and grateful. Thank you Peter for having these amazing master classes.

Angela Munoz Director Higher Octaves Master Classes February 21, 2018

I took the I AM Workshop free introductory offer because I was curious, how much deeper can I go . The answer was pretty clear ( pun intended). I then purchased the I AM Master Workshop 2. Peter sends out a link to the replay, so I can take it over as many times as I want. Today was my 5th repeat. When I looked outside, and saw the flat tire on my car, I was calm. I pulled into a gas station, asked, where is the ‘AIR”? The guy said, ” No air!” We have no air. I remained calm.
( Normally, I would go into worry and annoyed), I drove to another gas station. I asked a guy to help me, he came over, but the air did not work. Now I am in a sequence of events……. I asked the cashier to turn on the air. The guy filled up the tire, told me to get ” Flat Fix ” at an auto store. I asked this cashier if he had any, he had 1 left. I asked if he knew how to use it. He said: “No” In walks Kevin, a mechanic , who was there to put air in his tires.. He instilled the product and taught me what to do next, as well as keeping the 40 lbs of pressure. Since my HFA a new way to travel was inside my car , and my HFA mini, was around my neck, the 3 Wise men were clear to show up. I also cleared my barriers by drinking the water programmed during the I AM Master Class earlier in the morning. Did I mention that my I AM SAFE Pyramid allowed me to stay SAFE? May everyone’s life just fall into place by the hands of Grace.

A very grateful customer February 18, 2018

hi Peter,
I’ve been using the body geometry techniques for the last few days with great success.

Tuesday of this week my daughter was going through a miscarriage. She had intense pain and nausea. After 5 hours of sheer misery, I sat next to her and did the body geometry for removing pain, giving all my attention to honoring her and her lower abdomen. 20 minutes later she released the fetal tissue and was free of pain.

A bonus to this was that I was also benefited. The pain in my neck and shoulders went away!!

It’s no easy task to watch your child go through such pain. Thank you for providing a way of relief for both of us … AND … giving us a powerful way to express the creativity of Love !

with heart-felt appreciation and love,

georgette cressend November 9, 2017

I was leaving work to attend the above workshop when I began to have flu like symptoms. I thought to myself, “Oh, I will not attend the workshop as I didn’t feel too well.”
I struggled to participate and I heard Peter say that we might feel flu like symptoms. I thought, how interesting. After drinking a full glass of water used at the blessing and 13 mantras, my flu like symptoms disappeared! Thanks Peter!

Elizabeth Avery November 5, 2017

This class really rocked my world….anyone else notice! WOW! I find I am way more present and catch myself when I start to get triggered or pulled out of my heart space which is where I choose to live from! I made the choice a long time ago that I’d rather be happy over being “right”! This class has opened that awareness of when I can get sucked back in to being “right” instead of happy!!! Love this, very aware of what is going on between my ears! Very intense but awesome class! Thank you Peter and Donna! ??????????????

Georgia August 29, 2016

While I was doing my homework for this class I became aware of 2 fear centers in my body. To my great surprise, when Peter illuminated my fear centers, I lighten up like a Christmas tree! I had several of them on and off my physical body. I was watching all these “lights” in disbelieve, as I had no idea until that moment of how much of my life was ruled by fear. By the end of the class, after Peter shattered all of my fear centers, I found myself in a total darkness. In this darkness I have experienced a profound stillness and vastness. I was in a limitless and soundless space where all is possible!
Thank you Peter for this powerful experience that has changed the way I am in my life and how I view the world.

Ania Stang August 19, 2016

Something is shifting. I’ve taken MC series 1, MC series 2 and now MC series 3. We completed the 1st 2 weeks courses, Destiny & Life of MC series 3. It is not easy to explain… it’s not like when I got a phone call the morning after the Conscious Creation class and received $10,000 from a family member to help me with my renovations! This is different. This is more emotional. I feel much lighter inside and more mentally focused. I have more conviction to take care of myself and my affairs so that I can become more self actualized. The difficulty for me is that not everyone in my life is going to get on the train with me. And yet, I can tell if I continue with these friendships consuming my daily life, I will only be holding myself back. If these friends can adjust to me becoming more of me, I welcome them to stay in my life. I realize that subconsciously I’ve been putting others ahead of me 24/7. It may not be noticeable on the outside, yet I’m very good at helping others to feel good about themselves and making choices at the expense of moving forward myself.

