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A great revolution of the human species has begun.
It is perfect. It is beautiful, and, it is right on time.
12th Project 3.0 now includes the seven physical chakras.  


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Experience the Power
of Peter Schenk's Energetic Sessions

The session has brought about wonderful transformation.
The day after the session, I felt fresh, glowing and peaceful like hitting the “reset” button
erasing all the life-long distortions. My learning capacity, concentration, ability to recall
things (such as Chinese characters) and problem-solving skills have opened up immensely.
- Cheryl

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"I really knew that this was something special.
It IMMEDIATELY gave me a good feeling from
my stomach to the top of my head!
Wow its like a magical (if you will) spell came
over me, a happy spell, JOY! pure JOY!…
Yes “I feel good”! My final thought is
“I wanna keep this in my life forever”!! ~ S.M."

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Peter Schenk Interview

Karen & Salma's Unbounded Potential
Go Beyond Interview Series

5-13-2014 Interview


    Product Reviews

Peter Schenk Interviews

Peter Schenk Interview - Unbounded Potential






Karen and Salma’s “Unbounded Potential
Go Beyond Interview Series”

May 13, 2014: Peter Schenk Interview
May 27, 2014: Peter Schenk Q&A

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