Aquaware 5 — Energy Empowerment Healing Software

Energy Empowerment Healing Software

Aquaware is a breakthrough software that merges ancient knowledge, quantum physics and your own consciousness to create paradigm-shifting, life-changing results. The easy-to-use, redesigned Aquaware 5.1 comes with over 1000 pre-programmed intentions that you can add to your water to supercharge it into a vehicle for healing and personal achievement. You can also add your own custom intents, and blend up to nine intents in a single glass of water.

Take your deepest desires and manifest them into YOUR reality – Aquaware 5.1 makes it all possible! Transform your water… transform your life.

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Enhanced Features in Aquaware 5.1

  • New Turbo Engine that allows you to program water in 13.1 seconds
  • New Search Feature – access the entire library of over 1000 custom-designed intents
  • New Quantum Layering Sessions Builder with graphic interface for fast and intuitive blended intents
  • Program up to nine intents into a glass of water
  • More powerful and now completely customizable Custom Intents Session Builder
  • New Brilliant Beings Intents: Brilliant Minds, Dancers, Musicians, Painters, Sculptors, Writers, Actors, Athletes, Attractive, Business, Comedy, Directing and Healing
  • Stunning new galleries — updated for easier navigation
  • 300 new Intents
  • Skins and Color Picker — change the look and feel of Aquaware like never before
  • Over 1000+ Quantum-Charged Intents

Aquaware 5.1 Capabilities

  • Self-Empowerment
  • Self-Healing
  • Personal transformation
  • Drug-free performance enhancer
  • Ultra-targeted, life-changing results
  • Ability to affect change locally and remotely
  • Restructures drinking water and baths
  • Works for humans and companion animals too!


The first of its kind, Aquaware is a completely new kind of software – capable of blending quantum action, Sacred Geometry and specific algorithms to focus universal energy on assisting you with manifesting life-changing results!

Aquaware 5.1 features even more tools to channel Source Energy to energize, empower and teach you to self-heal. Choose from a list of over 1000+ intentions, or write in your own custom intention and unlock unlimited potential.

The Aquaware 5.1 engine has been completely rewritten from the ground up for turbo-charged transformations. You can now program water in just 13.1 seconds! This 5th generation technology also features the ability to save Quantum Layering Sessions, so you can blend up to nine different intents into one glass of water for personalized results.

Deep inside you the seeds for extraordinary health, wealth and spiritual growth already exist. Aquaware 5.1 seeks to reconnect you to your authentic self, removing the obstacles and self-doubt that you have accumulated through years of interactions with low energy entities and negative thought patterns.

By first clearing your water of its memory, unwanted negative messages are erased, leaving a blank canvas upon which to reprogram water with your own vision of what you want to achieve.

Special frequency functions help to prepare you to receive the benefits of charged water, and then the water itself is quantum-programmed to provide your cells with a new blueprint – for the very best version of yourself.

Also new to Aquaware 5.1 are a host of Brilliant Beings Intents. You can choose from settings to support such intentions as: Brilliant Minds, Dancers, Musicians, Painters, Sculptors, Writers, Actors, Athletes, Attractive, Business, Comedy, Directing and Healing. Is there something you always wished you could do but were too afraid to try? Charge your water with Aquaware 5.1, and watch as fear dissolves and new opportunities emerge! You ARE a Brilliant Being, and it’s time for you to claim it.

How Does Aquaware Software Work?

Aquaware 5.1 software uses an algorithm based on the principles of quantum physics, scientific research into the memory of water and ancient spiritual teachings. The software leverages your own power of intention and amplifies it to facilitate self-healing and personal growth. Users have reported success in release of psychological and physical trauma, as well as a renewed sense of confidence.

Join the community of thousands of Aquaware users who have been sharing feedback and their experience with the software!

Results May Include

  • The “Unlocking” of natural senses and abilities that have been dormant for years
  • Creation of your ultimate reality
  • Self-Empowerment and Self-Healing
  • Personal Power and Confidence
  • Quality Relationships
  • Abundance
  • Financial Means and Success


  • Software has been redesigned for Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and Windows 10
  • Intel Pentium or equivalent, Windows OS, 2 GB RAM, 250 MB free disk space

Release Date


Immediate Download

After purchasing, you will receive a download link for the software in your invoice.

General Overview

A Complete Overview of Aquaware 5 and Its Key New Additions and Features
Aquaware 5 Introduction on the MDM Show

Beginner Overview

Demonstrates How to Quickly Setup and Run an Aquaware 5 Intent
Shows How to Change Aquaware 5 Skins and Your Own Colors via the New Color Picker
The Search Feature within Aquaware 5 Allows the You to Quickly and Efficiently Search Over 1000 Intents
Shows How Menus and Galleries Work within Aquaware 5
Shows How to Properly Use the Intent User Cards

Modes Selection

Shows How Automatic Mode Works within Aquaware 5
Shows How Manual Mode Works within Aquaware 5
Shows How Beginner Mode Works within Aquaware 5
Shows How Standby Mode Works within Aquaware 5

Advanced Feature Section

Learn How to Build, Save, and Run a Quantum Layering Session
Learn How to Use These New Brilliant Beings Intents and Expect Mind-Blowing Results
Shows How to Quickly Build and Edit a Custom Intent
Learn How to Combine Custom Intent ALS Files with Quantum Layering Sessions

Spanish / Español


What is the purpose of Water Prep and should I use it each time?

To de-program the water from everything that has previously impacted it – see the question about “blank-slating” your water with User Prep. Yes, use it every time. It can also be used just by itself to improve the quality of your water.

How does Aquaware 5 technology work?

Aquaware 5 utilizes a proprietary technology that blends computer science and quantum physics. It was created with a focused intent to assist humanity. The engine in Aquaware 5 has been not only updated, it has been redesigned to strongly support that purpose. Harnessing the power of intent, the quantum realm and water, Aquaware 5 allows users to imprint the desired intent into water external to individuals, anywhere they want. One simply puts attention on the target water while running the program. Where you put your attention, your intention will go. Drinking the water that you have programmed, brings that higher vibration into the fluids of your body, raising your frequency at every level. Aquaware 5 has 1,000 intentions you can use. It also allows you to write your own intentions. With Aquaware 5, you are able to layer 9 intents into the same glass of water. We are very proud of the remarkable scope of possibilities for for physical, emotional, mental and spiritual development and transformation that this technology now makes available.

