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I first received my HFA  a few months ago and activated and placed this in my car. The next morning I accidentally slammed my forefinger in the car door which resulted in broken skin and lots of blood. I had to go to an appointment so after bandaging the throbbing and painful finger, I went back into the car to drive to the appointment. Within 30 seconds, this massive sense of calm came over me, my finger stopped bleeding and the throbbing ceased. Wow! I knew this to be emanating from the HFA. I kept the HFA plate near me and within 24hrs my finger had healed, broken skin as well. That was one heck of an introduction to the HFA plate.

Recently, I also received the HFA ++ down here in Australia, one for my Clinic and one for my daughter\’s home where there is quite a mixture of energies trying to gain access to the family including two little ones aged 6 months and 3yrs. I have been used to constantly clearing their fields as we move through significant energetic restructuring on a grander scale and the two little ones are subject to feeling all these changes and entities. It is one of the primary reasons I bought the HFA++ plate for them. It could often take me a long time to clear energies that arrived in their house through friends or unconscious/asleep family and visitors. These little ones are like radars and do not have the strength yet to protect themselves. I can truthfully say the difference, once they had adjusted to the zero point energies of the HFA +, has made a huge difference in their ability to stay centred and not wearing other people\’s lower energies.
I am grateful to have many wonderful tools in the toolkit in these highly energetic times.

Libby Gordon March 22, 2017