Sandra Barbato August 18, 2016

I’m not sure if this is the build on 1 & 2 or what but this class was off the charts powerful! I was wiped out afterwards, but of course after all the water had to! I closed my eyes and immediately saw the most beautiful blue surrounded by millions of stars, sparkles and felt as though I was sitting right in the Universe, peaceful, love, vast, nothingness yet everything, rocked my world! Also heard classical music deep within my ears, plus frequency sounds that I hear quite often actually.
Fell asleep immediately when my head hit the pillow! Still feeling the effects!
I wanted to add as well when I mentioned 60 years of crud that has needed to be removed, I’ve done years of work on myself, nothing compares to what Peter does with his energy, sacred geometry and bringing all he brings to these classes! He’s done what years of therapy didn’t touch!
These classes will ROCK your world in a way as far as I know only Peter can do! Journal., do the homework and show up you will be amazed at the things that take place in your life!
Thank you Peter for all you do and bring! Thank you Donna for all your loving support??????????

Georgia August 7, 2016

Master Classes are an incredibly powerful journey to self awareness and to a profound healing. For me, these classes turned out to be an amazing game changer! My life shifted in unexpected and impressive ways. I am now totally at ease with what is happening in my life, as I fully trust the Universe. Without much effort I daily experience many awesome manifestations. My interactions with family and people around me are now on much deeper level and without the usual drama. I am often in a state of profound inner peace, gratitude and joy.
On several occasions I repeated past classes (gen 1&2) with equally powerful results leading me to more extraordinary changes. These classes helped me to effectively move through many challenging life situations.

Thank you Peter for your powerful and precise delivery of the Sourxe energy. With ease and grace you made the impossible to be possible. Thank you Dona for co-hosting and sharing your amazing Light with all of us 🙂

Ania July 28, 2016

These classes are nothing short of life changing in every area. Peter’s amazing energy, use of sacred geometry, and doing what only Peter can do is nothing short of mind blowing AWE! From where I was from Class 1 to now is nothing I could have even imagined and I know that more opens everyday! if you are on the fence with this, jump off, dive in…’s the greatest gift you can give yourself, it’s a gift that keeps on giving, the growth continues…..long after the class is over plus you can always go back and do it again:)! Almost 60 years of gunk going away, now that is saying something! Bless you Peter…You ROCK!????

July 27, 2016

This class as all the master classes was outstanding! Let me just say that at the beginning of this workshop I was filled with anxiety as my whole world has been turned upside down, thank you Peter, it needed to be! That said, when all of a person’s “comfort zones” are being removed it’s scares the s**t out of you (at least it does me)! It’s been a week and each day I’ve noticed I’m calmer, feeling of acceptance with some excitement building facing the HUGE unknown coming my way at this time with no money! Talk about needing to remove fear and replace with trust! Once again Peter you never disappoint!
Anyone, wanting to shift in ways you can’t even imagine I highly recommend these classes! You won’t be sorry, surprised, elated, damn happy you said yes…indeed!
Profound, awe inspiring, each class brings one ever closer to that zero-point space of a new way of being!
Thank you Peter for your generosity and all you bring, outstanding! Thank you Donna for all your support too!

Georgia S July 27, 2016

We just finished the 2nd generation master classes and the last one on Awakening Love brought it home! Since I have noticed more peace, more love and respect for self which then in turn pours out to all around me.
I love the quote that came to Peter during the class as it is simply true, without self love who and what are we. With self love, judgement begins to fall away, doubt, fear, lack of trust of self all begins to fall away.
When Peter says each class builds upon the next, he’s not kidding. When he says the homework and journaling are important, it is!
It adds to the potent energy he brings to each class!
He mentioned some have not downloaded the copy of the class which blew my mind, I’ve not only DL’d each one, I have them saved and backed up for safe keeping!