Is there a money back guarantee with the Aquaware 5?

No, there is not a money back guarantee. All purchases are final.

Why Water?

Water is the most programmable material in existence and is also the perfect medium to carry your intent. Dr. Emoto showed the world that water can be programmed and its structure beneficially changed. Aquaware 5 takes his theories and experiments to the next level and way beyond.

Can Aquaware 5 be used without a computer?

Yes, by utilizing the advanced feature called “User Intent Function”. This allows for a printable card to be programmed with an intent. The user would then carry this pre-programmed card with their intent. This card can be used one time, at a time and place of one’s choosing, by placing it under a glass of liquid or some food.

Can I microwave my water after programming and still keep it programmed?

No. This process will break down the programmed water and return it to an unprogrammed state. Looking at the science behind microwaves, they use radio frequencies. This is certainly a frequency far different from what Aquaware uses, and is not beneficial . The radio waves that a microwave induces will cause the water molecules to vibrate at a extremely high speed. This causes molecular friction, which results in heat. Sometimes this friction will cause molecular bonds to break (in food and liquid), and will cause the DNA to break apart. This can make the molecular structure in food and liquid become unidentifiable and become a free-radical).


Please see your Users Manual and the screenshots and explanations for each of these modes. PLEASE NOTE: Manual Mode does not apply to either Water Prep or User Prep.

How long will Aquaware 5 water stay programmed?

Programmed water will stay that way until it evaporates, is microwaved or reprogrammed.

Why does water need to be “blank slated” before use with Aquaware?

If water is easily programmable, which it is, then it’s safe to assume that it carries programs based upon everywhere it’s been and everything and everyone it’s been exposed to. Those programs, or imprints, are what determine the shape of its crystal if it’s frozen (see Dr Emoto’s work and the “before and after” pictures of re-programmed water crystals). Therefore, the first thing that must be done is to “de-program” the water, or erase all its prior imprints . Using Water Prep turns the water into a “blank slate” so that the integrity of the Aquaware programming remains intact.

Does the water have to be physically next to me when I program my intentions?

No, the principles that govern this software are quantum based, so space, time and distance do not apply. The target water can be anywhere, only requiring you to put your attention on it. You cannot program the water in your body directly without ill effect. Aquaware is to be used to program water that is external to individuals, then ingested.

What type of water should I use?

Using as pure a water as possible is most efficient and effective (we think it’s crucial). Use spring water, or artesian well water. However, most bottled waters should also be fine. Generally your favorite is your favorite for a reason.

How much water is required to imprint an intent? What is the recommended amount?

You can use as little as 3 ounces of water per intent.

Why does the water taste different sometimes after I’ve programmed it?

Each intent in Aquaware carries a different frequency or level of vibration. When the water absorbs this frequency the taste is changed.

Can I program my food with intentions?

Yes, you can program anything that has water in a liquid state including food, cosmetics etc.

Can I go over the 100% power level and would it be effective?

Yes. You can go above the 100% power level. It seems that it is effective since multiple people have reported the effects being stronger. Instead of using the slider in the software image, try using the area where you can type in a number. You can type in numbers well over 100 in that box. The visuals are much stronger when you go over 100%. However, it is wise to gradually work up to this. Many have experienced a strong detox effect when going over the 100% power level. Sometimes a strong headache will occur for a day and a half after using Aquaware in this way for the first time. You may feel extremely “awesome” for a while, but the next day may develop a headache. It is recommended to periodically take a break from Aquaware to see if any detox effect then goes away. Despite the detox, many feel an overall profound change in the way they feel and the way they perceive the world around them. Nearly all have thanked Aquaware 5 and the people of its forums for this change.

Can I put the Aquaware 5 on my Android tablet?

No, Aquaware software only runs on the Windows Operating System. Specifics can be found on the website.

Does Aquaware work over a remote connection? For instance, if i have something like PCAnywhere and I connect to my home PC from work and run Aquaware.

Yes. Based on the fact you can charge water from any distance when using your computer. This is a just a slight twist on that.

How long does User Prep take in Aquaware 5?

3.1 seconds. The same as Water Prep – fast!

Is there a number to call for support for Aquaware 5?

Yes that number is 1-888-369-1396


What happens when I use Aquaware?

You are about to consciously direct and impress light frequencies in and through water via selectable intent. The frequencies create fundamental geometric liquid crystalline forms (much like snowflakes, or hexagonal geometry) in liquid. When you drink the liquid you have impressed with these frequencies, they communicate with you at the level of your own water-based blueprint, uncovering an array of more natural states of being.

What initial feelings or effects might I have after using this product?

Very frequently reported is a clear, profound and deeper connection with your body, a palpable sense of presence within your body and a growing comfort “in your own skin.” The result is a burgeoning and pristine self-image, which is so important it could be said to be everything. Also reported is an increasing awareness of fields and subtle energies, growing intuitional capabilities and connections to the indescribable “something” that adds to the profound beauty that you are.

When can I expect to see results from programming my intentions?

This is on an individual basis and requires a self-discovery process. Use a spray bottle to infuse intentions into your environment or ingest them. Users of Aquaware technology often report feeling immediate results. It depends upon the individual, the intention selected and the settings used.

Does programming intentions with Aquaware 5 depend on my mindset?

Yes, you should always be in a childlike, open mind when using Aquaware, this will help achieve the best results.

Can Aquaware cause physical detoxing to occur in my body?

Yes. It is important to start slowly at lower settings and build from there. Too much, too soon might result in a dull headache and/or some fatigue and/or other detox reactions, You can use Aquaware to alleviate these effects, but remember that you’ll want the power set significantly less than the levels that got you there to begin with. Remember, there are no actual dangers (only possible discomfort) with too much, too soon – UNLESS you’re detoxifying from drug or alcohol addiction. The Detox intent is NOT to be used for drug or alcohol addiction. If you do use it, you do so at your own risk.

Can there be any discomfort when using Aquaware?

