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Own Your Destiny

With our thoughts, we make the world.Buddha

Are You Ready to Take Control and Own Your Destiny?

So many of us go through life feeling like we are at the mercy of fate, luck, and the consequences of others’ actions. It doesn’t have to be that way, but our beliefs make it so. We end up floating through life like a leaf, blown about by the wind, bumping into things and landing wherever external forces take us.

But what if you could actually steer your life?

What if you could control the wind?

This Aviddha Manifestation workshop will teach you the skills you need to become the master of your own destiny.

What Is Aviddha?

In the ancient Indian language Sanskrit, aviddha means “pure,” or “without contamination.” When it comes to manifesting your desires, purity is important. But it’s not about some type of moral purity or a physical cleansing ritual. This is about purity of thought and energy.

When thoughts and energy are pure and focused, manifestations, even miraculous ones, can occur. But achieving and maintaining an uncontaminated stream of desire can be difficult when you’re surrounded by everyday negativity and doubt. The fact is, without focused, careful attention, we can easily allow ourselves to be caught in the cycle of “reacting” to outside influence. And that robs us of our ability to create our own manifestations.

It’s no coincidence that other Sanskrit words with a similar syllabic root relate to manifestation. Avidan means “without knowledge of tomorrow.” This is a critical part of creating your own destiny. Thanks to our observations of cause and effect, we often go through life assuming that certain things are bound to happen. But that viewpoint leaves out so many potential variables of reality. The fact is, we cannot know for certain what will happen next. But when we believe with near certainty that something will happen in the future, we are helping to write that future…and most of the time, it is not to our benefit.

Intentional manifestation is about releasing assumptions and doubt. It is about clearing the way for a more purposeful creation of reality. When our desires are aligned with our energy, a new manifestation can enter (avisati) without hesitation (avisankitah).

Aviddha Manifestation

The workshop will progress in three stages. Each one is a critical component of practicing Aviddha Manifestation.

Stage 1: Basics

In the first stage, we’ll cover the basics of manifestation. You’ll learn how it works, how you may have been blocking it, and some of the basic manifestation techniques including sacred hand movements, boosting your energetic flow and practicing an Aviddha mindset.

This first stage is crucial for helping to clear negative energy and prepare the pathways for positive energy to flow. You’ll walk away with practical skills you can apply to everyday situations like relationship challenges, eating habits, and career and workplace drama.

In This Workshop, We Will Focus On:

Stage 2: Intermediate

In the second stage, we’ll explore intermediate techniques such as using Sacred Geometry, blessing water, and activations. Plus, we’ll cover the basics of how to limit the self-destructive act of worrying and how to let it go for optimal manifestational power.

The intermediate stage is about practicing all that you’ve learned and taking it to the next level! You’ll uncover the secret to setting yourself up for success, instead of just reacting to whatever comes your way and hoping for the best. These building blocks can be used as a basis for achieving financial prosperity, relational harmony, a greater sense of confidence and personal security, and a renewed appreciation for this wonderful adventure called life!

Techniques Used

Stage 3: Advanced

In the third stage, we’ll reveal never-before seen teachings and uncover the secrets to becoming an effective creator of your own destiny, including some lightworking techniques on how to help others. You’ll learn how to hear what the universe is whispering to you and how to create true change in the world.

These mastery-level manifestation practices will empower you to bring your true life’s purpose to fruition. We are all destined for greatness, but only a few ever answer the call. Learn how to hear the call and answer it in Stage 3.

Create the Life You Want, with Ease

Manifestation is not supposed to be difficult. It is our birthright. But due to conditioning and domestication, most humans have lost the ability. The teachings in this workshop will help you reconnect with the inner wisdom that has been passed along through our DNA for millennia. You just need the key to unlock it.

The Key Is Aviddha

Practitioners of Aviddha Manifestation know that life is supposed to be easy. We’re supposed to achieve all that we desire. When you have the right tools to clear your energy of negativity and worry, creating the life you want is as simple as deciding to go for it.

You Need This Workshop if You:

  • Worry about the future
  • Assume that bad things just “happen”
  • Give up your power to others
  • Are afraid to get your hopes up too high
  • Are tired of compromising on your dreams
  • Think that good things only happen to others
  • Are ready to take control of your life and get all that you deserve

Benefits of Aviddha Manifestation:

  • Sense of calm
  • Enhanced ability to focus
  • Increased confidence
  • Improved outlook on life
  • Fearless pursuit of your dreams
  • Unlimited manifestations

Learn from Divine Intelligence

In this workshop, Modern Day Mystic founder and energy guru Peter Schenk channels Divine knowledge and transmits information that will allow you to live your best life right now. This groundbreaking content has never been taught before and it is offered to you with sincere intentions of healing, empowerment, and love.

