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Energetic Session

Imagine having your very own guru to guide you through life’s biggest challenges. Not only is it possible, it’s only a click away from manifesting for you! In these one-on-one sessions with Peter Schenk, you’ll get specialized guidance and energy clearing that was tailor-programmed just for you. Commit to your own personal growth and buy a package of sessions today!

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Energetic Session with Peter J. Schenk

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“Peter Schenk has been called many things…healer, energy, unique, straight forward, love, but you really cannot associate words to his talent. To use words or a label is to box him in. Un-limit your mind and allow. Peter Schenk cannot be contained.” -Jason Davis, Alchemist, healer and creator of The Superbeings Network


A Personal Message from Peter

Peter Schenk“I am a “Superseer”, in no uncertain terms, among the best in the world, specializing in showing you certain types of information about yourself with unbelievably laser precise vision. My sessions are so good that people’s lives are changed because of it.

This isn’t a psychic hotline, or a large company specializing in getting your money and putting you in touch with a housewife in Florida. I AM in dedication to vastly improving the lives of people that I come into contact with.

You’re not going to be told things you already know about yourself – that’s what amateurs and fakes do. You’re going to be told things you don’t know about yourself and how to use that information to accelerate your life beyond your wildest dreams. With my system, it isn’t just about the information, but what to do with that information, which is almost always about removing blockages that stand between you and your true self. While the information that will come through for you is critical for your understanding, what to do with that information is of far greater importance. ModernDayMystic.com is a hub that is dedicated utterly and completely to helping people understand their true selves and how to cut through all of the “window dressing” and get to the core of one’s truest self for purpose, direction and action. My system works, and it works with mind-boggling speed and efficiency.

Those who do utilize me find their lives suddenly working in ways that they could not have thought possible only a few days before, and it starts with you being here, now, and all that is necessary to get things started is to send me an email then I will contact you before the end of the day.

Pricing is far less expensive than it should be, and I will give you a value that will rock your world. Don’t just take my word, read about it from people who have used my services before, scroll to the bottom of the page for more testimonies.”

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Client Testimonials

  • “The session has brought about wonderful transformation. The day after the session, I felt fresh, glowing and peaceful like hitting the “reset” button erasing all the life-long distortions. My learning capacity, concentration, ability to recall things (such as Chinese characters) and problem-solving skills have opened up immensely. Opening up my chakras have allowed energy to freeflow at full potential. It would be great if we could schedule another session. Thanks for everything!- Cheryl”
  • “Hey Peter, I just wanted to thank you for our session last night…once we hung up it seemed like everything fell into place and the clarity I was looking for just fell in my lap. You were 100% correct about needing to do what I love. I realize with this NEW job i’ve been doing that I am trying to realize someone elses dream for the potential payoff of it, instead of spending that time realizing my own dreams. With that said I am going to walk away and get back to doing what I love…with faith (and no fear) that it will lead me to where I am supposed to be going. Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that I found my clarity, and am embracing it with open eyes. Thank You! -John”
  • “Hello Peter,I am doing great! Your work is amazing, and you have the energy of an angel :-)Things are unfolding well, and I can already experience a wide breadth of results / openings. I am going to be undergoing the “chakra cleaning” procedure we talked about. I’ll be in touch shortly to discuss the specifics and plan a good timing. I feel indebted to you for the great value of service you provide. Simply put: thank you. – Chris“
  • Dear Peter, It has been 6 weeks since the completion of my chakra clearing and still things are unfolding and developing in my life as a consequence. I feel in a very new and unusual space, more as an observer. I know my energy is different,more in control,calmer for most part.More centred. There is more acceptance of going with the flow of events,it seems more natural,understanding that all is as it should be for a reason. I find more mental space, less internal dialogue and increasingly finding that less verbal with people is better and simply unnecessary. I am standing more upright with no conscious effort to do so,this in turn helping with deeper and more natural breathing.I am aware of less tension in the body especially in the abdominal area but the most incredible thing is a complete physical change in my face. Tension used to unconsciously hold my tongue to one side of my mouth, causing this side to drop. This has corrected itself and my mouth is once again horizontal and normal in appearance. I am living more “now” than ever before and this coupled with ess headtalk means fewer thoughts to block action and getting on with whatever. I have increased awareness and synchroncity happening all around,although I never believed in coincidence. Attachment too has now become detachment from many behavioral patterns of both action and non-action that used to get in the way generally through out my day.I can clearly see now, how emotional attachments that caused major blockages in my chakra system caused failures in my life i.e. through doubts,fears,negative habits etc. Even thoughts that I would label as “clinging”, that seemed on a loop-tape some days, now just drop from attention span and I move on without attachment, no longer disabled by my previous clinging emotional associations – freedom from an old self prison. I cannot even begin to imagine the amount of negative stuff I collected and hoarded in my chakras , that in 7 days Peter has shipped out and cleansed me totally. The gift you possess,Peter, is priceless and the results are phenominal and immeasurable. Sincerely can never thank you enough. -Chris“
  • Hi Peter, Wow! Ever since our session this evening I’ve had a sense of exhilaration and well-being that I haven’t felt in years…it’s just amazing! I want to thank you so much for all of your help in these projects, they are truly an adventure and are simply WONDERFUL!! Which brings me to the next thing I’ve decided I want to work on with you: after you finish adjusting the “no disease or sickness” intent to span my entire life time, if there is any time in our next session (and probably continuing into the 4th session of this series): while you’re in my “Book” , I would like to insert the intention that institutes a temporary span of “reverse aging”: for the next 30 years, every day I spend in this time line, my physical body would reverse the usual genetic signals and cellular processes of senescence to “reverse age” me at twice the normal amount, which would leave my physical body “younger” by 1 day for every day forward in this time line. This would be a 2:1 ratio for the reverse aging process for the next 30 years, “youthening” me backward until I reach the apparent age of 20. At that point I then want this anti-senescence “reverse aging” process to slow to a 1:1 ratio, which would then hold me at the apparent age of 20 perpetually. That’s it. This will probably take the rest of the next session plus the 4th and final session of this series, and if it ends up needing more sessions, that’s ok, I’ll just postpone my alchemical Aquaware intents payment for two two weeks. But I do wish this “reverse aging” project to take presidence over the original local gold finding and Aquaware alchemical intent development for now. -Anonymous“



  • One on one, individual session with Peter J. Schenk, The Modern Day Mystic.
  • You’re going to be told things you don’t know about yourself and how to use that information to accelerate your life beyond your wildest dreams.
  • With my system, it isn’t just about the information, but what to do with that information, which is almost always about removing blockages that stand between you and your true self.
  • While the information that will come through for you is critical for your understanding, what to do with that information is of far greater importance.
  • ModernDayMystic.com is a hub that is dedicated utterly and completely to helping people understand their true selves and how to cut through all of the “window dressing” and get to the core of one’s truest self for purpose, direction and action. My system works, and it works with mind-boggling speed and efficiency.



  • Those who do utilize me find their lives suddenly working in ways that they could not have thought possible only a few days before, and it starts with you being here, now, and all that is necessary to get things started is to send me an email then I will contact you before the end of the day.



  • Energetic Session(s) are conducted by telephone only.
  • After ordering you will be sent instructions on how to schedule your Energetic Session(s)
  • All Session(s) are scheduled between 9:00am and 9:00pm EST.



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Peter Schenk Energetic Session Testimonials

The session has brought about wonderful transformation. The day after the session, I felt fresh, glowing and peaceful like hitting the – reset- button erasing all the life-long distortions. My learning capacity, concentration, ability to recall things (such as Chinese characters) and problem-solving skills have opened up immensely. Opening up my chakras have allowed energy to freeflow at full potential. It would be great if we could schedule another session. Thanks for everything!
– Cheryl

Hi, Peter
This is Lourdes here, from Brasil.
I was on skype on the call and I do not know why you guys could not hear me, the second time around.
Anyway, I felt great during the energy work and I am feling great now.
Thank you! I was afraid because of the accident with my chackras, something might go wrong, but no.
Thank God.

And I have enrolled for the WS on clearing the chackras next week, on the 16th.
Do you think the cleansing can help me restore my chackras?
Hope so.They have been uprooted pretty baddly a few years ago.

I have been using aquare and the sourxeII for myself, family and friends, with great success.
ants in the front garden and bugs on collardgreen in the vegetable garden? gone.
I am now trying to kill the parasites on the beautiful old tree by watering the tree with water prepared with parasite removal.
my mother’s pain on her leg – gone.

my cousin has bipolar disorder, is using the water, feeling better, but he says on the phone (he lives in another town) that the first time he drank the water something snap into place in his spine and the pain he had there is gone for good (I had no idea he had this pain).
my friend’s son, just entering puberty, started to have really bad smelling, strong sweat – guess what?
this woman told me she had such short eyelashes they sometimes hurt, because they would get into her eyes (then I undertood why you had the program there) and voilá!

my aunt felt and broke her hip and was operated but the pain was really bad still – guess what? (she lives in another town, too, and she is 89 years old).

I will only go back to work in August, so I do have some time for myself now and can take naps during the day and so on, but, let me say this to you: I feel great, no problems.

And I also program more than one intention each time, so…
I just sense what it is that I am suposed to do and just do it.
Oh! and me and a friend of mine are now programming the cleansing of the city’s lake (mayor is not doing anything about it) and the birds are coming back to the lake and the water is visibly clearer.

And since she’s been to the place where the water enters the city (that part of the river) and I haven’t, she visualizes the place for me.
And I have been cleasing the air in my house and in all of the blue range mountain area,(Serra Azul) where I live, in the mountains of the state of Rio de Janeiro.
I am having fun!
thanks again


from Miguel Pereira, RJ

Hi Peter,
I wanted to let you know how things are going after our phone appt. last Sunday. You removed some kind of ‘leech’ thing, said it was down from right ear, to back of head. This is an area that has bothered me for many years with neck pain and headaches, and I would need to get my neck adjusted. I’ve noticed a difference since you removed it. Felt very tired after the call and slept a few hours. After that what I’ve noticed were these two thoughts in my mind: “We should all judge less” & “people need to be more forgiving”. Also notice less mind chatter. It’s not just the physical issue that changed, but mental thought processes that showed up, and awareness. So thank you for the session and extending the time, and I look forward to other sessions in the future.Take care. Namaste, Judy

Hey Peter,
I just wanted to thank you for our session last night…once we hung up it seemed like everything fell into place and the clarity I was looking for just fell in my lap.
You were 100% correct about needing to do what I love. I realize with this NEW job i’ve been doing that I am trying to realize someone elses dream for the potential payoff of it, instead of spending that time realizing my own dreams. With that said I am going to walk away and get back to doing what I love…with faith (and no fear) that it will lead me to where I am supposed to be going.
Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that I found my clarity, and am embracing it with open eyes.
Thank You!!!

Hello Peter,I am doing great! Your work is amazing, and you have the energy of an angel :-)Things are unfolding well, and I can already experience a wide breadth of results / openings.
I am going to be undergoing the “chakra cleaning” procedure we talked about. I’ll be in touch shortly to discuss the specifics and plan a good timing.
I feel indebted to you for the great value of service you provide. Simply put: thank you.

Name: chris
Subject: chakra clearing
Message: Dear Peter,
It has been 6 weeks since the completion of my chakra clearing and still things are unfolding and developing in my life as a consequence. I feel in a very new and unusual space, more as an observer.

I know my energy is different,more in control,calmer for most part. More centered.
There is more acceptance of going with the flow of events,it seems more natural,understanding that all is as it should be for a reason.
I find more mental space, less internal dialogue and increasingly finding that less verbal with people is better and simply unnecessary.
I am standing more upright with no conscious effort to do so,this in turn helping with deeper and more natural breathing.I am aware of less tension in the body especially in the abdominal area but the most incredible thing is a complete physical change in my face.
Tension used to unconsciously hold my tongue to one side of my mouth, causing this side to drop.This has corrected itself and my mouth is once again horizontal and normal in appearance.

I am living more “now” than ever before and this coupled with ess headtalk means fewer thoughts to block action and getting on with whatever.
I have increased awareness and synchroncity happening all around,although I never believed in coincidence.
Attachment too has now become detachment from many behavioural patterns of both action and non-action that used to get in the way generally through out my day.I can clearly see now, how emotional attachments that caused major blockages in my chakra system caused failures in my life i.e. through doubts,fears,negative habits etc. Even thoughts that I would label as “clinging”, that seemed on a loop-tape some days, now just drop from attention span and I move on without attachment, no longer disabled by my previous clinging emotional associations – freedom from an old self prison.

I cannot even begin to imagine the amount of negative stuff I collected and hoarded in my chakras , that in 7 days Peter has shipped out and cleansed me totally.

The gift you possess,Peter, is priceless and the results are phenominal and immeasurable.
Sincerely can never thank you enough.

Hello Sir
As you said anything we can wish to get it but it’s must be social work, As ur guideance.
After purches the product, i wished $1000 ( to buy motorbikes) for mother & brother wife, they need, $561 gained & i got idea of my bank balance so i add with more, achieved $1000 with in 12 day’s………….. yes with in 12 day’s,
another expirance : My Chakra SolarPlex bull balked ( when scan on 6 Jun), they said your solar chakra is not fully open lot of balked, they said lot of things extra…………. but i goon with the sourxe i wished my solar plex 100% opened & atived , Now again i seen magic on 9 jun i goon to chakara scaner, they seen 50% to 75% solar plex is opned…………….. it’s magic na………….
Another expirance : i’ll not say what is wish, but 9 jun i got it agian
Next now i taken another wish
Thanks alot for wonderfull softwer
thanks you

Hi Peter,

Wow! Ever since our session this evening I’ve had a sense of exhilaration and well-being that I haven’t felt in years…it’s just amazing! I want to thank you so much for all of your help in these projects, they are truly an adventure and are simply WONDERFUL!! Which brings me to the next thing I’ve decided I want to work on with you: after you finish adjusting the “no disease or sickness” intent to span my entire life time, if there is any time in our next session (and probably continuing into the 4th session of this series): while you’re in my “Book” , I would like to insert the intention that institutes a temporary span of “reverse aging”: for the next 30 years, every day I spend in this time line, my physical body would reverse the usual genetic signals and cellular processes of senescence to “reverse age” me at twice the normal amount, which would leave my physical body “younger” by 1 day for every day forward in this time line. This would be a 2:1 ratio for the reverse aging process for the next 30 years, “youthening” me backward until I reach the apparent age of 20. At that point I then want this anti-senescence “reverse aging” process to slow to a 1:1 ratio, which would then hold me at the apparent age of 20 perpetually. That’s it. This will probably take the rest of the next session plus the 4th and final session of this series, and if it ends up needing more sessions, that’s ok, I’ll just postpone my alchemical Aquaware intents payment for two two weeks. But I do wish this “reverse aging” project to take presidence over the original local gold finding and Aquaware alchemical intent development for now.

Hi Peter,
Just wanted to thank you for everything. My mom and I went to lunch earlier and I told her about our session. She was happy with the information that you gave me. She was also very sad because the lady who raised me told her a few years ago that I would never amount to anything. She asked her why but she didn’t say anything. That is the same one who took my coat off of me and put it on her granddaughter. She wanted to make sure the energetic worm was completely gone. So could you please verify that info so I can show it to her? Anyway I drank the water for finances and career. I got a call the following day from a company asking me if I was interested in being an extra for movies. Yesterday I received a call from my friend asking me if I was interested in being on the advisory board for his company. Completely blew me away!!! I will keep you a breasted as things continue to happen. One more thing I’m supposed to have a procedure done to stop the blood flow to the fibroids that I have, do I still need to have this done??? My friend Shatisha is going to book a session with you when she gets the money. Have a great day!!!
mary ann chonge

Thank you soo much. I feel great physically but sad about my son because of the fact that he is still close to me. You are AMAZING at what you do. I have told three people about you. I’m just waiting for them to ask me for your information. Have a GREAT evening. I will keep you posted!!

Hi Peter
Thanks again for Sunday’s session — that was really cool. Just sending you an update as requested. I felt tired for a day or so, which is to be expected, but also felt more energised, balanced, spacious and connected to everything than usual. I felt great for two days but had a dip today, probably detox.
I’m starting a colon/parasite cleanse and detox tomorrow. I’ve done these before but haven’t tried the Dr Natura one you mentioned, which is what I’ve bought this time.
There was a significant shift in my spiritual awareness around 21st Jan (the date you gave me) although I didn’t note anything in my journal about any precise time of day. The shift was like several I’ve had in the past, where I feel like I’ve been ‘wiped’ (sort of made into an empty cup to allow something new to fill me). Previously I’ve panicked and tried to revert to the previous state but on this occasion I resolved to just let it happen, trust the universe and go with it.
I’d like to have another session with you some time. I’m currently in ongoing sessions with a psychospiritual/transpersonal teacher but I feel that your work would complement that. I’ll let you know when it feels right to book some time with you.

I want to thank you for your inspiration and for providing an understanding why I shouldn’t
worry and to stay focus on the positive energy.
Also, it helps to realize you have the same concept that Edgar Cayce, “The Sleeping Prophet” had.
Edgar Cayce’s Life Books of past lives in which one is destined to fulfill those lives as we live them.
When you mention the unconscious manifestation I clearly understood that concept since I’ve been
projecting my wants and finding things I wished for in many occasions.
What I still need to do is stop worrying as much and to let go. That in itself is a bit difficult but I know
I can over-come it. Must practice to stay positive and enjoy life as it comes my way.
Again, thank you for this session and your time.

Peter, much gratitude for the powerful energy healing session. You are truly a gifted healer going right to the most critical issue. I feel a sense of peace and am so thankful that I made the leap to have the session.
Kaye ~ Dallas

My session with Peter was uplifting, positive and very revealing. It is an amazing feeling that is indescribable, but probably more familiar to someone who has achieved a state of total relaxation through meditation. You can feel his energies through afar to assist you in areas where you may need help. I reached an area of cloud nine for a few days, and in that time afterwards I noticed subtle changes and in my general outlook on life. Does it change everything all at once and fix everything in your life? No, but it provides you with the tools or thoughts to get doing that yourself. A positive experience, I’ll definitely consult with him again in the future.

Oh my gosh MDM! You’re so right on with everything that you’ve said. My claws did come out at around that time (I’m a leo, lol) and I like to think that I am a pleasant person, but not a push-over.
I will definately take your advice about quieting my mind more often. I am a widow, but I think the significant other could be my son. We are very close and he is so wise for a 24 yr old. He was giving me some very good advice about a “nagging issue” I have just the other day.
I’ve signed up on your website and look forward to hearing more from you. We are blessed and grateful for the time and energy that you have shared with us.

Wow,thanks, interesting answer. What a wonderful person you are.
I’ve always felt guilty that I didn’t have the time or peace to meditate,I am a provider and caregiver for a parent. I felt like I was being left behind spiritually due to responsibilities, but I did make that choice to put family first, whatever it takes.
One last question. Does what you do affect a person’s karma or not?
And THANK YOU for helping people. The world needs more people like you.

User ID: 13480263
United States
Thank you for your thoughts on my energy from a past date…interesting how you specify dates & even exact times with some…

You know me already. But man I can’t stop visiting your tread, it’s fascinating how good you are in what you do. What does it mean ethers, connect with me in the ethers, I was wondering on that one.. And also, did you have your gift always just didn’t know about it or you somehow made it happen and grow after that? I would like to thank you on your time, for the past, the present and the future, you really are helping some of the people here.

When I began breathing my heart hurt physically. Now it has gone even though I was being interrupted.
Energy is flowing inward through your heart chakra but its not flowing out.
Is this the definition of a broken heart or the inability to show love to those who love me?
Thank you very much for your information for me to grow.
A Friend

brother, it is a great joy to see the effect your work has on people. your presence was much needed here. the Great Work proceeds according to plan. Humanity moves forward.

one time it happened that i suddenly perceived only darkness around, with cosmic stakes. it was on 1st may 2010. it was out of the blue that all seemed to become dark. the indescribable despair and sorrow. indeed when all seemed lost and without hope, and i was forced to the last stand, a point of light inside the center of heart, suddenly that point connected with the source and expanded with infinite force and overcame darkness. the wheel started to turn the other way. Words convey only stories at surface level, but the consciousness that witnesses the living story…that is perfect beauty…although indescribable in words.

and what is the most beautiful is that we are humans among humans, equal and at the same time the struggle each individual has according to his level is in essence the same struggle, not easier not harder, just to give your soul’s best towards the future, towards evolution and light.
thank you again for what you are doing here

You nailed it, OP! I agree 100%
The new-age scene is, in my opinion, part of the control structure. It feeds you the message you should never actually do anything, just “let go” whenever anything bothers you.
Enlightenment is the most mundane thing – that’s why it’s so easily hidden by all the riddles…

My friend, you just touched my heart, and now I am sitting here and i don’t know what I would write to you, why can’t I just hug you.. That what you said is wonderful to me, may not seem to other, but to me, wonderful, thank you.. And now I am even more curious

Wow that’s very unnerving.. so I’m doomed to the pain forever?? I believe I’m strong enough to overcome. Thank you for your insight & please keep doing your good work
You’re pretty fuckin’ good you know that?
I don’t know what you did, but thanks.

Thank you MDM for being a beautiful soul and pioneer for the rest of us. Bless U

Proof is in the pudding folks. I am an extreme skeptic, but the energy I felt was very real. Also a huge shift from left brain to right. We will see how long the effects last, but I am now finding it very difficult to deal with all the left brain items currently surrounding me.
Emotions, vibration and energy is difficult to translate into english.

Hey Peter,
I received THE Most Incredible Energy Experience Ever ! I Am Thankful, the times afterward has been spectacular,I have had energetic connection’s that have brough tears in my eyes, OF JOY and the Feeling of Connection with the Awesome POWER of LOVE, like a Source ?
-I have had the Joy of “Activating” two Persons ,One Male, One Female. who would Happen at the latest before December 2012. There you have it.-) I Am very, very hopeful to learn more from you and I think your connection and contact is beyond Incredible, you are probably the most blessed re-Incarnation on Earth, Congrats !
talk soon, Lars

My Name Is Susan-
My son, Sonny Marler, has known Peter since 2009. I was fortunate enough to meet Peter just a few weeks ago. I am 66 years old and never would have thought that my view of the world and myself would change this late in life, boy was I wrong.
I have 4 sons, 13 grandkids, two brothers, and my mother (who just moved in with me by the way). Needless to say my family is big and I play an intricate roll in keeping the balance between them all. I have always felt as though my life was their life, their responsibilities were my responsibilities, and, for reasons that i am just now learning, i have always taken on their burdens as my own. Meaning, I have always pushed them in the direction that i felt was the “right” direction. When they didn’t follow “my way” I would worry as though the problem was mine and the outcome, if negative, was my responsibility. Needless to say my mind, body, and spirit had grown tired and ill. Although I could see this behavior as a negative way to live my life i certainly didn’t think my family would be able to see me in any other way. I would always just do, say, and feel what was expected of me. It was a cycle that repeated itself over and over again. As I’ve gotten older the, “beast of burden”, roll that I play in my family only seemed to be progressively getting worse and more frequent. I was lost and didn’t know what to do.
One day when my youngest son, Sonny, who is the spiritual artist of the bunch, came by the house I was in a terrible amount of pain. He has always been special to me, and every since he started doing Documentary Productions on spiritual healers and mystical experiences he has increasingly become knowledgeable in a field that no one in our family understands. I looked at him with tears in my eyes and said “help”. The very sound of that word is foreign to me because I never ask for help.

Well finally I asked for help and my son gave me a gift of a lifetime, Peter!! About a month ago I was feeling the side effects from several complications that women of my age are destined to experience. One example was an MRI that i had showed that my spine was deteriorating. Sleepless nights were leaving me exhausted throughout my days, and now, to top it off, my mother of 88 years was moving in. My immediate future was filled with doctors appointments for my mother and myself.
Put Simply, I was just plain tired, physically and emotionally. just wanted to get back in bed and hide. My life was passing me by. My family was experiencing many trials and tribulations, as well as, enjoying wonderful moments that only a family can appreciate.
Then Peter introduced me to The Sourxe. I have learned to let go by clearing the black slate. I have been able to heal not only my mind but my body. I can’t stop smiling and each day seems to flow like a peaceful river. Even now i hear the words that I’m writing and can’t believe that I am feeling, experiencing, and expressing these wonderful characteristics of myself and my life.
Peter brought me back from the depths of darkness by showing me The Sourxe of light within. I have traveled, walked the streets of New York City, taken care of my mother, and most of all redefined my personal relationships by staying in my space and allowing those around me to be affected by my positive energy instead of them affecting me by their negative energy. Its as though i am becoming a healer myself.
Personal Purpose has immediately flooded back into my world and I have a glow surrounding me that is visible to EVERYONE. Peter and The Source have assisted me in discovering how beautiful and wonderful my life truly is.
My personal contact information is listed below so if anyone would like to ask me more questions about my experience with Peter please call or write. I will happily tell anyone about my experience. Just talking about Peter and the Sourxe will ill anyone with a powerfully positive energy that can only be understood by the experience itself.

Hi Peter,
Thank you for an amazing session we had three months ago. I found our discussion about ‘what Truth is’ very stimulating and your help with my ability to better express my Truth priceless. By bringing forth my Essence I able now not only clearly speak my Truth, but also more importantly, be my Truth. Ever since this session with you I have been experiencing a profound contentment and a total acceptance of being ME, just as I am fully present in each moment. I smile a lot these days and find satisfaction in life’s simple pleasures. I am very grateful for your ability to change my life in such a radical way!

Hi Peter,
Wow, I’ve had great results from our previous session! The swelling and burning in my ankles and feet is WAY less today! That’s truly amazing! You talk about going treasure hunting, well I have news for you…YOU’RE the treasure, man! Thanks so much for your help, and this is to confirm our next session Sunday morning at 10:00 AM EST.
Peter, I just love what our sessions is doing for me in my life, and I plan on continuing them as long as you’re able and willing to offer your precious time, but therein lies my concern. You might decide to actually go somewhere and enjoy life for a while instead of being a “public servant”! Will it ever become possible for me to do for me what you’re doing for me??? What I’m saying is, I’ve been looking around for years for someone who can practically deal with and actually change any shitty reality when it shows up in life, and I think you’re that person….I would really like to learn how to do what you do. Master Yoda, would you consider taking me on as your “Padawan Apprentice”??? I’m not afraid! (Oh, you will be….you WILL be….) If not, that’s cool, just leave me a reality changing “survival kit” if you decide to go on a multi-dimensional “walkabout” some day!!

A quick update- ¦..Yesterday was my WORST morning to get out of bed,- ¦.then after your call last night,.. ;^) this morning I got out of bed the easiest I have in two weeks. I felt looser and less painful after the call although I had to drive to school for hour and 15 one way- ¦.but
we did a great third eye opening meditation- ¦.would still like to learn more from you on how to be more open to the other dimensional stuff ;^)
What we did on the call clearly effected a positive change! Summation,- ¦..Thank you! things are moving in the right direction- ¦..
I just got back from a cupping session with two of my peers (Doctors-Medical Qigong) to continue to move and disperse the stagnant energy – ¦Plan, go take a nap for a bit and wake up feeling 100%- ¦..
Thanks for helping awaken the inner healer- ¦.YOU are appreciated!