It’s always best to trust your body when a process starts. Your body and the water are partners, and they know better than your conscious mind what to do, and although there may be some discomfort or other manifestations (in stool, urine, perspiration, etc.), any detoxing process will be as gentle as it can be. Equally, don’t be surprised if you undergo a detoxing process that you barely notice or don’t notice at all.

Can I use Aquaware daily?

You can use Aquaware as much as you want. Just be mindful of the fact you are using higher vibrational water and should listen to your own body to avoid detoxing.

What are some of the ways Programmed Water can be used?

1) Ingest – You can drink the water (self-empowerment and self-healing). 2) Skin Application – You can put it on your skin (skin conditions, sore joints, painful muscles), and scalp (hair regrowth, skin conditions). 3) Plants – You can feed it to your plants. 4) Clothes – You can wash your clothes with it for extra bright colors. 5) Eye Care – You can drip it into your eyes (cleanse and rejuvenate—a dropper is handy for this). 6) Bug Repellent – Put in a spray bottle and spray the air with it. There are many ways to use Aquaware – be creative! Please let us know how you have effectively used Aquaware to manifest change and good health in your life.

How often do I use the same intent?

Depending on the intent, you would continue use it until the desired results are achieved. Does programming intentions with Aquaware 5 depend on my mindset?

Can I program my intentions regarding other people, such as making someone fall in love with me?

No, Aquaware will only work if it’s in the persons highest good, if not the programming simply will not work.

If I use the Brilliant Beings intent, will I take on their characteristic?

This depends a lot on what you are programming and who you are. For best results, if you are a singer it makes more sense to use a singer intent rather than an athletic intent.

Assisting Others

If I am programming water for others do they have to know what I am doing?

No, but Aquaware has many safe guards built in. If your intentions are not pure or in the best interests of the person they are being delivered to, Aquaware simply will not work. Remember, the person for whom the water is being programmed must ingest that water, so you are going to have to communicate at some point. Aquaware cannot be used directly by you, or for anyone, without the medium of water.

Do I drink the water that I program for others?

No, any programmed water intended for another individual must be consumed by them.

Can I use Aquaware 5 over the phone with people if they have a glass/container of water?

Yes, as long as you take the time to explain to them how to make use of that programmed water. Have your own great experience with Aquaware 5 first. Read the Users Manual and the Intent Index so you know what you are doing and can answer questions they might have.

About 3 weeks ago, I started the aquaware beta. I am a single mom going through some really challenging moments. I have a 10 year old son who has been completely abandoned by his father 16 months ago. My son’s self-worth and self-esteem took a severe dive His passion is sports..He has always done well in school and in sports. This year with all the trauma we have gone through, it all started to affect him – grades dropping, interests diminishing, anxiety and self doubt increasing. I decided to program his water with sports enhancement, various athletes, study skills, reading, math, science, literature, writing skills, positivity, and optimism. I put together three different programs. I programmed 32 64 oz bottles of water. My son began drinking 16 ounces a day of water programmed with academics/good mood and my quantum layered sports 1 or Quantum layered Sports 2. We alternate between the sports programs each day but he’s drinking the academic and mood program daily. Our intention is to add 4 oz each week more of water until he reaches half his body weight of water. I didn’t want to chance any detox reactions. I can happily report his good mood and school enthusiasm has returned. Last week he was in a semi-final championship game of a 3 on 3 League. He faced a fierce competitor. His teammates were nervous as most 11 year olds are in a big game. My son told his teammate to trust him that he had this game and if they did the defending and got him the ball he guaranteed he would get the shots in. There was five minutes left in the game and they were down by 7 points. In those five minutes my son got nine baskets in and the other team didn’t score. They went on to the championship game last night. Facing the fiercest team of the league my son’s team was considered the underdog. My son devised a game plan and his teammates agreed. They were victorious. My son scored 22 baskets out of the 34 that his team. scored. They won the championship. The smile on my son’s face and his teammates face was as if they just won the NBA final. At the end of the game 2 High School refs came over to shake my son’s hand and congratulate him. They told him his game was unbelievable and how amazing he played. He was awarded MVP. At the end of the game, a handful of parents came up to me and commented on how unbelievable my son’s shots were in the last two games. That they were awestruck on how he stepped up his game and dominated the court. My son was beaming from ear-to-ear. People were taking pictures of him because they said they had to capture the outrageous smile on his face. He was bouncing off the walls with joy when we came home and told me that this was a night that he would never forget. We both agreed that the aquaware program definitely brought out his confidence and athletic skills to the max. Thank you Peter and the Modern Day Mystic team for the gifts you bring to people to enhance their life. We have approximately 60 days of programmed water. I can’t wait to write back about all the amazing outcomes he receives during this time. BLESSINGS! PATRICIA

Patricia Domestic Engineer/ Mental Health Therapist Aquaware 6 beta March 3, 2020

I am a actor that was having no luck in landing a acting role. I tried brilliant minds DiCaprio and the next movie role I landed a speaking role in a major movie. Thank you so much Aquaware 5.all actors should use it it sure worked for me.Watch for me in a movie with Spike Lee.

Mick Swartzenwick February 7, 2020

I was first introduced to AquaWare a few yrs ago, it was AW version 4.0 at the time. Had been dubious initially but an online interview w Peter included charging water and the difference in the feel, taste, and character before charging vs after was pretty astonishing. Though I could not fathom how it worked, ha (not intellectually anyway!) intuitively I was getting strong guidance to go for it. We began using the program and had some excellent results personally as did others to whom we introduced the technology.

Fast forward to a few months ago when I learned that an updated version had been released, AW 5.1. It offered some advanced and improved features & functions over ver 4.0, particularly the processing speed, ability to layer more intents into a Quantum Layering session (QLS file), and a few add’l features. I opted for AW 5.1, downloaded & installed it, and felt such a powerful affinity to the new version that I began to use it daily, often multiple times daily, to astonishing effect in many instances. The Custom Intents were part of the earlier version however for whatever reason I was not drawn to use them nearly as much.

I have experienced phenomenal results with AW 5.1 since firing it up for the first time earlier this year in terms of health & fitness, energy, relationships, intuitive capacity, consciousness, spiritual evolution/awakening, and perhaps the most significant area for me, manifestation! Directing one’s attention to the target H2O vessel absolutely changes the qualities of the water (texture/feel, taste, energy, etc), charges it with one’s chosen intent, and undeniably brings about often remarkable effects & results after drinking, sometimes almost instantly.