The sacred knowledge of Aviddha is ready for those who are ready to receive it. These radical teachings cannot be learned from a book. They must be transmitted through experience in this workshop. Only then can the knowledge come into a form you can understand and use.

Peter is committed to helping you emerge from the workshop feeling more confident, clear and joyful so that you will always be able to manifest the life you deserve. Reclaim your power and take control of your destiny with the Aviddha Manifestation Workshop. Your time to shine is now!

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Eye was introduced to the website and the MDM minute thru a close spiritual soul mate. Upon recent we have reconnected. Furthermore I repeated several of the Violet Flame matras being totally open to the experience it needed to experience and express thru me. Seconds after repeating the mantra a current would litterly flow thru my being almost debilitating me but in a good way .its hard to explain. So I played around with it thinking this cannot be true..you know how many mantras I have said over the years and absolutely nothing happens. Lol but with stating and since saying the Violet Flame mantras and as I put my hand over the water jug I had near by it litterly paralyzed me again not in a fearful way. Its just that the frequency is so strong Its almost like eye can’t control it. Lol. I recently came across a picture my now ex husband took of me while living in Colorado at the time , and many years ago. It happened to be in my Facebook collection of pictures. Well it’s a picture of me sitting in the shadows on the rocks while streams of water are flowing. Now picture this .there is a Violet Light Ray’s shining upon me or directly on me …its purple 💜 hues of light are spectacular. I can’t make this up .I hope to share the picture with MDM to see for yourself. I love this and will continue to say the mantras to create the manifestation I so desire. Thanks a bunch.

Sincerely Agape Love in my heart for all of humanity and this entire planet.


BolaniLe Indigo Starseed EYE AM Greatnesz and Grateful! March 11, 2021

STOP ! NO ! DON’T DO THAT ! DO IT MY WAY! YOU SHOULD NOT DO IT! ALL of that mind chatter, clutter, internal dialogue would show up right at the point of action on my part. I have been tracking the NAY SAYERS, CENSURESHIP, GARBAGE for about 3 months. Okay, but now what?????? Along came Peter Schenk’s AVIDDHA Manifestation Workshop.
As I performed the 1st technique that you can learn in Part 1, internal dialogue was on speed dial , Your not blah blah blah, STOP, NO, etc. It was like driving 100 miles an hour with rules of the road laid out in my path, driving on egg shells. LOOK OUT FOR THE ……………… So this morning I went through a stop sign ( this is for entertainment purposes only and NOT to be taken literally * sign disclaimer , A whole bunch of negativity just isn’t there. I can breathe. Thank you Peter and the MDM TEAM, for your love.

K.Taylor March 12, 2020

I experience part two of the 3 part series Divine Masculine Workshop. During the Sacred Geometry portion we were instructed to focus on the right lower half of our geometry and the co-creators of the workshop, Christy Warnick and Peter Schenk would focus on that area along with us. Maybe 1/3 into this process, this nasty black fog showed up . I kept breathing and focusing and following instructions

Beyond Powerful Beyond Mighty Experiencial Workshop November 7, 2019

default gravatar

I attended all three workshops and I hesitated submitting a testimonial only because I don’t know if words can do justice to the transformation that occurred within me and to the world around me. All three workshops were very powerful, building on the prior one. Being new to energy work all I can say is WOW! I felt something change/shift within me, things that used to bother me (like being ultra sensitive) suddenly didn’t. I have always felt very alone in the world, like I didn’t belong and suddenly I felt a connection to everyone and everything. I don’t think I have ever been truly at peace in my life, but now there’s a calmness about me that is almost surreal. Receiving from the universe and from people has enabled me to give back tenfold. Everything in my life has changed, my corporate job was eliminated (a good thing). I had been involved in a very unhealthy relationship for three years to someone that was toxic and I never seemed to be able to break free, but now I am happy to report he is a thing of the past. I have been stuck in Texas for 12 years and finally the tides are changing and I will be moving within the next 3 months. Financially things had been a struggle, but now there always seems to be more than enough money to pay the bills and do the things I want to do in life and this is without my corporate job. Recently, I discovered what my purpose is in this life and all of the sudden, all of the trials and tribulations I have been through made sense. For so long, I felt confused, unfocussed, not sure where to go or what to do, now I have more clarity than I ever have had in my life. I can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings, because so far in just a few short months the transformation both on the inside and out is miraculous. Thank you Peter for what you do! I know it was no accident I stumbled across your work. -Jill