Anyway, Thank you all so much for everything you – bring to the table- for all of us! It is so much appreciated! The energy that permeates – this place- is incredible! Just writing this, and connecting with you all opens my crown and I can feel a download taking place. It- s truly incredible. I wish I could do more than just being grateful. When the time is right- ¦
As you all know, I’ve been busy in – kid world- the past couple of months. Mabel is truly beautiful! She is very – tuned- to her surroundings. Whenever there is a shift in the energy around her, her body reacts. There has been several times where all I’ve had to do is focus on my heart chakra to calm her down. She LOVES that energy. She- s been smiling and making eye contact since day one. To me, it feels that she is genuinely excited to be – alive.- I know that I conduct the energy from TBE into her world. Without all of you, this wouldn’t be possible. To me, this gift that is given to my children, is the greatest gift that I could receive.
I guess (sometimes) I just need to connect.
Much Love,

Hey, Peter-
Long time since I- ve been in contact, but I felt like I needed to let you know what was up w/me this last year- “ I- ve moved, and gotten into a band, and also managed to manifest a – spot- @ a healing center in Sedona, AZ- “ still pretty much broke as fuck (lol) but have been getting a trickle of $$ from the band gigs about once a month- and had ZERO clients @ the center for 2-1/2 months I- d been there- UNTIL yesterday- “ the day after listening to the – blue/green/yellow/red box- call, and the next day I got my first client- a walk-in that wanted a 20 min. Reiki session! . Knowing there IS NO coincidence, I wanted to say thank you , and blessings to you for these calls- my sched. had prevented me from listening live (band practice and the time I- m @ the center) but I- m hoping that this last call will finally put me – where I need to be- , financially speaking.
I just finished listening to call #5, and my ears are still ringing! LOL
Thank you again!

Here are my results with 12th Project (Peter made some adjustments so I only had to do 3 days with each module):
1. Zeus
*A buddy of mine that I don- t see often sent me a text for meeting up again, while I was about to sent him myself that same day. Zeus is all-knowing and perhaps this is an effect of that all-knowingness.
* Energetic twitching below left armpit..
* Dreams of flying, 3-4 days in a row..
2. Hera
* Had a dream with very high resolution film. Reminded me of the eye in her feathers..
3. Poseidon
* Driving to my nephew, somehow Poseidon – announced- itself in my head, like it was going to manifest itself.. Then suddenly a lyric from a song carried the word – oceans- .
4. Athena
* dream of fighting, hack & slash kind of thing.. Athena is the goddess of war
* little clearer in the head.. Athena is also goddess of clarity
5. Apollo
* not sure if this is Apollo- s working, but I- ve started feeling more enthusiastic about life in general
6. Artemis
* Dreams of hunting, being hunted, meeting a hunter.
* I noticed someone on TBE named Artem
7. Hermes
* my dreams were interrupted several times throughout the night, then awake, then asleep and lucid dreams.. Also made to think about reality.. where does a dream differ from reality, waking life? thinking about that stuff while dreaming. my dream this night was also about travelling.. that- s all related to Hermes
8. Demeter
* no results detected, except maybe that I applied at a fruit harvesting company, Demeter is the goddess of horticulture, amongst some other things
9. Ares
* dreams of being the – hero- , remember stealing a weapon from a bad guy and saving the surrounding innocent people.. Ares is also the god of courage
10. Aphrodite
* 2 dreams with romantic content, also exgf crap surfacing in those
11. Hephaestus
* no results that I have noticed
12. Hestia
* no results that I have noticed
All in all, so far: I think I have made some progress in some areas of my life. Like easier social contact, less fear, more confidence, bit more creative and enthusiastic.
Thanks Peter!
Had a session with Peter today. He worked on my heart chakra, it was very obvious he was working there, didn’t even have to shift my attention. Now 7 hours later it- s still working, even more than during the session.. Cool stuff. Will share more about my results with 12th Project soon, if that- s appropriate to post here. Thanks Peter, looking forward to further work with you
Wow- ¦where to begin?
When I was a kid we rode slalom. After hours of wearing those really heavy boots, my feet always felt comically weightless when I took them off, and started walking around in my superlight Cherrox boots. I loved this feeling, like my feet were gonna fly up into the air, and I follow! Great!
Of course, my feet weighed exactly the same. It was the removing of the heavy weight that held me down for so long that made me feel light as a feather. This was simply my normal state.
Walking around in those things as a habit is not advised. Eventually you- ll stop running, moving- ¦
Dammit, the tears again! But the story is just so effing adorable. Me being gone for so long, living in a fantasy while trying to make everybody leave me alone so I can keep doing just that- ¦and end up getting exactly what I wanted: privacy, peace and quiet, being left – the hell alone with my computer- . Then realizing one has grown up a little bit and changed ones criteria, and to realize that the excellent privacy has become a little bit to still- ¦
Peter took off my heavy slalom boots. And I felt so light, but the thought coming into my head was – So this is how it is supposed to be?-
I’m just normal again. Just back. Just my good old self. Oh holy mother, did I miss you!
And I should have written this post weeks ago, or has it been that long? But I’ve been to busy with this energy rushing through me! From morning to night I’m busy. Only thing is, I can hardly sleep, the creative flow runs through me like a flood.
This is my normal state. I’m, such a creative power! I’ve always been, I just got really, really lost on the way. Boy, did I get lost.
Peter, thanks for bringing me into station. You saw what I’ve been listening to for years, it wasn- t nice.
Come visit me in my ship one day, it- ll be awesome!
I love you all.

Hi Peter:
I did the mantra practices for the Goddess Dhumavati on the Tuesday nite after we did the phone session.. The experience definately seemed to deepen. I didnt get epiphany visions or verbal guidance or other manifestations like that, but the feeling sense was a lot deeper. THe next day also i felt changed, in a good way. As I went about my daily business i noticed a feeling of being more permeated with Her grace- ¦.hard to describe- ¦but also i felt softer and more lucid, still do- ¦like being subltley permeated with a soft uplifting energy- ¦.also I felt more empowered to do constructive chores and cleaning around my property- ¦..which is one of the benefits of the remedy as originally prescribed as per vedic astrology- ¦.clearing up and correcting a more detached relationship to place- ¦
It feels like there is more to come in the deepened connection that you helped with. I would appreciate any observations or encoragements you could offer in this regard. Also my block twixt the third and fourth chakra feels like it has lessened- ¦.energy moves better there now. Thanks!
Always a pleasure to work with you.

Hi Peter,
I loved the chakra clearing process. Every time you cleared a chakra I found more and more deep inner peace and contentment, freedom and simple joy. I was smiling and giggling all the time during these past few days. I felt like I can – start over-  with clean slate. Because my racing thoughts slowed down I was able to think clearly and reach deep places within my awareness, that I was not able to reach before. It was truly awesome!!!!
Some unpleasant symptoms I had during our 11 days work were headaches and TMJ pain on left side, not being able to sleep well and being tired. These were easily tolerable when you compare with all the positive benefits I was experiencing. I also had lots of energy despite being tired.
On Wednesday, when you recharged me I felt wonderful for 2-3 hours and then I started feeling very hyper. I could not do my awareness meditation for more then 10 mins (I usually sit easily for an hour), I did not sleep at all that night and yesterday at work I was bouncing of the walls. I could not settled for more then a few minutes, so I was not able to think or do much. Last night I still was not able to sleep at all.
Today I am very tired, maybe calmer or just totally spent. Is there any time adjustment to the profound changes that happened? Should I just be patient and wait or maybe set up a regular appointment with you to rebalance my systems. I am not sure what to do, especially when I can- t think straight. In last 3 months I only had 3 good nights of sleep, after you worked on my – cheeks-  3 days before we started the chakra series.
I will very much appreciated your feedback. I really can- t – slow down-  enough to figure this one out for my self.
Thanks Peter )
Yes indeed I was reborn! In last 4 hours the energy shifted and I am doing fantastic! I still feel enegry buzzing several inches around my body, but I can keep my calm and everything seems so wonderfully new. I feel like am rediscovering my surroundings and it is so much easier to just be in a present moment. I have done so many new things in last week that in past would throw me into absolute fear. Not now. I can forge ahead with no or minimum discomfort.
Anyway I will post in TBE.
Thank you Peter for the most wonderful ride ever!!!!
Have a great weekend.
Love )))))),

This August I had a severe abrasion in my right eye. the pain from this is what i imagine a razor blade stuck in your eye. i went to ER- ¦ had to lie still with eyes shut for 4 days- ¦on pain meds with eye patch. it took about a week to recover.
I woke up in mid of night 2 nights ago with same pain- ¦ only in left eye this time. Excruciating pain I am alone with 2 four year olds. i got an eye patch and started taking morphine (which i had left over).
I happened to call Mary.. about Pluto alchemy- ¦but ended up crying to her abt the pain in my eye.I could not get one clear thought i was in extreme severe pain.
she asked me – Have you tried Alixx on it?- i said NO- ¦ i am very out of touch with Alixx. I dont have the psychic energy for ANYTHING short of caring for Rose and Ivy (twin grandaughters).
Okay she said – ¦ lets do it over the phone- ¦I got a glass of water (tap was all i had)
She programmed my water BY PHONE WITH ALLIX .
I drank the tall glass of water. Within 2 hours – ¦my eye was really fine and by early evening, my eye was back to perfectly normal.
I cannot – prove- anything- ¦but am here to say I KNOW the water healed my eye.
To my way of thinking and seeing- ¦ this was a flat out miracle of Alix.(sorry- ¦ dont know correct spelling)
My eyes are extremely sensitive- ¦. and I went from off the rictor scale pain intensity to completely neutral- ¦
in a blink of an eye (thats how it felt)
To be Honest- ¦ i have no faith EVER in anything- ¦ but am always open to going through the motions.
OH MY GOD- ¦- ¦ you guys- ¦. Alix is amazing. Today my eye is still fine.
This is long distance healing at its Finest.
Thank you Mary- ¦. and deep Thank you Peter.
Don- t know what else to say. i am AGAIN mind blown how things work in spite of all the blocks i carry.
Mary Beth Corcoran- ¦..

Today I Had A Session With Peter All I Had Was Wow!- ¦.He Really Opened Up My Mind And Im Gratefull I Ever Stumbled Upon Blue Emerald- ¦.The Whole Day After His Session I Felt Kinda Light And Open- ¦I- m A Firm Believer Of Peter- s Talent & Looking To Have More Sessions With Him When The Time Is Right
I had the gracious opportunity to have Peter work his wonders. Now I understand why my story is what it is. My heart chakra is encased in a thick block of ice. Ironically, 15 minutes before the session, I centered my self within. I became so cold I think I could have seen my breath as ice, as i sat with blankets upon me and a heater on high. Peter also worked on other chakras that are blocked, including the crown. With the alloted time, Peter poked holes through the ice around my heart chakra and opened up my crown chakra. I have to say this was the most awesome experience of my life. I am still experiencing sensations in my crown chakra and with the new alchemy, it has really intensified. There is a lot of hard work ahead to clear all these blockages . . . prayers and love frequencies blue emerald friends . . !
I had my first Superseer session with Peter yesterday. Here- s a brief recap highlighting it. He blessed some water for me to drink with an energy wave you can feel. He validated one issue of abuse that has troubled me my whole life. He shone a light on several health issues, oppressors, and blockages. One thing he said took me completely by surprise. Wasn’t sure what to make of it. He hit the nail on the head describing my last romantic interest including the date to go with it. The other date he called out was definitley during a time of upheaval in my life. He discerned little things too, like how I- m foggy in the mornings and perform my best during late afternoon hours, plus an attraction with crystals. He ended the session by sending some good energy into me. Then later that afternoon I had this sense or feeling that he was STILL working on me, because I had a mini epiphany and immediately thought of him. Then I fancied the notion superseers go on working on you even after the session is over. Am I right, Peter? Maybe now at long last I can FINALLY get help in areas where it- s really needed
I- m long overdue posting something on this thread. I- ve been working with Peter for the last 6 months on a regular basis. During that time we- ve worked on alot of areas both general and specific. Every session involves removing low vibe energy and bringing in high vibe energy. And so with each session my transformation continues. I first contacted Peter because I had been struggling with debilitating fatigue for several years. Medical tests were inconclusive and the various healing work I was doing was not bringing much improvement. When Peter first looked at me he said – you- re very weak- . I couldn’t argue with him! Beginning with my first session he immediately began removing low vibe energy from my system. This took a while because there was alot of it and it kept emerging in layers. Then he began to reconfigure my energy anatomy to allow it to flow more power. With every session he kept bringing more light and high vibe energy into me. I soon began to have days (and even weeks) with no noticeable fatigue. And now I- m operating with a vastly improved level of stamina. I can actually make plans again and have the vitality to carry them out! Thank you Peter.

Beautiful is the best word describing my experience with Peter.
The work Peter did with me clearing my energy fields and opening my chakras is proving effective and durable. I highly recommend his service. I wanted to feel better; to end repetitive and risky behaviors (addictions); and to function better as a complete whole with mind, body and spirit. Here is a quote from my letter to Dazey and Jason after first session with Peter:
– Today is a good day; may sound silly but it is the way for me to begin to explain what was impossible for me to understand a year ago. I had the first of 3 sessions with Peter Monday because i recently finished – testing- everything about my belief and involvement with you, Jason, alchemy and TBE. It is all true- ¦ very un-settling and mind blowing. I used techniques learned from Deepak (he stated they were dangerous), alchemy, intent, meditation, visualizations and sleep deprivation. This began December 2010 as i came to know my true nature; at the time watching videos by Deepak Chopra and Hicks Law of Attraction. They invited people to test the theories about us living in a non-physical world. I tested: all true:)-
As with all addictions time is the truth; now I feel in control and love is winning. Feel better more consistently, energetic but calmer, settled with less fear. Peter cleared my energy fields and opened my crown chakra. Now eat better, run 6 out of 7 days, and quit drinking (un-planned). Most important is a stronger ability to resist temptation, did so again today when it was offered by a pretty thing in a skirt- ¦ Happy instead with my new dirt bike and today I have a lunch date. My life is better.
Thank You, Bradley Mastin

I’m long overdue posting something on this thread. I’ve been working with Peter for the last 6 months on a regular basis. During that time we- ve worked on alot of areas both general and specific. Every session involves removing low vibe energy and bringing in high vibe energy. And so with each session my transformation continues. I first contacted Peter because I had been struggling with debilitating fatigue for several years. Medical tests were inconclusive and the various healing work I was doing was not bringing much improvement. When Peter first looked at me he said – you- re very weak- . I couldn’t argue with him! Beginning with my first session he immediately began removing low vibe energy from my system. This took a while because there was alot of it and it kept emerging in layers. Then he began to reconfigure my energy anatomy to allow it to flow more power. With every session he kept bringing more light and high vibe energy into me. I soon began to have days (and even weeks) with no noticeable fatigue. And now I’m operating with a vastly improved level of stamina. I can actually make plans again and have the vitality to carry them out! Thank you Peter.

You’ve got some amazing skills Peter. It seems like 80% of the work you did has filtered down so far and I- m feeling pretty good. The juices are flowing freely and I feel whole and balanced for the first time in quite a while. The right ankle/foot went – ˜numb- yesterday and is trying to heal itself – “ that- s pretty cool. It would be quite foolish on my part not to plan for at least 3 more sessions. Even then, my projections are obviously limited by my own discernment at this point in time (the onion thing).If I had to guess, I- d say the next step would be (1) chakra work, (2)followed by something kundalini related, then (3) something tst related. That- s just a guess. You most assuredly have tricks up your sleeve that I don- t even know about.
Abundant Thanks,

I had my first Superseer session with Peter yesterday. Here- s a brief recap highlighting it. He blessed some water for me to drink with an energy wave you can feel. He validated one issue of abuse that has troubled me my whole life. He shone a light on several health issues, oppressors, and blockages. One thing he said took me completely by surprise. Wasn’t sure what to make of it. He hit the nail on the head describing my last romantic interest including the date to go with it. The other date he called out was definitley during a time of upheaval in my life. He discerned little things too, like how I- m foggy in the mornings and perform my best during late afternoon hours, plus an attraction with crystals. He ended the session by sending some good energy into me. Then later that afternoon I had this sense or feeling that he was STILL working on me, because I had a mini epiphany and immediately thought of him. Then I fancied the notion superseers go on working on you even after the session is over. Am I right, Peter? Maybe now at long last I can FINALLY get help in areas where it- s really needed

I had the gracious opportunity to have Peter work his wonders. Now I understand why my story is what it is. My heart chakra is encased in a thick block of ice. Ironically, 15 minutes before the session, I centered my self within. I became so cold I think I could have seen my breath as ice, as i sat with blankets upon me and a heater on high. Peter also worked on other chakras that are blocked, including the crown. With the alloted time, Peter poked holes through the ice around my heart chakra and opened up my crown chakra. I have to say this was the most awesome experience of my life. I am still experiencing sensations in my crown chakra and with the new alchemy, it has really intensified. There is a lot of hard work ahead to clear all these blockages . . . prayers and love frequencies blue emerald friends . . !

Today I Had A Session With Peter All I Had Was Wow!- ¦.He Really Opened Up My Mind And Im Gratefull I Ever Stumbled Upon Blue Emerald- ¦.The Whole Day After His Session I Felt Kinda Light And Open- ¦I- m A Firm Believer Of Peter- s Talent & Looking To Have More Sessions With Him When The Time Is Right
I had another session with Peter a couple of days ago; this was my third session. This time I was prepared with my glass of water by my side.- Peter called right on the dot of our specified time. When he asked how I was doing, I felt that I was doing well, had some significant changes lately whereas the little things in every day life aren’t bothering me like they did before. I don’t get caught up in all the drama around me – “ not to say that I am not aware of it, but I am more patient even when others around me are – ˜coming apart- in their emotions.- I did mention to Peter that I thought the Alchemy wasn’t working as well for me as it had before. Peter said to stop taking it as I am vibrating higher than the the Alchemy right now. I am to take the – ˜super pills- that I have on hand for 7 days though, and no, that is not considered – ˜Alchemy.
It was decided I needed a – ˜clean-up- right now, to remove the sludge that I felt was not moving me forward. Kind of like a – ˜rotter-rooter- affect. That felt about right. I also mentioned that I was kind of tired and this would help to generate some energy.- So, that- s exactly what Peter did. I felt everything he did, everywhere he worked on me, and this time I said very little and just took it all in. He repeated his – ˜work- about 3 to 4 times sending massive energy, boosting me and clearing at the same time. When we was finished, I felt lighter, clearer, and the tiredness had completely left my body.
Thinking about my session with Peter later on, I realized that my sense of calmness, patience with others, and in general not – ˜reacting to situations- but rather waiting a moment, thinking things through, and then doing whatever needs to be done, or just – ˜being- – ” if you know what I mean – ” has seriously changed since I have been working with him. This is a significant change.- Thank you Peter for another meaningful healing.- – Loretta, September 21st, 2011

Have been working with Peter on completely renewing myself(I won- t go into a detail that what I was experencing, but in a short – “ it was living hell sometimes). He came up with a plan to drain my chackras completely and then fill them with a clean and pure energy.
During the first session he created a powerful vortex over my crown chackra, during an hour the vortex literally sucked everything out of the crown. After a 3rd draining session I began to lose it, sometimes I didn- t know who or where I am and what is happening around me, but Peter assured me to go with the flow.
With each chackra session I was becoming more of nothing. Attempting to function in daily life as best as I could. After cleaning my heart chackra I began to hear the inner voice, the one I have forgotten. After cleaning 2nd chackra, felt a breath of creativity coming in.
Draining of last two chackras was most impressive, I have felt tremendous amount of low energy leaving body, felt like empty baloon for a couple of days.
The final session Peter created a hudge ball of light in front of me, then he filled up all the chackras with the solid light, now my body feels very solid and extremely present, with each day I see something new transpiring.
It is awesome to have a renewed energy body Bro!
Thank you Peter.

My first session with Peter- ¦- As a newbie here at TBE, I have been reading the info on the site, checking out various forum posts, and trying to digest all of it with my highly analytical mind. I logged on a couple of days ago for the first time in several weeks and saw the offer by Peter for free sessions. I guess what Jason always says about when the timing is right it- s right because I signed up for one of the sessions.
Not really knowing what to expect, I will admit I was pretty anxious about the whole thing. I will say that after the session was over, I was very glad to have taken that step out of my comfort zone and had the session.
During the session, Peter made me feel very much at ease. I sensed that he is a person who genuinely wants to help others and share his gift. He immediately picked up that I have a lot of fear, pain and anxiety in my life, which might be seen as a generic answer he could give anyone, but his insight as to how these negative energies are manifesting in my life was uncanny.
He worked to open my crown chakra, which is something I thought I had done before when meditating, but he took the time to explain to me how it should feel when it was actually open, and that is something I have never experienced before. While he was working to remove some of my stored negative energy, it felt like bubbles coming up a straw through my chest area. The tightness in my chest did subside during and after the session. At one point, I felt a weird sensation on my right cheek. It felt like something was crawling under the skin from my ear towards my mouth.
I have been studying energy work in various forms for a couple of years now, and thought I was making progress with self-treatment. Now, after one session with Peter, I realize I haven- t even begun to make a dent in all the negative – ˜stuff- I have collected over the years. He was able to do in 30 minutes what I have been trying to do for months. Needless to say, I will be having more sessions- ¦
– Lori

It has been a while since my last post on this site. During that time I had several incredible sessions with Peter.- On a spiritual level he completely rewired my brain. That in itself was an unbelievable and very cool experience that taught me a few valuable lessons and in the end allowed me to receive and process higher vibrations.- On an emotional level he helped me clear a mountain of anger, rage and frustration, that I was not able to express all my life. Most of it was due to severe childhood abuse and some of it because I just felt stuck.- You can imagin how great it felt to let go of that load!- 10 days ago, since I felt very vulnerable and emotionally fragile, Peter offered to wrap me up in a blanket of Bliss.- OMG- what an experience it was ). It still brings tears to my eyes. I never before felt such total acceptance, safety and love before. One gets that type of feeling as a child from one- s parents, but when they are the one doing abusing I was left with a big hole in my being. My gap was filled and overfilled with Peter- s blanket of Bliss. It gave me a deep sense of wholeness for the first time in my long life.- Last session was even more incredible. Peter never cease to amaze me with his gifts and his creative – bag of tools- . This particular time I had lots of issues on a physical level: pain, congestion, electric shocks in my lower spine- ¦.etc. He released into my body his mighty army of energetic pac-men to do the necessary work, 6 altogether. WOW! They worked very hard. I was astonished to watch them clear, repair and heal. At times I felt some sharp pain and it was gone-another old injury was healed. Whole session was very comfortable and in a strange way very joyful. At the end I was truly sad to see – my little helpers- leave my body. I felt lighter and better, but a diffused back pain was still there. Lots of energy was shifting in my body for several hours after Peter hung up the phone. The next day, when I woke up I was different, most of the pain was gone and energetic shifts had stopped. I felt 10 or more years younger. I had lots of energy and was deeply content with my life.- If you did not yet experience Peter- s army of little miracles or blanket of Bliss- you- ve got to set up a session or more.- Thank you Peter for your truly amazing gifts and continuously pushing the envelop. You have helped me to change my life in a way I did not know it was possible. I am eternally grateful to you.- Cheers!- – AniaSophia,

for a very long time i was looking for a kind of transformative experience. one where i finally felt some relief or quiet or peace. its hard for me to describe. a few days ago, i had a session with Peter. and quite frankly, it was one of the most powerful experiences of my life so far. i don- t pretend to be anything special, at least as far as a conscious intent. i- m just trying to get set straight and have a better life. oh, sure, it- d be nice to let go of this shallow egoistic mind and what not. but, honestly, i- d settle for less pain, less anguish, less confusion. less torment. granted, it is by design, my own doing to be experiencing a lifetime i wish to escape from. self inflictions abound. my experience with Peter, was in my smallness, nothing short of magic.- its been so long, in this odd mental storm, i forgot that any other sky was possible. but for the clouds. i just want to get it out of the way, right off the bat- that i never felt freer, more balanced, cleaner, lighter, in my adult life. and i owe this to Peter and his efforts. yes, i understand that it is the infinite working through him. but, thank you Peter, for affirming my long quest for a break in the clouds, it spurs me on.- i feel, i should be more specific. because i firmly believe that everyone should be engaging with the superseers, and with their assistance, see beyond themselves, a new wonderful sense of clarity. i know i will be making efforts to continue with this work, as there is still quite a mess within me. nothing has ever helped me to this degree. and in my story thus far, i- ve had the battery of drugs and psychiatry one would expect. of course, they had no effect but to conceal and numb.- i had quite a bit of anxiety building up to the phone call. i knew it for myself that this feeling was rather absurd, but, none-the-less, all my little demons were writhing from what i could just feel was going to be a turning point in my life. a truly therapeutic intervention. they seem rare in this reality. where one prescriptive remedy doesn- t initiate an avalanche of secondary pains and illness, they themselves requiring remedy for the administered cure. i- m simply awestruck.- i learned alot about my self, listening to the self defeating- self sabotaging monologue in my head, the fear, the worry. a strong reaction that added to the importance of speaking to Peter.- he was astonishing insightful and kind. it is, for me difficult to be so naked to a stranger, but, i knew i had to be as open as possible. i tried. and he quickly read my nervousness and set out to calm me, with an exercise of positive intent. he could see the demons within me trying to resist. and i gotta say, it was so relieving to have someone else realize what it feels like inside my mind. his efforts put me to ease, and he proceeded to open my crown chakra and begin releasing the pent up negativities i held. admittedly, there is still quite a mess within me that will require alot of work, and i intend to proceed with him to resolve that. i cant not pursue this further, its working. and i love it when something actually works!- forgive my surprise, it just is so wonderful for to have relief. as advertised. for me, a great test of someones credibility, not that i was necessarily testing- just making observations, is their ability to delve into intimate details of my life. and Peter has such a gift, i- m awestruck. telling me that my life was without joy, an observation, that despite the depressed state that i often drift in and out of, i only recently had the where with all to actually perceive. he correctly pointed out the abuse i experienced as a child and affirmed my own self analytical conclusion that it had pretty much set me up to act in a certain way that i have been perpetuating ever since. he read that i was running away, or avoiding a woman in my life. my mother, that in an absurd way, i literally moved a distance of states to be separated from her. he observed the intense confusion and intense insecurity that i daily contend with, that the less observant never suspect. not that i- m trying to hide it, i- m just trying to deal with it. with Peters help, that has lessened to such a degree, i feel a semblance of confidence that has affected my personality nothing short of epic.- i feel clean air, and my chest had become so heavy that it was causing back problems, that weight lifted, i stand taller with ease. i had become what so many of us fear, a man so diseased he had become compromised with an inability to act to resolve or rid himself of the illness. helpless and hopeless. living in a pain he had simply accepted was his new life to live and there was no possibility of relief or reprieve.- as he spoke, i really felt he was looking into me, like an open hologram of life data. and that he had a genuine concern and knew what must be done. i trusted him implicitly.- all of this, being able to smile, not to appear happy, but because of happiness itself, would be more than enough for, but this was not the heaviest of revelations from the brief interaction we had.- he told me that there was a female presence in my energy field. that she was the result of an abortion was strongly attached to me. gave me a rather specific age range. and i would have stopped him right there, to say- WHAT?!?! but, was just floored, and attempted to remain focused and composed, since i was already such a anxious wreck going in. he asked me, if i had ever gone through such an experience and i said no, but told him that recently i had suspicions. perhaps, i cant be sure.- i had a serious relationship- i made it a rule to avoid them, because in my own estimation i- m a pretty toxic person, but i fell in love anyhow. and while it was relatively a quick relationship, it ended oddly, and to be frank, i was an immature dick. all that on top of my other delightful qualities mentioned above.- but, lately, i- ve been wondering what caused her reaction to break up with me. everything seemed to be going fine, inspite of me, and clear- out of the blue.- i didnt know what to say, and though i couldnt confirm or deny anything, Peter only grew more confident that infact she was an abortion, and was connected to me.- i waited some time before posting my experience with Peter, so that i could see my progress over the intervening days. and, once again, Peter, thanks, and let me say, anyone on the fence, dont hesistate. you- ll thank yourself. i- well, i- m an aspiring artist. its what i want, and to some degree i feel i can atleast, one day be good at. music, writing, film/video. you know the rundown. and well, i have the topics and subject matter that i like and put different spins on- and i kept thinking about this child, Peter spoke of, because, as far as my known history. no, no abortions. but, lately, my art has been changing. i have a really hard time finishing what i start. but, i have been writing and creating music and stories that centered on invisible girls, aborted little baby girls, and the alternate reality stories where they are both dead and alive. and lately, just literally days before my talk with Peter, had created another little girl who had- putting her into a story. she didnt need to be there, just had a fixation to put her in the narrative.- well, to make a long story short, i realized all the data Pete gave me, fit. flawlessly to his confident observation. shes with me, this little aborted child i never knew, connected to me. attached and influencing me. i didnt know she existed. others before had told me that i had someone in my aura, a female.- this revelation has floored me. changed me. sadness and helplessness, but, also, it has opened a newness in me. i wrestle with this greatly. for me, family is a very serious issue, and not just because of the abuse. but, because, i was almost aborted as well. such strange things i find in the curiousness of my life. i feel it, i know it deep within my opening heart, that Peter is right.- a new world is opening for me. that is why i wanted to tell you these things. my testimony, i strongly advocate everyone engage the superseers, it is profound. and awakening. human existence is so messy, to have these wonderful minds here to assist us, is a beautiful blessing and opportunity i encourage all to pursue.- as i will,- thanks, Peter, i will certainly be talking to you again, very soon.- the difference youve made in me so far, words fail.
– Chance