We love AW 5.1, and are having an amazing, fun time using it and would highly recommend to others, even if one is unable to explain or thoroughly understand the technology. Peters says water is THE most programmable substance on the planet, I have to agree and am genuinely grateful to have been able to incorporate it into my life on too many levels to count!

Alan Raicer Master Manifestor AW 5.1 September 30, 2019

A couple of months back I did an Advanced Features algorithm on Aquaware 5 for a friend of mine who was struggling in his business due to marketing inexperience. I wrote “Mr xxx is very wealthy selling his product all over the world all clients having fantastic results giving everyone great happiness and lush hair of original colour harm to none” . I used the technique a lady used on one of your youtube testimonials, which was along the lines of “ Read the quantum numeric number and state: this intention is flowing into me/xx, and my water, fully activating the manifestation in me/xx in all levels with consciousness now and forever, harm to none.” Well, he has just opened a factory in China producing his product as they think it’s amazing!!!! So how’s that for a result 😀

A user Self employed Aquaware 5 April 11, 2019

After using the super I.Q quantum intent on Aquaware 5.1; I noticed an almost instant understanding of a variety of subject manner. Other effects included increased synchronicity with information; as soon as I thought of what I wanted to learn a flood of resources seemed to align in my reality. Concepts and ideas that would have been a great effort to comprehend appeared as a stream of information flowing through my mind.

Franklin Pierce Famulski Graphic Designer Ontario Canada April 10, 2019

I used Aquaware to help heal a lovely old dog after he was attracted by a new younger dog who had been introduced into the household. I gave him a Q Shield to ware and there was no more conflict. He also got he’s confidence back.

January 30, 2019

Using Aquaware to raise the vibration of food, to reduce and remove imflamation from the body. I also use the Terra Resonator to raise my vibrations and to manifest new contracts for work. Also I have HFA V2 in my car, amazing product!!! No stress while driving, get thur traffic with out any issues, passengers are in a bubble of joy and peace.

January 30, 2019

I am using aqua ware a bit of time, I tryed and other programs and I can say that they have really effect. Simple example is that one time I was programmed coffee for my wife with relax session, but she did not know it. Then she was drink it, and after she said to me, oh my God I just feel somehow more relaxed, then I was tell her that I was using aquaware. Second thing is with herpes on lip of my douther, in evening we was programmed water and she was drinking and looking in computer screen during session and tommorow was almost gone. I am using aqua ware with all possibilities and I can say that I am feeling much powerfull.

January 30, 2019

I’ve only had my HFA Mini a few weeks. One of the major changes I have noticed is I’m feeling happier, more energetic & less stressed. I am very excited about how quickly I’ve noticed these changes. Also, with the Aquaware 7 day trial, I noticed feeling energetic – less tired. I am sold on it. I will be purchasing it in a couple of days! It’s like having a Genie in our house. There are so many intents – it’s limitless -I get excited. Can’t wait to see more positive results. Here’s a SPECIAL THANK YOU to Peter Schenk for his brilliant creations, & the love I feel in watching the MDM Minute Videos. Thank you for all you do and for sharing these wonderful products with us. I am so excited about them and look forward to each new creation. Your videos are so uplifting & powerful. Thank you so much for sharing , Sincerely, Deanna

M. Deanna Morrissey retired... HFA MINI AND AQUAWARE January 8, 2019

I have discovered that by holding my Facial Cleansers , Creams and Lotions ( I buy them on sale at the pharmacy, ) while running an Aquaware5 Custom Intention for Perfect Skin, Anti Aging, Hydration, Skin Cancer Prevention, Tea Tree Oil, and whatever pops into my head, converts a $10.00 off the shelf product, into a powerful, yet gentle skin formula. Regarding Toothpaste, I create a Custom Intention for Teeth and Gum Health etc. I not only save money that I need for other things, but I self nourish my health and well being.
Thank you Peter.

Aquaware Fan for over 5 years Aquaware April 5, 2018

Dear Peter! We had almost an unbeliefeable experience with Aquaware 3 or 4 – I am not sure about wich one it was. My son had an insect bite. It must have been a really bad on. The hand swole up, got red and a red line started to wander up the arm. It was frightening and my husband wanted to go to the hospital. But I am not really a fan of hospitals – both of my sons are home birth. So I asked for some time to try the Aquaware Programm first – I made my son a nice bath and programmed the water with insect bite, detox and cleanse and rejuvenate general. I also programmed him some drinking water. He took the bath and after about 30 minutes the swelling was gone the red colour of the hand was two-thirds vanished and the red line of the lower arm was not here anymore. It was just great and for me like a wonder. Thank you Peter for your marvellous work. Much love Bettina

Bettina Schwarz Hauptstraße 25 8650 February 22, 2018

If I need an energy pattern transferred into into water, quickly, efficiently, and effectively, no matter where the water is located, one of my main methods, which works exceptionally well is run Aquaware 5. It is easy to use, works exceedingly well, has lots of pre-formulated intentions (which Peter refers to as “intents”). However, to me the most important features are that it is easy to use and it works even when I’m tired.

When I’m tired that it can be difficult for me to maintain the state of focused relaxation that I seem to need to manifest intents if I’m not using the automated, reliable assistance, provided by Aquaware 5. It is at these times that I send a lot of gratitude to Peter, in the form blessings. For instance, the other night, I needed a Bach Flower Essence to transmit to a friend and Aquaware 5 provided and integrated the energy pattern into water quickly and efficiently. My friend is a documented medical intuitive, who confirmed that the energy pattern was correct. What can be better than that? Thank you Peter!

Howard L. Silverman, PhD, (DC-retired) Energy/Spiritual Healer/Consultant - www, Aquaware 5 February 22, 2018

Hi Peter,
I’ve had Aquaware 5 for a couple of years. I’ve used it for so many things, and it’s become so much a part of my life, that it’s become almost matter of fact. What a blessing! I’ll pick one- stopping colds. At first sniffle, or the hint of a sore throat, I program the water using a combination of programmed as well as a custom program. Works every time. And I’ve done it long distance for others as well.

