Optimal performance in life and living requires balance. The body, mind and Spirit are pillars for actualizing your greatest potential. We know that sometimes taking the first step can be the hardest. For others it’s staying the course. We are here to inspire you in as many ways as possible. We are going to be interacting with you every day and you will receive videos daily during the 30 Day Challenge that will provide you with a variety of techniques designed to support you in achieving optimum health and well-being body, mind and spirit. Additionally, what I will be doing on an energetic level is going to rock your world. This sets us apart from any other program you’ve ever tried.

The commitment of us being here in the present of this life time, is a self-reminder that it is TIME; time to be fully released and to increase this great Vision beyond what any human has ever seen before. We are assisting each one of you by facilitating your awakening to greater wisdom and power. Its treasure is not from a hunt, rather a finding of own self-identity and fearless actions that you take to embrace this gift.

We bring you these messages of hope, faith and love to help you see the vision of that which is your birth right, the ultimate truth of what is ours to enjoy. When we are in harmony and balance Body, Mind and Spirit, life moves forward freely and in an open and receptive manner to all that is.

Our vision is the quest long searched for, Now Found.

On behalf of myself and the team, thank you for your participation.

Peter Schenk

In addition to developing and perfecting powerful quantum energy-based software platforms, Modern Day Mystic Founder Peter Schenk provides continued outreach through weekly podcasts, lectures to groups around the world, workshops and one-on-one sessions. For nearly twenty years, Peter has been on a mission to marry the physical and the meta-physical through the mystical power of numbers.

Before creating Modern Day Mystic, Peter Schenk developed software to bolster the fortunes of one of the largest financial institutions on the planet. But after a turning point in his spiritual awakening, he realized he was intended to serve a greater purpose. Since that time, Peter’s gaze has been fastened to improving the fortune of humankind, helping to prepare humanity for the New Age.

Rino Sorino

Rino Soriano is Creator of Consciousity Web TV & Founder of Youngevity Health. He is an intuitive holistic health coach, transformational speaker and pioneer in the realm of expanding Consciousness.

Known as the Conscious Health Alchemist, Rino is creating a bridge to a new reality for planet earth. From luminous health to harmonic relationships to living an adventurous life, Rino inspires and shares profound treasure troves of wisdom on how to embody a Higher Conscious so you may live a delicious & victorious life.

You can visit RinoSoriano.com & Consciously.tv to discover more.

Donna Whittington

Donna began working with Peter Schenk, Modern Day Mystic in 2014. During that time, she worked with him to produce the Modern Day Mystic show broadcasted LIVE on the Modern Day Mystic and Self Empowerment Technology YouTube Channel. The LIVE show features Modern Day Mystic products, participant activations, and prominent guests. Donna holds two degrees in Social Work and is in the midst of completing her Love/Relationship Coaching Certificate.

Wendy Johns

Wendy Johns is a Transformational Holistic Health Coach and Energy Healer from Louisville, Kentucky.

After being diagnosed as completely healthy by several doctors in her late 20’s, Wendy still suffered from almost debilitating fatigue. It was then she realized she had to find the answers to her health problems herself. Upon discovering how to maximize health through eating for your blood type, she realized that much of the disease causing inflammation was due to food sensitivities that were not often misdiagnosed or completely overlooked by the standard medical model. Truly, one man’s food can be another man’s poison.

However, just a few years into health coaching, she discovered a second, perhaps primary piece of the puzzle in creating a healthy body. Healing inflammation (the precursor to all disease) also required looking at the vibrational field created by the experience of intense emotions. This inquiry led her to a unique modality as a facilitator of clearing toxic emotions (CTE). Founder of CTE, Dawn Clark, with the assisted research of Stanford University Scientists, discovered that by releasing stored toxic emotions from our energy field (underlying energetic blueprint) the pH of our blood moves into an alkaline state. Disease can only exist in an acidic environment.

Further through this process, the body’s bio-photonic output (light and life force) was significantly increased and brain waves normalized.

Wendy’s own healing through these significant findings have launched her on a mission to empower and inspire others to heal themselves naturally by re-connecting with all states of life — physical, mental, emotional and energetic bodies.