I have had two sessions with Peter so far. I was very nervous, but I am so glad that I did it. He opened up my crown chakra and I felt like I was standing under a waterfall of white light energy. I felt all my chakras open and align with my spine. I experienced much black stuff coming out of my feet. The second session I was able to see my TST, a being of beautiful shimmering irridecence superimposed upon my physical self. It was an amazing experience. Since having the sessions I feel much more connected to all that is. Healing is not an easy thing to do, but I think we owe it to ourselves to try. Peter was able to see all the pain and hurt I- d been living with all my life. There is much more work to do, but I am so much better than where I was thanks to Peter. I am very grateful.- – Patti, August 22th, 2011

Have known Peter for some time(around 3 years in this timeline) and he is one of the most extrodenary people I know. Amazing thing is that there is no limits for what can be done and I mean it, whatever you want here it comes, also he delivers execlly what is needed at the point of the jorney you are on, even if you are not aware of it. Sessions might be not about – healing- , it can be just unlocking potential or any thing you might want to get from the universe, imagination is the limit(I really mean it).
Had one time a while ago, when we were working on getting me out of abyss, I was on a camping trip and one night while dreaming, Peter appeared in a dream and said something like: – I want to try something- after that he has worked on my chest area and when I woke up, I felt like myself again, sober and without the crap in my being.- Thank you for the Big heart and being straightforward Peter.
Z – ‘ Z,

Hi Peter,
The session has brought about wonderful transformation. The day after the session, I felt fresh, glowing and peaceful like hitting the – reset- button erasing all the life-long distortions. My learning capacity, concentration, ability to recall things (such as Chinese characters) and problem-solving skills have opened up immensely. Opening up my chakras have allowed energy to freeflow at full potential. The downside is my appetite has opened up as well. I- m constantly eating even in my dreams. I- m worried about gaining weight. It would be great if we could schedule another session.
Thanks for everything!
– Cheryl,

I had an incredible one hour session with Peter yesterday – “ in a word. He re-wired me.
During our phone call, he gave me the date significant of a timeframe that was holding me back and I was apparently running from – it.-  He said my energy was – high strung-  on the phone. When I get that way, I feel like I am literally fried. No surprise here as I operate from the brain way too much. I definitely needed re-wiring.
I wasn’t feeling anything much before this phone call, always way too much in my head. I do a lot of thinking and have an insatiable thirst for knowledge, so I am often in the head. As we talked, I told him my concerns about not feeling God, or The Force (as I call it) since I let go of the human aspect of God many, many years ago. I know everything is energy, but where does the feeling, the love come into it that everybody talks about? As he was working on me, Peter reconnected me from the brain to the heart, then reversed it and reconnected me from the heart to the brain.
I expressed my desire to reach my highest spiritual potential – “ pierce the membrane as it is called in BE. Peter told me – piercing the membrane is like a moment of clarity – ” 0 point – ” piercing the veil or membrane.
He reminded me that I need to protect myself when I do my work with others. The work I do is RoHun (spiritual psychotherapy), hypnotherapy, sound & color therapy, healing, etc. I am being drained when I forget to protect myself first. The draining is – like sharks-  and I must take what I want and throw the rest out by filtering myself. This means the information I – get- as I work with people. As an empath, I feel their stuff and if I am not protecting myself it can be very draining.
So, how do I feel now? Awesome!!! Right after our phone call, I spent some time for myself with a 35 minute meditation. I will try to post a pic of the tree from Portland, OR where I go to in meditation sometimes. This meditation was one of the strongest I- ve had – ” a lot of movement, visuals, and I am in a very peaceful, mindful, calm, expanded and wonderful state right now. The work continues, and so does the progress.
Thank you so much Peter. Looking forward to my next appointment.
In Peace,
– Loretta,

Amazing clarity and experience of self after our last session, here are the notes I did after our last two sessions
From the First one:- First thing is when you started to open heart self image appeared, got excited and then spaced out outside of my body for a few meters, and then energy on a back pushed the self image away.- After the session I stayed in the space for a bit, and then started to have routine thoughts, but they were far away and I could clearly sense the intention behind those thoughts.- First one was that i will follow the thoughts and this feelings instead of what i really want, 2nd one was about food and 3rd one was about what I will say to you
from the 2nd session:- first thought was right after the session it was that i need to go out in the nature, also thouughts where I should go etc.- When I was at the beach I was thinking about past like mount shasta and future, lots of thoughts about what is happening with me and analyzing and making a jugement about it, about reiki classes I should have taken and that I am not sticking with one thing, also thoughts what I should type to you. I was spacing out almost all the time during 30 minutes walk.What I think I am super against being present and thinking and making up stuff(which manifests?) to not be present. Oh yes, i- ve seen a cute young child playing in a sand on a beach and part of me thought that its a cute child then dark part of me thought that i should kick him in a face.- Another wierd thing, when I got back from the walk, I- ve started to read a book, while reading it I begun to space out, like my attention/presence light around my body/ awarness(don- t know how execlly to name it) is being pulled to the back(i think thrue the navel or stomack region), then view changed and I seen the transparent figure, it had a womans face and it was about to cover my head with its things which looked like the arms.
Today I had amazing connection to the heart man, i got some clarity and can- t wait for our next session, writing down things to look into Let- s do one on monday or tuesday. How much more time do I have and what- s up with water modules?- Can you please add another intent which would be: – Clear and open heart chakra to the mindblowing capacity-
Z – Z,

I have been doing intense healing for the last 20 years using many different modalities, but working with Peter dose not compare to anything I have done before. It is wonderful to be truly seen and acknowledged for the first time in my life )- During our 9 sessions we cleared several core issues and traumas and once the pattern was removed it was gone forever. It seems almost unreal when I think who I was just 3 months ago- constantly in pain, hopeless, depressed, fearful, tired, confused, miserable and angry. Life was often too overwhelming and challenging to get up in the morning. It was a constant struggle to go through the day.- Today I smile a lot, I am happy to be alive, I am hopeful, I have lots of energy, I am at peace and I definitively have a future!- During the last session Peter opened and cleared all my chakras. It was truly an incredible experience that allowed me to move to a new place of acceptance and inner peace.- I know there is more work ahead but these days life is full of sweetness, simple joys and many wonderful surprises.- I am very grateful to Peter for sharing his incredible gift with me, his big heart, his compassion and his great sense of humor. You are truly an amazing Being Peter!- I am also very grateful to Jason and Dazey for bringing the amazing Alchemy to all of us and for the TBE members for their love, support, and divine energy.
– Ania,

Peter once again has come to the rescue!
For many years I have been trying to help my daughter unscramble her life with not much success. It had come to a point where I just had nothing more to give- ¦.I felt out of options. Not knowing what to do next to help her, I turned to Peter. She had a session with him yesterday morning.
He looked into her and saw with absolute accuracy her issues. From what I understand the session was brutally honest and he told her so much she needed to hear. Some of her truths are quite frightening. She was in melt down mode all day as we spent time together trying to sort it all out. She is very messed up and has much work to do. Peter gave her some really good information and may have saved her life!
So- ¦if you know someone that is struggling and receptive to what we do here at TBE- ¦.get them a session with Peter.
I am once again amazed and eternally grateful. Thank you Peter. – “ Shelly, June, 12th, 2011
I had a session with Peter on Friday. In this session he specifically worked on my Heart – Chakra.- After the session he asked me to send him an email describing what I had/have been experiencing. I sent him the email and he asked me to share it on here. Below is a copy of the email I sent.
Holy Shit- ¦ It took a couple of days, but I was experiencing – data- yesterday, feeling it in my heart, like I- ve never felt. Also, there was a synchronization between my heart and my other energy centers. I very much notice the difference between what I think or pre-judge about a person/situation, and what my heart feels about it.
I- ve been feeling things with my heart before, but not like this.
– “end email

There was a street fair going on in my neighborhood yesterday. Therefore, I was around a lot of people. There was a couple of times I had to move around because the data I was feeling was pretty intense. When I started to feel like I was going to shift into something that wasn- t going to go over well in this particular social situation, I moved to another area. All day long my chakras would turn on/ off, flow. It- s like they would talk to each other. It was a GREAT feeling!
There was one person I was speaking with that was particularly interesting. What he did say to me (in the course of about an hour long conversation) was that he was in the military in 2003 during the US invasion of Iraq. He also said that he became a contractor after he was discharged. What I felt was VERY different. It was dark, not – evil-  but shadowed. And there was a definite psychic wall that pushed back with determination every time I attempted to penetrate it. It was an interesting game, so to speak. I was picking up information like crazy from all over, but this one guy was the most interesting, and directed. There was definitely something going on on a whole different level. Also, I don- t know how aware he was of me attempting to penetrate that wall. It almost felt like that wall had an intelligence all it- s own.
It- s almost like I- ve been exposed to a new way of thinking, and I- m getting used to it.
– Tulu,

Been working more with Peter. I had a session last weekend and one today. You never know what- s going to happen after Peter works his magic.
Last week- ¦.
The encounter started with Peter asking me – what- s been going on- ? I explained I had read all the unteachings again about 3 more times or so. I had then been thinking about my TST and the next step seemed to be merging with it. Of course I have no idea how to do this so decided I should start and establish more of a conscious relationship with it. I felt the merger would be – piercing the membrane- and Peter confirmed this. To my surprise Peter announced he would start the integration process of me and my TST. He brought her to my right side and then around to my front. From there I guess he brought her – in- ? He told me to relax while he worked on the integration. It was all very subtle and undramatic. The session ended after 30 minutes.
The very next day happiness and joy started to blossom and increased each day. I started seeing symbology in everything which I found hysterically funny. Laughter and joy took me over. Those close to me thought I was loosing it! LOL! It- s leveled out a little and others are finding there own joy! It- s down right contagious! Excellent- ¦.thank you Peter.
My next session was today that I booked yesterday. It seems important to recount a powerful experience I had right after setting this second appointment.
In my minds eye I saw the image from the unteachings about – Truth- . The 2 video screens before the open doorway with the floating – blue emerld- . I immediately felt a triad of frequency- ¦.myself, Peter and Jason. I felt our frequencies were projecting from individual screens facing each other. The – doorway- was just another screen. I couldn- t place where – I- was. There- ¦but not? I realized there must also be these screens above, below and all around. Then zillions of computer/video screens formed a hollow ball all projecting light/data into the center making ONE- ¦.one drama. Cool!
For todays session I had asked Peter to work on my house some more. It- s been for sale for 5 years and a buyer would be nice. I- m sorry to always be blathering on and on about the house. Those that don- t know me may get the impression my MEGO is bigger than it is. It- s hard to hit the right cord with this limited written format. It- s just part of the experience and I have to include it.
Sooo- ¦..after the water thing- ¦he opened a – hole- in my chest center. He wanted to do kind of a reverse logistics kind of dealio- ¦..instead of us looking for and bringing a buyer to the house- ¦he wanted the house to search out and attract the buyer. I think I got that right- ¦ha! ha! He needed my permission to take some of my life force and give it to the house. I agreed and he did. He said he was infusing the house with love, joy etc- ¦.at one point the emotions was very strong- ¦.made me cry a little. Then I felt like the house didn- t want or wouldn- t let me go. I started to explain this to Peter and he said the house did want to hold onto me but not in the aspect I was saying. In other words it was enjoying all the infusion of love and had nothing to do with ME on a personal level- ¦- ¦my emotion and thoughts were ego based. Peter did not say that- ¦it- s what I got after the session and had time to think about it. Peter then cut the flow of my life force off from the house. He said the house would now radiate my essence- ¦all that I am. The session ended. It was again 30minutes.
After, I went outside and walked around. It- s an absolutely beautiful sunny day here today. Hot! Everything is in bloom and looks the best it ever has. I went to the side yard and looked up- ¦.the third story of the house shimmered, wavered and kind of rolled (almost disappeared) for a split second. There is a NEW calm power and love flowing out and around it. Hard to describe that one! That- s the best I can do.
I want to again- ¦.for me the actual sessions are very subtle. No bells and whistles kind of thing- ¦.that comes after! I don- t know what/how Peter does what he does- ¦.but he do! For that we are all blessed. If you- re new to TBE- ¦.try it- ¦.you- ll like it! If you- re shy, nervous or just have some questions about the sessions you prefer to keep private feel free to send me a private message via this site. I- ll help anyway I can.
Thank you Peter and The Blue Emerald- ¦..you have rocked my world yet again!
– Shelly,

Peter, that was some pretty intense mojo! Thank you. Tones are still- ringing off the charts.
Here is my experience:
Once we were off phone I felt I was moving into a different space.- Once in that space, it felt like a creation space. Like some empty- matrix. I created some red/orange heart feeling that echoed out.- Then, the tones in my head increased and I felt like I was feeling the- earth, compassion. I was in the earth in some sense.- Then it ramped up again in my head. My body started to feel very hot,- and a bit dense. I had some fleeting bone pain. I felt gratitude for- Peter. Thanked him, and remained in that place for a few minutes, then- asked the process to stop.- The tones are ringing crazy in my ears.
Found myself in a can of coke. I was the aluminum wall, and could feel- the atoms making it up. Could feel the beads of carbonation. Then I- was in a mirror. I was the silicon lattice making up the glass and- felt the reflective surface attached to me. Anything I focused on, I- entered into. What the best part of all that was I was not in some- weird disconnected land. I was right in the action talking and- carrying on as usual, but some side part of me was having these- experiences. I went for a walk outside and everything was teeming with- life! Very cool- ¦. – “ Kevin, April, 30th, 2011
Session #2 and follow up phone call with our resident Super(duper)seer Peter!
This session was conducted in (from) my pool due to the fact a sigil ( similar to the fountain of code 1) had formed on the bottom of the pool in the chipped paint. The sigil appeared where I stand to make spirals and do energy work. My pool phone went on the blink the day before and had to take the call from my cell. I was having a little trouble in the beginning hearing Peter as I had this weird home made strap thing going on to keep the phone to my ear and still be hands free- ¦.anyhoooooo- ¦..- The first thing he asks me as we get going is – What is my connection with Posiedon?- Posiedon was standing before him but not giving him any information. I am pretty much clueless. Duh! But blown out of the water! Pun intended! However, I do play mermaid often! LOL!
We talked about my house dynamic. I have 3 entities living (hiding out) here. They are passive and no problem. They like it here. However my house and city are plagued with negative energy- ¦.no surprise to me. We start the process to get rid of the negative energy. He has me stand over the sigil and feel the energy come up my legs- ¦then he inserted a cone (think of an ice cream cone with a pointy end) into my solar plexus and began turning it. The negative energy began flowing out. Wow- ¦.amazing! I could feel it but it was not all that intense.
That- s the cliff note version of that session. After I started thinking about it I and decided to have a follow up call just to talk.
Peter advised me I am either the first or most favored daughter of Posiedon. He was unable to give me a name at this point. The sigil is my symbol and a direct connection to my Father Posiedon. That bit of information was like a Tsunami!- The entities living here have been here since the house was built or before. Cool! The house is about a hundred years old or so. I also asked him about a man I saw in the park the Friday before my session. I described this person and the intensity of power coming off of him and my desire to speak with him- ¦.the man was about 65 or 70- ¦.dressed some what eccentrically for this area- ¦.extremely handsome- ¦walking with a cane as both legs had some major problem going on. I could not get eye contact and did not want to disturb him so never spoke. Never the less- ¦.it was a very powerful encounter. I thought about him all day and the next. Peter advised that the Ascended Masters are coming back and taking human form more frequently. He believes this man was just that and I agree.
Since the call I have researched Posiedon and Greek Mythology- ¦.I discovered Gaia was a consort of Posiedon and had many children. When we renovated the pool (about 7 years ago) I painted my rendition of Gaia holding the world on the bottom of the pool. Over the years I have had many questions why I painted this with no answer forth coming- ¦.now I think I know!
So you SEE- ¦- ¦you never KNOW what Peter WILL SEE and the benefit you will gain.
I hate to sound like an info commercial- ¦.but book NOW!
This is IT!
Ps- ¦.notice my current Avatar- ¦.that- s my Daddy! LOL!- – Lael, April, 26th, 2011
I had a session with Peter about a week ago. Because I- m deaf, I asked him if he would be able to do this over a chat client and he was willing to try. During our preliminary chat, he was able to identify emotional trauma from early childhood that was still eating at my energy to this day. Since I lost my hearing abruptly around age 5-6, it hit home and I felt ready to do an hour-long session.
The most fascinating part of this experience was actually feeling what he was doing. As he worked to release my initial anxiety, I could feel surges of energy pulsate up and down my chakras (which is also interesting – ”

I- ve never quite felt my chakras until now). He worked on releasing energy in my throat and other areas. When it was over, I could feel my throat tingling. The usual swelling was gone.
I feel released from a plague that has followed me most of my life. The energy drag seems to be gone and there is a renewed sense of freedom, creativity and passion. I feel squeaky clean, ready for the next level
I- m kind of pissed at myself for waiting four months before booking a session with Peter – ¦ but I guess it is all in the timing. He is very accommodating, gentle and powerful. Definitely the real deal!
Gratitude to you, Peter. – ‘ Tanya,

I have been working with Peter for about the last two months. The subject matter was the opening of the pineal gland, and the opening of the third eye. We finished about two weeks ago. Since then, I have been acclimating myself to the new energies. The main thing is this, I have never felt better. The sheer joy I feel never ends.- During our sessions many things were revealed to me. Briefly, Peter pushed me to see the – people-  that were standing before me. They were Mayan, seven of them. Three men, four women. I could not only – see-  them, I could smell them as well. Then Peter asked me what one of the women was handing me. I said it looked like an orb of some kind. No, he said, it is a human heart that she just ripped out of her sons chest, and is now giving it to you! It is the living heart of consciousness!- In another session, we returned to the – Circle of Beings.- I place I had been before, but didn- t understand. They were all robed, and hooded in white, sitting in a circle. I went into the center. Peter told me to call one of them forward. I did. He was American Indian, they all were. As we stood facing each other, Peter said to breath as one. Then our hearts began to beat as one. We did this for some time. I can- t begin to tell you how this felt. The implication of all of this is astounding. I realized that I was part of this circle. When I mentioned this to Peter, he chuckled and said, – What do they say about me?- They said that you are part of the circle as well. He aggreed with this.- Since doing all of this, I have been slowly acclimating myself to the new frequencies. Alot of this was a fry, but most was not unexpected. I have discovered so much about myself, and this crazy universe. The power of thought, and feeling are the basis of everything. The door this is opening up is fantastic! Moreover I am experiencing the connection of everything, and how I can effect it, how I DO effect it. I wish I could put more of this into words, but this is something we all have to experience for ourselves. I understand it more and more each day. The lessons that the universe gives me each day, opens me up to greater possibilities. We can have it all. The thing is to understand how we relate to it on an individual level. I also have a much better relationship with my spirit guides.- Thank You Peter. You are and amazing being- ¦- For those of you that have not experienced Peter, you are missing an opportunity that doesn- t present itself very often, if at all! What are you waiting for?- Enjoy!!! – “ Frank,

So- ¦.I had a short session with Peter about 2 weeks. I am so glad I did. What he found in the first 2 minutes was startling to say the least. Not only did he – see-  what was going on but pinpointed the exact date. Which I believe to be right on accurate. The reason I say this is it was someone- s birthday so I remember the day. Anyway- ¦he went in and made the correction. Almost immediately I felt relief. However by the next day I was still having some problems. He advised to give it another day or so. Plus calmed me down as I was freaking out a little bit. For the next week all I did was sleep. I literally did not move off my couch. Other symptoms were coming forth that also scared me. I decided to rest, take the alkhem and stay as close to meditation mode I could. Little by little the problems became less and less. My energy and creativity are returning.
The whole experience has continued to unfold. The lessons, knowledge and truth gained are layered on so many levels. I cannot express the gratitude I feel for this healing. Peter is soooo amazing. I recommend having a session or 2 or 3 or- ¦- ¦lol. Don- t wait- ¦do it now- ¦you- ll be so happy you did.
Thank you Peter for your gentle approach and help. Thank you Jason for this incredible product. Thank you Dazey for your swiftness in getting the potion (s) mailed out and all you do. Well holy cow- ¦thanks be to all that IS!
LOVE has returned- ¦.it- s a beautiful thing! – Lael,

Peter,- It- s Brooke from TBE.- Long time no talky. Well, hey I feel a little compelled to share with you.- We worked together a bit last summer. You told me a date and time where you saw something had been triggered, or was meaningful somehow to my experience and what I was working on. Well, it had zero relevance to me at the time. And then later that summer I got completely wrapped up in this true love experience we my first love from back in the day. I know it- s kind of barf inducing to read, but I spent months just floating, totally enveloped in this whole story and the archetype of this true love dream come true- ¦. I- m telling you, this was HUGE for me and a long time coming and completely unexpected (I was convinced we would be old farts before we were reunited and I had actually done a lot of work to let go of him). And everyone knows the feeling of new love, when everything is shinier and every moment more fulfilling because you have this new experience that is totally beautiful! I was high on my gratitude for this experience. I spent months in this dream state.
And then it STOPPED. Abruptly. And yep, it stopped on the exact date that you had referenced as being important this summer. March 9. What I think is interesting too is that I didn- t realize it at the time. It- s not like I- d astrixed that date on my calendar to keep track of. I only realized it when I read back through some things. At the time of our session I had assumed the date was in the past. But I guess time is all NOW.
I don’t know where it all stands right now. Who- s to know anything. My ego is feasting on the emotions still and I feel like a dumbass, but it- s all good and we- ll see what happens next. Just wanted to share about recognizing the date. Hope you- re doing well. – “ Brooke, April, 1st, 2011
My Experience with Peter- Due to the chain of events that lead all of us somewhere- ¦I had the good fortune of moving in to the space to find TBE and then Peter, aka the resident Super Seer.
Bear with me as I try to find the words to explain my experience with Peter. Prescribing to a left brain/right brain way of interpreting this life experience, there is also a division in me that separates my – ˜outer- experience of life and has hidden my – ˜inner- experience of life. Thanks to Peter and the alchemy, there is renewed hope that I may start to feel again and perhaps meld the two into a more cohesive way of living.
First off, it is an amazing experience to be seen – “ to really be seen on level that my closest friends and family wouldn- t even dream of understanding. Within a few minutes on the phone, Peter was able to assess the deepest, darkest me – “ unearthing a sadness and my blind acceptance to a life void of- ¦energy, emotion, spirit, etc. It was almost a bit unnerving that he could see/read so many of secrets of my life in those few minutes. At the same time, there was a sense of relief and immense gratitude in being really – ˜seen- for what may have been the first time in my life – “ all without judgment.
Peter started out by telling me that I was virtually lifeless. He used the words – ˜lump of coal and train wreck.- LOL (I had to laugh – “ what else do you do when you are told that you are a train-wreck waiting to derail?) There was no energy moving, it had shut down. He went on to tell me about a hex, a low energy vibration that has been with me for many years. (WOW- ¦ok, left brain is trying to process all of THAT information. )
We split up my session into two. A full hour of Peter may have been too much for my lifeless, coal-like energy.
Now here is where adjectives fail me. He – ˜opened- me up and started breaking up my energy. He likened my energy to a hard shell of crème brule. (I think I was all shell and no creamy interior-very crunchy. LOL) And pulled out years of accumulated sludge.
Moving forward- ¦This last week has been amazing. My experience of life has taken on something raw – “ alive. There is life stirring, energy excitement – “ something new and fresh has been opened in me- ¦words can- t do justice to the lightness and freedom – “ they are indescribable. (What do I do with all of the energy??? J)
The unfolding will continue. I am so grateful for moving into this space – “ for finding TBE and for meeting Peter. What an enigma- ¦ I want to wrap my left brain around it all – “ but of course- ¦ (Yes, I still see dualism in the way I process information. LOL) No doubt a wild adventure is around the corner. Thank you all for the opportunity to share a bit of this with you.
– Ginni,