I really enjoy sending the water program to friends, as we discuss it, and I customize it for them. It’s been successful for everything from finding the perfect car to buy, to allergies and stress. I did a long distance program for a horse who had some severe cuts and injuries. It was so gratifying to hear he had healed! And I sent a program to a local health fair two friends were coordinating. They were stressed to the max and exhausted with all they had to do. And yet the day of the fair, they noticed all of a sudden they got calm and had stamina, plus all the help they needed, AND the vibes throughout the fair were noticeably very positive and uplifting. I had sent them a program of Peace and Calm, and Strength and Endurance, and to the Fair – Love.

The following is from a friend I send a program to about twice a month:

“As a sweat lodge facilitator, since utilizing the water programs, I have felt a noticeable increase in my endurance during the lodge and a quicker recovery time afterwards.

When the humidity inside the lodge is programed, there seems to be greater clarity, increased endurance and expanded awareness for many of the participants. They have reported this enhanced experience even without the knowledge that a program was in place.”

I do a program of Strength and Endurance for the facilitator. And for the humidity in the sweat lodge: Forcefield Ascended Space, Forcefield Meditation, and Unconditional Love.

Thank you so much for this awesome program and all the other products you have brought to the world.

Joann Caruso EFT Facilitator Aquaware 5 February 21, 2018

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I have owned Aquaware 5.0 for several years. Today I chose (finally) to create my own customized intention session.

Last September I fractured my small left toe. It has “healed” and I still some residual nerve pain that often flairs up at night and keeps me awake. Yesterday a healer worked on this nerve pain issue and told me that, from time to time, I might want to have on hand and use the essential oil, Rutavala, especially if the pain were to flair up.

Since I am unable to get Rutavala immediately, I decided to use Aquaware and create a customized intent with my intention and the frequency of Rutavala (as well as the visual of the bottle of Rutavala).

I just ran Aquaware with the Rutavala intention. The water is very full-bodied and silky tasting. My foot already is definitely less achy. Hmmm…WHAT ELSE IS POSSIBLE?

Thank you, Peter Schenk, for all your creations. I often forget what I already have on hand and will remember to use your tools more often.

Mark Hernandez Holistic Practitioner Aquaware 5.0 February 20, 2018

Hi Peter,

I’m writing to give you a yearly update on my Aquaware progress. Over the past year, these are just some of the miracles:

First signs of colds/flu viruses disappear with a variety of intents ranging from immune system and flu to perfect health

Whilst making a very rough sea crossing on a boat across the Irish sea a few months ago, I was 100% successful at avoiding sea sickness by using the “motion sickness” intent. Pretty amazing given that the crossing was so bad everyone was sick and couldn’t stand up. I, on the other hand was loving the journey!

One of my favourite custom intents is “good vibes” as it helps my surrounding environment and the mood of the people I interact with.

As a result of living and working in stressful environments, I have been making small, steady and positive steps in my job conditions and people generally. This has been really tough so to make any progress at all is a wonderful thing and I am finding that each small step I make with Aquaware intents, the old, lower vibrations are slowly disappearing opening me to newer, lighter opportunities.

As an energy sensitive, an interesting thing that I have experienced is – being used to clearing energy for many years, I don’t suffer from detox reactions but if there is a very serious spiritual energetic issue that I am trying to clear with a specific, custom or variety of intents, I sometimes feel a kind of energetic ‘residue’ for a day or two until I meditate on the issue further and I process it at a more conscious level then the old energy releases and dissipates from me. In this case, I find Aquaware as a guiding tool to let the issue come to the surface faster and move on.

I have also helped the children of my friends make good academic progress with specific academic intents including one for ‘courage’ on the day of a very difficult exam that they were unlikely to pass but they did! Also, a friend who used to get very stressed and emotional easily is now much happier and positive thanks to Aquaware.

A multitude of thanks to you.

Sarah Lewis Aquaware 5 February 18, 2018

Unforgettable Dream / Aquaware 5.

At night I prepared a bottle of water to drink with the Aquaware 5
. In the morning when I woke up I remembered my dream, which does not happen to me much. I dreamed that I was walking on the water toward the land which was not so far away. I sat down and thought. I would have to walk again on the water but the distance would be much greater. I would have to be strong, not look aside, have positive thinking and move forward with just one goal, to live! If I failed I would sink and die. This dream was to show me the reality of my life and how to overcome my obstacles by being strong and optimistic.

Thanks Peter for all you do !

Re Fedon February 17, 2018

Hi Peter, I have been using Aquaware for my current PostMan and a Friend. First the MailMan: He is a rather large man and has had low energy…I have been doing a QLC for him for over a year now and after I had asked him if he would be interested in me doing some things energetically for him, he agreed whole heartedly, which made me happy. I told him I would do a Quantum Layering Grouping for him and I would charge his water everyday (which he was using only water on his route), so that was great. After doing it daily for him for two weeks, I happened to be around when he came with my mail and I asked him how he was doing. He replied and said, ‘actually things have been much easier’…and ‘people have been very friendly and helpful to me’. Which before that wasn’t the norm. I don’t see him much because of my own personal responsibilities, but, when I do, I tell him I am still charging his water everyday and he calls back to me….please continue and thank you for it is helping.
Second: a friend of mine (female) has gone through a divorce, having to sell her house and look for another job and all and all. Once I did the charging for her (she accepted it wonderfully and thanked me too…a lot), and even had to have ‘pyshic protection’ because of what her ex was doing…and she said she could feel the energy (I am so glad others can at times) and she has felt that it has helped her emotionally, financially getting more a handle on things, people showing up to help her in ways she wasn’t expecting…and on and on. I continue to charge her water everyday (without charging her…she is a good friend), and have changed it up (Quantum Laying) as needed.
Third: One of the feral kitties that I take care of (he is an outside feral that only lets me get 3 feet to him) had gotten a very large abcess on his neck, probably due to a fight or trying to catch something to eat, even though I feed them (hi, his Mom and Dad) twice a day, they still will hunt and I am OK with that. Well, the abcess was so large he had trouble swolloing and since he wouldn’t let me near him…I decided to charge his water twice a day as well as pray for him. Also, I did for a day or two put vitamin c in his food, though I don’t know if he ate any of it…well, I know he drank the water. I made a ‘custom charging’ up for him and within five days the abcess had reduced a lot and then finally broke open and he continued to eat and sleep a lot. I continued to charge his water and I am so so so glad to tell you this here that he is healing so so so well and when it snowed last week he was out in it and playing with the snow! He was not hurting and he is continuing to heal and get stronger too. His appetite has returned fully and he looks at me like to say…thanks for your help. When a feral cat gets an abcess like that …it can be hard on them and I was so so so glad I could help him through his water.
Fourth: I have been charging my own water daily and do different themes. Sometimes I get it perfectly, and other times I have to ‘tweek’ it. Usually I do a ‘Quantum Laying’ for I guess I want more ‘bang for the buck’…LOL…but, I am usually guided to what to do. Currently I am using several ‘Quantum Laying’ sessions for myself and noticing an improvement in a number of ways. To be honest here, I don’t just use Aquaware, I use the Pyramids too and other things that I have gotten from other sources and sometimes combing them is powerful.