Jill Button Entreprenuer Receiving Workshops I, II, III April 25, 2019

The Receiving workshops have increased my business income and clients dramatically. Immediately after Version 3 workshop I had 3 clients contact me in the same day, and now I can truly say I have no problem receiving or accepting gifts from anyone with any guilt, thank you Peter for creating these wonderful workshops.

David Lopez January 30, 2019

When I listened to the First Receiving workshop, The 3 snakelike entities wrapped around my throat screeched and slipped off of me dead. I stopped having agoraphobia after this happened.

January 30, 2019

I knew that I was in a role reversal as a kid. I mothered my mother. Tough childhood. This pattern really inter feared with my experience to receive just for me. During the holidays my %$#&! was in my face, big time. Thank God, Peter ‘s sincerity to help us came in the form of Receiving Workshops. I did each one , three times to get to the core imprint.
With respect and honor, the wound was exposed. I said to my mother, in the moment : ” I AM not your mother”
It was the courage to expose a lineage of a child parenting a parent STOPPED . There is no way this moment could have showed up without Peter’s decision to create this safe experience and my decision to show up , purchase the service, and persevere until I ” got it”. I only have love and gratitude for my ancestors and love and respect for the next generation. Thank you so very much Peter

Grateful Customer January 8, 2019

The Receiving workshop 3 was as profound as the first two!! The energy shifted things within my body, breathing became so much easier, I saw beautiful colors, the Violet was the most profound and also healing of all! I recommend all three of these Receiving workshops, the energy was unbelievably strong, and so many shifts happened that I cannot even put them into words! Thank you, Peter for your profound energetic work!

Karen Clothier Animal Communicator/Healer January 7, 2019

My experience of the Receiving Workshop 1 , 2, and now 3 was to offer an opportunity to explore LIFE in a safe, loving, evolved environment. Very deep Very profound Very important

Thank you Peter

Another Grateful Customer January 2, 2019

Thank you very much Peter for this powerful Receiving Workshop V3. I felt a lot of energy flowing through my body. I can see already some changes related to money and I am open to receive more amazing things.
Thank you again!

Marta M Beautician London January 2, 2019

default gravatar

I am not a “quiet” meditator – I have a physically demanding life and usually double task – so I felt kinda guilty when I was looking for pictures as Peter was talking – however the pictures were my “active visuals” – the synchronicities of the pics I was searching for and then a post that kept coming up were so cool! The universe helped me make my own personal specific visuals during the workshop plus…. Peter had been here at the resort to confirm my lake vortex and the “St Germain” light portal on the mountain here – so its significance was magnified as well. It will remain a powerful “manifestation” visual for me now – thanks Peter!

Cathy Hohmeyer Energist/Nutritionist/Chef/Wellness Resort Owner Receiving 3 December 28, 2018

I was not able to listen to the live workshop this Tuesday, but was able to listen to the replay this past Thursday night. I had taken the first two Receiving Workshops, and thought the third one was very powerful. Yesterday, Friday, was blown away to receive an amazing gift of $50,000! I was one of those who wrote to Peter hoping to be selected for his abundance pilot program, as I needed help with my finances and life in general. This is the breakthrough I’ve hoped for and am so grateful to Peter and his wonderful services/products. Words cannot describe what this means to me – thank you, thank you, thank you!

Very Grateful Customer Receiving Workshop V3 December 27, 2018

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Thank you Peter for delivering me to a new reality of myself. From the very beginning of the hour, I quickly experienced a deep opening within. As I sat in this expansiveness, my breaths lengthened–10 seconds in, 10 seconds out. This continued for a long time as I watched mental solids (stuck feelings & negative self beliefs) come up and evaporate. The feeling of the violet flame was freeing. I recall a sense of rejoicing as things continued to open up. When you facilitated the elevation of the entire group I was surprised how tangible it felt. A new sense of receiving from the universe is dawning upon me. I am still integrating the experience, and yes it does feel like a healing as well. What marvelous stuff!!!