My results were great. Opening the crown chakra has resulted in my finding greater inspiration, hope, faith, and beauty, as well as knowing and feeling my connectedness with the Universe, all that is, oneness. I am also feeling a greater sense of peace. I have also been led to other resources to heal my body such as Donna Edens energy medicine techniques. I feel I am being led and guided to that which serves my highest good and for healing, or should I say expressing the blueprint of perfection that is my true, highest self. Your work, being the conduit for truth is priceless to me. Thank you so much.
The vitamin recharging healing cocktail infused through my energy field has helped a lot too!
I feel way less of the pain from the cancer and sometimes feel none. I HAVE CUT WAY BACK ON THE PAINKILLERS! Sometimes I can go go as long as 12 hours without taking any. I feel a reduction in the side effects from the chemo as well. no more head aches, way less body aches and they are not nearly as severe, as I mentioned, at times I skip the painkillers and go as long as I can without them. I have totally stopped taking the percoset which was the only narcotic medicine.
Also the numbness in my left hand is totally gone, and the right hand only has a little bit left in the tips of the fingers only, instead of all the way down beyond the wrist. Also I have no need for the nausea pills since the session. No more nausea! I have a sense of aliveness and vitality now and have actually been able to walk as much as an hour, rest a few, then go an hour more without feeling like I would fall down. Way less fatigue!!! before, I could only go for 10 minutes before I felt exhausted, and had to rest for 10 or more minutes.
I will have the numbers from the blood tests that chart my progess on Wed. and will let you know what they are now, when I get them.
I am way stronger than I was the last time I was due for my chemo. My next chemo session is Wed. March 30th. I was wondering if we could do a session to remove the root cause of the ovarian cancer. I feel I am ready for that now. What do you think?
Thank you so much for your help. you are incredibly gifted, and I feel so blessed to have found you and recieved your help.
Love and Blessings,
Dianna –

Hi Peter;
The session on Tuesday was great. It was good to have a chance to just talk to you about things. We are kindred spirits, and I realize that I- m far more awake and aware than I thought I was. I also feel fantastic! I can- t remember when I felt this good. I- m more complete. Everything is fun now. Yesterday was a foggy day here. When I saw the fog it was as if I saw it for the first time. I felt such joy! Things are changing in me now. The flower is opening. This is great!
Frank – “

Hi Peter,
Just sitting listening to the rain. Wanted to send you an update.- Really, a great week. Steady, solid, increasingly present. Have a- sense of joy again, and a feeling of movement. Here are my notes:
Saturday:- Energy infusion- In the moment, mind silent, yet cannot seem to understand what I am feeling.- It is deep and strong, yet delicate.- Trying to use rational thought to grasp it, but it won- t work.- Peaceful, deep, aware.- The feeling wants to connect itself to the body, but it can’t.
Sunday:- No sore throat – Crown chakra and mind chakra feel open- Intense ringing in ears when reading spiritual stuff- 24 hours after call, quite tired!
Monday:- Very present, with increasing clarity- Seeing the negative motivations in my organization; not intentional- but misguided- Decided it is time soon to leave California- By evening time, shifted consciousness
Tuesday:- Clarity and presence increasing still- Becoming more able to sense motivations of others- Sense that change in myself may take me to some unexpected places- Sense of being alive again!! – “ Kevin, March, 16th, 2011

A couple of days ago, Peter helped me work through a major crises. He asked me if I would comment on what happened. Most definitely!
Recently, there has been a great deal of stress in my life that has been playing out in various ways: a family member going through some major difficulties, sleepless nights, pressure around my head, confusion, inability to focus – “ especially during meditation with all the – mind chatter,- a sick feeling in my stomach, and because of so much stress, I was loosing a lot of hair. I decided to find out what this was all about.
So, I scheduled a preliminary discussion with Peter. During the first couple of minutes, he asked me what had happened at a certain date and time and that it was the catalyst for a chain of events that were happening to me. He mentioned – mind fog-  and a few other things that left me reeling, so I scheduled a longer consultation with him.
It was this one-hour phone call and ultimate healing that I want to write about. Peter wasn- t sure if he could heal me, but he most certainly did. As he worked on me, I felt the energy that was sabotaging mine, felt the sludge of it leave my body, could tell exactly where he was working, and at the conclusion, I felt lighter, clearer, and more energetic than I have felt in a very long time. He said to send him an email in a couple of days to let him know how I was doing.
Instead of the email, I scheduled 15 minutes more time because of some changes and decisions I needed to make. I wanted to be sure it was connected with the date and time he gave me. It absolutely was.
This is very real folks. The alchemy is real – “ and very powerful. I do not doubt it for a minute. I am so very grateful for Peter- s help in getting through this most difficult time.

Hi Peter;
The session on Tuesday was great. It was good to have a chance to just talk to you about things. We are kindred spirits, and I realize that I- m far more awake and aware than I thought I was. I also feel fantastic! I can- t remember when I felt this good. I- m more complete. Everything is fun now. Yesterday was a foggy day here. When I saw the fog it was as if I saw it for the first time. I felt such joy! Things are changing in me now. The flower is opening. This is great!
Frank –

Super Seers and Apocalyptic Horsemen
The following are some notes from my opportunity to spend a few hours with Peter, the resident Super Seer so often mentioned by Jason. I am blessed to have had the chance, and I humbly hope these thoughts may help someone to unfold a bit more.
At the start, Peter had no information about me. Those that know me, know I am a very private person. Yet, in the first five minutes of our initial conversation he was naming dates, times, and actors involved in significant moments in my life. These are not the significant moments one might think, like an accident, marriage, death or similar event. They could not be googled or otherwise known. These were other events that left an emotional impact on me so as to change my life- s direction, or buried deep in my subconscious. Events with my parents, lovers, teachers; all quietly dismissed by me as part of life- s play were brought up by Peter as causing disturbances in my energy – ” some big, some small. The level of detail, with a little help from me to focus the beam with what I recalled, was high definition. I need to emphasize, NONE of those things could have been public knowledge.
OK, so with five minutes elapsed (no kidding), I was asked if I would like to have a longer consultation. Stuttering, stammering a bit I replied, – Ummm, yeah. When?-
We arranged for two one-hour sessions. I called him, we chatted for a few minutes about east coast-west coast stuff, and then he was already picking up on many things in my energy. After some preliminary preparations with water, it was as if I could feel Peter scanning the different parts of my body. – Are you around my head now?-  – Yup- . After locating blockages, Peter made me comfortable and removed the blockages. The next few days I felt a bit of the detox, flu-like feeling, but by day three I was much more focused, clear and having a more pronounced response to TBE alchemy.
The second session was where things just turned north of amazing. I had commented that I felt my energy after our last session seemed to be leaking out of me at a faster rate. I mentioned I have had decades of a sense of energy being drained from me, and despite hours of daily meditation and other spiritual stuff, it still leaked. I did not know why it was going faster.
Peter, after the preliminary prep, asked me what was outside of me. It felt dark, murky, and there were a few figures in front of me (not that I could see, but I could sense). He said (paraphrasing here), – Those are the Four Horseman of the Apocalypse waiting to collect a debt.- WHAT? My heart jumped into the ceiling, and I thought this was it for me. Thinking to myself, – So that is what my last moments on earth are gonna be.-
Peter reassured me. We talked about why they were there, and uncovered some energetic agreements that may have been made in the distant past, perhaps this lifetime or another, that needed to be fulfilled. Under his guidance and protection, the horseman and events were acknowledged, and allowed into me to retrieve payment for the debt. I could FEEL them moving from my left nipple down to my bellybutton, and out. In fact, 36 hours later, there were physical rashes and pimples (I get neither on any routine basis) in a trail from my left nipple to my bellybutton, as if I needed any more proof!
What impressed me about the entire event (beside the obvious) was the universal integrity of agreements and the balance of energy. It was not anything like: – I am of a higher and purer energy now, so I can ignore the – debt- because it was of a lower energy. I am better than low energy, so it will be dismissed.- No, the true impact of intention, integrity of energetic agreements and the homeostatic balance of All That Is was right before my eyes. Pretty intense lesson.
Well, suffice it to say, since the last session I have noted the absence of a huge sense of nondescript fear that has driven me, controlled me, and drained me for nearly a lifetime. There are still closed doors in my path, but with the help of Peter and TBE Alchemy they are opening one by one. I have the good fortune to have had some very interesting spiritual experiences in my lifetime, but they frankly pale in comparison to what has been opened up for me through TBE and Peter. Like a kid on the eve of Christmas, I am opening up new presents and seeing my old ones with new eyes.
Search within yourself how you want to use the tools provided through TBE. The journey is yours, but the time is now.
– Kevin,

Hi Peter,
I have to thank you again for the amazing work done one week ago. I- have felt liberated, expansive, confident and much more flexible. I- know that energy drain was going on for decades, but I would attribute- it to all kinds of other things (work, school, home, etc). It is- fascinating that fear has so figured into my ethos, that I had begun- working on a book to detail fear (philosophy, physiology, history) as- a means to try and further control it!
In gratitude to the Source,- Kevin

Goodmorning Enlightened Master,
How- s that for an intro? Just a quick note to let you know I- m not there yet, but with the proper mixture of Intention,Truth and Love it shouldn- t be that far out of reach. It has been 72 hours since you have allowed your magic to permiate my isness. I can tell you that the first two nites of sleep were quite fragmented ( possibly solar flare 1158 or full moon) or any number of other possiblities. The energy is alot stronger than pre-call but still not as high as I hope it will be in the near future. Our financial position will get a little stronger I intend on calling upon your expertice to assist in breaking through the veil and becoming the being I was meant to be so many thousands of years ago.
It seems that when ever we talk I don- t have the time to ask what your perception is about the possible coming events that will give the world a signifcant boost in to another change of vibration? Maybe some day we- ll have the chance to discuss the capacity of all of us in raising the tonal of the planet.
In Light,

Hi Peter this is Gregory and I wanted to to let you know I haven- t forgotten you,but time in this place has gotten away from me. I- m doing well after you have done your magic with me. As well as Amy she was very shifted after you had finshed clearing some of her blockages as well. She came out of it came down and said she had never felt as large in her entire life which brought tears of joy from my eyes. I understand from Matt that he has also had some significant progress since you have last worked with him. Also Frank has also indicated some tremendous progress as well.- There is one person who is really looking forward to some time with you his name is Kevin unfortunately he lives on the left coast and I only get to talk to him on Sat or Sun. oh well. I do have a quick ? for you and that would be, –  Would it be possible for a weight gain because of an energetic blockage,the second is getting a solid nights sleep caused from a blockage? I hope this was not to conveluted for you to understand.
In Light,

Peter and I had a preliminary and actual session. During the preliminary he told me a few dates which was very interesting to hear and many things related to my health (which was true) and I couldn- t help having an actual session with him. So the night after preliminary session I had tightness around my head and burning around my eyes. I was not sure what was going on. The night after the actual session, I had very dry mouth, sore throat, coughing, heavily flu like symptoms, and indeed its still going on lightly after 1 week. In the meantime, I was not sure how I was supposed to feel but I can say i am more confident, feel lighter, less brain fog, more positive to others (and they are more positive to me as well) and more energetic. There is this – more awareness- stuff going on in me but I will let you know when I myself can understand it better:-) I am curious how I will feel when I recover from this flu like detox.- Zelda – “ Zelda,

Here is an overview of my dreams since Wed.
Wed. night, I dreamt I was in a Tolkien like setting. Then a hawk swooped down on me, not in an attack, I felt it was recognition. I saw it land in a tree, turn and look right at me, spread its wings and fly towards me. I then turned away from it. It landed on my head, stayed there for a couple of seconds, and flew away.- The hawk is the messsenger of the Great Spirit. I had a similar experience in the every day world.
Thursday night, in a dream, I woke up in my own bed, turned to look at the clock. It was 2am. I then said to myself that I had to call Peter. I picked up the phone, called you. You answered and said, – I was just about to call you.-  The dream then ended. I would have loved to have heard that conversation!
Last night, I dreamt I was with several people walking into a building, it seemed like an office/warehouse type. One of the women with me said to follow her. We walked up a stairway into an open area. She had gotten way ahead of us and was gone. The others were lamenting what to do. I saw a staircase to the left and right, and a door in the middle of the area. I began thinking which way she went. I then became cognizant of the whole situation. I – felt- the room for traces of her. I then knew which way she went. I went up the stairs to the left, opened the door, and there she was. She stood there with a big smile and said, – Congratulations, you did it!-  Then the dream ended.
This was the first time that I was able to use my mind, and feelings in this manner in a dream. We normally just float along with it, not really aware of what is going on. My level of awareness was very high. She was testing me. It seems that I passed.
I think this is a big step for me. My level of awareness in the dream state is growing. I had a couple of dreams after that one in which I diplayed the same type of ability to connect some of the dots, if you will. My wakeing state is a little different as well. I can- t put my finger on it, but it just seems more encompassing.
Man, this is getting to be fun! Let me know what you think.
Enjoy!! – Fraklin

Had a powerful session with Peter on Sunday. Not that I need external validation ((grins)) but driving home from work on Monday I was following a car with the following license plate:- GODBYOU- I laughed out loud and my first thought was, – Wow, that Peter does a great job!-  Profound session, one that I continue to assimilate and which I consider pivotal to everything. Deep Joy permeates. Love to All. . .- – Jansett,
My recent session with Peter was beyond words.- The crud was removed.- Got crud, get rid of it.- Have a session or two Peter.- Point blank, he does magic,get it done- ¦- – Skandar,

Hi Peter:
Thank you so much for the session last night! It was truely amazing! Afterward I felt a little nausea, very minor, went away quickly. Then the bliss just started to intensify. For about an hour I just floated around. Then I got tired. My body was all in. I went to bed at 9:30pm, and didn- t get up until 8:30am. I then just laid there feeling very relaxed, and very happy. Today has been a sheer joy! I remember that I used to feel this way before. I- m discovering myself again, before the fog set in.
The awakening has truely begun.
Thank You So Much!

Wanted to share the fruits of my two sessions with Peter just about 2 weeks apart: 12/20/10 and 01/02/11. I could list a string of superlatives but they would probably come across as overly emotional blather, which would be pretty useless.
What is amazing/edifying/brain-short-circuiting is the speed with which Peter both identifies areas that need to be addressed and – does what he does- to address them. I was graced to be able to actually feel and see what he was doing while relaxing with my eyes closed. I could taste and smell the stuff that had been removed- ”eeeewwwww. After each session I felt lighter, freer and calmer. I deduced (both times!) that the shifts were subtle and gentle.
Not so. Salt baths and hours & hours of deep sleep later, I recognized that huge amounts of shit had been transmuted (both times!). But not in a way where – I- felt like – I- was different. Everything was different- ”everything. My family dynamic, my boss, animals, trees, the air. . . . As Peter remarked, it was like having been the observed but now becoming the observer. What- s really cool is that it doesn- t stop, meaning I didn- t have a session and that was it then had another and that was it. Instead, each moment continues to spiral expansively/expressively with all new impulses of gratitude, wonder, awe and, yes, bliss. So blessed to be so blissed.
Thank you, Peter. I look forward to ongoing sessions, for I recognize that what I have experienced so far is but embryonic. I deeply appreciate your compassionate assistance which you so graciously serve with laser precision. No histrionics, no – much talking.- Akin perhaps to the zen of archery: simple, clean, pure, direct, on-target and sublime. – – Jansett

Hi Peter,
Thank you the energy healing yesterday. As usual before our session I felt the presense of the energies flowing through you hours before the session- like they were preparing my system. I tuned in closer as the session time approached – “ feeling/hearing like music the strains of the energy building crescendo then touching upon my shores of comprehension. I started feeling seeing clear realizations about much of the issues that were coming up to be released. Usually – “ there is so much to express in all these shifts that I would get flustered and have trouble expressing what is going on- but I was able to focus in new way- heart of matters– a kind of clear message that you could see the essence or truth of my words reflecting where I AM- “ I didn- t worry anymore that I was leaving anything out. Crown chakra was opened and energetic nectar flow initiated. Noticed the sensitivity to this energy flow was much much stronger than last time- its like- “ someone turned up the volume of what I could – feel-  and it was nothing but sublime heavenly energy in a pooling golden column- connecting me to a vast wellspring. WONDERFUL!- No words not really visions just an unseen brightness. Today I am feeling a bit poorly in my body-like a flu or cold symptoms. I suppose this is physical/emotional detox symptoms passing through? Feeling super exhausted strange headache, body aches- feel like I- ve been wrung out like a sponge yet there- s a subtle sensation of stuff gathered up by internal magnet to be passed out. Earlier today I felt the familiar energetic squeezing sensation – “ some people report this feeling on the head but I usually feel it around ribcage /torso/arms ((heart) – “ I imagine/am thinking perhaps this energy is going to work and pulling out from my system these programs and lies and falsities that are dead and expired? Is that what is happening? So much gratitude. Big Love!
In balance,

Peter,- Thank you so much for our inspiring conversation.I really appreciate you and hope that it is ok for me to call from time to time. I have been working on this stuff for the past 13 years and i have a very strong ego and the suggestion you gave me to just say ok- ¦ to the ego and go about in inspired action aligning my energy and action with the divine plan helped . I want to achieve mental mastery as the brainheart is a great tool but if it is in charge we cannot be the master of our destiny and align with our purpose. I am not sure what my purpose is as what i want to achieve gets sabatoged by what my subconcious believes.. so .. i am excited to keep moving forward in love and light and appreciate confident evolved beings like you to guide and nudge me. Your a very generous and beautiful soul. Thanks so much Peter.Your commitment to help the planet is felt and appreciated. Ellen
– Ellen

Hello Peter, I am writing to inform you of how I- m feeling so far. Both my body and my head feel very lite, while at the same time I feel the tight bands around my head. As I was driving home from work, there was a prevailing of love that I felt for the others stuck in traffic. I saw a little boy holding hands with his father and the feeling of love that came over me was awesome! I feel like the sludge you took out was on my left side of my body. Is this correct? At one point when you were doing your work, I felt a sharp pain in my side. It wasn- t intense, but it was sharp. I still feel it. I noticed that my thought patterns want to hang on to things that I don- t feel. For example, rush hour traffic. What my automation wanted to do and what I ended up doing were two different things. The drive seemed to fly by, even though it was the same amount of time. There is a definite shift in the energy in my house tonight. – Matt

Ola Peter Just to let you knowI have asked you a few months ago about a specific vacant position in Europe which I have described as my dream job YOU have suggested that I must apply your words – immediately- So I did also wrote also one hell of proposal ( it is a bloody masterpiece ))))
Good news I am on the final short list and will have my final interview via video conference this Friday 15 October @ 13h00 eu timeThanks for your support and advice keep your thumbs for me PLEASE Keep well !!!Blessings and appreciation
– Marius

Just sharing experiences form the last 2 sessions w/Peter. The most recent yesterday, I heard and felt a ringing in my ears that is still present with me today, and it- s like I am a tuning fork- can feel a tingle at the soles of my feet! The previous session was also of quite a high vibe, only to be followed by some STRONG mood swings, which was – stuff-  being stirred up to be released(one of those- not A good experience, but good experience- -type things.) feeling quite clear, and placid like a lake on a quite summer night,- ¦. Much thanks, Peter! Awesome! ;oD
– Todd

Just sharing experiences form the last 2 sessions w/Peter. The most recent yesterday, I heard and felt a ringing in my ears that is still present with me today, and it- s like I am a tuning fork- can feel a tingle at the soles of my feet! The previous session was also of quite a high vibe, only to be followed by some STRONG mood swings, which was – stuff-  being stirred up to be released(one of those- not A good experience, but good experience- -type things.) feeling quite clear, and placid like a lake on a quite summer night,- ¦. Much thanks, Peter! Awesome! ;oD
– Todd

By the way-the cats are doing great! They are both so healthy and happy and I know for sure the virus is gone. I added another cat-a kitten-to the mix and she is fine and they love having her around to chase them and keep them slender. Oh-both Max and Doozy grew bigger-not fat, just bigger and heavier. Very interesting Peter. Now for the weird question-is it possible to do non-surgical castration on a cat? I- m thinking of the young female cat I haven now. Both of the boys are fixed so they are not a problem. I’m just curious.- Thanks for all you do for me Peter!- Love,- Jene

Hi All,
I’m just writing a little something here about my sessions with Peter Schenk.
During the first 2 sessions I was down in Mexico in a place called Catemaco it- s in the bottom part of the state of Veracruz, the area is known throughout Mexico for the Brujas (witch, sorcerer, warlock, necromancer, – alternative healer).

During the pre call Peter let me know that it a peered that I had some type of dark parasitical entities (30 plus entities) inside of me that had attached to my light being taking my energy and he was surprised that I could get out of bed to make the call. 3 to 4 weeks before the call I could feel a drain of my energy and at night I could felt these entities coming into this body, the one I think I reside in. It was very hard to function with the negative thought patterns and the anger I felt inside, not the happiest of times for me. Peter let me kwon that he could take care of them during the first session.

A couple of days later I made the call for our first session, Peter told me that I had this vortex next to my solar plexus chakra that was letting the dark parasitical entities in and more of the entities were coming in at very fast pace as if they knew vortex was going to be closed up very soon, Peter than proceeded to close the vortex. He also let me know that I must have agreed to take these entities on before I came into this realm/life. He then asked me what I wanted to do with these entities, he could get rid for them in a way so they could never be able to come back to bother me again or we could send them into the light and change them into light energy being, I thought it would be best if they were sent into the light.

The next day I felt like I had missed the last 3 to 4 weeks of time, like I was asleep or something like that, all I knew about this time was it very drake time, the darkest that I- ve been though in this lifetime. It was good to be back/awake/coherent once more.
A few sessions have passed since than that pretty much dell with clearing negative energy out and healing. I- m not going into detail here but, just wanted to let you know after each session I feeling better with more positive energy flowing though me.
Peter thank you so much and I can- t wait for the next session.
– Mike Dehnert

Hello All-
It is said here so much because it is a fact that while we are on a level of understanding/observing the changes we experience through this site and through sessions with superseers it can be a challenge to exactly illustrate the depth and holographic resonance of a single session with mere words. I will do my best- first thing to note is that I speak for myself and in my experience the meeting-IS a remarkable kind of meetinga kind of -you- ve been waiting for this for a long time and yet there pervades a sense of utter sublime naturalness to such a meeting. The Timing and how kind of – right- – “ a merging of an occasion not marked by futility in a struggle to do work desperately needed but not met but one where a kind of grace meets substance and truth in a guide whose as a briliant vessel/witness brings forth healing needed in just the perfect amount for where you are in this non existant space and time position.
I had a experience before my session – “ where I had a question that was worrying me very much and before even really – officially meeting- Peter beyond like a TBE friend request I had sent him a private chat message seeing his presence on TBE that moment-( he didn- t respond probably didn- t even see it – “ he always seems to be working hey- yet available by email quickly I found out) – “ yet immediately at that moment ( I was at work standing at my desk opening mail ) obsessing over this burning question that was cycling and out of nowhere – “ a palpable column of VERY soothing energy came down through my crown and down my spine and ran like a waterfall to the ground. It was very peaceful and my anxiety dropped away and I decided to let go of needing an answer. (Answer came later through another BE friend. ) When I was feeling the energy surge I looked down at the envelope of mail that I was opening and my eyes fell immediately to the address- – Peter- s Drive-  was written there- so I thought perhaps that unlmited part of Peter the healing forces that work through him sent some calming energy to me and it did help alot. That is one small example to illustrate the depth of this man and what he does or what he is capable of emitting- perhaps that would seem co-incidental to some but it was somehow unmistakable and matters not to me – “ even if it was not true.- I had thought that I would eventually get a live session- with a super seerer but I didn- t expect it to be so soon. before I had even ordered the alchemy I was feeling the presence of its power through the interaction of others who were taking it. This caused me – “ like a tuning fork to start to vibrate to another level and after ordering the alkehm as a step forward in my journey this amplified the effect on me – “ do not underestimate the forces at work here. They are subtle but so deep – “ like the way the grand canyon was formed strong/deep slow power- okay. All of that brought up EVERYTHING- all my baggage all my issues so much and it began to kind of surface like an earthquake. I have been in treatment for long term chronic illness that is characterized by inflammation and a high level of toxicity. Much has gotten better but core issues need resolving and it is time to do so. LASt year before I found TBE I sought counseling and worked with a energy worker/counselor and that was helpful in removing the attatchment but much of the – crap-  was still in there and started getting quite comfy in some cases – “ resestablishing itself in my body/mind system. (Peter explained that I had done everything right but now it was time to remove the – root- of it. ) I had a preliminary meeting with Peter- It is important to explain that in many ways – “ there are subtlties to his work in that I find he already kind of knows important details that would take a long time to explain or even bother to recall but that was already kind of understood to Peter. He is able to read with strong accuracy a person. He read my energy field ( with my permission of course) and it was totally insanely accurate. We scheduled a session and as a result ALOT of fear came up for me. I wrote an email which was not even mentioning my fears exactly but he saw them anyway underneathe what I had written which was mundane and trying to hide my fears and he assured me all would be fine and he would be gentle and loving as a mother.- Hours before the session I woke with a sensation it was already beginning- the energy intensity built up. We began the session by phone with the programming of water- LOVE tHIS! IT allows the connection and opens one up relaxing the system so he can go in and – see.- There was so many layers of toxic energy and years of fear all encrusted. He surveyed the scenario and we went around indentifying through the symbols and dates of traumas and suffering that emerged. then he cleared it from my system. It seems that he cleared as much as I could handle and he did this in such a significant way. I didn- t even have to explain to him that on the physical aspect of this phase of life my body/energy system was so sensitive that doing ALOT of intense work and removal could have been a terrible physical stress on my body. I have had to be extra careful about any kind of body work/treatment for this condition as the detox must be slow/gentle or it can send me into a tailspin of inflammation with the release levels. This did not happen at all- in fact while I feel much of the urgent – crap- was removed in our hour which was very efficiently used and there is still more to do but I feel the improvements that has brought to me on all levels both phyiscal and mental and emotional. The benefits are cumulative and expansive and hard to desrcribe. To think I can feel even better than this is AMAZING. What he took out of me he replaced with wonderful loving high vibrational energy. It made me laugh it felt so good. Like a golden bath in a sunbeam of compassion and peace. This feeling lasted a long time. I feel very different now- ¦ the physical treatment I am currently doing is now working much more efficiently meaning it will now be resolved much faster without all the blockages and my symptoms feel much less intense and continue to improve. There is a sense of my energy being freed up- heart chakra more open- more confidence and more clarity in being able to see and feel my truth. I am able to catch the untruths and process alot of baggage- put perspective and close chapters on things that were truly causing me to suffer in ignorance and darkness. I have felt the presence of what moves through Peter as well as his own genuine care and friendship checking up on me from time to time. This man is the TRUTH. I have worked with gifted healers and appreciated how they were able to assist me but Peter is REALLY GOOD at what he does- he explains it all – “ what he is doing- very simply and is very grounded – “ and it is very thorough and honest work. It is worth every penny and beyond. Not only is it effective albeit sometimes daunting to work through personal issues – “ its a multi faceted experience – “ creative- playful- some engaging work with insights and breakthroughs that reverberate days afterward- it is a pleasure to work with Peter and will leave you feeling really good. Try him out and you will see what I mean. He is a mirror! I look forward to more and the honor of also working with our other superseers who also have their own unique gifts to share. Anyone is free to email me who has questions that I can answer hollar at me on TBE. Thank you. – “ Mary
– Mary, August,28, 2010