Hope this helps others and you Peter. Thanks. Sherry 🙂

Keep up the great work you do.


Sherry 151 Shale Drive Aquaware 5 February 17, 2018

Dear Peter:
I have such a serious amount of respect for you Peter and gratitude for all the tools you brought into our reality to help us all thrive! If you have Aquaware 5 and are not totally immersed, you are crazy! If you don’t have Aquaware 5, you need to get it now! My life and the lives of those I love have changed in 6 weeks, and one of those weeks was for learning!!! It is the greatest gift I was ever given which I received on July 17th and here is what it has done for me and mine thus far and I am still learning!

TOO BIG TO PUT A # ON MY 1ST CUSTOM INTENTION. I WAS TO BE ABLE TO HEAR CLEARLY AND UNDERSTAND MY 20 YEAR OLD SON WHO PASSED AWAY IN OCTOBER. I had been able to communicate through a shaman and feel him always but only hear him occasionally. After the custom intention, I can hear him constantly and easily. We can actually talk. That is the greatest blessing of my entire life.

1. Bug bites is my experiment in how often I have to run the program to maintain the intent. I ran it 10 days in a row, stopped, and went 2 weeks without bug bites (I live in Florida where mosquitoes are wicked with all the rain we are receiving they’re especially bad). I ran it once (with 36 fractals (not recommended by Peter as it can put you down for 3 days if you don’t work up to it) manually) and after that it lasted a week. So now I run it once a week and have had no bug bites. My study now, is to create a finite understanding of how it operates in me and how long it lasts!

2. My friend who gifted me the program works as a jeweler at flea markets. He was all depressed as in an entire morning he only made $30. I created a custom intent and ran it every hour without him drinking the water. The intention was on my picture and written for him. I run it and read the quantum # aloud and say, this intention is flowing into (my friend), fully activated to manifest within him every second of every day now and forever. He ended with $515 that day which was greater than he expected to make. I did that for another woman in a similar circumstance and it worked for her to make $500 also. On Saturday, my friend was really slow again and I ran it again every hour and he made $630 with an average sale of $20.

3. I ran my bliss combination for a girlfriend each day and after 5 days she got a job/partnership offer at a spa. (Bliss combination: Alchemy 1, Alchemy 2, Infinite Durability, I am Presence. Energy Master, Flow/Synchronicity, Success in any Endeavor, Unconditional Love bliss 24 7, Bliss) and I charge my morning coffee with this and it keeps me in such a great space all day.

4. My big event was producing a client with collateral for a large project funding for one of my partners. That followed by an additional separate funding situation. They are in process but take much longer to manifest into reality and truthfully are difficult. I view this as the opportunities opened up which showed up out of thin air. I cannot continue the intentions with the strength they would need to manifest in my opinion. The intentions are so strong they put my partner in bed and he cannot work even though he does not drink the water. That is how I learned I can direct the intentions to me and ____. I use my picture and it works. I run customs quantum layering full strength every few hours and it knocks him out so please take heed, this is not a toy, it is powerful. I have not stopped but have lessened the frequency of running so I do not know what the outcome will be.

What we were able to do through intentions in the interim is find the funds for a business transaction which is my future and we are waiting today for the wire to be received on our 1st closing with many more to follow.

I also found an old friend of mine in Africa who I haven’t spoken to in 10 years and this money will set me up in my own structure and we will be in business that will heal all of our financial wounds. Separate from this availability of funding my business, a friend of mine committed to put up the funds I need to begin. Again from intentions.

5. I have been running quantum layering sessions to heal my thyroid. I run it every day since I learned how to do it. Just this week, my index and middle finger nails on both hands are smooth. It is the beginning of healing. Ridged nails and hair loss are 2 of the big symptoms of thyroid problems, which I have in spades. Just for the record, I have bought almost every organic solution on the market and nothing has worked. I also run a quantum on my hair loss and I am cleaning up far less hair off my floor AND, I did natural hair color and would have had to dye my hair a week ago to cover the gray and it is just now starting to show. I will be running that forever…lol. I have also had teeth and periodontal problems for years. I run that quantum almost every day and no more infection and my teeth do not hurt!

6. My girlfriend, who is an RN, was trying to get a contract from a doctor to do coaching sessions for more than 3 months. He was so indecisive. I ran an abundance combination and wrote a script of custom intentions for her work and in 3 days she got the contract.

7. I live off of an income from my inheritance, which is not much but has kept me alive. After 45 months, my dear friend whose company does the investing went left. No money this month. I did a loving custom to suggest he do the right thing and fix the problem which he did within 3 days.

8. One of the guys I work with got quite aggressive towards me suddenly. I did a custom intention to have him treat me from the love in his heart and it has worked incredibly well. Things are smooth again.

9. My daughter is a 1st grade teacher and it is the start of a new school year. She has a weak immune system and always gets very sick in the beginning of the year, which is the worst time for her to be out of school. I did a custom healing for her this weekend and made her drink a gallon of it in 2 days. She was able to go to school on Monday healthy.

