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I purchased my HFA in Sept of 2016. I lOVE my HFA. My gas milege went up a little. I feel more at ease and protected while driving. One day I had my dog, Bailey along. He is always so nervous and paces back and forth in the back seat and just doesn’ t settle down. Well, what a difference. I had to look in the back seat at him a few times because he was so quiet. He was just laying in the middle of the seat very calm and content. I couldn’t believe it. It’s so nice to be able to take him along for a ride or errand and know he’s comletely OK with it now. I took a trip to MN with my son, wife and two children in early February. I connected the HFA to their van. Their children are 8 and 6. Last year when we made the 5 hour trip the kids got really anxious, ansy and loud. This time they were so calm and the ride was very peaceful Thank you Peter for making this wonderful product, the HFA, new way to travel I wouln’t be without it.

Patricia Schmidt March 9, 2017