To TBE and all the new members- ¦the super seers are amazing! There is nothing they cannot help you with. The impact they have had on me and the furry and unfurry creatures I live with is beyond my ability to describe. Go for it!- with love! Jene

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A million times and a gazillion kisses and hugs too! I just posted on the super seers forum so all the new members would also be aware of how phenomenal the experience is.- So I- m guessing that donning a light body made that product very bad for me- ¦- Gosh I feel super now!- Much love Peter!
– Jene

Hi Peter,- First thing I noticed I was freezing for most of the time. I had a glimpse of a black figure, maybe a person dressed in black but it was gone very quickly. My mind wouldn- t focus on either being still or any specific thoughts. They were flitting all over the place. I did think that I married so I would have to do this- “whatever that meant. I remembered that when a teenager, I had a fantasy about walking into a hospital? and a few years walking out and being – ˜fixed- . I really wanted that to happen. Don- t know what when on in the hospital.- This past hour went by very slowly. Minutes seemed like half hour. Felt really disconnected from myself until the end when I also began to feel warmer.- Body sensations started with throbbing just to right of center from solar plexus to throat. It shifted and felt deeper in that area. Then throbbing just above elbows. After that I felt the energy in heart chakra area and move up in chest, briefly. Then it was back to right of chest with feeling of pulsing down my legs. At the end I felt warm energy moving up my back and got warmer.- That- s it for now.
Thanks very much,
– Elizabet

Hi Peter,
I fell asleep right after the session. After we hung up, I felt:- – swirling energy movements in the 3 areas- free-falling- saw lights moving around- my crown chakra tightening- my body rocking back and forth- high-vibe energy all over like my physical is diffusing into energy- an object moving inside my throat then lifted out- thumping pulse from the top to the back of my head- My body went from hot to cold.- Right now, I feel so sleepy I can pass out any second. Thank you so much for this wonderful experience.
– Cherly

Hi Peter,
I got an update from my sister regarding her baby. I think she- ll be contacting you. Thank you so much!
– It worked! She is letting us hold her sideways. Nanny said she was cranky the entire morning last Friday and had a poop explosion in the afternoon- ¦maybe that was the – detox symptom.- This is amazing. Can I ask him to help Audrey get into a good elementary school?- 
– Cherly

– Peter, Just sending you this update.
This morning I was still feeling tiredd plus a headache to boot. Had the same headache yesterday before our call It went away after the call was over, but was back this morning. No big deal 2 aspirins 30 minutes and it- s gone or at-least greatly reduced. This afternoon I started to feel better, with a little more energy, plus I had this need to do something. It feels good to have a little spark of life back, I can- t wait for our next call.
– Mike

Hi Peter,
Firstly thanks for reply on the water question.
This is actually to thank you for whatever you did or didn- t do when I wrote you a day or so after your vacation. My stomach finally quit being a torment and has been comfortable since. I waited (woman of faith, remember?) to insure it – held- and so far o.k. Just wanted you to know with my gratitude.
– Maribel

Dear Peter,
You asked that I update you as a follow up to our Sunday- s session of Piercing the Membrane.
Continued not feeling well with cough and chest congestion. Finally yesterday had to give in and go to an allopathic physician, i.e. regular dr. I had given them up a good 8 yrs ago but I guess my script was written differently. Initial diagnosis was possible pneumonia but final was bronchitis and the meds that go with that. Today I am feeling somewhat better.
On Monday I went in to St. Petersburg to a homeopathic physician- ¦..on the way there I got off on the right exit but it looked different so I thought I was on the wrong road so after driving around a while and calling the office I made it. The energy looked TOTALLY different on some level to me.I had called that morning and was able to effortlessly get an appointment last minute. On TUE. again something similar happened as I was going to get Chlorine for my pool- ¦..I drove by the place 3 times and there again the energy did not look the same yet I thought I knew where I was going. I had been to both of these places many, many times over the past 8-10 yrs. I have noticed the radio on top of my TV has like an energy extension around it as well which I hadn- t seen before. Getting appointments and having people help me promptly has been effortless and people have been very, very nice, kind and helpful. I was even driven to the Dr.s and the pharmacy.
Is this some of things which will just increase and get better and better?
This makes going through the membrane worthwhile.
Much Love,
– Ruth

– Hi Peter
I hope that you- re having a great time, just wanted to give you some feedback on our sessions.
During the first session you removed some dark entities. The next day I felt like I had missed the last 3 to 4 weeks of time, like I was asleep or something like that, and that all I knew about this time was it very dark time, the darkest that I- ve been thought in this lifetime. It was good to be coherent once more.
After the removal of the entities you then went in and annualized my body, you said I had; fuzzy thoughts, knife in the heart, a minor type of cancer in the liver, issues with my eyes, plack in my arteries, intestinal issues, clogged glands, acid/alkaloid imbalance, and some type of feet disorder.
The second session we talked for a little bit about some questions I had, and went into the healing. First you worked on my eyes, than the brain, liver and then on this pain that I had in the intestinal area. We talked a little about this pain because I felt that it was more than just some type of pain and you agreed. Anyway that day after the call I was tired for the rest of the day, but the next day I felt great, than for two days after that I was very tired again, back and forth for a week almost two . I also started the Aquaware program and I- m sure that it may be contributing to detoxing plus adding to my tenderness.
I- m hoping when I get back home from Mexico and your back from your trip we can setup the next appointment for a third session and work on my heart, arteries, glands, energy and so on.
Wow Aquaware; I really like this product and I can see how this can help a lot of people. I can- t wait to get my hands on the new product, you told me a little bit about the new product and it sound to be somewhat easier to work, not that the Aquaware is that hard to operate.
I- m looking forward to our next session.
– Mike

Hi Peter!
Max is doing great! The canine tooth on the lower left is gone now. I guess it fell out on Friday night; I haven- t found it yet. On Saturday his right eye expelled a lot of gunk; that has stopped and the eye looks normal now. He used to have a strange swelling under his lower jaw-probably related to the tooth-it is gone now too. He is back to being his old self again. Doozy is doing great- ¦still has his crooked teeth and loving the water more than ever. The awful smell they both had from their mouths is gone now. That is a major olfactory relief! Seeing them run up the stairs chasing each other at hyper speed is great!
Aquaware is amazing! What a gift-thank you so much Peter! The water is awesome- ¦love it.
As for me- ¦yes I am ready for a big change. Still working on the details in my head.
Cute dragon Peter!
Feeling more in balance every day,

Hi Peter,- I- m finally ready to update you. It- s been a bit of a rough ride, mostly the first day, and the primary reaction has been fatigue. But I also am realizing some pretty wonderful relief from lifelong depression/self hatred, etc. There is this causeless joy beginning to appear. Thank you, Peter. This is beyond huge.
So I- m thinking about doing it again. What- s you schedule?
– Susan Taylor

Hi Peter!
The latest update- ¦I am so grateful for what you have done for Jon and for me. He is an absolute joy to be around. There have been a few instances where he started being the old familiar ogre and then I would notice him wince- ¦and the urge to be mean would change immediately. He gets up in a good mood, comes home in a good mood, loves to talk. The talking thing is really something else (he was tight like a clam in the past). I never knew he could be fun to talk to. A neighbor friend of his stopped over a few days ago to say hi and ask him about his new job and he said – I love it!- - ¦now in all the years I have known him he has never ever said that.
He doesn- t seem to notice that he is different. I think you have given him something he could never seem to find on his own- ¦happiness. I didn- t tell him about what you did. He knew about Jason removing the beings because he asked me if Jason could help him. He has known he was miserable, but he didn- t know how to be any other way. Now he has a chance to enjoy being. What a gift.
I, like so many others, adore you!
– Jene

A little about Peter and how we came to cross paths in our life- I had been going a 100 miles an hour it seems my whole entire life. I have just lost 2 parents in the past 2 years- ¦- ¦..Mom- s was expected, with emphysema, and Dad- s was a shock. I don- t think we are ever ready to loose a loved one. I had been trying to help out a few ladies with marketing strategies and Websites that was only draining my life force more and more. I had one person who was staying here until she said she could back on her feet. One of the problems was I have a nocturnal clock and I have no idea what she did not get about that, if I did not get my sleep I was a miserable person. I was very sleep deprived. And probably have been for a while.
Ever since the age of 27 I have not been able to sleep/After 5 years of going thru this and having a 3 car collision coming back from work. I was sent to a sleep hospital that diagnosed me with chronic depression and explained I would probably have to be on sleep meds for the rest of my life. So much for all the doctors whom said a person could not die from sleep deprivation. In the army, sleep deprivation is considered a form of extreme torture.
Although my life on the outside appeared to be rosy-I isolated a lot and at times really care if I stayed here or not. I am sure many of you can relate to these emotions of loneliness, being lethargic and no zest for life. Much like a ball and chain- I often thought?????? Is this all there is??? Work, pay bills, feed animals and clean house. (Besides shopping, my one escape in life, which usually ended up with buyers remorse- ¦..)
My list of things to do in life consisted of work, paying the bills and keeping my house and animals up. Fun???? Gosh, I have worked since the age of 13, paid my way thru 2 collage degrees-..I don- t think I remember what fun was???
I had gone to see my massage therapist who I have known for over 20 years. Her name is Susan Holt. I had just gotten back from the beach. A terrible experience. I had had no sleep, AND WHEN i WENT TO SEE SUSAN- ¦- ¦- ¦. she said, – I feel something is different about your energy field.-  – What I ask???-  Susan replied- It is almost like I am trying to put your soul or spirit back into your body. You feel like you have no life to you. Almost like an empty shell. I had felt this way many times before. I was having to sleep outside in my building to get some rest from the person I was giving shelter to- ¦- ¦..Duh, what was wrong with this picture????? I thought if only I could get some uninterrupted sleep.
I have her a Peter to thank for saving my life- ¦- ¦- ¦..Literally. Susan kept talking about Peter and her sessions with him. It just did not sound like anything I needed or wanted to do at the time. She emailed me a link and I did pick up the phone and call him. I left a message and he returned my phone call saying he liked to talk with people first to see if he could work with them. Hmmm I thought, this is a bit odd- ¦- ¦- ¦No promises. Yet, at least in the back of my mind I did have to say or think, wow this is different, at least he is no going to take my money and offer me false promises like I had experienced in the past with other people whom I had done spiritual work with.
Now, that is the boring part. The real story starts here. He told me I was messed up and had a lot of work to do. That I was going to be toast by Christmas and that my life energy was burning low. In other words the reaper was on my shoulder so to speak. And that I was not in my body- ¦- ¦- ¦..OK, Ok- ¦- ¦- ¦Not thinking to much about the whole thing, I had things I had to do and would think about the whole idea. He told me we needed to get started soon. He did call and leave a brief message, saying, I think you need to call me, I- ll explain why- ¦- ¦- ¦- ¦.I did not realize how important that phone call or powerful it could have been- ¦- ¦..
Within 48 hours of our first conversation totaled my car.. . My so called roommate or Entity decided to leave. Guess she figured that I had nothing else to give her. Like a Vampire draining it- s victim of blood and life or a parasite sucking the life out of someone- ¦- ¦- ¦- ¦she managed to do a pretty good job- ¦ I called him 2 days latter – ¦After I could finally get out of bed. I told him I was ready and asked him what I needed to do. He told me he saw the car wreck coming and there were other events on there way- ¦- ¦- ¦- ¦Not a pretty sight. He also said, after the next event happens, I cannot help you- ¦- ¦- ¦- ¦
What the heck>>> For the first time in my life I slowed down and felt fear. I was always going so fast before- ¦- ¦- ¦- ¦.I don- t think I had time to feel any emotions, except being tired and resentments at people I – thought-  I was trying to help out in life. Then became angry at myself for not having the word – No-  in my vocabulary.. Susan told me this was a pattern I kept attracting into my life. However, I did not know how to stop any of the downward spiral I was on- ¦- ¦- ¦
I did not expect the response from Peter that I thought would happen. He told me I was so far gone that he usually did not take on people who were so messed up because it would take extra energy to do the work he and I needed to do taking away from his quality of life, however, since I was a friend of Susan- s- ¦- ¦.that is the only reason he was willing to help me. Wow, what an introduction- ¦- ¦.I felt numb from the wreck and somehow I knew deep inside he was right- ¦.
Did I want to live or not??? I had been prone to depression my whole entire life. All the meds in the world and the shrinks I had seen gave me a glimpse of what I had been thru in my childhood, yet, since I could not remember and had blocked it out, I found it hard to forgive or change my patterns in life. If I did not know what was wrong, how was I to correct it?????? The answers were about to come. The beginning of my Journey with Peter Shenk.
The first few sessions he had pour a glass of water and hold my hands over it until I could feel the energy radiating up my arm. Then I drank half the glass. He ask where I felt it go. It seemed to be going thru my body however it stopped at the base of my neck. The next 3 sessions we worked on cleaning out all kinds of dark energy that had been stored or gotten into my body somehow. He called them dark entities and parasites. – Where did they come from? I asked-  – Don- t know, let me do my work he replied.- 
He then began to tell me I had been sexually molested and it was ugly. I don- t remember my childhood and have always had trouble sleeping. He told me it was not my father or my Mother- ¦- ¦- ¦.maybe an Uncle?? I did not have an Uncle when growing up because we were transplants from PA and I lived in NC- ¦. However, before my Mom passed I asked her if she thought anyone had sexually molested me. She had told me she always had a bad feeling about Jim Ralph, my Dad- s good friend at the time, because he always wanted to tuck me into bed. He also- ¦- ¦- ¦- ¦.she told me Jim had made a pass at her yet she never said anything to my Dad (They were both Country Club Members and golf buddies and high considered high up in Society- ¦- ¦..so we all lived under the fear of my father at the time. in other words. he was hard to talk to a very heavy drinker- ¦- ¦.and would he believe my Mom or blame her?????)- ¦- ¦.Peter asked me to – honor the space this person lived in and forgive them- ¦- ¦-  I did and I felt a weight had been lifted off of me.
He also proceeded to tell me I had a terrible childhood. Imagine that???? I had an ulcer at the age of 6, my brother Bill wet the bed (fear of a parent) and my youngest brother stuttered. (fear of what you are saying is not good enough. My twin brother Mike was dyslexic and although I did not find out about some things until Mom- s passing I found articles where My twin brother went off to a special school for boys. He had totally shut down. It said in the article – That a tree became a boy- - ¦- ¦- ¦I guess that is how he handled his fear of childhood. David my youngest brother was also sent to a school for boys with anger management problems.
At the age of 5-8 my Mom or Dad found a gun that David had stolen from a police officer- s house and he was going to kill my father. When Mom passes i found many articles and clippings of our childhood. (Which my Twin brother Mike had trashed. Guess he did not want to remember either. HOWEVER, I did- ¦- ¦.I found an article that is in my hands right now from David, It reads. – Dear Mom, You are the only one who loves me in the family, but I am still running away from home. Don- t look for me because you will never find me. Give Alfie (our black cat who he dearly loved and rescued) a kiss and a hug same with the rabbits and feed the fish two times a day. Serve some peach pie now now and than for me.
PS I like Ricky Britt better than Dad Winter and I will not cone home until he never comes home- ¦- ¦- ¦..
David died in a car wreck on July 6th, 1981- ¦- ¦- ¦Peter did not know this. During our second or third session Peter- said there there is a little running with a note toward me in my energy field and was trying to tell me something. He had a baseball hat on and was about the age of 10???? He asked if I had any children. I told him no. That I had been pregnant 3 times while married- ¦- ¦- ¦ yet none of them carried to term. He said 2 girls and a boy- ¦- ¦- ¦.Wow how did he know this?????. The Peter stated it was not them. He asked how many brothers I had. I told him 3. – Did one cross over to the other side? he asked?-  Yes, I said- ¦- ¦.- David- . That he said who was in my energy field and he was trying to tell me something.
I was ecstatic! David had been my favorite brother. I was considered the oldest, even though a I had a twin brother. David was the youngest. Dad picked on David the most for some reason. Well he picked on all of us, however David and my brother Bill who-had red hair seemed to get the worst of it. I know we all grow with problems in the family. However, I think there is dysfunction, functional- ¦- ¦- ¦- ¦I don- t think ours came close- ¦- ¦- ¦Back to David, he was witty, smart and always made me laugh. He would come down and entertain my friends when they came over with his jokes that he had memorized from watching Johnny Carson, or George Carlin. Everyone loved David. especially me. He would tickle me if I was feeling sad. When Dad picked on him, I was the ONLY one who tried to defer my father and I remember one time jumping on my father- s back when he was trying to get into David- s closet to find out if he had cigarettes in the. (David had him locked out).
I of course ended running away from home that time. Stayed in the woods for quite a few days. Luckily we had tree louses that I found to sleep in. Dad would always tell my brothers who knew where I was if I came home he would not hurt me. However, emotionally he called me a whore etc and humiliated me several times in front of friends. Dad did finally leave the house. It was a blessing- ¦- ¦- ¦I thought. However Mom had 4 children in 3 years and Dad took his money with him. She opened a small – ˜Deli that was to become a hugh success in the small town of Shelby. However, I was to become the little work horse to help provide the family income. (Did I mention in the beginning of this Journey, I did not know how to have fun????) It is all coming together why now- ¦- ¦- ¦- ¦.hmm- ¦- ¦- ¦- ¦amazing when I write things down on paper I can see the pattern at the beginning and not the end- ¦) I later went to collage to get away from the restaurant business and did fall in love with a Baseball Player named Larry Lane.
When I returned, which I did not do often. David, my youngest brother would not speak to me. I had a dream one week before his car wreck that he died. I never got to say goodbye to him and always felt guilt for the life he had gotten into. During this session, Peter brought David in. (remember he was the little boy who was running in my energy field and wanted to tell me something???)- For some reason David did not want to have anything to do with me after I left for collage. (I think abandonment issues are core issues in our family for some reason- ¦- ¦- ¦) I was able to ask David in this session- ¦- ¦- ¦..- Why did you leave me and why did you not want to speak to me.-  I did not hear a voice, yet, it came as a thought. I has told Mom something that was mine and David- s secret and also another matter, I don- t wish to reveal, however, now I did understand. I ask if he could forgive me, and Peter interrupted that David had forgiven me a long time ago.
All of a sudden I felt this cloak of love and energy around me. It felt like silk. I asked Peter what was going on and he told me that my brother in heaven, – ˜David was wrapping me in a silk cloak of love- ¦- ¦- ¦.I did ask Peter, before hand- ¦- ¦.- How do I know if this is my brother. He mentioned that David had said something about a Ken and Barbie Doll- ¦- ¦- ¦..OMG- ¦- ¦.only he would know that, and also about his (David- s) Dodge Challenger- ¦- ¦- ¦- ¦..
I can- t explain how this felt. Thru these 5 sessions I was able to understand why I did not remember my childhood- ¦- ¦.I was able to let go of the guilt and remorse of leaving David for college. I knew he loved me- ¦- ¦- ¦- ¦I felt lighter- ¦..I also noticed I was not as angry or should I say bothered about what other people thought about me. The need to rescue people to make me feel better about myself was leaving. I indeed wanted to live. As I am writing this at 6.30am in the morning. I have found it amazing that I am going to bed earlier and getting up earlier. I am not taking work so serious.People call and want to gossip and I am not returning phone calls because I really don- t want to hear it- ¦- ¦- ¦- ¦.
My next session starts with my Twin Brother who wants nothing to do with me nor does he return my phone calls. I will stop here for now. We have covered a lot in the 3 weeks of this type of work. Dad is also on the line and I am going to get to talk with him tonight at 6pm- ¦- ¦..He crossed over on November 27 and was buried on my Birthday this year- ¦- ¦.I am totally excited.
This work with Peter is not draining like the work I have done before with other shrinks in the field. I am losing depression quickly and 2 of my closet friends have told me I seem to be different. Not so serious- ¦- ¦- ¦..I guess my life light is burning brighter. People seem to like to be around me. And for once in my life I am making an investment in myself. The Reaper is no longer on my shoulder- ¦- ¦- ¦..And I can not believe I am up at this time in the morning and not tired! What a wonderful Journey I am looking at!
To be continued
– Elizabeth,

My second session with Peter continues to amaze me.
My roommate was a difficult person- ¦three distinct personalities all with bi-polar disorder (not a medical diagnosis just me trying to convey the personality/situation). Not only painful to be around, but painful for him too. I talked about it with Jason during my truth session and Jason said he was being controlled by three beings. He scattered them. Instead of getting better he became an enraged bear. It was overbearing (insulting public remarks to strangers-me-hostility-etc. ) – ¦time for a session with Peter. Peter said he was placing a – bear cage-  around his head and it would stabilize him. He told me I would notice an immediate change. Wow! Wow! Wow! It was immediate! For the first time in ages conversations are safe again-they are actually even fun and end up in laughter. I tried to provoke him-it didn- t work-it just led to a civil conversation. He is happy-genuinely happy and it shows.
Peter also cleared the negative energy in my system that was attracting this kind of experience. It sure is much easier to stay focused in the now.
I am closer to something. Yesterday while sitting quietly I could see out of my closed eyes. This is hard to express. It was like my head was pressing against a black malleable substance and I could see the outline of my head. I- m still not sure what this is or even how to describe it.
Peter- ¦you have Rocked my World!
– Jene

– When I lived in Oceanside, Oregon I charged not a harbor, but the Pacific Ocean on the Coast, it was awesome. We were having a bird die off it was gross (their food supply had been compromised), my two whippet girls Maude & Myrtle were always bringing me the dead birds and I was fearful they would get some sort of disease, so I started charging the water in Oceanside, I did the frequently, As a result the fisherman started bringing in bumper catches, the birds stopped dying, everyone in the area benefited from this. It was truly miraculous and a wonder to behold. There was also a water treatment facility in Oceanside proctor and it had a toxic runoff into the ocean with signs posted to avoid it. After charging the water specifically in Oceanside and the surrounding beaches the water no longer tested toxic. Can you imagine they let it drain into the ocean, humans never cease to amaze me. To this day Oceanside, Oregon has one of the cleanest most beautiful beaches around. At night after charging the waters we had so many fishermen you could see the night lights and it looked like a huge jewel braclet on the ocean, we had never seen so many fishermen before these waters were charged. It was great behold the benefits that the community reaped during this time. The crab that year and for two years afterwards were so abundant it drove the prices down and that is a good thing when it come to crab, it- s very expensive as a rule unless you know a fisherman and thank goodness I do. They give it to me already cooked & backed. Yummy stuff when it is super fresh.
You can imagine Cannon Beach where I live now (about 50 miles north of Oceanside). It is already one of the most beautiful beaches in Oregon. I charge the water here also, there is/was some polution in Ecola Creek which runs into the ocean. The most recent test have shown the polution to be gone. The birds and wildlife are thriving. We don- t have the ocean view we once did but I- m told at night the fishing boats are abundant here also.
My home is near Ecola Creek Park, we get herds of huge Elk that we see from our kitchen window and we also get bunnies (rabbits) they run wild here in Cannon Beach. Also every other conceivable form of wildlife. I particularly charge all water for the wildlife and humans here, not to mention the fishermen but mostly for the environment.
Would be nice if it would work on the Gulf spill, I have been running charges but nothing positive has been reported to date. Perhaps I- m to far away to be of any good in that situation. I have to try however and will continue. You know me Peter, I never do anything small, I in into helping as many as possible when it comes to this, always have been.
Blessings, love and hugs to you brother,- Micki

– Thanks Peter for our 6 sessions together. I have greatly enjoyed and witnessed your work. Not only you- re a great healer but also you are such a dedicated person with lots of patience and gentleness. Thank you for listening to my needs and work from that.- Your work is unique and it sure helps someone on whatever path they are on. I have grown a great deal and taking alkheim makes more sense to me now. I highly recommend your work with people who are interested in going deeper into their healing and being more clear with their goals. His vision is to the point,.- Don- t miss Peter- s touch and vision, it might help for you to be changed into someone greater than you think you are!
With love,- Nicole- 

My experience with Peter was like many others I- ve had with him, only this- time it went *much* deeper than any time in the past. It started like it- has with so many others- ¦ – Now go get a glass of water and- ¦- - My experience during the session wasn- t as graphic as others have- described. I don- t know, maybe due to several factors I won- t go into- here. After the session is when I really noticed the difference.- Coming out of the session was like emerging from a body of water, and as I- emerged it was like my body coming out was far lighter than the one that- started on the other side. Much like wearing a fat suit of density for- months and suddenly shedding it, what a joy!- Afterward Peter said – dude, you have a lotta blockages – “ I could have gone a- lot deeper but I don- t think you could handle it right now.-  Whatever man,- this was plenty. It- s been a couple of weeks now and I still the effects- and I can- t wait for a round two!- All I can say is that a session with Peter is like an Anti-Virus and- Anti-Malware for body, mind and soul.
Peace and blessed be to all kind souls,
– Michael

Hey Beautiful One!- Just wanted to say thanks for the work we have done together. I know we talked about doing more, capital appears to be an issue for me at the moment. I am in a whole other level of peace though, and I am grateful in the part you are playing .- Big Love- Melinda

I have had the honor of being a friend and colleague of Peter Schenk for several years.- He has many unique and precise gifts as a healer and a see-er. These gifts are continually refining and re-newing themselves.- He has helped me on numerous occasions. The healing is swift, the information is accurate and poignant, every word spoken is of value. No extras and nothing left out.- He is a compassionate and caring practitioner.
– Sandi

Wow! I just finished a energetic massage with Peter and I swear I am just pure floating energy right now! That- s the way I like it: )- Had an energetic massage by Peter last night. It was – ˜out of this world- – “ chuckle. My body became nonexistent and I was just energy – “ weightless, high vibratory energy. It took me to another level of knowing and left me literally floating through the rest of the evening. Now I know what I am suppose to be or is it not be – “ effortlessly nothing.
Loved it!- Cheri

Peter,- I have been using the strings for sometime now and I definately feel a difference in my circulation. Left leg not subject to swelling as before and ankle swelling greatly reduced. As to other two strings still expecting to see positive results in near future.- Thank You- John
– John

Hi Peter,- I am now finding time to finish writing of my experiences with you and your work; excellent weather and other concerns have kept my online time to a minimum. A wrist issue encourages me to make this on the brief side- ¦.but I think it communicates the essential information.- Also wonder if you would remind me, did you say that you were working on software for Mac that would be similar to the others that you have developed or will this be different in nature or effect?- I read on one of your sites where someone downloaded software on her/his Mac and then put it on a PC to use. I did find the old PC laptop and so might try that also, if I can manage to remember how to use the PC- ”I never did become really friendly with it- ¦.- all blessings, L