10. I woke up one day and could not walk. I had pain in my thighs that I can only equate to childbirth. This went on a few days and I looked up the spiritual meaning of pain in the thighs. It is the fear of failure. Since I have a long troubled past 20 years of trying to help bring money in from the dark to be used for good, I have a deep seated fear of failure. I ran a custom intention to release the fear of failure frequently and in 2 days the pain was gone, I could walk, and I feel so much lighter. I still run that intention every day.

11. Lastly, I thought I would share this one, which is a work in progress with me. I have been running a weight loss intention and it is working, but not as quickly as I hoped (patience is not my strong suit). I do a quantum layer with 9 of the same 9 intentions in it and charge a gallon at a time…“my metabolism will run at the speed of light and safely burn up melt and expel fat which while leaving my body safely will tighten my skin to fit my smaller form creating a thin beautiful youthful body”

Anyway Peter, you are a gift to our world and I am such a grateful recipient. I watched some of the MDM minutes (I haven’t explored much as I wanted to see what I could do on my own from a blank slate) and you give gifts freely which can change people’s lives. I have a dear spiritual friend who is doing your body geometry as he cannot afford the program yet and he says it is incredible. (I run intentions for him too)
I do not understand why this is not viral and a requirement for every person on the planet especially businesses. When I get through this phase perhaps we can talk about that. I would like to help you anyway I possibly can as you have changed my life forever.


Dawn Longhi August 30, 2017

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The intentions I can add to my water just keep amazing me!! MY back hurt so much for two weeks, I finally remembered seeing the Intention, Emulate a cranial sacral session, so I put that in a large glass of water. Within 20 minutes the pain was not only gone, my back felt just like it has when I have gone in for these live cranial sacral sessions, and paid 75.00! Thank you Peter, for creating such an exceptional program, my words do not even BEGIN to describe what I have received from using Aquaware 5! Extremely grateful to you, Peter!

Karen August 24, 2017

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I LOVE the aquaware 5, I have a yard full of weeds, and I cannot use anything, because I am sensitive and I have dogs that I love! A couple of weeks ago I created my own Intent to get rid of weeds and ants!! This week, I noticed the weeds are disappearing, and no more are coming! It was so bad that the weeds were overtaking the grass!! Now I have it solved, and the cool thing is that grass is growing where the weeds used to be!!!!!

Karen C May 7, 2017

Dear Peter thank you so much for the extended trial of Aquaware 5! It is truly wonderful and in that time I have seen so many shifts from health to environmental cleansing for my whole neighbourhood. I am definitely hooked and will be purchasing as soon as I can. It is so generous of you to offer this trial and I am promoting it to all my friends and colleagues. Onwards and upwards to brilliant health and happy lives for everyone. Thank you!! best wishes to you and many more super products. Rahima

Rahima Sayer February 26, 2017

There was a strong urine smell in my car. I went to Aquaware and used the cleaning water intent poured it on a cloth and wiped the seat and poured the rest on the floor and just rubbed it in with the cloth. Instantly everything was squeaky clean…and no trace of the smell…freaking fantastic!!!

Hailey Cohen February 15, 2017

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This program is profound! I have a front load washing machine, that no matter what I did, smelled like mildew after doing laundry. I cannot be around chemicals, so cleaning it was always difficult! However, I used the mold/mildew specifically for the water in my washer, ran a normal load through with hot water, nothing else, no clothes or detergent, and it has no more odor! The washer loks NEW and smells NEW! I lOVE this software program!

Karen Clothier February 9, 2017

I stumbled across Peter purely by accident just before xmas. I hardly check my junk mail folder but I guess the universe prompted to. There i found an email which shouldn’t have been there from a mailing list I like to hear from. The email talked about manifesting technology using water which immediately grabbed me as this is the stuff i am way into. I immediately started following Peter and on xmas eve bought Aquaware 5, Sourxe 5 and had a 30 min session with him. The changes I have experienced have been remarkable esp to do with my finances. My property was vacated by my tenants 3 weeks ago and I was worried I would find it difficult to find new tenants and replace my income. Without much effort at all I now have 3 offers on a new tenancy!

Also other business and easy income generating streams and businesses have come my way.

Dealing with Peter is an absolute pleasure. He is the most generous giving man I have met in this industry and his customer service is exceptional and second to none. This guy is truly a modern day wizard and I follow him with great interest and enthusiasm.

When finances allow I will have no hesitation in buying all of his products.

Thanks again Peter. You rock!

Sandy Goel February 7, 2017

Hi all, I have used this AWESOME PROGRAM for over three months! It is Fantastic. I am allergic to bee stings. I was stung about two weeks ago. I used AQUAWARE 5 PROGRAM and the bee sting stopped hurting in 5 to 8 minute. The swelling stopped. It was gone with in two days!!! The photo with my face in it is about 3 minutes after sting. Next photo is about 6 hours later. The two arm photo is the next day. As you can see swelling almost gone. See photos! All I can say is WOW!!! Thank you Peter Schenk!!!

2017-01-06 12.56.21 2017-01-05 15.45.48 2017-01-05 15.07.15



Blaines Parrishen January 21, 2017

I would like to leave feedback on this product, which I purchased and then left alone for around six months. However, sometime during the fun I had with SourxeV I decided to try this. To say it is easy is an understatement. I really love both of these products. Aquaware V is so multi-faceted and the a lot of care has gone into the creation of the intent – so many that I sometimes get very confused about which to use first. I feel like a child in a sweet shop and want to try every sweet there is. I love the layering, as when used for a clearing it is superb. The ascended spaces and sleeping space are truly masterpieces and get such fantastic results for me and my family.
These two products almost make all the others out there on the market redundant in light of the speed at which they work and the ease of use. Thank you so much for these Peter and again, a big massive hug as I have experienced so many changes and wonderful miracles that I am constantly in awe of how much further I can go with Aquaware 5 and and also Sourxe V.

Naz M December 22, 2016

Just for fun I tried the fatloss and body sculpting intentions. I only did it once a day and its been two weeks. I went to get dressed today and grabbed the wrong pants but did not realize it until I already had them on and they were “skinny girl” pants I havent been able to fit i. For em on no problem!! Did not change my diet or show up at the gym! Fantastic!

