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Peter Schenk Master Classes Generation 3 - Taking Control

Master Classes 3rd Generation

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Become the true master of your own destiny! These courses have been hand selected by Peter Schenk and designed to build upon each other as you progress through the program. You will be the first in a new generation of explorers to receive these teachings. Utilizing ancient, forgotten knowledge, you’ll learn to focus your life in any direction of your choosing and manifest your own intentional reality.

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Master Classes 3rd Generation – “Taking Control”

Most of us go through life reacting to the aftermath of events seemingly beyond our control. This Master Class series turns that paradigm on its head, helping you shift from reacting to PREacting… putting YOU in the driver’s seat of your own destiny.

No matter what age you are or life path you are on, you CAN change your circumstances and achieve the life you’ve always secretly wanted, but didn’t dare to dream. We’ll begin by helping you transform the subconscious programs you have been running that have been manifesting themselves as external events. Then you’ll receive Quantum-charged energy blueprints that empower you to consciously and positively affect your own reality… for good.

Seize this opportunity to take control and get back on the divine path that was intended for you in this life!

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Course 113: August 4th 8:00 PM EDT “Destiny”
Explore the meaning of taking control of your destiny and learn how to be freed
energetically from limiting life roles. This course will reveal how your inner
thoughts and their subsequent outward expression can project events that have
great impact on yourself and others. Becoming consciously aware of how destiny
works is the first step in your path to changing it.

Course 114: August 11th 8:00 PM EDT “Life”
Here you’ll be empowered to take a fearless inventory of your life and identify
those limiting beliefs that are holding you back – some of which may have been
passed down from generations. In seeing the subconscious patterns that were
imprinted on your DNA, you can intentionally restructure them into new, healthier
pathways to a life more aligned with your sincerest hopes and dreams.
Learn how to embrace change and allow for new energy to come in.

Course 115: August 18th 8:00 PM EDT “Health”
The state of your physical body is intricately linked to your internal energy structure. In this course, you’ll learn how to take control of your health and personal needs first, and how to recognize what your body is telling you. Your energy will begin to shift on subtle levels that will empower you to make healthier choices that support your physical and energetic body.

Course 116: August 25th 8:00 PM EDT “Mental Wellbeing”
Here we’ll take a look at our thoughts and feelings and explore how they can sometimes inadvertently sabotage our goals. You’ll learn to listen to yourself without judgment, creating a space where your true identity can thrive. We’ll attune to our natural alignment and learn how to stay consciously aware of it –letting go of the unhealthy programs that stand in the way of happiness.

Course 117: September 1st 8:00 PM EDT “Finances”
Abundance is a mindset that opens you up to receiving. It’s not necessarily about money, although the two are often linked. Many find themselves pursuing and even attaining financial wealth, but if an abundance mindset is lacking, the wealth will be short-lived. We’ll learn ways to break patterns of stuck energy around money. You’ll discover how to identify and eliminate your personal blocks so you can let go of chasing wealth and instead create lasting abundance.

Course 118: September 8th 8:00 PM EDT “Relationships”
We are all connected. Friends, lovers, enemies, they all have important lessons to teach us… if we know how to listen. The first step is learning how to quiet your inner critic and truly listen to yourself. That practice creates a ripple effect that reflects outward into every relationship, present and future. This is a healing, insightful course that will help enhance empathy and communication in all of your interactions.


“I expected Peter’s Master Class series to be life changing. It far and away exceeded my expectations! Spectacular! Tremendous shift in Consciousness and my life reflects all of these changes.” – L. Ugalde

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