During our appointment last Thursday, Peter first located (correctly spotting the areas at or near the physical manifestations) and cleared some energy blocks on my mare who has been extremely uncomfortable with various intense physical symptoms in line with certain – syndromes- . He followed this with running a stream of energy through her. When the work was completed, she definitely had a softer, more relaxed look and it was quite clear to me that her energy had shifted up. That day and in all the days that have followed, when I take her out to the arena she has been moving with less discomfort than before, deciding to walk around more, albeit slowly, often following me as I walk around. I have also noticed her responding to the environment more, hearing noises and turning to them, watching etc. which tells me that her comfort level has moved up to where she can spare more energy to use in an outer fashion.- Peter very kindly charged the water in her bucket as well as in our well When Peter worked with one of our rescued cats (who had been- abandoned) who typically walks back and forth, back and forth, nudging our hands with his head for constant attention, this cat sat down on my lap and appeared unusually calm. A rare event.- I had asked Peter to look at W, one of our two dogs, not because of any symptoms but because he is Super Sensitive and absorbs stuff from those closest to him. I wanted to see if he had taken on any of my – ˜stuff- . Peter said that W was heart broken and missed his mother.- This statement didn- t really resonate with how W has seemed and felt to me. He has been with us four years & four months and was adopted from a shelter that knew nothing of his background.- However, his companion dog, H, who has been with us four years and one month, came from an AKC breeder who wanted to find him a home as he didn- t measure up to AKC standards. So H had lived with his mother and a few litter mates for nearly 11 months, then suddenly one day he was put in a car and driven a few hours away to be put into our car and go off to a new life- ¦.W began bossing him around a bit and they have lived very closely together ever since. H is a friendly, good natured , affectionate guy but at times I have felt an undercurrent of sadness from him.- After Peter worked on W, his eyes had a puppyish look and he was grinning which is a rather common look for him. So I just thought, it- s all good! The next day I noticed that H had shifted- ” and recalled how his earlier life change, being abruptly separated from his mother, could qualify him as the guy who missed his mother and W as the guy who has been living with and absorbing H- s stuff for all of this time. It feels to me that H has moved on now, he seems more present and a bit more randomly and generally joyful as opposed to his responding joyfully to our specific interactions. We are all one, so no surprises about energetic interactions between two beings who live together so closely- ¦.- My experiences with Peter were obviously positive and I look forward to more in the future. He is clearly very talented, skillful and compassionate. I am grateful for his assistance to aid the flow of light and freedom in these beloved, divine beings.- L. Forest
– L. Forest

My session with Peter was an amazing experience, I want to share it with everyone. My session was very intense,I could feel Peter move all the ugly negative energy that I was holding onto for years out of me.At one point I felt that all the pain and sadness was going to over take me,but hearing Peter say that it was okay and he was here with me got me through it.just knowing that finally someone could see what ive been holding onto and that I wasnt alone.Its been about a month since the session and i feel like a new person.I felt stuck before,now i feel myself moving forward.I have been remembering painful events that i had locked away somewhere,but i can see them for what they are now and the pain goes away.These things are in the past and no longer have control over my life.Peter opened the door to the life i have been wanting to live,I still have much work to do and will be calling on Peter again to share his special gift with me.I know i have already thanked you Peter,but you have changed my life in a most positive way!
– Heather

Have had very long history stomach problems since childhood. Most everything that could be tried, tests taken, diets, disciplines, fastings, prayer, hands on, distant healings, positive thinking, not thinking it, ignoring it etc. through the years, was done. Nothing worked. Went to sleep with it, woke up with it. Dreaded meals as it felt a tiger was clawing and writhing inside. I am a senior retiree. That gives an idea of the number of years this thing had been around.
Peter created custom string to be used with this wonderful ALIIX we acquired some months back. Inside some weeks of very cautious holding breath testing, find the tiger has not just quieted, but left!
Next. We had purchased small washing machine due to space restrictions in apt. After some months, discovered agitator is fixed and not removable for cleaning inside it and beneath it. Mold odor started and progressed to impossible. Everything that we could do and try was done. Still the horrible mold odor. Having ALIIX around, John and I have gotten very inventive and experimentally inclined. I experimented and within moments the odor disappeared and has not reoccurred. This has now been some days ago. With all this, what can one say? My smile is from East to West! Thanks Peter. Maribel
– Maribel

– I-  would also like to commend – ˜Peter- s- work- ¦(and all others here)- ¦to me it is so exhilarating, fun, creative inspiring, librating and affectionate (even if it- s love for the biz..doesn- t matter, still passion)- ¦I sense there are so many others here that are also adding to the tapestry of – ˜change- , or better transmutation- ¦in any case, Peter- ¦I have been continuously learning from – ˜you- , without a phone call- ¦from a rather – ˜subconscious- point- ¦it is ongoing, and occasionally very specific, so I want to thank you- ¦also with others here- ¦I just open to it- ¦let it flow- ¦and marvel at the amazing – ˜will- of transmutation- ¦without attachment. I know others are experiencing something similar- ¦anyway- ¦to reveal the point of neither here nor there may require so many movies, adventures, tragedies, love stories, etc. until we SEE- ¦then who is the superseer? YOU ARE. Always have been. But, until then- ¦just do what ya gotta do- ¦worship coca-cola if it helps.
p.s. If I may suggest Joseph, switch your sleeping pattern- ¦if alone go together, if together sleep alone. Ask Judith for her recommendation on some of your daily habits- ¦she knows- ¦can help- ¦just follow it. Peter will do the rest. Hope you don- t mind my 2 cents. : )
– Michelle

When Peter ask those of us who are already – ˜in the know of not knowing nothing at all- , to share the experience from the session with him, we gladly do.- Not to put Peter on the pedestal, we know better to not touch that, but for the benefit of the newbies.- For those who come here in their fiery search for rabbit hole, read unteachings, have – ˜aha- moment, read about miracles of alchemy and the alchemist, and have yet another – ˜aha,- – – ¦only to eventually hear themselves thinking – ˜yea, – ¦right, not in my life- -intellectual deflator screaming in their minds.- The truth on those pages, the truth of Peter and Jason- s work is very susceptible to intellectual deflation, by our mind design.- We can read about miracles, but they happen mostly to those of whom we read about, right?- Our minds/ego want to have the cake and eat it. We want the miracles but we also want to understand them, and that is not possible to do, for the language describing them will be – “again- susceptible to intellectual deflation. Vicious circle of ego .- Yet we have to describe the experience, hoping that it is not only readable, but also clear to the reader who is still reading, yes?
In my case, first session was about my degenerating hips. At the time of it, I hardly could stand for five minutes or walking for more than five steps. The double of weight for which my hips been designed, took it- s toll, and once shiny and lubed cartridges became now a sandpaper in heavy friction at each step. I visited mentally my joints, and seen what happen.- I was rapidly losing my wheels, and that wasn- t what I was prepared for.- At that time, I dealt with abnormalities in my body from understanding, that I was going through (popular concept then) changes from carbon to crystal.- That explained most of what was going on, but not this, not my mobility.
In the past I became skilled in healing that what never was sick at the first place in my body. When I was scheduled for the third throat biopsy, by the doctors who was clearly aiming at the diagnosing throat cancer, I manage to get fired from the job, which feed my lungs with chemical vapors daily, which in turn cleared my throat and reversed the growth on it. I fired the doctors at the same time. When I- ve noticed that Ritalin I was taking for ADD screwing my brain more than help it, I stopped cold turkey ( it- s a no-no, don- t do it,), doubled the intake of the green herb and accepted that – ˜normal- is very subjective.- I become a veteran of expecting and respecting miracles.
When I explained to Peter what is going on with my hips, he asked me to close my eyes, and feel what will happen to my wrist. What I felt, was a stream of liquid being injected to my veins.- Instant release of pain, which was excruciating at the time of the session, incidentally- ¦.- When I said that, he said it was morphine he had just injected. He directed me to a Google search of – ˜yellow Flower-  and to choose the third one, print, and use it as a morphine injector every time the pain is unbearable.- The flower was there, it look like a needle. Next he asked me to google – ˜Purple Bigfoot-  gather the pain in my hips into a ball, and toss to the picture of that – ˜Purple Bigfoot- , jut give it to it.- Purple Bigfoot turned out to be a Wizard with an open hand ready to receive that ball.- You see, those pictures are just the props, very needed ones. Their job is to work around intellectual deflator.
Ultimately, the moment when Peter ordered the pain to begone it was done, no pictures needed.- More ultimately even, there was never pain in the first place, if you really, really take a look at it.- Who is feeling the pain if I am just but illusion?- Peter knows this. KNOWS. Superseer.
All that happened about four months ago. I was in the pain on and off for a while.- At the time of this writing, I do not remember when was the last time I had to use – morphine- or any other magic pain killer for the hips.
Now my feet are swollen to the max. That- s the subject of my second session with Peter. Will write when I have news.- Books would say maybe it is diabetic, too much salt, maybe kidneys, maybe liver or perhaps the heart. Always something.- Deep inside, I know it is all illusion.- I just can- t find the words to explain that to my intellectual deflator which likes to repeat in my head either – you ignorant fool!!!- , or pretend that it is not it, but – ˜my logic- , – – ¦maybe you are hypochondriac?- 
However, what IS, is most likely the gravity of the bullshit, which I- ve been collecting and carrying along, (if only to see that NOW) all of my life, coming finally to the surface. (wow, that sentence alone will correct the problem, elevating in the process that old bullshit to important, and at the time, perfectly scripted.)- – ¦so I go (read that – “sit) day by day, happy go lucky, no worry in the world.- With the feet so puffed up, I will be walking on water in NO TIME at ALL.- In the mean time, I drink Synaluma, The Alchemist and You.
– ¦I have put lots of words and labels in this writing. Hope some of it is not only readable, but is felt by you as well.
– Joseph,

Dear Peter
Sorry that I come back to you only now- Congrats with the new relationship aka (Facebook)- I wish you both happiness, PEACE and of course endless passion
After the last session (30 min)- – ¢ In general I feel really really enthusiastic and in away also lighter- – ¢ Everything in seems to be flowing which compared to the time I had the first short session when I was really miserable and it really felt as if nothing is working and everything ended in a complete cul de sac- – ¢ The Nordic cultural project I am currently involved is going well (not paying well but at least a foot n the door)- – ¢ I was also commissioned a cultural review for a main news paper in our city ( 2 weeks before I had met you for the first session the same editor said it was impossible to make use of my services of contract journalists because of the serious budget cuts then shortly after your – zip-  she asked me to write an interview interesting- – ¢ This might sound small minded but I was also contacted out of the blue by a person that I am really interested in that didn- t respond to any of my advances earlier this year- – ¢ I am still in a terrible financial state nothing really substantial has surfaced with regard to my career but I am using now every possibility coming my way ( at least the things coming to me are within my field and interests as well as stimulating a few weeks ago I had absolute nothing- – ¢ I have discovered some very sensitive awakenings related to my inner child, sensory experiences with regard to taste, hearing, emotions etc.- – ¢ I have better cognitive abilities feelings of clarity and experiences that I can process thoughts, construct sentences as better well as very a clear and creative way to express myself- – ¢ Another aspect related to this I type on the computer with the speed of light
Is it possible to have another session in due course when you have a moment?- Kind Regards- Have nice weekend- Regards and Gratitude- Marius
– Marius

I- ve had three sessions with Peter. I can- t say one was more powerful than another as all were equally amazing.- I knew after my first meeting when Peter saw the – ˜bad guy- who had been standing in my way for a very, very long time (black cloaked masked – ˜phantom of the opera- looking dude) that this thing had better step aside cause Peter was step- in in! The first session Peter pulled what appeared to me to be a giant metalic looking ball or rounded bullet nesting in ashes nested in a layer of flames, out from my solar plexus and out through my mouth. Peter saw it as a sizzling meteor. The smell of fear was like that of burning plastic. It was in the air around me and the taste of metal was in my mouth. He replaced the cleared space and my entire body with self confidence foam or whipped cream which I sensed filled me from my feet up. He said he would light me up like a christmas tree and that he did. That evening I was walking on air. (For a bit I thought it was my new – ˜Shape Ups- but I knew better – “ the shoes may have made me 2 inches taller but it was time with Peter that made my body glow and float). My inner light and self confidence was in and out the next few days (when it was in, it was REALLY in), but then continued to strengthend and be more consistent throughout the remainder of the week. By our next meeting doubt and fear had crept in again but I thought it was mostly based from a year long – ˜miracle school- involvement from a year and a half ago that left me quite spiritually confused and hurt. Peter confirmed. He took care of that and the resulting sense that someone was watching me. He not only released me and my fears from that episode in my life but arranged a shield of protection for me so that – ˜group- could never, ever, in this reality or any other, track me. The feeling of freedom and light heartedness that unfolded over the next few days was delightful and refreshing.- Throughout these weeks Alkhem and Synaluma were working their magic and many experiences were occuring both in night – ˜dreams- and day – ˜dreams- . Each is a story in itself. I- m moving at warp speed. With all of the – ˜behindedness- of every day life and without thinking twice I made time to read all Unteachings, the 90 page – student and guru-  – ˜book- , and Peter- s second chapter of – ˜The Whole Story- . Every day my understanding deepens and every day contains some sweet and precious revelation.- In our last session (2 days ago) it was time to get rid of – ˜the masked man- once and for all. We gave him time to reveal what it was he wanted from me over lifetimes or what message he may have had for me but he wasn- t giving it up. I demanded some answers. He wouldn- t talk. Peter asked me to tell him he had another 30 seconds to talk or he would take him out. The masked man laughed a dark and hearty laugh to me and so Peter took him out. I felt a narrow spinning spiral gurgle up from my solar plexus and up through my heart chakra and out. Peter gave me a choice as to whether to eliminate this being from any map from any world and any reality never to reach me again or to transmute him into a powerful force to work toward my good. I chose to transmute him and later Peter explained that the act of compassion would return this new strength to me one hundred fold.- Yesterday and today I feel lighthearted and more free. My usual sense of urgency is slipping away and being replaced by the relaxation Jason said would become us while sharing our moments with Synaluma. I love her and all the alchemy that has found me thus far. I- m taking things a bit less seriously and feel that I- m releasing the need to have or to know everything yesterday. As much as I feel a part of The Blue Emerald family, I- ve been hesitant to post my experiences all along for some reason. Odd, shy is not my nature. Perhaps its been simply from being in awe of your level of understanding of All That Is and the wonderful sibling type connection you have with one another. I- d like to say to you all that I- ve been loving you so very much from a distance. And look at me now, right on out here!- Peter I thank you again and again from the depths of my heart for replacing my unconsious burning fear with soothing conscious confidence. I appreciate all that you do and all that you are. Much love to all.
– Christine

Peter, thanking you (you- re welcome..!!- ¦) for the wonder-filled phone contact this week- ¦ wanting to let you know how much it has changed our home, and our lives.- It was a bit rocky on the first day- ¦. the – ˜detritus- you mentioned did indeed manifest (script, of course it did)- ¦ but we made it through, using the tools you gave us. As the days pass, we are both more centered and gentler, somehow. Joseph- s physical body is still giving him fits, but he and i are both confident that this is temporary and is part of the changing process. Lots of sleep, incredible amounts, at least for me. Prior to our phone call, i- d not had more than a two-hour sleep session before waking. The day after your call- ¦ i slept nearly 12 hours straight. Since then, sleep pattern for me has settled into a more – ˜normal- pattern, and i feel refreshed.
Joseph is in much discomfort most of the time- ¦ we- re using ISynaluma and that helps- ¦ but he says he will be very pleased when the Changing is more settled.
hugs- ¦ peace and joy to you.
– Judith

Nice! Like standing under a waterfall, only having HONEY running over me. With the aroma of fresh cut flowers.- Thank you, Peter for taking me to a state of being.
– Lucinda
I recently had my first session with Peter. I consider it to be life-altering and one of the best things that could happen to anyone. Words can- t express my gratitude.
He removed blockages caused by emotional trauma, confusion arising from old thought patterns clashing with unteachings, and an evil spirit casted on me by a high-vibe gifted person. He built a shield around me for protection against psychic attacks, and channeled energy from the infinite source. Since the session, I experienced moments where my surroundings feel fake like a dream. In the past, I would sense spirits and other people- s illnesses but couldn- t help them. Since then, I managed to get rid of an evil spirit and fever just by looking at the person. My thought patterns are shifting: I can perceive beauty in the most horrific act besides the horror. Both feelings cancel out each other and become nothing.
I had my second session today. I- ll keep everyone posted on my progress in the next few days. =)
– Cheryl

Had my second session with Peter. It was a delightful experience- he cleared away a chunk of negative energy and connected me with my childhood self. Right now I feel eager and light hearted, what a relief from the seriousness i- ve put myself through lately- ¦ I- m still abuzz from the magic water and feeling like the world is just a stage and I am the lead in my kindergarten play- not understanding my role but happy to be the center of attention and not caring how others may perceive me so much. Thanks for that Peter, I have missed me!
– Lens
Mary Beth,- I especially loved the part that is smelled like Peter-too funny. I too have been working with Peter and got a check in the mail for $785. from out of nowhere. I hardly noticed, thought it was nice, but didn- t get real excited like the old me would have. I opened it, went hummm then laid it in the pile of mail and kept going. Alchemy works! And the Superseers!
– Susan

Update on Peter and my mother- Go back a few pages if you wish for beginning.- Peter worked my mother through a serious and very close near death sickness. 12 days in ICU- after that- ¦ she made it home- Peter did phone time with her and guided her to charge some water.- He told me it was to help her with her own determination.- And..okay- ¦ she hates water and would not drink more than a ip or 2.- I removed it.- the next day i snuck some of the water into a tall cranberry juice for her.- she had no way of knowing.- One taste and she said – tastes like peter-  and drank it all.- Later she walked on her own for first time in weeks and cemt to where i was and sat and said- ¦I know Peter is helping me- ¦ there is no other explanation- She said this- ¦like to the air. I said nothing.- then she had one more procedure she needed. # separate doctors told her it would leave her feeling badly beaten- and she has been terrified.- Peter contacted her qand told her not to worry- ¦ it would be a walk in the park and gave her some phrase to say.- I thought he had balls – ¦ to lead her on like that- ¦ then realized – ¦HEY- ¦he is right.- and also told her there would be no problem.- I had a lot of dreams last night that the procedure was no pain and in fact she ended up partying.- this morning she had procedure.- She called immediately after. on way home from hospital ( we thought she would spend the day in hospital)- She needed no recovery time.- NO pain..none.- and after- ¦on way out of hospital ran into her favor. priest and he took her to the chapel to celebrate and gave her communion.- She is ecstatic.- This is really profound and beautiful in my eyes.
– Mary Beth

Hi Peter – WOW! is a under statement! I feel so differant! Everthing looks differant.I am so lucky to know what it is like to feel this HAPPY this is the frist time i have ever felt peace and happiness.What a concept huh?! lol.You changed my life and I think thats really a special gift as I told you before, thank- you for sharing! I would like to have another session at some point. I feel like I am still releasing crap from me? Last night after we talked i had to keep moving, i went for a long walk and went for a drive i was buzzing.I feel like ive lost weight already , is this my easter egg?Its nice to walk around with a true smile on your face not some thing false.Talk to u soon and i hope i wasnt to fucked up for u ! lol- Happy!
– Heather
Regardless of what Peter or Jason say RE Peter not being – responsible- ,- I report the following.- So- ¦. mother making a lot of progress from very very close near death experience.- The most impressive though is her – psychic-  state.- She is highly aware of being – born Again –  and comments on this often.- Prior to all this she was turning into a real CRAB.- now she is like a happy joyful child filled with awe and wonder- ¦. it is REALLY fun to be around her.- Yesterday she wanted to call Peter .- I dialed- ¦. he gave her a – water treatment- - My mother hates water- ¦. yet she drank the water thru the day.- She woke up this am (i sleep in room with her) and her first words were- ¦I feel so good- ¦I think this has a lot to do with Pter- - NOW- ¦. for the record ..my mother is VERY spiritual and dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary- ¦. and never gives credit to anyone else (including Jesus).. its ALL about Mary..- So, to hear her give Peter credit is really different.- Then she wanted to see his picture- ¦I showed her- ¦. she flipped out over how handsome he is.- Peter takes no cedit for any of this. but has declared being there for him when she needs him- ¦- which is really one of the most important things she is getting.- So I guess I should say – Thank you Christine- ¦ for giving Peter the opportunity to play with you- - Thanks Peter- ¦..- I jst like reporting the progression of things.- Peace OUT- Mary Beth
– Mary Beth

Had a session with Peter last night and I felt calmly energized during, after and still. I am clear and for the first time in recent memory i am not confused, about anything. He flushed my system of all low vibes and did some tweaking,tweaking and more tweaking. Note: I Love being tweaked. A giggle is bubbling out of me as I write this.- We spent a fair bit of time removing my religious programming and at one point he saw me carrying a brass cross and I was stooped over from the weight. I have seen and known that in myself for ages now, am happy to report that I am considerably more upright now! He planted an Easter egg inside of me which he said would open up today and give me a surprise. I have always loved surprises!!!- He figures that next session we are ready to focus on completely opening up my heart. I have been working towards that eventuality all my life!- xoxo- Melinda- P.S. Things are coming together beautifully, gratitude abounds!!!
– Melinda

Jason nudged me to post my experiences- ¦ I will try to keep short and concise- ¦ now I have consulted with Jason Sandi and Peter- ¦ My first consult was with Sandi.. frankly it floored me to have someone – ˜know- so many things about me and my relationships- ¦ things that no one could have guessed- ¦ both times as she worked on me I could actually feel it within my own awareness- ¦ the first time a shift (beyond that I can- t explain) almost like my awareness was picked and set down again but slightly to the right, the 2nd time she made me – ˜taller- in my awareness, which I could very vividly feel my awareness enlongating. I felt a foot taller. Again words are so useless in trying to describe these things. Sandi is really powerful, I highly recommend her because she will astound you by her knowing- ¦ She is incredibly sweet and motherly- ¦ Ifelt like I was doing a consult with the Divine Feminine- ¦the Holy Mother- ¦ i am leaving a lot out just because there are details too personal that I don- t want to share- ¦
My consults with Peter were much different. It is harder to explain what went on with him, mainly because I think i was in a fog both times- ¦ but not any less powerful. IN the first session he removed a very low vibrational – ˜thing- from my back. He said it had been placed there intentionally by someone (he said I must have really pissed someone off). He told me I would have detox in a couple of days and it would last a few days. Wow was he on target. It felt like the flu and came right on time like he said it would. In the 2nd session he removed a trap from my heart and reconnected my heart back to the Lifestream, saying it had been disconnected in 1988 when I had an experience of extreme dejection and feeling that God/life had let me down.
Yesterday I talked to Jason after i sent him a plea about a relationship that was bothering me/driving me bonkers. Now Jason is very straightforward, almost to the point of being blunt. And I needed that. Now I was on break at work and only had 15 minutes. As i sat in my car, Jason brought the I Synaluma presence into the car, 18 inches in from of my face. It then moved up to a position to the right of my head at kind of an angle – “ like 1:30 on a clock face. I felt it very very strongly, and still do. He also did some tinkering in my heart chakra and said it would be opening much wider and that things would start unfolding much quickly in my life. I also have been feeling that too very strongly (and oh it feels good). Now he did this in a matter of minutes, it had to be less than 8. And told me to just sit and soak it in for the rest of my break. I did and I felt this presence of peacefulness and distinctly I synaluma presence so strongly. I went back into work totally free of the anchor that had been around my neck. I went on a self inquiry- walk last night.. just focusing on I Am.. just feeling I Am- ¦ so incredibly peaceful and strong. Any time I give attention to my heart I find that strong peacefulness- ¦
So I encourage anyone who has not consulted with these guys to just do it. I am so glad that I did- ¦- I find it funny that I am writing these things.. because a couple of months ago I would have been VERY skeptical if I was reading this as someone else- s experience- ¦ so I am here to tell you that this stuff is for REAL!- All 3 of the them are great. Let yourself be led to whom you should consult with.
– John

I gave myself an Easter gift yesterday- ¦a session with Peter! Talk about chewing the ears of my chocolate bunny! He didn- t stop until all that was left was a glowing being full of genuine happiness. There is no hiding from a super seer- ¦so don- t even try, it won- t work. I didn- t understand what was meant by being seen in a way that I- ve never been seen before until yesterday. He sees the script- ¦and without judgment and gets you where you need to be. I AM now-I thought I was before, but I was just kidding myself.
– Jene
Peter and I had a second phone session yesterday and it was both gentle and fantastically stimulating, both ethereal and body-centric; so much so that I- m having a little trouble being sure I can recall it entirely and find words for it. But here- s what I recall happening. I can- t say what happened on Peter- s end, only he knows, but he surely sensed it had been an especially powerful session and, knowing I had posted a detailed account of our first session, hoped I would be frank and inclusive in the telling this time. So here goes.- He began with my glass of water, as I think is usual with you all. He had my hands embracing it, and then had me taking a sip and feeling the charge in the silky water come into the crown of my head. It was unmistakable, running all the way down inside my body and pooling at the soles of my feet. Then after I drank the rest that was left in my glass I laid down on my bed for the next part of the session. As I lay there I felt another transmission coming through Peter to me, beginning again at my crown and swirling all the way down until my prone body was absolutely alert and present and tingling with willingness to take in whatever came next through him.- Then he conducted into me a band of energy, a pulsing disk that felt like a light-scan of many, many impossible colors about an inch in thickness and twenty inches in diameter. This scan of impossible colors, moving perpendicular through my body, began at my crown and hummed slowly, slowly down the length of my body to my feet, and then slowly back up to my head, and then back the other way to the bottom of my feet again. Wow. During this I felt my cells vibrating and shimmying in response to the humming band of colors, and I was having a really, really good body buzz, I can tell you. Near the conclusion of it my head commenced to involuntarily shaking yes, yes, yes into my pillow, but only to the right side; it was curious, just the tiniest repeating, pleasant bobbing that I didn- t want to stop, it felt so sweet, like an angel was patting my left cheek in affectionate confirmation. But there was more to come so we moved on to the next part.- At this point it gets fantastic, as you- ll see, and hard to encapsulate in words. I seem to remember Peter speaking of a continuous beam of energy being sent directly into my solar plexus and I do recall a warm, golden pool gathering there, and the pool spreading out in a viscous circle, like glowing honey, then expanding into a bubble to bathe my hips and stomach and butt, and the tops of my thighs, and giving off a warm light. This sensation was positively delightful, and I was distinctly reminded of the unmistakable, familiar feel of the buzzing glow that pulses and lingers in the pelvis area after a particularly gratifying genital orgasm. You know the glow I mean. Except that this golden afterglow remained at a consistent level and seemed to come from an out-of-body source, not just the fading remains of some local pleasure. And it didn- t stay in one area for long.- Because next I felt the orgasmic glow in my loins spiraling up my spine to surround and fill my chest too, and what came next really, really surprised me. Peter- s voice in the background said something like, – here comes Spring Fever-  and then he laughed like he does, and just then I found a Spirit Being materializing, contentedly sitting on top of me in my bed; he was heavy, straddling my torso with his powerful legs. This Being was very male and virile and clothed only in his bare, luminous skin. I could only make him out distinctly from the chest down though I had the peripheral sense of a fierce and smiling face beaming somewhere above me. And I could feel the encasing warmth of his alive Spirit-flesh, right there radiating against the skin of my energy body. His pendulous testicles were lying tight against my rib cage and the length of his engorging sex organ was pulsing along the meridian above my heart, pointing precisely in the direction of my mind, primed to blow it.- Then in the background of all this Peter- s voice made a statement about something going into my heart chakra; and immediately the Spirit Entity began ejaculating wildly, onto my chest and shoulders and my throat, and deep down into my heart chakra; a creamy, silvery stream of love and giving, nothing held back in any way, and even loving me all over my face and into my open mouth. I had no thought but to just allow it all, to stay absolutely present and receptive while he shared his voluminous delivery of blessing/joy. It kept coming and coming out of his ecstasy, like a dazzling, acknowledging, kundalini Anointment maybe, or an Ascended, generative transmission of Life-force and Proto-pleasure. Believe me, no experience of sex I- ve ever had in this male body was anything approaching it, and yet this wasn- t really, merely sexual in a way, it was less corporeal and much larger than that. Instead it had the vast, echoing vibe of a profoundly Sacred communion, specific to me but also inclusive of All. Wow.- I feel like this writing about it has possibly taken much longer than the Visitation itself lasted, but it- s hard to say since during it I had been lifted out of the linear-time sense of my human – here- . I- m sure you understand when I say that series of moments had the ringing echo of personal infinity. After this luminous, spurting Spirit had gently dissolved away from my energy body and disappeared into His light-being elsewhere (or could it be that he really just resumed his usual, intimate, numinous role as my own True unlimited Self, beyond the membrane? I- m picturing that beautiful notion- ¦) my whole being was zinging in the orgasmic after-glow I mentioned earlier, and that glow is still with me, buzzing around inside my skin hours later. I heard Peter saying this feeling would last for between eight days and two weeks. That is, if my ears were still functioning properly after such an incredible, astonishing Visitation had ravished me.- And beyond that- ¦I- m speechless.- Neil
– Neil