Amy October 20, 2016

Dear Peter!
I had a very big success with Aquaware 5. Some days ago I had terrible headache. After one day I decided to make a Quantum layering Session with – head ache, pain, chronic pain, neckline,… I drank one glass of it, but nothing happend, I drank another one – but no result. Then I thought maybe it is not the body. So I made another QLS. This time I used – aura clearing, negative entity removal, higher level help, psychic protection, protective auric shield, chacra third eye, kundalini activation and ectasy. You can see – not one pain remove frequency. But what a surprise. After just one glass of it half of the headache was gone. In about 2 hours my head was painfree again and the pain did not return. Now I use this QLS almost every day because it feels sooo good. Thank you for this wonderful tool.
Much love, Bettina from Austria

Bettina Schwarz September 19, 2016

Dear Peter!
First I have to congratulate you for this wonderful product you have created. Before I worked with Aquaware 3 and 4 but Aquaware 5 is much more fun to use. It is so quick and clear especially to create a quantum layering session – with 9 different intents – it is done in a few minutes. I really love it. Also the possibility to search for an indent is great.
Tank you so much you did a very good job.
A big hug Bettina from Austria

Bettina Schwarz September 16, 2016

So I was going to do a short YouTube vid for this but my dog took off upstairs before may still but for now…
Came to Missouri (known by many as misery state) for good reason, with my dog in 2010 from CO, had never used poison flea/tick crap on him as it wasn’t an issue in CO! Had to here and still took 50-60 ticks off my dog every spring/summer. In 2014 I met Peter and Aquaware 4, started using pet-flea &tick dropped by over 1/2 on ticks, no fleas, enter Aquaware 5 and this being one of the worst tick seasons ever, 1 tick this entire year and it wasn’t sucking blood when I found it, no poison crap at all just 9 layers of A-5 intents he drinks period and a good diet! I loved A-4 but I’m here to tell you folks A-5 blows the doors off of 4 hands down! Bless you Peter for another outstanding product! xoxo

Georgia August 15, 2016

The Aquaware 5 is wonderful…so much faster and easier to use.

kathryn dickinson August 15, 2016

I’ve had a cold sore for days. Extremely painful..
Took out my laptop and turned on Aquaware for Virus and Herpes.
I was so happy when the pain was virtually gone in 15 minutes!

Aine Delaney August 14, 2016

Some custom intent ideas that have worked well to date include: a variety of tree and gem essences, sage essential oil, Ho’oponopono frequency, electrolyte balance and an emulated reflexology session. The forcefield intents continue to provide positive results everywhere. Many thanks!

Sarah Lewis August 14, 2016

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Am really enjoying AW5, and especially appreciate its greater running speed and ease of building and modifying QLS programs. Glad I got the upgrade!

Dina Sara Levine July 7, 2016

Aquaware 5 is truly amazing! After only 6 days things have already begun to shift. Before I began using this I would awaken nightly with terrible fear…now it is almost.completely.gone! I feel more relaxed daily and I notice I do not react as much as I used to. Some of the sessions have created instant change with an instant knowing that things are now going to be different. It is so easy to use and the results are tangible. To anyone looking for rapid, complete.transformation, you HAVE to try Aquaware5! You will thank yourself:)

Amy July 7, 2016

5 star rating for the new Aquaware 5. Just after 2 weeks, little health miracles from whiter teeth to clearer skin have began to appear. The biggest surprise was when I tried the ‘heaven’ forcefield in my office and saw my colleagues lighten up and smile for the first time instead of their usual stressed appearance. The ‘friendly universe’ intent has also produced some really good vibes wherever I go. Thank you Thank you Thank you.

Sarah Lewis June 18, 2016

I have created a layer session with sinus, sore throat, viral infection, bacterial infection, vitamin D and general wellbeing (CAR and HP) and love in manual mode with 4% charge.
At the onset of a cold/flu like symptoms I charge 6 to 10 ounces of water with this layer session for my family members and myself and it helps us overcome the cold/flu.
Whenever my family members feel the cold and flu like symptoms they get a glass/bottle of water and call me and ask me to run the ” heal cold” Aquaware Magic.
I had a similar layer session with Aquaware 4.0, the difference I see with Aquaware 5 is that it is soooo much more powerful. Thanks Peter for creating such wonderful and powerful products!

Opal G June 13, 2016

I used a layered intent with good luck, iINTHE FLOW, cash, abundance and a few other goodies. I decided to take this seriously and used 100% strength for every 6 ounces then drank a quart of it throughout the day.

The following day I received an overpayment of $90 on my paycheque which I brought to the attention of the director and she said, “The instructors don’t get paid nearly what they’re worth just keep it.
Day 2, I was offered $430 in services which were 100% desireable and expensive providing that I enter an upcoming art show. Of course I used brilliant minds 🙂 I created 4 paintings in two days which is a pretty good speed for me. I only had a 1/2 day to frame so I didn’t enter the show but volunteered there instead and gave up the $430. Only when I was reflecting on what a fabulous day I had did I realize that the VALUE had been in connecting and networking with several artists and two very excellent artists gave me their personal contact info.
I was feeling over the moon with joy and definitely in the flow. The FREE artwork I received from one of my new contacts is a wonderful physical reminder.

Day 3 I did a favour for a friend of a friend regarding her cat. She GIFTED me a 6 week course that cost $260 . I would not have been able to take the course otherwise. It was an extremely generous gift for what I did. Defnite ABUNDANCE. and the course will have far reaching effects.

A couple days passed and I was asked if I would like another class before the end of the month. I work for it but it’s still FINANCIAL GAIN.

To top it all off I got caught up in the positive vibe and momentum and submitted artwork for an art market in a larger city this summer and was accepted. Considering 99% of what I paint is in a drawer or used for instruction this is a new path and I’m going with the flow intent layered and creative layered intents for awhile.

This was a really fun experience and my curiousity is now piqued for what else is possible with Aquaware.

Thanks Peter!


Barbara Lammi June 1, 2016

Aquaware is an easy-to-use breakthrough software that merges ancient knowledge, quantum physics and your own consciousness to create paradigm-shifting, life-changing results.
Take your deepest desires and manifest them into YOUR reality – Aquaware 5.0 makes it all possible! Transform your water… transform your life.

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