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Smokerase 1.2 – Quit Smoking Software

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Smokerase 1.2 Quit Smoking Software is the solution to a lifetime of nicotine free living, and will break the chains of nicotine addiction for good.

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Product Description

Smokerase 1.2

Quit Smoking Software

Break the chains of nicotine addiction for good. SmokErase 1.2 activates on four different levels to help you live free and clear of the damaging effects of smoking. Addressing psychological and physical aspects of nicotine addition, the software works to reprogram every cell in your body to release dependency.

Features of SmokErase 1.2

• Non-chemical, natural way to combat nicotine addiction
• 4 different modes of symptom targeting

Smokerase 1.2 Capabilities

• Decreased desire for nicotine
• Activation of self-healing and repair
• Appetite control
• Relaxation


SmokErase 1.2 will empower you to quit for good, while activating your body’s own self-healing mechanisms to repair the damaging effects of smoking. Users have reported results such as a sudden distaste for cigarettes, repulsion to smoking and even an awareness about the roots of their habit.

Addictions, like all things, are programming. It is a proven fact that every part of us, from our brains to our organs, down to our cells are little “computers” that carry out instructions. The genetic code is, indeed, now acknowledged to be the most marvelous and complex computational mechanism imaginable. That’s why it is called “code.” SmokErase is a tool that helps you reprogram yourself.

Smokerase 1.2 - quit smoking software


How it Works

SmokErase 1.2 software uses an algorithm based on the principles of quantum physics, geometric pathways into the memory of water and addiction research. The software leverages your own power of intention and amplifies it to facilitate freedom from addiction, and a new understanding about how you became addicted in the first place.

Try it today and celebrate a new breath of freedom!

Results may include:

• The ability to quit smoking
• Self-healing and repair
• Appetite control
• Feelings of calm and confidence


• Software has been redesigned for Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and Windows 10
• Intel Pentium or equivalent, Windows OS, 2 GB RAM, 250 MB free disk space
• Install Microsoft .NET Framework– Most PCs already have this installed, which enables all the new state-of-the-art software for PCs to run. It comes installed (native) on Microsoft Vista Systems.


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