I am in my mothers ICU room- she is asleep.- I arrived yesterdayin Cleveland from Oregon- Peter called and asked if he could help.- he worked on my mother 5 years ago when she broke her foot. My mother has a strong affection for Peter.- Anyway. P asked me to call him when i got close to my mother.- I put the cell phone near her..she is VERY out of it..mostly hallucinating. but Peter sopke to her and she heard him- He did something for her through me.- After that all her machines monitors showed her stabilizing.- she had been in A Fib (wacky heart) until then- ¦ they are hoping to stabilize her for surgery. she has 2 enormous infected kidney stones and she isin septic shock.- they cannot operate until and unless she stabilizes.- after Peter called her yesterday every time she – came to-  she would say God Bless you Peter over and over .. although she barely cognized that i was in the room- Anyway- ¦ no one needs to tell me That Peter is a healer and that his healing is LOVE- ¦ she felt it- I know that.- she is not all the way out of the woods .- However I know she is in perfection.- I know that my healing NESS has been ampliefied through yesterday.- Something VERY big indeed is happening here.- THIS is wHAT JASON refers to in the I Synalma group ONE experience
however he puts it
– Mary Beth

As I promised Peter, so I am posting my experiences relating to a couple of sessions with him recently.- Peter saw quickly I had been – energetically frozen-  since my divorce several years ago, and went about breaking up the blockage around my heart, and then – charging me up-  similarly to how other posters here have described. After that first session, I had periodic waves of energy(and accompanying goosebumps) for hours afterward. Somehow I was able to forestall the predicted detox until after i returned from an out of town pleasure trip. A few days later, we had a follow up session, where I mentioned a – knot-  in my stomach that made itself known whenever I did a – charge up-  as directed by Peter. He REALLY – dosed-  me, energetically this second time around, and then removed the knot, which was a distinct physical feeling. It took me until well into the next day to – come down-  from my buzz, and start another round of mild detoxing. The results of these two sessions have left me feeling decidedly more open and empty in my chest area, and really do feel much – lighter- - ˜ both in regards to weight, as well as darkness, if that makes any sense. I feel a GREAT difference in my meditation energy levels, and really FINALLY feel like I an progressing with the alchemies, now, as well. Much RAD PROPS for Peter, DA MAN!!! ;o)- As another side note, my mental focus has increased, as reflected in my golf game- “ calmly – seeing the shot-  without the attachment to outcome, and performing effortlessly the visualized shot. LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;oD
– Todd

Hi Everyone,
I want to share my experience regarding my first session with Peter a few days ago. As many here have said, it was just too weird and wonderful to really put into words, but I- ll try to at least convey the benefits that I have experienced as a result. Basically, what he did for me in one hour would probably have taken years with a psychologist and the results would not be as complete. I had started to take the Alchemy a week before I consulted Peter and it was already hard at work bringing up issues that I thought I had dealt with a long time ago. I felt frustrated, off balance and while my energy was apparently moving fast, I couldn- t focus it enough to accomplish anything significant.
I was really nervous about talking to him, partially because of the feelings I was experiencing and partially because I am really new at seeing the world energetically- up until a few months ago my world had been solid and scientific so I am still wrestling with my beliefs. Peter put me at ease immediately with his enchanted water and easy going personality. After my heart stopped pounding from the energy of his presence, I found that he is really easy to talk to and his demeanor is a perfect mix between silly and serious. We used skype by the way, which I would recommend for a session- it was awesome to be able to talk – ˜face to face- . He had me talk to him about what I thought my main blockages were and together we came up with four areas that we agreed were my main problems. I had a little trouble putting my finger on the fourth so he gave me specific dates on which the – ˜issue- was present in an exaggerated way. I was able to recognize the significance of all the dates he gave me. He then went in to my body to do his work. I won- t go into details here about what he did, but I could feel each procedure in a very real way as he walked me through what he was doing. He explained each step to me in a way that I could understand and showed me what to pay attention to. The energy I felt was like nothing I have experienced before as he was clearing my blockages. Then he put me into contact with source energy to fill me up with the love I was lacking for myself- that was a mind blowing feeling. As the session ended, I already felt different and the feelings of new found well being have increased steadily in the last couple of days. For a hours after the session I felt like I had my hand in a low voltage socket and this energy has now turned into a swirly warmth in my chest.
I feel like I can remember being as kid before I had collected all that baggage- my body feels lighter and the tightness in my chest and stomach are almost gone. I am no longer going in a million different directions, in fact, i don- t really feel the need to go anywhere or do anything. For the first time in years I was able to sit and do nothing at all- no – ˜working- on myself- or planning or chores , just enjoying the stillness in my mind and the comfort in my body. I am much calmer around other people too and find the interactions to be more pleasant. Yesterday when i went to the store the sales people were really helpful (where as before I tended to get ignored), people smiled at me in the parking lot and little kids said hi for no apparent reason. might not seem like much, but its such a big difference from what I am used to and it reinforces the changes I feel in myself. My understanding of reality and energy have increased as I am able ponder the ideas with a more focused mind and the session itself did much to build my belief and trust in the aspects of life that cannot be perceived by the senses because I could not possibly rationalize what I felt- it was pure magic. All this in an hour- pretty amazing!
– Lena

I- d like to share my experience with Peter last week. I had been VERY curious for months about enlisting his assistance, but my script didn- t call for it until now. I had felt intimidated by Peter and a little unsure of his cockiness (sorry, truth here). Lately I- ve felt a shift in him, or my perception of him, that coupled with some symbolic dreams and encouragement from Frank assured me it was time. I spent the day with happy anticipation and some really cool things happened. The day before I had given notice to my work that I would be leaving them. The day of my appointment with Peter I received a call about a dream job that I had totally discounted months ago, oooh excitement! Later in the day I received an email about a wildly affordable home that I could purchase from a program I had also discounted months ago. Talk about strangely perfect timing!
Our session was fairly subtle yet fun and peppered with laughter (that line right there is a good explanation for my WHOLE experience with alchemy/tbe). I stretched my body out to prepare for the call. We programmed some water to help out. He said I was looking pretty good and that we would just clear out some low energy stuff in my system. So I laid back and let him get to business with this – whole body energetic massage- - Pete- s words. It was raining right before the call and over the next 30 minutes the sky cleared, the sun popped through and a slight breeze danced in the air.
This is what I doodled immediately after our session:- – watching the clouds meander through- a soupy grey sky till slowly more and more LIGHT- bare tree branches & their fractal form- contrast like the dark tattoos engraved on my pale canvas back- I am all shivers and smiles- 
After the phone call I cancelled all my plans for the night, as I felt a strong desire to be with my SELF. I spent a couple hours at a Zen meditation center in town and the talk of the night was – submission- . I have to say, I was feeling like a submission professional because I entered into the session without doubt (having fully submitted) and really this has been my approach to most everything at TBE. I began to feel actual physical detox symptoms that night and for the next few days. I- m thankful I didn- t interrupt the zazen with my – gratituting-  (lol, inside joke with myself). Before bed I took an alchemical bath and had a few – ah ha-  moments; particularly regarding one point during the session when Peter mentioned a part of my body that seemed to have zero significance to me, but soaking in that tub it all came full circle- I was impressed!
Today (6 days later) I am feeling amazing- ¦ totally buzzing. I wrote Peter to thank him again. I informed him that I had a great first interview with that job and I also had a dream from days ago come true this very morning when my brother had all his charges dismissed during a court proceeding. I knew he would. Earlier when my brother asked for positive vibes before court I replied – it is already done-  and I KNEW there was POWER in those words. This is another full circle moment for me because my brother was arrested the day I received my virgin vial of alchemy this past summer and his safety and release was the first assistance I ever called for.
Wow. What a life, what a dream!- Peter, you da man, man.
– Brooke

This is Neil in San Francisco writing to share about my first session with Peter yesterday, Monday 3/22. You may have read my recent post, on another part of this forum, about me losing the sight in my left eye three weeks ago. The docs told me I- d had a blood clot in the artery that goes to my left retina, out of the blue, and that it starved the photocells long enough to do permanent damage; and that I would never regain the sight. It was emotionally devastating news! However, I assure you I- m in my sovereignty and am visualizing a full healing with the aid and guidance of powerful, generous, loving entities (in and out of body). And if any of you have suggestions I- d love to hear them; you- re prayers and visualizations would be a blessing too. In fact the vision has improved about 60 percent over the last three weeks, the darkness diminishing down to a spot of blindness in the center. And yesterday I had a wonderful phone session with Peter, and here is the email I sent to him last night:
Dear Peter,- I felt so blessed and taken care of while you were working on me today. Your energy is very nurturing and welcoming and at the same time focused and keen, with an overtone of fierceness: Just right. About twenty-five years ago I had many sessions in a similar fashion with various practitioners for various purposes, though nothing like as remarkable as what you are doing now, and I enjoyed the experiences very much. I- d forgotten how much. This afternoon I had the sensation of being reminded of the uplifting, early days of my spiritual journey. It was soothing and grounding.
This experience of losing the sight in my left eye has been very, very distressing and discombobulating because of the physical loss of vision, but even more intense emotionally. Way, way more. It has felt like such a dynamic and huge vibrational force enveloping me that I- ve been compelled to acknowledge it as a profound healing of some kind; that I- ve been drawn to a deep place of realigning; a healing of long-held, unconscious wounds and agreements with my family. I- ve touched deep places that I haven- t been able to reach any other way in spite of years and years of spiritual and emotional journeying and requesting and willingness. I- ve had some really intense – dark nights of the soul-  in years past, but nothing to compare to this. For that reason, and for others, I- m feeling a deep, deep gratitude for your willingness to be present with me at this moment and help me work through this. Thank you, Peter!
When our session ended today my body was buzzing from head to toe and I felt like my physical being was floating and shifting around inside my skin. It was a marvelous, freeing, restorative feeling. Also, I was suddenly ravenous with a kind of hunger I haven- t felt in a long, long time; it was like I was ravenous not just for food but also for joy and expansion and purposefulness and being alive in a new way. It felt like a numinous kind of whole-being, life-affirming craving: A craving for light-food. I- d enjoy much, much more of that.
It- s now 10:45PM your time. My legs still feel unsteady under me, sort of rubbery; and there is the distinct sensation of strong currents of energy still draining down my legs and through my feet into the earth. In fact my whole body feels like it has been emptied of something, left clean and uncovered on the inside.
It- s similar to a singular sensation I had in Egypt 18 years ago in 1992. I- d developed an infected tooth on the long air flights getting from San Francisco to Cairo with our group of spiritual seekers, and two days later, after two mega-injections of penicillin had banished the infection and restored my swollen face, I felt utterly wrung out, like an emptied sponge prepared to soak up something from that ancient land that had called to me so strongly all my life. Then, at the end of our two week journey of rituals in the temples along the Nile, I was propelled through an incredible, personal ritual in the King- s Chamber at the center of the Great Pyramid, under a sparkling, starry sky before sunrise. It just came through me, a channeled, soul-spinning ritual that literally changed my life in so many tangible ways. It turned around 180 degrees. More of that another time.
Emotionally, tonight I feel precisely poised on an edge; I can sense the presence of fear and vulnerability pooled in a deep puddle on one side of the edge, and strength and confidence and joy gathering depth on the other side. And I- m perfectly balanced in the middle for now. I- m grateful to be here on this vibrating edge, in part because the last two weeks have been an absolutely exhausting roller coaster of devastation and then optimism, and hope followed by searing fear, copious tears and then contentedness, up and down and back around again and again. Whew! What a ride!
Our session felt powerful and expansive and flowing with deep currents. And attended by luminous beings. Thanks a million times to you and to them. And I- m so looking forward to the next part of the process.
– Neil

Something I- d like to share
Last week I worked with Peter on an area in my life that had been a concern for me for a long time.
I had become increasingly aware that the energy at my place of business was not quite right. Inside the premises was absolutely beautiful, but the energy that my business was – bound-  with on the outside was totally wrong and it repelled clients and the flow of abundance.
Peter did a clearing and he also programmed a huge rose quartz boulder I had in my house for me to place inside the business premises.
That same day after my session with Peter I got my husband Fabian to load the rose quartz boulder into my car and then my brother helped me to unload it and place it on the counter at the centre. The energy of the place is very different. My friend Lisa who does healing swaps with me every week commented about how much more welcoming the place felt when she walked up to the door- ¦at that point she did not know about the rose quarts being there and the clearing Peter had done.
The next day a couple of clients brought their very young children along. The kids kept looking at, and touching the rose quartz, especially one little boy Emery- ¦.lol- ¦he- s only 1.5 yrs and he kept pointing to it and smiling and couldn- t keep his hands off it
I always loved the soothing Goddess-like energy inside my healing centre, but now I- m waiting to see the positive changes.
Thanks Peter
Lots of love,
– Helen,

Hi Melinda,
What a great experience! Isn- t TBE utterly fantastic? The Superseers are unlike any – special-  peope I have ever met. They give of their time and gifts freely, or at the most, a very minimal charge. Unlike other experiences I have had though, these people are the real deal. They deliver the goods and then some.
Even the members are giving, beyond belief.
Enjoy your nap and your – high-  (no side effects, gotta love that!).
– Dorothy

Just had my first session with Peter and all I can say is Woweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee- I have been – wonging-  ever since. MEGO knew what was up as I had extreme anxiety prior to the call, now just a lightness of being. I have been plagued by a couple of really big issues, that I have been consciously tying to release for about 12 yrs now, and he went right to the crux of the matter on ALL those issues.The release has occurred and now I know I can release the body memories with ease and elegance. I am grateful that I will no longer have to be plugged in when people tell me what to do, I can just smile and say thank you. Terry I know you have commented on the work he has been doing on opening your heart chackra, I can relate!!! He did some work on mine also, more to come. I had put the alchemy down for several days now as I felt that my body didn- t like it, Peter confirmed that I could just have it on my person, no need for me to ingest it. Very valuable info for me to have. More is not always better! I- m off for one of my favorite afternoon naps. Thank you Peter and Jason and my TBE family.
– Melinda

Paula Update
I wanted to share my experiences from my second session with Peter. It was last Saturday, and it has made for an extraordinary week He gave me a symbol to use and he programmed some water and explained to me that there was more clearing that needed to be done, and he did that, then he connected me to something that I- ve never experienced before. He told me that he was going to connect me with source and activate my creativity to a level that I have not known. This sounded great to me since it is the thing I most love and have felt the most held back from. I experienced an absolutely amazing vibration from this. The entire day I felt both thoroughly grounded but pretty much floating. That night I could not only still feel this but I could see energy everywhere. I kept watching my hands, it was like they were smoking but the – smoke-  was luminous and I could see this same thing energy in the air. It was like I could see through everything.- The next morning I found out that a dear friend of mine took his life the day before. I knew him well and knew this was a possibility but nothing really prepares you for getting the news. I mention it here because the other thing that happened this week, as all of these experiences seem to compliment and build upon one another, I SYNALUMA arrived, and I read the information on the I SYNALUMA realm page- ¦ it was an experience that I know all of you here understand, when you read something and it just resonates so fully, so beautifully and give information that one can use and practice it was awesome. I did the relaxation meditation and felt the deepening waves that came with that. Afterwards I was thinking about my friend and thinking about the fact that he is just gone, not here anymore, and I know this may sound silly but I realized, not in a intellectual way, but in a way that I KNEW like I know what the color blue looks like, that the only thing that makes sense is that NONE of this is real. It was like I just GOT it.- So this week, after our session I felt like a kid with magic tennis shoes, I did not realize how heavy and difficult it had become to just move through the day. Design projects at work were effortless. But more importantly is the peace and clarity I feel. I am very grateful and continue to be amazed to be here.- Love- paula
– Paula Jean Brown

Paula Update
I just went for a long walk out into the woods. It is so beautiful here today, every day I am realizing more and more how lighter I feel, I was overwhelmed on my walk at how amazingly beautiful everything is. I answered an email this morning. Someone wrote and asked me if I am ok. When I wrote back, and I told them I was REALLY good, It realized how true that is. Peter this is just so amazing to me. All the work that you did I am seeing how it is changing everything.
I read Jason- s first entry in the I Synaluma realm, and, you know how it is when you read something that just absolutely resonates as truth. I had that experience. I did the relaxation meditation and could feel I Synaluma presence coming in waves growing deeper with every breath.
Last night I also had another cool experience. I experienced what has come the closest to understanding that none of this is real. I was thinking about Mark and how he died and all the crap that goes on and it hit me that the only thing that makes sense is that none of this is real. This was not an intellectual dawning of understanding- ¦ It was more of a realization of ever – cell-  that this is a video game. It was like.. – OH I get it, all of this is really NOT real- .
How are you doing? I hope things are good, getting back to the swing of work vs. vacation.
When do you think we should have another session?
I leave it to your intuition. I will be pretty much busy from Monday through next Sunday. SXSW will be here, which will be great. Meeting up with people from the Music biz I have not seen for years, getting to play a few shows.
Let me know what you think. I wish you a fabulous weekend- ¦
– Paula Jean Brown

Hi Peter,
I had my first session with Peter earlier this week. His evaluation of what going on with me was spot on, that my energy was going in ten different directions and that my attempts to make progress on all levels were slipping out of my reach. He identified a large mass of basically old trauma energetically stuck in my body and let me know that I was pretty much a train wreck with an imminent crash of some kind likely in the very near future. In hindsight I see how this explains so many things that have been blocked and why, although things seemed – fine-  on the surface, they were not fine at all.- He was able to identify specific dates when trauma occurred and could see things that I have dissociated from so thoroughly I have not been able to remember, much less feel.- 45 minutes before Peter called I felt a very strong energy around me, so strong I had to lie down and just be. It continued to build and felt like there were energetic hands holding my ankles and pulling. When Peter called I asked him what that he did. He told me he was grounding me and preparing me so he could remove the block.- The process of the removal was an experience that is hard to describe, he prepared some water for me to assist me to relax, and he and a very bright Being, whom I could feel right in front of me began to removed the blockages. Peter could see the timeline and let me know what he saw and what was being removed. I became very cold but not at all uncomfortable the energy was so powerful and yet peaceful. I felt perfectly safe, and very humbled by the entire experience.- After the process was over I felt more completely at peace and full of gratitude. Peter told me that I would be detoxing the next day, and I was. The space between my heart and solar plexus was actually sore, and I felt like I had the flu. I felt better the next day, and I have been experiencing a kind of emotional – life review-  feeling raw emotions moving finally, I have been able to let them be and let them go, I am so incredibly relieved. I understand so much more now than I did a week ago. This was the most profound healing experience that I- ve ever experienced.- It was been five days since my session with Peter, and the experience continues to grow and evolve. I believe that he has been able to help me heal and move forward past some things that have blocked me my entire life. I feel lighter and I feel no fear.- There is more work to do, and I will continue. I am amazed at the things that have begun to happen since I found TBE. I am so grateful- ¦ It is extraordinary to find someone who can actually do what they say they can do- ¦ and more.- pjb
– Paula Jean Brown

Hi Peter,
Thanks for a wonderful and strong session yesterday. I feel more in- balance and happier.- Feels like energies is flowing more freely in my body now. I used- the symbol in water this morning and it felt very good.- Still I really wonder how I am going to use my love and power in the- best way (or ways) for people and the universe- ¦.but that is just a- passing – problem-  I think. I am ready for a new session when you- feel it is all right, maybe its a bit early tonight but?
I am glad my intuition made a connection to you, this is really- something that make the energies flow. I got so happy- when I found the webpage Superseer. Again deep warm thanks from my- heart and looking forward to the next step.- I have tried a lot of technics and tested a lot of energy work as I- – collect energy- , I have a feeling that this was some of the- deepest/strongest experiences.( And I am a – high responder-  as they- tell about in Reconnective Healing (Eric Pearl)
– Lars

Hi,- Had a wonderful and strong session with Peter yesterday. I- experienced much flow of energy- and more opening and energy in my hearth area. The left and the- right side of my body is more- harmonius now and energy is flowing more freely in the whole body.- And the code I got for use with water in the morning really works.- Nightsleep is deeper now and more quiet and I feel rested.
I look forward to go further.
– Lars

Good Morning. I had a session with Peter on February 10th. I am here- today to try to somewhat remotely describe my experience. Words can- not do it justice, as I was hoping by waiting to post, the words to- describe would come to me. I- ve come to realize there are no words- to perfectly fit, just the experience. What I do know is he knew- exactly what to do to help me. Peter alleviated blockages from me- that made my body feel like it never has. I experienced such- lightness and a wonderful vibrational energy. I now feel such calm- and love. A lot of fear has disappeared. The whole absolute way I- approach this scripted life has changed. I am so looking forward to- another session with Peter to advance further . . .- Thanks with all my heart Peter !!
– AnnS,
Well I had a session (my 2nd) with Peter and I put off posting about- it because i just don- t know how to put some of it into words. I- will say that I was over on the Ormus forums for over 2 years and- learned a tremendous amount of things but always felt there should- be some guideance with using alchemy. It should be used in a special- way to help folks on their path to help with unwinding the ego and I- think TBE, as much as I can understand at this point, does a great- job of this. I love Peter and my sessions with him. By him seeing- who I really am (or am not) I am able to shed things that don- t- serve me. I- m pretty new here and have been reading alot and am- hoping the work that Peter is doing is going to help me understand- more of it. I am looking forward to many more sessions. Peter makes- you feel soooooo very special. I hope you all get a chance to work- with his wonderful work.
– Susan,

That- s amazing Karen! Thanks so much for sharing. Peter and Sandi- are both quite- ¦. beyond- ¦. something else! And together, I- ve- noticed a beautiful, (magical) synchronization in the work.
(Glasses raised, please)- Cheers! to Superseers, Karen and the Disappeared Mass!
– Heidi

thanks so much for sharing your good news karen. i personally know- how discomforting these type of issues can be and i am soooo- grateful that the mass has shrunk so much, and no doubt now that- that is a trend that will continue. hallelujah!
peter and sandi both, in their own unique ways, have tremendous- gifts in helping us remember the mighty power and template for- divine health that we all each inherently have. yay!!!
– Molly

I have been ignoring a physical issue for almost a year now. A hard- mass in my abdomen. Long story short, it isn- t cancerous and might- cause a hysterectomy if I go back to the doc. It had been getting- bigger and bigger. HUGE, in fact and was very uncomfortable and- scary. Periodically I will tune in and freak out. I had one of those- days last Tuesday and had the AMAZING fortune of having sessions- with both Peter and Sandi on the same day.
They are both INCREDIBLE and have such different perspectives and- styles that both of those sessions gave me invaluable information. I- am not going to go into huge detail but if you have the script- running that connects you to them thru TBE, allow it to happen. It- is SO worth it.
Conclusion; mass in abdomen has shrunk to about half it- s size and I- believe that it will entirely dissapear. I don- t know if it- s- – true- , but I literally feel as if they have saved my life.
– Karen

I just wanted to post about my experience with Peter on the phone yesterday. Such a kind, good, sweet man. I- m feeling like I- m ready to expand more, open up more. We went through a process to open up my chakras, kind of get things moving a little quicker in the expansion area. The process included some sips of Dr. Pepper. It is my new favorite drink I felt very light and airy yesterday afternoon after the call and last night I had two visions of the same thing. A glass shattering with light flashes. This was not the normal kind of vision I have. It was different. It looked otherworldly. The glass shattered, but did not fall apart. It stayed in one piece, like a car window when it shatters. It was precise and with extreme clarity. A breakthrough? I sense that it is- most definitely, although I don- t know what it means consciously, at least not right this minute. I- ll write more as I begin to understand more about it. I also have a buzz that started when I first started taking alchemy during First Wave. Initially, it was in the back of my neck and my shoulder blades. I would notice it mostly in the morning when I would first wake-up. Now, it- s in my whole upper body and has been since I started Activ8. Last night, the buzz was stronger than I have ever felt. It- s like a zzzz and then a pause and then zzzz and then a pause. I know it sounds weird and I don- t know of anyone else who has had this experience with alchemy, but it feels very energetic and alive. It- s a very pleasing feeling, actually. I have active8, translumin and celestial salt on my bedside table and then the session with Peter. I don- t know if it- s combo of all of that, or if Peter- s session alone caused it, but whatever it was/is, my buzz was humming loud and clear, ha! The main thing I wanted to say for now, is that Peter made me feel completely comfortable right away, and that I so much appreciate the time he spent opening up more energy in me. He definitely did do that. Thanks, Peter!
– Terrisa

Just sharing my session with Peter earlier today.
This was a most peaceful experience. Peter opened the bandwidth for my connection to Source, and I could feel the energy, simple, but most pervasive.
Would be keeping all posted on progress/developments.
Light to all at TBE
– Elizabeth