Wendy’s Health Coaching would be a great fit for you if you have:

  1. Autoimmune symptoms/inflammation
  2. Excess Weight
  3. Unexplained Fatigue
  4. Anxiety, Stress, Sleeplessness
  5. Frequent Colds, Allergies, Flu
  6. Emotional Traumas
  7. A Desire to Transform Your Health from a State of Surviving Into a State of Thriving!

*Please contact Wendy at 502-648-7433 or e-mail [email protected] for your complimentary discovery session.

Maria Del Rocio Barajas

Maria Del Rocio Barajas is an Oriental Medicine Master, acupuncture physician, Reiki Master, medical intuitive, registered nurse, Access Consciousness Bars Facilitator, wellness coach. An artist of the heart, her paintings, writings and treatments create portals of light that awaken and expand creator consciousness. She also uses instruments of light, including tuning forks, to create music that raises frequency, harmonizes and balances the body and being.

Maria Barajas graduated University Suma Cum Laude. She is the recipient of several awards including the Disney Dreamers and Doers Award, Presidents Leadership Award and has been written about in the Cambridge Who’s Who Vanity publisher. She has also experience as a journalist feature editor and writer. For seven years she served as a critical care, intensive care and emergency room nurse.

Jim Standish, RM/T

Founder I Ching Tools

JIM STANDISH is a Board Certified, Registered Reiki Master/Teacher. His interest in Metaphysics began at an early age as his father, James Sr., was a devout student of Mysticism and active member of several Mystery Schools. In high school he was fascinated with Abe Maslow and the concept of the self actualizing personality. Why was it so many other famous mental health professionals focus on the ills of mankind where Abe focused on understanding what made the best, the best. In the early eighties Jim had the opportunity to meet Mary Miller and experience what is now the I Ching Systems Technology. This began a long journey of self understanding.

“In the early days of the Gentle Wind Project I was what was known as an Instrument Keeper. This simply meant that I was responsible for making an instrument available to anyone in need within my geographical area. Something I still do to this day. In the late 1990’s I read “A Map To God” by Susie Anthony. The book was part of a spiritual awakening that took place for me in the Yucatan. This led me to seek the advice of the ancient Mayan Shaman Community. Going on 18 years now I continue my sojourns to the Yucatan to participate in the Mayan Temascal ritual.

In the summer 2008 I had the opportunity to be tutored by Judith Struck in the art of Reiki. Her knowledge and skill allowed me to peal back the layers of what is perceived as reality in an extremely profound way. I got to experience first hand just how fine the line really is between the physical world and the non-physical world. From my perspective, ascension IS the process of merging these two worlds.

So I come with open arms, a loving heart, and a ton of knowledge, wanting to share what has been so lovingly bestowed upon me. I bring a simple, down to earth approach to topics that may seem far out or hard to understand. Most of the so called new age stuff is not so new at all. The evidence would suggest that most of it is just long forgotten. I offer you the opportunity to remember. To remember what it is like to breathe consciously, to remember what it is like to drink living water, to remember what it is like to eat living food, to remember what it is like to have loving relationships, to remember what it is like to enjoy perfect health and Inner Balance.

This is not a pill, …it is a process. Let’s work together. Let’s make a map. Let’s start the journey. It begins with YOU.”

Email: [email protected] / Cell: 401-684-1230

Howard L. Silverman


Providing: Multidimensional Health Care for the Body, Mind, & Spirit

Age: 74, Born in Philadelphia Pennsylvania

Currently: Energy Worker, Holistic Healer, Nutritional & Spiritual Consultant, Tai Chi Instructor,

Inventor, Author, Jeweler

Retired Chiropractor and Hereditary Priest of Israel

Former: Research Physicist, Marketing Consultant, Senior Software Engineer, Family Counselor, Associate Professor, & Real Estate Broker

University teaching positions held: Hypnosis, Computer Science, Research, and Biomechanics

Educational Background: Bachelors of Arts – Temple University – Major: Physics, Minor: Mathematics

MA, PhD — Princeton University – Thesis work in Solid State Physics, under the auspices of the School of Aeronautical & Mechanical Engineering

Psychological & Family Counselor training provided by a research program funded through a Ford Foundation Grant

Formal training in: Energy psychology, energy medicine, energy manipulation and dowsing


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