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Ants are now completely gone from our house thanks to Bug Repellant in Aquaware! I used a high level ...

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AquaWare unceasingly blows my mind with its helpfulness and speed of efficacy. Just moments after sipping its water do ...

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I purchased the Sourxe IV about a month ago and the aquaware 4.0 about a week later. My main ...

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I have used Aquaware 4.0 to bring my tongue back to normal as It would swell every week for ...

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Wow Aquaware! I was someone who didn't believe you need software as an intermediary to create powerful intents. When ...

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What is Modern Day Mystic all about ?
Self Empowerment Technology, LLC is a state of the art company empowered by the fusion of Source Energy coupled with cutting edge software technology. Our Flagship product Aquaware 4.0 leverages Quantum Physics, the Quantum Realm, Collective Consciousness, The Power of Intention Magnification, and Water Programming to manifest life changing empowerment and healing results in our users. Modern Day Mystic, founded in 2006, as a division of Self-Empowerment Technology, LLC, is the world’s only Source Energy provider, the “Universal Source of Energy.” Our main conduits to providing Source Energy are Self-Empowerment and Self-Healing software and services which have been distributed worldwide since 2006. Our software, Aquaware 4.0 magnifies the power of intention thousands of times to create life changing results in your world. Read More

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