Harlan Mittag Receiving Workshop 3 December 27, 2018

I took the receiving Workshop number 2 with Peter. Whenever I do meditations I hold my five children in my heart that whatever is done for me is done for them. The workshop was awesome. My daughter went on a job interview 3 days later. She was offered the job. Currently she makes 1850 an hour very underpaid for the diligent hard-working person that she is. The job offer she received offered her $50 an hour. Wow what an amazing blessing to my family through Peter’s channeling of divine energy 2 be able to receive. I will definitely be taking the receiving Workshop number three. Thank you thank you thank you Peter what a blessing you are to all of us!

Patricia Gilhooley Mental health Tech November 26, 2018

I could immediately feel the energy moving effecting my third eye and my crown chakra. I could feel it building and grow in intensity. Crimson purple and violet purple then gradually grew into darker shades. I felt the split separating the light from the physical noticing a faint white cross of infinite potential appearing between the two. A small fine line of muted colors appeared faintly.
When winding down I sensed my pancreas surrounded with golden, white, platinum light engulfing my tingling pancreas. I applied a loving rub of gratitude. Taking it all in, that transpired me. I went to sit down. Within several minutes my heart was flowing with white light. I felt so loved, peaceful and grateful. What a joyous experience! Namaste , Peter.

Betty Byrnes Receiving Work shop 2 " Evolution" November 20, 2018

Receiving workshop 2 is definitely “off the charts” beautiful energy filled hour of just indescribable uplifting energy beyond words. It’s truly difficult to describe in words the beauty of the colors that our eyes cannot see, I can’t even say I “saw” them at all, yet I know I did. This is still settling for me within me yet I know my ability to receive, has shifted. I am finding myself able to ask for help when needed without feeling guilty and receiving that help with a thank you without feeling like I owe the world in return. I can know that I can “give” or “pay it forward” in many ways that comes from my heart. As Peter says one has to be able to receive so one can give. This needs to be done with fluidity, transparency, love, not with unspoken or unrealistic expectations another knows nothing about.
I truly am grateful to be shedding all the junk surrounded with receiving being a mortal sin and when I was given things all the unspoken BS that went with it.
I am sure there will be updates as my receiving expands. Thank you Peter for another beyond incredible workshop.
Just a sidebar…had $1500.00 in car bills, got reduced to $500.00 and running…temporary fix but it is up and running! WHOO HOO! Hfa V1, (can only imagine V2), receiving workshop, culmination of both, or all my products of Peter’s? I do stack his products for different energy alchemy! I love you Peter and all your products…..and the rabbit hole you shared with us! Thank you!
I thought the car issues were going to prevent me from being able to take Receiving V2, I still made it, very grateful!

Georgia Siegner Arizona November 19, 2018

Yesterday I brought a book with me and that’s rare. James Hillman’s “The thought of the heart” translated: “El pensamiento del corazón”. Even if I am not fan of quotes and quoters -and who cares- this one came as if it were naming the experience. I haven’t found the original quoted by Hillman, so, here. I bet there is someone at or in the MDM team who speaks or reads Spanish:

“El lenguaje no pertenece a la lengua, sino al corazón. La lengua es sólo el instrumento con el que se habla. Quien es mudo es mudo en el corazón, no en la lengua. (…) Déjame oírte hablar y te diré cómo es tu corazón”. Paracelso.

Thank you so much for carrying that much. Still haven’t gone through the actual mp3, but and profoundly-magically everything is here unfolding since the 13th that I finally dared to participate. Embodied. This has been one of those few times in my life when I am able to discern and witness my higher self’s or soul’s (or who knows her name) touch and even command. I am not able to name the experience. I just want to honor it as I honor your soul and mine. Something like that.

A deep bow to you Peter Schenk. What you are bringing to the planet has no name.

Much love and gratitude,


Iratxe Mendizabal Bilbao, Basque Country (Spain) November 19, 2018

Peter Schenk, you are a genius.
Felt the energy build-up at least 48hrs prior to event. Large quartz crystals in water, white, pink, blue – sooo beautiful!
With gathering of fibres, dolphins became part, gliding into rope, at the same moment, my gut emitted a dolphin sound…..
Later in recording with exquisite soft, calming energies; strings of primitive looking line sketches flowed towards me, beginning with oddly shaped drawings and other unidentified drawings, followed by masses of people all holding hands. All moving rapidly but this felt perfect.
The main energy was so powerful and I LOVED EVERY MOMENT, know now, been awaiting this for long time.
Thank you, loving gratitude, changes afoot – yummy! YES,YES,YES.

norma adam receiving 15. 11.2018 November 16, 2018

Peter’s receiving workshop this week was extraordinary. A palpable shift in my body with a presence of calm and stillness when I went to bed. Always delighted to work with the Master. Peter is an incredible human being and I am delighted to have several of his products and his magic working with me daily. Thank you, Peter, for this beautiful offering and your beyond mastery with all you make and how you Be. Deep Gratitude!