He asked at the beginning that we wait to redo class until we finished but now that they are done, it is my intention to do them again, they are simply profound and incredible!
I highly recommend these for anyone who wishes to make advances in their life!
Thank you Peter as always you ROCK and thank you Donna for all you do as well as all of the love and support?

Georgia Siegner June 12, 2016

I completed Master Class Series 1 & 2. Some of the things I experienced during the classes were very concrete. Twice I experienced the muscles around my eyes contracting and squeezing my eyes very aggressively. Although the muscles were really squeezing hard, it felt pleasant. There was no way I can recreate this movement on my own. Another time, only the muscles around the left eye behaved in this manner. I can’t even wink my left eye!

Then there are other things that aren’t that simple to detect. We are encouraged to journal – A LOT! – The emotional changes are more subtle for me. I noticed that I wake up in the morning happy and more joyful. I’m more and more aware of how self defeating my attitude and choice of feelings have been for me. When I don’t feel happy or I am mentally defeating myself someway during the day, I can adjust my attitude more easily.

I feel more calm and confident in situations that I normally allowed myself to emotionally defeat me. This is pretty huge change for me. I’ve had some big challenges around my home – expensive ones as well. I just took on each situation as if it was just another situation.

Sandra B. June 9, 2016

The whole series (2nd gen masterclass)  has been wonderful!!  And very powerful!!   I have noticed that general things just in daily life go smoother…more ease and flow definitely. Very noticeable! There is time to get everything done and people are responding by being more helpful and co-operative.

I had a job interview recently after quite a few weeks of nothing so that is very promising!! I know it is the energy work from being a part of the masterclasses because I have not changed my resume or cover letter…so I am excited because I know that the classes have changed my energy!

Also, for my birthday, a friend I have known for 20 years (since high school!) always gives me makeup as a gift. This time she gave me makeup and amazingly a $50 gift card!!! Wow!! In all the time I have known her she has never done that before! So this was something new!  Also a guy I know usually just gives me a card for my birthday and this time he took me out to lunch as well as surprising me with a birthday gift!!  He has never done that before!!  So these are things that have definitely happened as a result of me being in the masterclasses because I have not done anything differently in my life or routine or the way I have interacted with these friends.  I am so happy that I was part of the masterclasses!

M. W. June 7, 2016

I have past the point of no return , That is a very good thing because my fears, blocks, b s from myself and others came up in a few short weeks. It was supposed to. Each week the assignments got deeper and deeper and during the sessions, more truth was revealed . No one can do this work for me because it’s my own . Doing something for me was the hardest part. I know what I know and the difference is the level is at the level of love. Thank you Peter

KT June 7, 2016

Master class 107, ‘Attracting What I Want’, rocked it out! When Peter pushed the energy into my left eye, the muscles around my eye were twitching like crazy. I’m not capable of only winking my left eye independent of my right. The muscles were involuntarily contracting and it felt really awesome. I could feel the energy move into my body exposing the blocks as well. The energy from each class is getting stronger and stronger!

With each Master Class I am feeling more and more confident about who I am and what I would like to have in my life.

May 6, 2016

2nd round master classes! WHOO hoo, wonderful energy to kick off the next 6 classes. I want to share miracles have transpired between the classes that are beyond anything I was expecting! I’ve gotten out of my storage unit which has been a thorn in my side for quite sometime. I hired help and a truck, lost the key so that day was wasted but low and behold I went and got a car load got pictures of things I wanted to give away and within 48 hrs, 2 different ppl and free ad on Craigslist all was picked up, & I am completely out! Totally amazing! Feels so good to give to others who need, as well as lightening the “load” of things no longer needed! This is just one thing, the space of quiet peace is amazing and beautiful & keeps growing! Love this! Love the energy Peter brings! Slept like a baby, & have just had a quiet mind day…..really love that! It was fun to think of white paper w/rainbow circles all week prior to class! Welcome to all the new folks who’ve joined, get ready to have your world rocked in ways you can’t even begin to imagine! Thank you Peter?Thank you Donna without you these would really be even harder on Peter than they already are! You both ROCK!
I know this is fun to you Peter but I also know what kind of toll it takes to bring it like you do!!!!????
Lotsa love and many blessings!