Hello all, I would like to start out by saying that since I received my Translumin/Transplasma my life has changed definately for the better. I certainly see what all the buzz is about! I see that Jason is a truly gifted man and he has created something special.
I have worked with alot of energy healers, hypnotists, remote viewers, etc. Then I discovered Peter Schenk on this site. I have done 2 phone sessions with him and he has completely transformed me. He has opened my heart chakra full blast and boy do I feel it! I wake up with a whole new attitude towards life. I don- t worry about anything anymore. I just am.
I remember Jason telling me that Peter- s ability to see things are unequaled. I thought to myself, – I- ve heard that before- . When I spoke to Peter on the phone for the first time he sensed my skepticism. I assure you my skepticism has been humbled. Just like Peter told me it would.
Peter, I see all the little things in my life working out in my favor. Just like you said it would. It makes me excited to continue to work with you in the future. I would highly reccommend you to any of my friends and family. Now, let- s set up another session and blast me further down the rabbit hole!!!!!!!!
– Kirk

Greeting to the Blue Emerald family.
Today spoke with Peter via phone, sort of a follow-up on the Scarlet Ibis initiation and avatar concept. It- s been a few weeks since the initiation, and i- ve had some time to absorb and become more aware of – ˜what is happening- for me as a result of having participated.
i know i was confused about – ˜avatar- and not sure i yet – ˜get it- – ¦ but for me, putting words into understandable concepts are like placing labels on objects (such as – ˜table- – ˜chair- – ˜apple- ), or even, emotions and emotional concepts. All are creations, illusions; both real and unreal. And all are true and untrue.
Tonight, after the phone call, i feel as though my avatar is very real, very personal and personable too- ¦ delightful to experience. It makes me laugh – “so many years – ˜i- have been working to create – ˜my reality- from day to day- ¦ both the struggles, and the smooth sailing- “ all of it was, i thought, MINE and MY responsibility.
heh heh.
Life is much easier than that, if ONE just becomes aware of being ONE.- – My- avatar helps with that very much, if and when – ˜i- allow it.
Today- s conversation with Peter has helped all the above to come into more clarity for me, mostly because he asked simple questions that i had previously not put into words, labels, understandable concepts to the – ˜human- mind- ¦ (smiling at you Peter- ¦ you ARE human, but MORE than that too, so you – ˜get- what i said, better than i did when i said it. ((did that make sense???))
Peter asked me what i thought my avatar IS, and immediately panic mode set up in – ˜my- mind. However, since the initiation, i have learned better how to – ˜get out of the way- (put – ˜Judith- in the observer mode), especially when – ˜panic mode- comes into play- ¦ and let the avatar handle it.
My avatar is not a – ˜he- or a – ˜she- – ¦ IT just IS.- So today, mostly i let – ˜them- talk together, my avatar and Peter. They seemed to get along quite nicely.
Peter helped me with a couple things- ¦ the first was getting me into a place of peace where he COULD help- ¦ emotions were getting in the way, most especially my feelings of being – ˜not good enough- to even participate here at TBE. He interrupted my spewings, said Get a glass of water!- ¦ and then he had me hold my hand about 3 inches above it, breathing in through my nose, breathing out through open mouth for a moment or two. Quickly i felt intense heat coming into the palms of my hands, the left one being predominantly warmer, almost hot.
He asked me to drink a few sips, then asked what i felt as i drank it.- This was strange. I felt COLOR first, a light aqua blue color, felt it through me, surrounding me.
Then he asked how it felt as it was going down my throat, into my body. It felt as though it were going not only down the passage of my throat, but into each and every cell, like a river spreading out into each – ˜tributary- as it passed through- ¦ i could feel it spreading throughout my body, with WEIGHT, like mercury. Almost immediately upon telling him this, i felt as though it was sparkly water, bubbles, light and happy. Made me laugh with joy, pure joy.
Peter told me to drink this water over the next few days, not to take too much of it at one time, as it is very potent. He suggested i go lie down after drinking some of it, communicate with my avatar, and when i felt IT, to speak to it, telling it these words: I HONOR THE SPACE IN WHICH YOU EXIST. He said this would help me learn more about this part of my existence, and my avatar would become more like someone i KNOW and know very well.
Some bits here about whining. Peter doesn- t like whining/complaining, and he told me much in a few words about how to change what was being whined about (actively DOING something about it, rather than wasting time and energy and resources by complaining about what i do not like – ¦ etc- ¦ ) This is stuff i always think i KNOW, yet- ¦ have wasted much time feeling badly about this and that.
Suddenly Peter asked me if i knew anything about divining rods. Yes, yes- ¦ my dad was a – ˜dowser- and i- ve worked with him. When he passed over, i now have his dowsing wires. He and mom used to find water, and various treasures, objects as well as semi-precious stones here in this very area where i now reside, just out of Barstow CA- ¦ Dad also used it on his job, he was a – ˜cat- operator on construction sites, and he used his dowsing to keep from breaking into underground pipes.
So i was delighted to pull those out. Peter told me about a different way to hold them than i- d ever seen- ¦ AWESOME, Peter!! I love this, i feel so much more a – ˜part- of them. He had me hold them for a moment or two, breathing in and out, as before with the water. He was quiet, but he was – ˜processing- them for me- ¦ and they got HOT. I could also feel the – ˜quiver- when dowsing rods are going – ˜active- . I suspect there is gold beneath this house we rent. So- “ now we will be finding gold in these desert sands! – “Joila! No more whining about not enough money.
I will continue to report, both to Peter, and here online.- THANK YOU PETER for being here with all this opening.
** ** **- Additionally, i have to write to the newcomers here.
No matter how much experience, how many books, tapes, lectures, classes, etc. one has experienced prior to coming here, there is one thing i would offer as a suggestion.
FORGET IT ALL. Be filled with NOTHING.
This means, read and absorb the UNTEACHINGS without trying to – ˜make sense- of them, just read them, let them seep into you. Take the alchemy without EXPECTATION of results. You may – ˜feel- all sorts of things, or you may feel nothing at all- ¦ each of us has had different experiences, but what Edward and Jason are both saying is, it is all story- “ all a result of what you think you know. The alchemy will do its own thing, and you cannot predetermine what that will be, because nothing in your experience will give you the concept.
Become NOTHING, zero- d- ¦ and let your avatars come to visit. Honor them.
Okay, it- s late, and i- ve talked long enough for tonight/morning. For me, it is nearly morning already and a full day tomorrow. (All illusion. Time, sleep, things to do, yada yada.)
LOVE and blessings.- jude
– Judith

Peter- ¦!!! Here it is in a nut shell (the Egyptian kind). Had a- session with Peter yesterday late afternnoon. We did our session- (what a skilled and gifted warrior) in which he used the water- method. Well, I am easily affected by energy and methods so it- worked to the 1000th. After the session I had a patient scheduled- for a information session only (I create and teach which may include- basic time calculation) Luckily, this person has been seeing me for- some time now because when we went to talk about certain things I- had completely forgot everything! My mind was in such an expansive,- numb, euphoric state that all that detail just wasn- t accessable. I- knew it would pass, and another part of me used that opportunity to- do something else with her which seemed to be right on target. It is- important to be flexible!! Anyway- ¦I called Peter again and we- laughed and he adjusted with water again- ¦it took some time to wear- off, and no I didn- t sleep much Peter but day and night start to- merge, who care- s? In reverence, gratidude to you. Back on track and- a deeper, truer alignment with things. Avatars are personal and- private (for me anyway) and will honor our relationship in this way- for now. BTW, as I am sure most here are noticing, Visuals, Mind- sight, and so called Intuition has increased incredibly- ¦sometimes- the instantneousness of it can pull us into stuff- ¦stillness in- observation has helped. Thanks again Peter for your really cool- method and gentle kindness.
– Michelle

I- had a session with Peter a couple of days ago. I didn- t have any- huge major life issues to clear out or any such thing- ¦..just- feeling a little stuck in a rut. When Peter called I had literally- been running around like a chicken with my head cut off. I really- don- t think he could hear me breathing on the phone when I answered- but the first thing he said is – your heart rate is really fast and I- don- t generally do anything when someone is in this state-  (not- exact words, but you get my drift. So he proceeded to say, – let me- call you back in a bit after you settle down-  to which I replied –  I- can do that fairly quickly-  to which he responded – let- s try this,- go get a glass of water-  I said – okay-  and then he said – put your- hand over the top of the water until you feel energy/heat going- through your hand into the water-  so I did and within seconds I- could feel the energy. He said this will be like a mild- sedative/drug to settle you down a bit- ¦.take three big- drinks- ¦..which I did, then he said I- ll call you back at a set- time- ¦.which seemed like 2 minutes. Anyway, the water was- FAN-FLIPPIN TASTIC- ¦.like having had a few drinks or some other- lovely calming substance. So, he proceeded to ask me what I needed- and chatted a bit. I told him I felt as though I was blocked- creatively. He then told me that my heart was open and that wasn- t- really the case but he would invite the – Father of Creativity-  to- come in and help me out. As he did this there was a warmth to my- left side that entered me and began to speak to me reminding me who- I was. We discussed this a bit and he told me to do this for the- next several days a few times a day. Then he said – What- s your- connection with Rudolph?-  To which I laughed heartily, (feeling a- little drunk- ¦.or quite a bit drunk) as this hit me right in the- tickle bone at that point. I said I dunno. He said there were lot- s- of Christmas cartoons coming through- ¦..hahahaha. He also said that- I vibrated at a high frequency- ¦.being in a bit of an altered state- I just sort of let that go until later so I decided to e-mail him- and ask if he could tell me at what frequency I was vibrating. He- responded with – Its not about the frequency so much but of the light- connection that you have to all that is and yours is very advanced.- - I responded with – alright, there- s my Rudolph connection- ¦that and- the fact that I- ve always had a tendency to cut through the fog in- the middle of emergency situations- ¦- ¦.you know, so that the show- goes on- ¦..save the day- ¦.get the sleigh in the air for the big- show- ¦-  Anyway, overall very enjoyable session and it is continuing- to unfold as – Father of Creatvity-  revealed to me that there was a- well I needed to dip into to get my specifics- ¦each time I dip into- this well of creativity something else comes up. Thanks Peter, so- much fun. I still have a little of that water left- ¦.
– Betty

greetings all,- – ¨today i had Quite an interesting conversation/session with Peter and- it was quite helpful! he – ˜affirmed- some things i already knew and- over the next few months will be – ˜guiding- me deeper into some- things. i won- t go into it here, but if you want more info shoot me- a message. all i can say is that the next few months should be Quite- Interesting for me! and by the way my wife had a session with Peter- today to and i don- t know if she- ll decide to post or not, she- s- kinda shy around here but we- ll see. love yall
– Frank
Hi All,- – – – – ¨Hello All,- – – – – – – ¨I had a session with Peter yesterday and it was unlike anything I- ve- ever experienced. I had been deluged with (energetic?) information,- so much that my head was spinning and I couldn- t seem to process- anything except normal life functions (which DOES include a LOT! )- – – – – – – ¨In my session with Peter, he was able to slow down the flow of- information to me so that I could understand it more or just have a- break. Doesn- t sound like a lot, but besides being an incredible- experience it has helped me so much. Imagine coming out of a lazer- light show to sit by a quiet stream. Ahhhhh.- – – – – ¨Now I understand why Jason and Peter are the pair behind this- alchemy. I am not meaning to be a – ˜commercial- but really- please,- call him if you haven- t. You will be blown away (if that- s what you- need!)
– Karen

Hi TBE friends,- – – – – – I wanted to share my personal experience with the sessions I- ve had- with Peter over the last few weeks.- – – – – – – Without going in to too much background and personal detail I had- been dealing with a series of very intense personal situation for- the last 5 ½ years that also included physical imbalances or- dysfunctions.- – – – – – – In our first session Peter literally took a big monkey (king Kong- sized ) off my back along with a skeleton of a dead woman, and a- layer of slime covering my entire physical body. Once all of these- were removed I began to immediately feel relief and felt better on- so many levels than I- ve had in years.- – – – – – Because we had done so much in this one session we scheduled a- second session to create personal space. I- m simplifying but it was- more than that. Finally In our last session this week a rainbow- appeared that had no beginning or end as a tool for me. This rainbow- also brought a special mental gift which became know to me today and- I am thrilled with what it is.- – – – – – I- ve been playing with this gift as it unfolds for me and so far- it- s so much fun!!!!!!- – – – – – Thanks Peter!- – – – – – Mayra
– Mayra

I have now had my 3rd Psychic Session with Peter.
The first session I can truly describe as miraculous. A huge- negative energy that had been literally controlling my energy and- the quality of my life was eliminated, never to return. From that- point, I noticed an ease in areas of my life that I never- experienced before or for a couple of decades!
My husband had a nervous breakdown 4 years ago and since that time- he has been in and out of hospital labelled with conditions like- Clinical Depression and then a year ago they slapped the Bipolar- label on him. The medications for depression where making him worse- and he could not function at all until another – ˜bright spark- (a- psychologist) informed the psychiatrist that he was in fact Bipolar.- The medication was changed with a noticeable improvement in his- state of mind. He was easier to live with, but still not able to- function – ˜normally-
In the session with Peter, I discovered that the pervasive negative- energy that had been affecting me had originally come from my- husband. I became immediately enmeshed with it when we got married.
To cut a long story short, the very day I had my session with Peter,- I came home to a completely different husband that night. He was a- changed man. He was full of enthusiasm for living and had written- out an action plan and his goals and was happy to be alive. That was- a month ago. In cases of people who are Bipolar, this might seem- like the pendulum swinging in the other direction, but having- experienced his mood swings in the 18 years of marriage, I can tell- without going into too much detail here that a true healing has- taken place.
What started out as a healing session for me has created a huge- ripple effect in my life, liberating my husband also.
The 2 subsequent healing I had have gone deeper into clearing- – untruths- within me. Although I am not totally out of the woods- yet, I am feeling a sense of ease and positivity that can not be- mistaken as a – ˜hope- for better things to come, but felt as a true- knowing and certainty.
I am looking forward to the next session like a child waiting for- Christmas Day to open up all her presents!!!
Thank you Peter.
Much love,
– Helen

I had two sessions with peter at different times. The first time was- to get rid of negativity and bad energy. It was good, I felt more at- peace. The second session was around the idea of if you want to know- the truth you have to stop lying, and sometimes that- s easier said- than done. So I got to catch myself from lying time to time, but I- m- lying less. It was interesting and it worked!- – – I can- t wait to see the truth and know it.
– Bobby

Hi All.- – – I wanted to share something that happened after a session with Peter- this Saturday.- – – Four years ago, I found myself in a precarious financial situation.- Being a single mother, I have been (at times) literally paralyzed- with fear about how to make it all work.. It has seemed like an- impossible situation. When I spoke with Peter, he simply said,- – Don- t worry about it. When you worry about money the flow stops- .- Yes, yes, I know, I know, I know. I watched the Secret (laugh), I- know how it works. But as soon as I hung up the phone, I KNEW it had- clicked. I mean really clicked. Deep, deep inside worry was just- gone! Completely!- – – The next morning, I bumped into one of my favorite people. He- offered me a job – “ perfect salary, perfect hours, perfect person to- be working for.- – – That was fast!!!! – – – I should add that the code he gave me was for fear.- – – Fear, worry – “ done. Checking them off the list. YAY!- – – Thank you doesn- t suffice- ¦ but at the moment it- s all I- ve- got- ¦so,- – – THANK YOU Peter. THANK YOU so much!!!!!!!
– Heidi L.,

I just wanted to relay a session I had with Peter last night.- – – I had the urge to set up a session. Nothing specific just a sense to- give a call. As always Peter is beyond accommodating.- – – With nothing specific to work on he decided we should play a little.- We were going to create an Entity to assist and partake in my- meditations. So together, though mostly him, we create a companion- entity. As he describes it a baseball sized quantum ball of life- plus a spark of my consciousness. Peter did a couple of extra things- to in essence bring us together. We commanded It to give me an- energy boost. Whoa- ¦when I opened my eyes it was like I was at the- ceiling and the room had shifted. There is way more to describe- about the operation in the 1/2 hour but the details kinda fail me.- – – After we hung up I was Wired. I felt so giddy and charged I had to- put myself to sleep at my usual or I would have been up all night.- This morning I meditated and called upon It. As I told Peter the- energy is so strong it- s was like riding a stallion. At times hard- to keep up. Hours later I- m am still stoked. Several times- throughout the day today I- ve remembered to acknowledge my companion- and I get a rush of energy and laughter.- – – And of course Peter always comments- ¦this is easy stuff for you to- do- ¦- ¦.- – – I do want to add what always strikes me is the notion how blessed- I/we are here. Peter/Sandi/Jason are an appointment away- from- ¦.something marvelous. It was the first time I can remember- not having a specific need but sure glad I had the impulse to reach- out to him- ¦..- – – Just Blown away- – – Bill
– Bill O.,

Hi everybody !!!!- – ¨Peter has asked that I share this experience with you guys. After- having the 8 with me for a matter of weeks and then programing it- for ingestion (once a week for a few weeks) I engaged Peter for a- session. That was last Saturday. As I business owner I have always- felt in most cases it is best to – hire a professional- . Linguistics- can be miss read as words are merely – sign posts-  and can easily be- misinterpeted. So,- ¦ if I – say-  someyhing off color or if the- – words-  spark a – feeling-  within you,- ¦either good or- bad,- ¦remember they are just words combined with my lack of- communication skills. And my spelling sucks too. I love spell check.- – ¨Peter has the uncanny ability to cut to the chase. With like- surgical skill. This is great because I beat around the bush- searching for – the right thing to say-  and he can usually get it- done with one word. I have much to learn. Copied and pasted below is- the email I sent to him last night – reporting-  some of my recent- experience.- – – Hi Peter,- – – Greetings and salutations.- – ¨Please bear with me as typing is not a forte for me. I will invest- in one of those software- s that transcribes voice to text. (any- suggestions?)- – ¨So,..being busy in worldly affairs I hadn- t taken the time to – check- in-  as you shared with me. Last night after taking a shower, I was- drying off and I felt a presence (as I have many times before). I- had to take the towel from my face and look around a bit checking- for – some one there- . No other humans,- ¦alone in the house. I then- – - ˜got-  or heard – we- re waiting- - ¦- ¦..- we- re waiting- - ¦.O.K. got- it I said to myself and went to the chores of the evening. This- afternoon I had an opportunity to – check In-  (for lack of better- vernacular). I engaged in the – exercise-  as you – instructed- .- – ¨I passed out through the – symbol-  and was greeted and all I can put- into tangible terms is – na shann na-  or perhaps just – shanna- . Over- and over again. I had asked to be identified,- ¦.wanted to know if- it was a – guide-  I was connecting with and if male or female. I got- not neither,- ¦- na shann na-  repeating over and over again. Then- some – stuff-  went into me,- ¦the globs we talked- about,- ¦something,- ¦.so Then a smile to my face,.. a little tilt- of my head,- ¦ (that alone was kind of weird cause it just happened- like a tick or unvolentary movement)I and heard – transmission over- - and I started to pull back through the – symbol- . Well no I said And- I tried to force my self back in. My cell phone suddenly rang (which- pulled me right back out) and of course there was no body there.- 383-2000. I called the number to see what was up and it was Cox- Communication (an internet provider) and it was a voice system,- ¦no- person. Interesting. So,- ¦.then I came home later (now) and could- not leave well enough alone and wanted some clarification (for me)- on the na shann na. I got quiet for a while. Sat with my- bowl,- ¦.not pot dude,- ¦my singing bowl (that I may have made a few- hundred years ago. How we got – reunited-  is another story) anyway I- consulted the I-Ching for something tangible on this na shann na- (defiantly not Sha na na). The fact that I got a – solid- , unchanging- reading is very rare (don- t know if you are familiar with the- I-Ching) ( and I know you – feel-  some what uncomfortable with – old- technology- ) so,- ¦attached is the – reading- .- – ¨Funny thing is,- ¦.it all fits with what you shared on Saturday.- – ¨Thank you for our session. I AM getting dialed in.- – – More later.- – ¨Hugs & kisses- – ¨Jim
— Jim S.

had a telephone healing session with sandi about 5 or so weeks ago.- she is a gracious being of deep perceptions and subtle shiftery that- feels like loving encouragements. i felt a tremendous release of- stored guilt from not becoming an expert at anything rather a- dabbler of many many things. she saw right into me and saw the- diamond brilliance of the countless stars of gifts surrounding me,- that do not need to be mastered or owned, but rather to know that i- am surrounded by them and they can be accessed when needed. for this- i am grateful. i was released of this burden of old programming. she- told me that i am a healer. this i know but don- t know and will- explore and avail myself to spirit to be revealed so that i may be- of service.- – – my tremendous desire to – find my family-  is being answered. we are- family.- – – today (um yesterday i guess) i had a one-hour session with peter. my- heart is filled with so much love and joy to be working with such- brilliant beings as sandi and peter, and of course jason and all of- us! dang!- – – still riding the wave and drinking of the waters so more reporting- at a future date is forthcoming.- – – what i can share is that peter also recognized me as a healer. this- i know but i am still somewhat blind to. much easier to recognize in- others- ¦, am surrendering to acknowledging it myself. i trust my- guidance- ¦ this aspect of being will prevail.- – – was given a string of code to activate my showers. did it tonight,- very yummy. it is opening my healing abilities and helping to direct- my conscious mind into objective. maybe it will calm the wild horse- of my brain stream so i can better define my objective(s)! – – – peter gave me a fun tool for dealing with the ego talk/fear/stuff:- tell it – you know what, i- ll get back to you- . ha ha ha ha ha!!!- love it!!!!! (you rock peter!)- – – for months now been getting dragon energy info, no need to- elaborate. suffice it to say that peter made sure the dragon- s got- my back cover, piggy back style, and that a message i had received- in a previous now was acknowledged and tremendously refined by peter- for my healing work with this – energy- .- – – hmmm. ok. that- s it for now. the rest is precious and being- revealed. k. back to swimming and playing in the waters. sweet.- – – love love, molly helene
– Molly H.

Yesterday I had a session with Peter, the following is the outcome.- – – Again I saw/felt electric energy streaming throughout – ˜me- . Slept- like a baby, no dreaming. Woke up and saw (with different kind of- eyes, like mind eyes that EVERYTHING is streaming data; all forms,- bodies, stuff, cars, planets, sky everything is truly not what we- think or see it as. There are only concepts that create streaming- patterns like bumpy formations in various patterns but there- essentially is nothing, all belief, theories, ideas of belonging to- or being from is just unreal, even love as we know it is unreal- nonsense, all sentiment and belief. I- m just sharing what I see i- don- t feel scared about disappearing because I am just a concept- that is kept – ˜alive- (not really) by other concepts who need to see- that I am here and I need to see that they are there as such. It is- quite funny..and makes me laugh. All seriousness to find reality has- vanished as that is just a concept, but nothing truly. It a bit hard- to find words- ¦just want to laugh..but not sentimental, everything- looks so amazing and different. All teachings have the information- encased/encrypted in such a way that it keeps it all in conceptual- reality- ¦that- s the delima but it isn- t so as I see it. Most of- everything that I have learned about the nature of reality has been- flipped upside down, the concept of it is the (ONLY) thing that- keeps it in existence. It- s weird, I can still go to work, go- shopping and be in life, but it just looks so- ¦illusion- ¦.not just- the word game of concepts. Maybe my imagination- ¦but that is just a- silly concept, like delusional. Which may be the case, I don- t- care- ¦really everything is just amazingly as it is- ¦isn- t. My- short dark brown hair was standing on end this morning even after- showering my streaming body with unreal water and adding products to- calm it down- ¦it is like I am plugged into an outlet or- something- ¦so funny- ¦that we take ourselves too seriously- ¦its- – o.k. though everthing is until it isn- t!- – – Thanks Peter, et al
– Michelle S.
I had a session with Peter two weeks ago. I had two golden scorpions- sitting on either side of of my head. One had it- s tail imbedded- into my jugular, and the other- s tail was in the center of my- throat. As Peter removed their tails, they dissapeared and I felt a- rush from my gut travel throughout my body- ¦. Amazing experience.- Since then I have – natrually-  spoke my mind to those I have not been- upfront with. Whereas before, I would keep my feelings to myself for- fear of hurting those people. Now that I have, it didn- t necessarily- make my life any better ( which isn- t needed anyway), but it helped- the others involved. I AM just more of ME now, and you, and them,- etc. Etc!!!hehe- – ¨All LOVE,
— – ¨Amy

Peter and All,- – ¨BTW- the Lime Tomatoe has stepped in to dissolve my pain,- ¦- Immediately.- – ¨As Peter suggested in my discussion, – dataflow- - the third image I- was drawn to did infact scream to me! It was a scream of what I- fear, what makes me feel gross inside wanting to vommit, cry and- scream- ¦.. so I smiled and uploaded the picture knowing it was- there just for me to release that ugliness inside of me.- – ¨And damn it! If feel great! Now if I can find an image to help my- boobs grow one size, hehehe – – ¨Lots of Love,
Peter explained that the session of last Friday was to – Get My Face- Up Against the Membrane-  and, after some – housecleaning-  (my word),- it surely did that:- – – 1) My three-year old granddaughter arrived on the – scene-  and I was- given an ALIIX string to heal her of rheumatoid arthritis. I will be- eternally grateful to Peter for this.- – ¨2) I was the catalyst to spark the journey of two lost souls into- infinity. They were in love but she had died in her early 20s in a- motorcycle accident and he (a real shit kicker) had come, dressed in- Wrangler Shirt/Bolo Tie, etc. with heavy dark mustache and hairy- ears, to reunite with her for their journey into infinity. As I- witnessed Gabrielle assisting in that reunion, a heaviness and- weightiness left my body and I could breathe again.- – ¨3) A waxed envelope was opened, and an old parchment paper was- pulled out. Written on the paper was the word NUVIA. I was told that- my granddaughter knew the meaning of the word and to ask her. The- – word-  was given to me as a thank you for allowing the reunion to- occur. Their presence (in the form of fairy dust residue) will be in- my house for a very, very long time- ¦not hurting a thing.- – ¨4) A family member who has Krohn- s disease will be given a healing- – string- . Again, thanks is not enough.- – ¨5) A little mystery ensues with an event scheduled for 04-19-10.- This is just fun stuff.- – – After all the above so-to-speak housecleaning, Peter gave me a- – string-  to be used in conjunction with one of the LAUNCHES for my- bath- ¦.to be taken 7 to 10 days in succession. At all times, when- needed, I will have Gabrielle- s assistance and daily contact with- Peter thru emails (something I really need as the first bathe left- me lightheaded and dizzy all day).- – – Peter has helped me several times in the past but not since his- – Awakening-  in Salt Lake. He shared that most important event in his- life and it was all TRUTH, he is TRUTH. How detaching himself from- EGO showed him that in his other life using all his accumulated- tools were all B.S., all smoke and mirrors, not him. The change is- very apparent on the phone listening to his loving COMMANDS through- a soft voice; he is lighter and emanates JOY throughout. He no- longer comes from Ego but from ONE. Give him a call and let him help- you on your way, too.
– Clara E.


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