Agnes Lenzen November 16, 2018

default gravatar

I was extremely excited to do this second Receiving Workshop, the first was amazing, but this one topped that being even more profound! I was completely open to what Peter was going to do, I have worked with Peter in sessions for a few years now, and LOVE his energy work and the many products I own of his!! It was very unique, I cannot explain what he did, but I actually felt my body split in half, so to speak, it was wildly different, yet I trust Peter 100%, so I Gratefully allowed it. Then I actually felt like a spinning vortex of massive energy starting at my crown and running down the center of my body, where it is was split in half! At one point, I went to sleep, not sure how long, but I woke up right at the end, feeling the vortex still going thru my body, then it was over and he said to open your eyes. It was a crazy wonderful 55 minutes, weird words to describe such a profound shifting of energy, but these are the words that come to me! I went to bed shortly after that, and slept like I have never slept before, and woke up this morning feeling full of energy and vitality ready to move forward in my life!! My mind is clear, my thoughts are light, and my body feels NEW!!!!! Thank you Peter, YOU ROCK!!!!

Karen Clothier www.karenclothierinspired.weebly.com Receiving workshop 2 November 15, 2018

I recently completed the Receiving Workshop. It has been life changing. I no longer feel weighed down and I am able to think with much more clarity and optimism.

RICHARD WRIGHT October 10, 2018

The purest frequency & subtle, powerful & refined energy is what I received whilst listening to the replay of the Receiving Workshop. I had chills going up & down my spine throughout the recording. I feel so blessed & very grateful for being included in this workshop – even though I was unable to pay by donation due to issues with PayPal & even failed to connect by phone. Thank you for your extreme kindness & great generosity Peter – your kindness has helped restore my faith in humanity! I look forward to participating in the next stage of this profound training. Thank you for all the awesome, tremendous work you do so selflessly for everyone.

Lea Gardiner Sydney, Australia October 5, 2018

default gravatar

The evening of the first Receiving workshop class I was feeling as low as I have been in a long time. I remained open that a profound experience during this workshop was impending, and that it was! During the energy that Peter was sending, I felt a HUGE shift in MY own energy field, and I experienced a certainty that my life was going to change with incredible speed after feeling this shift in energy vibration! I came away from this first class feeling more certain that life was going to BE good, and I am excited to do the next class! Thank you, Peter, for offering such a profound class!!

Karen C. Healer Receiving workshop October 5, 2018

When I signed up for the Receiving Workshop my gut got scared. I mean internal change takes guts. Peter uses the HIGHEST energy of uncontaminated waves to penetrate the accumulated garbage, within my core , to unearth the levels of “blocks” that kept me ” trapped” in lack of abundance and prosperity. Many tissues later, I realized what was happening.
PURE LOVE IN ancient history out. As an ambassador of the GREAT WORK ( my words not his) Peter Schenk heard the needs of the MDM customer, and co created this VERY POWERFUL workshop to free the slaves within

I AM FEARLESS October 4, 2018

Yet again, another fantastic workshop! This one the energy was just pouring out of me. First I felt it coming in, breaking up what felt like huge concrete barriers, then when it was time for removal I felt like I had a waterfall of GUNK flowing out of the middle of my head, my sinuses were pounding as I felt this gushing roar like Niagra Falls, it was intense and amazing! It did not hurt but was definitely palpable:)!
Then the next day probably about 18 hours after the workshop, something said think of white paper (Peter has said this before to me & others when he’s doing energy work) I wasn’t working with Peter it just popped into my head so I went with it! Then. 24-48 hrs later, the next class homework email came out, guess what one of our homework assignment is…..wait for it……yep you guessed it…..think of white paper as much as possible this week!!! WHOA! I’m totally blown away….in AWE….and LOVE these classes! I highly recommend, I’ve said it before & I will say it again….Peter never disappoints…..he brings it 200+%….off the charts!?
Thank you Peter….thank you Donna & all who help being these classes to fruition! They ROCK!!!

April 2, 2016

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