May 4, 2016

I am enrolled in the 2 nd Master Class. I have made it a habit to taste the water before each new part of the process. My background is nursing and wellness. At one point we layered a glass of water with our first flash of insight, with Peter guiding the flow of experience . Workshop over, I slept a very relaxing sleep. This is new for me. The taste of the water was intriguing . Slept , journaled, mediated . The taste and texture was viscous . My ” gut”says a cellular level. Now that is very mind blowing cool. Thank you Peter and Donna, my classmates, and myself

May 4, 2016

I can hardly wait! I took the 1st Master Class Workshop series. Life keeps getting better & better everyday. I immediately signed up for the 2nd Workshop series! I just received the homework for the 1st workshop of the 2nd set of workshops. I’m super excited for the possibilities. Peter’s workshops are totally addictive! I’m totally addicted to the energy and the results!

April 28, 2016

I expected Peter’s Master Class series to be life changing. It far and away exceeded my expectations! Spectacular! Tremendous shift in Consciousness and my life reflects all of these changes.
I practice the Feldenkrais Method, this work has always been very powerful with amazing results, now however, the results have become Miraculous.
Relationships had been my greatest challenge, I suspect because I did not Love myself. Thanks to Peter I Love my self, and I allow myself to be loved.
Words can not express the immense Joy and gratitude I am living.
Thank you Peter and Donna.

April 17, 2016

I have completed all six master classes, I am feeling a totally new person and day by new changes are coming into me a totally changed environment around me, a great transfer of energy from Peter Schenk through these classes is going to change my life a lot, I am feeling totally new person. Thanks to Peter Schenk and team

April 9, 2016

After completion of class 106, the last Masterclass, what a profound journey. My heart has definitely expanded greater with each class, my confidence, love, connection with my highest self and source has all expanded exponentially. Very profound and powerful classes. I highly recommend these for anyone who wishes to have major shifts in their life. Peter brings it without a doubt! Thank you, many blessings!

April 7, 2016

These Master Class are amazing. Every week the classes build upon the previous class. I love the class of true purpose. I now feel that I’m on the right path to finding my true purpose. I now have more clarity.

April 7, 2016

Class 6 in the Master Series was amazing. I could feel the energy connections knitting together and connecting with the prior classes in the series. My head was firing on all cylinders. I encourage everyone who feels they are stuck in neutral or revving their engines and yet not getting anywhere to take these classes. Your life will change and you will unleash the experience your soul designed.

April 6, 2016

The masterclass on Conscious Creation was even stronger than the previous masterclasses! As the energy built, I felt increasing pressure in my head, similar to the beginning of a massive headache but without any pain. As I released, there was a lot of yawning and burping. During the week since the class, I have felt lighter, freer, happier and more empowered. My sleep has been long and deep. I have noticed that my perspective on several areas in my life has changed from feeling negative to feeling like a gift being unwrapped. Things and events that I focussed on have been drawn to me often in unusual ways and through unusual people. It is exhilarating to watch these positive things unfold. Thank you, Peter!

April 5, 2016

The Master Class Series has been a very powerful and transforming experience to say the least. If you are looking to be more at peace with yourself and the world then then this class is definitely what you are looking for.

April 5, 2016

Results of all previous Master Classes came together for me during 105. After being hit hard by last four classes this one was very profound, yet energetically easier on me. I immediately found myself being deeply in the flow and, for the first time in my life, I knew that the Universe just got rigged in my favor!!!!!!!!!

During the class I had a fleeting thought of wanting a safer car, as the one I was driving had a very poor rating in a head-on collision. Without any effort from me 3 days later I had a new and safer car. An unbelievable opportunity just fell right into my lap. WOW!!!
I am still speechless and filled with awe at the power of these classes! My life can’t possibly be any sweeter right now. I am thrilled to be able to create many more positive and fun changes.

As always Peter, you deliver the most incredible results. Thank you for these AMAZING and super POWERFUL master classes! They are truly a game changer in my reality 🙂

April 4, 2016

Yet again, another fantastic workshop! This one the energy was just pouring out of me. First I felt it coming in, breaking up what felt like huge concrete barriers, then when it was time for removal I felt like I had a waterfall of GUNK flowing out of the middle of my head, my sinuses were pounding as I felt this gushing roar like Niagra Falls, it was intense and amazing! It did not hurt but was definitely palpable:)!
Then the next day probably about 18 hours after the workshop, something said think of white paper (Peter has said this before to me & others when he’s doing energy work) I wasn’t working with Peter it just popped into my head so I went with it! Then. 24-48 hrs later, the next class homework email came out, guess what one of our homework assignment is…..wait for it……yep you guessed it…..think of white paper as much as possible this week!!! WHOA! I’m totally blown away….in AWE….and LOVE these classes! I highly recommend, I’ve said it before & I will say it again….Peter never disappoints…..he brings it 200+%….off the charts!?
Thank you Peter….thank you Donna & all who help being these classes to fruition! They ROCK!!!

April 2, 2016

During Master Class 104 Peter worked very deeply and thoroughly on my pineal gland striping me of my life’s conditioning which prevented me from simply being. The outcome of this powerful clearing proved to be a delightful surprise.
On a physical level it helped me to clear a longstanding left sinus and ear congestion. This change was truly welcomed, as nothing else in the last 25+ years made any difference!
On an energetic level it brought me to a much deeper space of pure awareness.
Space in which I welcome and embrace all without any judgment or need for explanation. Place in which life is not to be feared, but to be fully accepted as a wonderful playground for many experiences. It is a place to be myself and to face everything that life brings with a childlike curiosity.
Knowing that I do not need to creat or achieve wholeness, as in my essence I am already whole, I can finally surrender to just being. Ahhh……
Thank you Peter ?

April 1, 2016

The third master class hit me the hardest. As before my process begun with our homework. These four “simple” questions brought me to an edge of my frightening rage. Durning the class Peter, with an incredible power and precision, pushed me right through this very deep, dark and uncomfortable space. I felt like I shattered into pieces, yet I immediately felt lighter, calmer and very expanded. A totally new and unfamiliar way of experiencing the world has emerged from this process. Now I effortlessly view my life through a lens of magic instead of anger. To me it is an extraordinary transformation! Thank you Peter for these incredibly powerful Master Classes.

March 31, 2016

Since last class 104, I have been going through Mrs major shifts and awareness’s mostly subtle this week. I decided to sit with the energy all week before posting. It’s been an interesting week to say the least, I am looking forward to the class tonight. I finally started sleeping better, but still get serious chills and sweats, intense energy surges.
Looking forward to the next unfoldment……
Thank you Peter for this incredible journey!

March 31, 2016

Hi Peter! Master Class 2….VERY POWERFUL! I had a small detox but it was well worth it because on the other side of it was FREEDOM! My fear level could rocket to a 10 with one deviant thought. I have definitely moved from experiencing surges of fear into living with positive expectations and more joyful day to day living. I’m so much more productive and I’m taking on a few challenges in the next few months without any fear twinges. It’s an attitude of, I’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain, approached with anticipation, excitement and possibility! WOW! If this is what happens in one powerful session I can hardly wait to experience the results of 6!!!!! Thank you Peter!

March 6, 2016

In this two-hour workshop, you will completely unclog and balance your chakras and achieve immediate, life-altering results! Once your chakras are breathing normally, startling changes will occur in your emotional, etheric and physical body.


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